LA’s Most Famous House Finally Makes the National Register

“The newly-landmarked include Pierre Koenig’s Stahl House (aka Case Study House #22), which might just be the most famous house in Los Angeles, thanks to a photograph by Julius Shulman, along with the Entenza House in Pacific Palisades and Koenig’s CSH #21 in the Hills.” - Adrian Glick Kudler of CURBED Los Angeles - Via: 1 | 2 | 3

derek made his way to bailey’s house, tapping the wheel softly. he pulled into her driveway and made his way up to the door, knocking softly before looking down at his black sweater and grey sweats. maybe not the most attractive outfit, but he hadn’t been thinking about his outfit. instead he’d been thinking he needed to get dressed quickly so he could get to bailey’s as soon as possible.


We just posted a brand new episode of Bus Invaders featuring the pop group, IM5, showing you around the Mercedes-Benz sprinter van they toured in, while on The Grow Wild Tour with Sam Pottorff, The Weekend Riot, Bailey McConnell and The House On Cliff. You should go watch the video at

lost love // l.h

when your parents hate your boyfriend, they’ll do anything to protect their little girl, right?

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Guildhall Art Gallery

Guildhall Art Gallery is home to some of City of London’s corporation’s 4,000 artwork with the some others held at the Old Bailey and Mansion House. The art gallery has recently undergone many changes which sees new displays with state-of-the-art lighting system as a way of celebrating its 15th Anniversary Re-hang. London’s Roman Amphitheatre can be found within the Art Gallery. In 1886, the surrounding buildings in Guildhall were turned into the Art Gallery and only bought pictures of London which came to market.

Read more about the gallery and selected works at

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams. - Donovan Bailey
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Awesome day with Bailey! I am so glad her hair maintained it’s awesomeness! Look at those curls! Finally got out of the house, bailey needed a laptop for school, so we switched her over to the other side! First time with a mac! #macbookair #love #curls #daughter

Accountant Job Openings for July 2, 2015

Audit Senior (Public Accounting) (Woodland Hills, CA)

Manager, Finance/Accounting - Bailey Boushay House (Seattle, WA),-finance-accounting-bailey-boushay-house&company=virginia-mason&jtc

Federal Accounting/Audit Readiness Senior - TS/SCI Required (Enterprise Risk Services) (Washington, DC)

Accountant (Bellevue, WA)

Restaurant Accounting Clerk (Jacksonville, TX)

Accountant (Austin, TX)

Staff Accountant (New York, NY)

Accountant I (Reading, PA)

Accountant II (Pasadena, CA),-inc.

Accountant (Berthoud, CO)

Small Business Accountant (New York City, NY)

Entry Level Staff Accountant (Morgantown, WV)

Grant Accountant (New York, NY)

Senior Accountant (Jersey City, NJ)

Staff Accountant (Cranbury, NJ)

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I hate leaving my house in the summer.

I detest the heat.
And so do my parents so it’s like blanket and hoodie temperature in my house all summer. Which is awesome! Whenever I go to anyone’s house (ex. Baileys house. Hotter than balls. Always. My poor baby..) I just want to leave because it’s too hot for me. The only time I go out is for stupid work or at night, when it’s semi bearable. Fair season is right around the corner, but for whatever reason its on the hottest months of the year. Why? Hell if I know! I will suffer the heat for the fair though. I’m very excited.
But yeah… I hate living in California.
I think Bailey does too.
We keep talking about moving to Oregon.
I really hope we do.. I’m ready to get out of California for good, with the occasional visit, because of my family, not because I’d actually miss this place. California is dumb. First of all: - it’s hot and to live in places where it’s not ridiculously hot (like by the beach or northern California) it’s stupidly expensive. - Cost of living is the worst - There is not enough greenery for me. - It’s far too over populated. - it’s not the kind of place I imagine raising my children in. - And NOW there’s a drought and who knows how long that will past. - also, i strongly believe in the massive earthquake that will hit this place in years to come and I’d rather not be around for that nonsense. On days like this I dream of Oregon. Miles away from all I have ever known, living in beautiful Happy Valley, Oregon.. Not being burned by insane temperatures every time I step out side. I was made for the cold. For the rain. And spring and fall like weather. Not this. Anyway…. This has been a hate post on the heat/ California. Until next time! 🌸