6 Reasons Why Series Books Are Great for Kids/Less Practiced Readers

1. They like them.

If you want someone to get  into reading, they need to like the material. If it gets someone to read, that’s the most important thing.

2. Series books mean recurring characters in a familiar setting. 

This allows readers to practice reading without having to learn a whole new cast of characters and a whole new universe to become familiar with.

It might not seem like a big deal to you or me, but to someone who’s still learning to read it takes off a huge part of the stress of picking up a new book, as it means they can focus on the reading and not on learning new info. 

3. They help readers learn how to pick up things like foreshadowing and clues.

Because series books tend to follow a certain formula (e.g. in Harry Potter Harry starts at the Dursley’s, goes to Hogwarts, has some subplots surrounding a mystery, then faces Voldemort or another villain) readers start becoming trained to pick up certain clues. 

If you ever read any Goosebumps as kid (or Nancy Drew, etc), go back and re-read a copy. I’ll bet you’ll be able to pick out the twists before they happen. That’s because now you know what to look for, even if subconsciously.

4. They build up a child’s confidence in their reading abilities.

Children like big numbers. 

Reading lots of short books in a small period of time feels really impressive and satisfying to them. Remember bragging  to your friends about how you read THREE WHOLE BOOKS over the weekend? Did the fact they were shorter books ever matter? 

5. Series books don’t  discourage kids from reading more complex material. They encourage them.

Less practiced readers tend to read in cycles – they’ll read a few series books then pick up something more challenging then read some easier books, and so on. 

Eventually the series books become too predictable and readers move on to the next level on their own. 

Series books are like taking breaks between climbing up a hill – if you go too fast you crash and decide it’s too hard to keep going. If you pace yourself you make it to the top.

6. Nearly all heavy readers and book lovers began with series books.


Research on reading repeatedly find that heavier readers began by practically inhaling any and all series books they could find, until they got to a point where they were too good at a certain reading level and moved on to the next one (all the while trying a harder book every now and then).

That’s certainly  how I learned.

The first books I read in English were Clifford and Biscuit. Then I moved on to Little Critter and Franklin the Turtle books. I soon moved to chapter books like Magic Tree HouseBailey School Kids, and Captain Underpants.

By Grade 6 (roughly a year after learning English) I scored “Grade 12 or higher” in the provincial reading ability test.


“Ornament is Crime,” Modernist Architecture by Matt Gibberd and Albert Hill,

Arne Jacobsen, Rothenborg House, Klampenborg, Denmark, 1931, photo by Richard Powers,

Le Corbusier, Villa Savoye, Poissy, France, 1929, Courtesy Fondation Le Corbusier,

Marcel Breuer, Starkey House, Duluth, Minnesota, 1955, © Ezra Stoller  Esto,

Pierre Koenig, Bailey House, Case Study House #21, Los Angeles, California, 1958, © Darren Bradley,

Adolf Loos, Villa Müller, Prague, Czech Republic, 1930, photo by Vaclav Sedy,

Walter Gropius, Gropius House, Lincoln, Massachusetts, 1938, Courtesy Paul Marotta / Getty Images,

Juan O’Gorman, Casa O’Gorman, Mexico City, Mexico, 1929,  © Leonardo Finotti,

João Batista, Casa Vilanova Artigas, São Paolo, Brazil, 1949, © Leonardo Finotti,

Kenneth Scott, Scott House, Accra, Ghana, 1961, photo by Peter Tolkin.

Ornament is Crime: Modernist Architecture, Phaidon.



After one day cutting up a polaroid and gluing it down to paper from old magazine he had laying around, New York native Jay Riggio began his journey with collage art and as an artist. As Jay’s work grew so did his ideas, and his work began to expand beyond the confines both in his storytelling and level of craftsmanship. Moving away from traditional collage making with scissor, paper and glue, Jay’s new sculptural collages with resin can take up to weeks to finish. We checked out his new LA based workspace in our post In The Studio | w/ Jay Riggio, and instantly we knew we’d like to chat more with Jay and find out how he started first making collages to his current work of massive 3D sculptural collage pieces made out of wood and resin. 

Make the Leap!

Photography courtesy of the artist | Portrait by Yon Na

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Good Enough // Thor x OC AU (P2)

Pairing: Thor x WOC (Charlotte “Charlie” Bailey-Thomas)
Word Count: 880k+
Warning: Angst, Language

Summary: Thor and Charlie meet the rest of the family. 

