NAU IN THE KITCHEN is a project of NAU, an association created in Caldas da Rainha in 2013. The main aim of the association is to promote and disseminate the local artistic practice. To this end, a collection of textile kitchen accesso- ries was created by three authors: Permanent Damage, Bang Bang and Me Gringa.

The collection is presented in a self-publishing format, with all 30 copies (10 per author) numbered and signed by the authors.

“The details of design, material, shape and color provide a picture that allows decoding of the product. Bag, apron, handle, cloth, screen printing. Twill and cotim (a traditional portuguese fabric), the chosen fabrics that have undergone an inspiring handling. Spiced, sweet or bitter tasting, suggesting that even the exercise of kitchen requires an appeal to aesthetics. Instead of banal recipes with an almost instantaneous character, get ready for the ritual. The proposal is based on a basic equipment, but with creative elements associated with the asset of authorship. Hopefully, NAU will engage in a long distance journey. Do not forget that sailing is necessary.“