I haven’t drawn in like a few weeks so I decided to do some quick sketches of these bbys in flower crowns. I’m still deciding if I want to line and color them or leave them like this. Tagging @shiranuigenma because I decided to draw Senbae for her (first time I’ve drawn him too ahaha). Also tagging @pyroinquisitor bc Pyro’s the one that called him Senbae. I also am the worst at drawing Kakashi with a mask so y’all get to see his beautiful face. 

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Cramps are the bane of my existence. *Looks down at uterus* IM SORRY IM TOO YOUNG TO HAVE KIDS

ggjdjdjfjfjlfk I feel ya;;; I never used to get cramps before, but in the last few years bc of medical reasons I get them HARDCORE

Hang in there friend….it’ll be over soon enough ^^;;

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The Padawan haircut makes no sense as any kind of indicator of rank. Not every species has hair, just try shaving a Wookie and see how far you'll fly, there are so many things wrong with the concept. I get the braid, sorta kinda, but a necklace or bracelet would have made so much more sense and not looked as stupid.

I almost have to appreciate Jedi Trainee Hair because it’s so stupid. Like, why? FOR SO MANY REASONS, WHY?! 

You know who has something stupid to say about this ridiculous haircut? Star Wars does, that’s who (who would have guessed?)!

Yes, my favorite, the non-canon The Jedi Path expands a bit on this silliness: 

I love that non-humans make out WAY better in this game than humans do since they can kind of do whatever they want. No fair! They don’t even have to live with the shame of that awful ponytail! 

Interestingly, AND IMPORTANTLY, this book makes no mention of said Terrible Ponytail being mandatory. It’s ALL about the braid. This is making me think of the discussion I had with people a while back about how maybe the Haircut was like, something that happened to Obi-Wan by accident and then Anakin just wanted to be cool like Obi-Wan so he asked for it, too? I think Kanan had it too (edit: I’m wrong and it’s even funnier this way), so maybe by then it had become Trendy, because Kenobi and Skywalker totally had this awesome ponytail when THEY were Padawans, so I want it too!

LOL forever that this part of the book is written by a Jedi Recruiter, who is apparently under the impression that well-kept Jedi Trainee Hair is helping to boost the overall public opinion of the Jedi. Oh, honey. No. 

(And yes, there are written comments in the margin on this page, too, that got cut off. Qui-Gon comments that he finds this all rather restricting of the council. Obi-Wan comments that that’s no damn surprise. Hahaha.)

tfw you gotta study, revise, and write a paper in one night but you’re dead tired and got a skull splitting headache 


Andy: Hats Part IV