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will communications pull a homestuck and have Case 3 Case 1 and then Case 3 Case 2 Case 1.912 before in 10 years we get Case 3 Case 3 Case 3

you can bet your ass i will NOT do that producing communications is starting to become the bane of my existence and once i finish this piece of shit i’m throwing myself a party and giving myself a well-deserved cry-myself-to-sleep night 

Hijikata's Adventures As "The Mom-Friend"

Hijikata: I am mom-friend

Hijikata: You best not be fucking texting and driving

Hijikata: Please don’t do that, you’re worrying me

Hijikata: Listen, my job is to make sure that everyone is okay

Hijikata: Who do I have to fucking fight?

And then…

Hijikata: Y'all are the literal bane of my existence

But what if…

“Anakin, you remember how you called me grandmother when we met?” Jocasta Nu asked.

“Yes,” said Anakin, looking guilty.

“Are grandmothers the knowledge keepers on Tatooine?” Jocasta smiled.

Anakin smiled back. “Yes, Gran-Master.”

“None of that. You call me what you’re comfortable with, Anakin. I won’t stop giving you biscuits if you call me Grandmother.”

“The Grandmothers of Tatooine are storytellers and knowledge keepers. They’re like librarians, but also like higher up Jedi, such as yourself, Grandmother.”

Jocasta Nu would almost never feel free to say it, but that was the moment her heart became open to love.

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After that, Anakin pretty much always calls Jocasta “Grandmother.”

Sometimes, though, if any of the members of the Council are around, he’ll catch himself and go back to “Master.” But every time he uses that it feels more wrong.

And then there are the times he catches himself only halfway through the word, and ends up calling Jocasta “Grandmaster.”

When Anakin’s thirteen there’s an entire Council session called to address the issue of young Skywalker apparently believing Jocasta Nu is the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order. Obi-Wan is horribly embarrassed.

(Rebellious Jedi younglings and even a few other padawans start referring to Jocasta as “Grandmaster” on purpose. This is definitely not behavior Anakin ever encourages.)

(And there’s definitely not a half-ironic, half-serious Jedi youth movement anonymously demanding that Yoda step down as Grandmaster and communicating with each other via space twitter using #grandmasterjocasta.)

Okay, children, here’s an idea: if you HAVE to have an abusive girlfriend in your Destiel fic for the sake of drama and because you enjoy having Dean rescue Castiel from an abusive relationship, why don’t you make her the woman who canonically deceived, sexually abused, tortured and killed Castiel, not the woman who canonically looked after him when he was vulnerable and ultimately sacrificed her life for him?

What I’m saying is, make her April instead of Meg. Just a suggestion.