Everything is a Remix: The Force Awakens

Kirby Ferguson returns to his series on creativity, originality, and copyright, Everything Is A Remix, with an episode on Star Wars: The Force Awakens

If you haven’t watched the original series, do that first:

I was working on the early beginnings of Steal Like An Artist before the first episode of Everything Is A Remix dropped, but it immediately became an influence. When I was writing Steal, I sort of used EIAR as a jumping off point—if we know that everything is a remix, how should we sort of set up our lives and our practices? Steal was my attempt to answer that. (Kirby and I had an hour-long conversation at SXSW 2012 you can listen to here.)

My favorite part of the original series was this illustration, which laid out what Kirby thinks are the 3 basic elements of creativity:

Kirby sees them as individual tools that you can use in remixing — his critique of TFA is that it was a little too heavy on copying, not enough transforming and combining. 

(It’s been most helpful to me personally when I think of copy/transform/combine as a more linear process in creating: copying is how you learn and assemble your artistic alphabet or vocabulary, combining is when you start to stick your influences together, and transforming is when you stick the right influences together and the seams of your Frankenstein monster disappear and you wind up with a whole new monster entirely.)

An appendix to Kirby’s latest installment has some fun examples from the book The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

Of copying:

And combining:

But the most interesting part of the new episode to me is this new chart, which suggests that there is a kind of commercial/artistic sweet spot between the familiar and the novel:

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Sofa Heaven

PHOTO by Wicker Paradise / CC by 2.0

Dive into a dreamy sofa today on the blog as we scout some of the creative design elements that turn a basic couch into a dreamy sofa. Starting from the outside and moving in, the sofa’s foundation can create an aesthetic to best match your home’s design style. The above wicker sofa embodies that indoor/outdoor lifestyle that Palm Beachers are known for.

Even farther outside of the box than wicker, we found the sofa of our dreams at IDLEWILD in Wellington. With luxuries drapes that share duties as privacy shades and mosquito blockers, this decadent seating arrangement would be the ultimate outdoor accessory. My mind jumps to Bali and far away islands when I daydream about lounging on those cushions.

Back inside the house, it’s fresh pops of color that we are scouting out. On step into QUIGLEY MAGGIORE in Delray Beach and we find the quintessential pinks and greens that make Palm Beach iconic. This extra comfortable sofa is the perfect seat for two with the accompanying pillows to add a bit more flair. 

With a solid color sofa, we can mix and match throw pillows depending on seasons and moods. Floral prints can come out in spring and and green palm prints in summer to complement this lovely green sofa.


LINDA ASHLEY INTERIOR DECORATIONS show us exactly how this is done with the room below. The green sofa pops into life with the palm print pillows and accompanying decor. Natural wood and indoor greenery accompany the perfect sofa.


From colorful greens to cool blues, LINDA ASHLEY INTERIOR DECORATION understands the ideal balance of function and fashion with extra comfortable sofas that feel as good as they look. 

As the heat rises and the pace of Palm Beach slows down this summer, we will be ready with the sofas of our dreams. The best spots for midday naps and family game nights are waiting for you.