its so……weird but also sorta Expected how poodles are seen as being super frilly and weak and sissy by some ppl when poodles are in fact one of the most intelligent, versatile, and all around chill dog breeds out there. they can be hunting dogs, swimming dogs, therapy dogs, even a guard dog if you please. they’re easy to train and the only stipulation w/ them is their grooming requirements [bc they get super wooly/matted if u dont brush them Trust Me] 

like poodles are all around badasses in terms of dog breeds tbfh i lov them

u ever think about how yellowfang was such a well written character in the first series and how her relationships w/ fireheart & cinderpelt were so sweet and nurturing, and how she just developed so much in the first books…..she started out as a grumpy and angry loner who didnt want anything to do w/ anyone and punished herself for her mistakes and then slowly developed into a badass, grumpy medicine cat who only wanted to help cinderpaw live up to her fullest potential + wanted to help her beautiful, stupid son fireheart do what he had to do and wanted to protect him

and then how terribly she was written later on and how shes just essentially another starclan cat who spews out the dumbest shit and is nothing like her previous incarnation…bc i do and fucking dammit i love & miss yellowfang

whenever i think about ravenpaw/smudge i just think of firepaw showing ravenpaw to his old garden and wanting him to be safe from thunderclan, but also close enough that firepaw and graypaw can visit him at a constant bc they Love HIm

and smudge just totters over the fence like “HEY rus-firepaw how are yoU- wait who….is this…”

and suddenly hearts go around smudge’s head when he’s looking at ravenpaw and firepaw is introducing them like “i dont have a lot of time rn but he’s gonna be living here, can you help him out???” and smudge is just bobbing his head and sighing dreamily bc ravenpaw is so CUTE

i think one of my fave concepts for post-the last hope dark forest is that sol eventually ends up passing - maybe a little after bramblestar’s storm or something, he’d be pretty old at this point - and of course, he goes to the dark forest, much to his chagrin

and i’d love love love love the concept of sol, mapleshade, and maybe even darkstripe being sorta the new leaders of the dark forest, but it’s COMPLETELY different now. mapleshade has accepted defeat, she got revenge against those who she wanted to - and now she’s focusing on just leading the dark forest. for whatever reason, cats seem to want a leader here - and w/ tigerstar and brokenstar gone, she’s like “whatever maybe i’ll step up”

like i’d love for fucking. sol and mapleshade to be a tortoiseshell duo who are just there to protect the borders of the dark forest, keep starclan cats out, and to keep order there, while sol is super dramatic and complains about the dreariness of the df and mapleshade is like DUDE no one fucking cares shuddup


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