i forget a lot of the be calm fanbase was also very big in the homest/uck fanbase and go figure the old bc had a LOT of hs references so its like

how do i tell em that hs is the bane of my existence now how do i let ppl down gently that i am extremely against it three years down the track

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Actually because of the "don't you think it's extreme in Islam that shaking hands with the opposite sex is forbidden" post/ask. Mainly because I lost my way as a muslim. You can say I was "imperialized" I wanted to find my way back and to ask you about Islamic books but I never did that

God that post is the bane of my existence. But I’m glad at least some good came out of it / hope you were able to find something useful in my trash blogging. Feel free to ask whenever!

Hubby Marco comes home late from a work party having drunk a little bit too much that evening. Headcanon is that Marco is the sort of drunk that really lays on the affection when he’s intoxicated.