when u wanna cosplay someone and ppl say u’d suit them and u like yeah but ur friend cosplays them and u feel bad cuz u wanna let them have this one thing but at the same time u REALLY WANNA so u just like :+)

how i personally imagined chasmfiends looked like before seeing shallan’s sketches in the book! this was uh…absolutely nothing like the real thing ofc

So I basically only use this site to vent my passive aggression and to try to make friends, and no one reads my bio. And this guy messaged me, and I accepted the compliment. He stepped way out of line, and I replied with that… He blocked me. I love it. I’ve turned into such a bitch if you’ve seen my other messages I’ve sent assholes like this.


Tagged by nobutsonlybodts! Aww yisssssss I decided to do a hair progression this time. :3 

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