A/N: This one is going to be told from both their points of view so it’ll be a little longer. I forgot to mention in the last chapter but the house the Baileys’ live in is more or less a mansion. They’re very rich and v e r y snooty. Happy reading!


“Charlie come help in the kitchen,” her mother Nicole ‘suggested’, “You can leave your little gentleman friend with the rest of the menfolk.

Charlie groaned inwardly. She didn’t have enough time to warn Thor about how obnoxious her uncles and cousins were. Squeezing his hand in reassurance, Charlie reluctantly left him to join the other femmes in kitchen. Thor watched her leave and felt a brief pang in his heart; he didn’t like leaving her to fend for herself in this pack of wolves. He didn’t have much of a chose in the matter, however. Inhaling deeply to steady himself, Thor squared his shoulders and prepared to face the men the love of his life called family.

Thor’s POV

He wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when he walked into the room. As soon as his 6’6 frame crossed the threshold, all eyes were on him. At his height, he was used to being the center of attention; he’d never felt more uncomfortable than the moment he had to meet the traditional and conservative family of his love. There were four men sitting around a fireplace smoking cigars. The room reeked of smoke and expensive scotch. If Thor didn’t know any better he’d think he stepped back in time. All of them men were well dressed in ridiculously expensive suits. They each had a matching hat that rested on the top of their chairs (thrones). He got the distinct feeling he was being sized up like a sirloin.

“And who might you be?” came a raspy voice. Thor’s eyes snapped to a frail looking older man sitting in a red velvet chair in the center of the room. No one else dared to speak. Clearing his throat, Thor made his way towards the man.

“Odinson. Thor Odinson, sir. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” The old man assessed Thor shrewdly. Hattie Mae’s heavy gaze didn’t hold a candle to the old man. He didn’t just feel uncomfortable, he felt completely exposed. He suspected the old man and his own father had a lot more in common than they’d like to believe.

“Odinson, eh?” the man wheezed, “Isn’t that one of them white supremacist names?”

Thor was completely taken off guard. “Excuse me?”

Charlie’s POV

Well, well, well…look what the cat dragged in,” Charlie’s older sister, Scarlett sneered, with her hands on her hips. She practically reeked judgement. Charlie definitely didn’t miss her all that much.

“Scarlett, be nice. We haven’t seen your sister in years,” their mother warned. Scarlett scoffed and rolled her eyes. Charlie tried to smile but all she could manage was an extremely painful grimace. Breathe in, breathe out.

The women standing tall in the massive kitchen were every bit as snooty as she remembered. Her great aunts Margaret “Mags” Bailey and Rosalie “Rosie” Bailey looked like they just stepped off a croquet court for stuffy black people. Despite being dressed in ‘cooking’ clothes, they dripped old world money and class. Their thick perfume was definitely more expensive than what she made in a year. It was enough to make Charlie want to tuck tail, grab Thor and run for the hills.

Her two older sisters Scarlett and Josephine stood shrewd, proud and bitchy. Her entire family was basically a walking Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana advertisement. Charlie felt underdressed in her off-brand dress and second hand shoes. It was painfully obvious Charlotte was the proverbial (though if you asked her older sisters they’d say literal) black sheep of the family. She sighed; one day back home and she was already counting down the minutes until she could leave again.

“Charlie!!” her baby sister shrieked as she raced into the kitchen. Charlie couldn’t help but grin as Eloise launched herself into Charlie’s arms.

“Ellie!” she giggled as she caught her sister.  

Eloise Mae Bailey-Thomas was the only family member Charlotte ever really got along with. Adopted as an infant a couple of years after Charlie was born (from where, no one seems to know for sure), she knew first hand what was like not to fit in with this stiff upper lipped, stuffed crust family. They formed a tight bond from the moment they laid eyes on each other.

“Holy shit!” Ellie exclaimed, “you look damn good!”

“Eloise Mae!” their mother chastised, astonished (not really) at her choice of language.

“Oh come off it, Mother. I don’t mean any harm,” Ellie waved her off with a roll of her eyes.

“I won’t stand to be disrespected in my own house, child.”

“Last I checked…this was Grandmother’s house, Mother,” Ellie challenged.

