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Jaebum likes kitten play okay, it’s just a fact.

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She looked down at the item, the black material a stark contrast to the white bed sheets it lay upon. Jaebum watched her with his head tilted trying to gauge her feelings towards what he had asked her.
“So, just to be clear, you want me to wear that?” She asked again, her tone slightly higher than what it normally is, a clear indication to Jaebum that she was uncomfortable. She picked up the cat ears, letting her fingers feel across the material, as if the texture would make her change her mind. She didn’t really want to wear them, the idea made her uncomfortable, but she didn’t know how to tell Jaebum. She wanted to please him.

Deciding that it was probably best to give her a way out, he swiftly took them from her hands, walking over to the wardrobe and placing them on the top shelf. Despite her height it was still a place that she couldn’t reach without the aid of a stool.
“It’s ok baby, I know you’re not comfortable,” he nudged his nose against her cheek, leaving a small peck before continuing. “Just don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings by telling me so. It would hurt my feeling much more to know that you had done something you didn’t want to do just to please me.”

She knew he was right. He always was. There was no point in forcing herself to do something she didn’t like because he would easily be able to tell that she wasn’t into it. Unconsciously, her body leans into his touch, seeking warmth and solace in his presence and the reassurance that his gentle kisses bring her.

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“Greetings, Sans– so.”
“This is your job, huh.”
“Why do you have such a hard time with it?”
“It’s pretty easy.”
Why didn’t you just reap me properly too?”
“You’re so incompetent hahaha!”

So, in the First Reaping, Chara was not properly reaped and had thus managed to escape while being corrupted by Death’s (Sans’s) magic. Therefore, with their soul fused by the essence of darkness and Sans’s magic, they have an affinity with Death that allows them to wield Death’s scythe.

At some point, Chara would have grown strong enough to steal one of Sans’s scythes. They take it and reap mortals before their time, which would naturally brew chaos. Sans of course desperately tries to hunt them down in order to take it back, but he is unable to catch them. Eventually, after a mad period of Chara-induced chaos, Chara suddenly appears and drops the scythe by his feet as if it was worth nothing.

“Got bored. Killing people instantly is no fun at all. It’s much more fun… to see them live long enough to become corrupted. Don’t you think?”

And then they disappear with a child-like laugh, leaving Sans stunned and full of dread.

(Whether this was just a random act, simple curiosity, or part of a much greater plot, though, Sans doesn’t yet know. Chara was always so unpredictable.)