Charlie widened her eyes at her younger sister’s boldness. Where had this come from?? Had she really been gone that long? Ellie was always the braver one of the two but this was a new level. Gently tugging on her sister’s hand, Charlie non-verbally pleaded for her to back down. Ellie shook her head no and tugged her hand away.

“Mother, please,” Scarlett intervened, “let’s not fight today.” Nicole narrowed her gaze at her eldest daughter. There seemed to be something happening between them that Charlie couldn’t quite catch. With a huff, Nicole backed down. Ellie stepped back with her arms crossed defensively.

Very well. ‘Tis Christmas after all.”

Suddenly, a loud crash echoed from another room. Oh, hell, Charlie thought. What is it now?

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Jamie Benn - Heartbreak Hotel

anon request: Hi love, please can you do a Jamie Benn one based off “Heartbreak Hotel” by Elvis. Thank you x

okay so i tried my best with this and the italic writings are flashbacks but i did have fun writing this i just don’t know if i wrote it how you wanted it. but i hope you enjoy this!!

requests are open!!

Originally posted by tsegs91

jamie. the only name i could think of right now. the only thing i could think of. he left me, it happened earlier today and now i sit in my apartment all alone thinking about what i could have done to stop him from walking out that door.

“y/n can i talk to you” jamie spoke quietly. i nodded and we took a seat on the couch. “what’s up babe?” i asked. we celebrated our year anniversary about a week ago. he opened his mouth to speak but no words came.

“this has to end” is all that came out of his mouth. “what has to end?” i asked straightening my posture, sitting up more. “us” is all he said. he got up and began walking but i grabbed his hand.

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No hard feelings

What? Two fics in one day? I know right… I saw this prompt on @omeliafics and the idea just came to me. So I had to write it down. I know @latetothegreysparty also answered it and everyone should check her story out - cause it’s awesome! But here is a different take on the prompt. It can have a second chapter if you want, it’s all down to you! 


“Owen are you sure?” Meredith checked with him for what must have been the hundredth time in 10 minutes.
“I am.” He smiled widely.
“It’s just we’re a lot. All 6 of us. We’re a handful.” Mere continued as she hurried Zola and Bailey into the house quickly followed by Maggie. 
“Let me show you where I’ve set up the beds for you.” Owen grinned, taking a few bags from Maggie and escorting them into the house. Amelia, meanwhile, stood frozen at the door. Her eyes darted over every object in the room. Nothing had changed. The newspaper she had been doing the crossword in when her and Owen went their separate ways was still in the magazine bin. The mug, that had always been her favourite, still sat on the shelf next to Owen’s. It was as though nothing had changed and yet everything had changed.

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And since we’ve no place to go
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

These losers fell asleep watching Christmas movies. Like losers

Christmas present for @terranatior !! Merry Christmas, buddy!
Hope you like this ; w ; 

[Insert super sappy paragraph that I’ll probably just say over Skype instead here]

Devon, as always, belongs to @terranatior , Bailey belongs to me :3


Charlotte: Bailey… finally. I’ve been looking for you everywhere.
Bailey: What’s up, Char? Meet my new friends! This is Travis, over there are Kurt and Leah.
Charlotte: Hi, everyone, I’m Charlotte.
Kurt: Dude, Charlotte, are you good? You look pissed.
Charlotte: I’m fine. It’s nothing, really. I just met our lovely host.
Bailey: Where is she, anyways? Everyone was looking for her earlier.
Charlotte: She’s upstairs. Upstairs with Emmett.
Bailey: Wait, seriously!? You’ve got to be kidding me.
Kurt: Hold on, is Emmett the one in that dumb fucking tank top?
Travis: Would it kill you to be nice, Kurt?
Kurt: Oh come on, you were all thinking it.
Bailey: [laughs] Tori likes it.
Kurt: Of course she fucking does, she’ll say anything to get in someone’s pants. She’s banged literally every guy here, all except me and Trav.
Leah: So, I know Tori can be kind of a bitch, but you’ve just gotta ignore her. What’d she say to you anyways?
Charlotte: It was nothing she said. She’s not even the one I’m worried about.
Leah: So you’re worried about… Emmett, right? Do you like him or something?
Charlotte: No, it’s not that. He’s just a friend. I just don’t want him to get hurt, you know?
Kurt: So, guys, I say we ditch this party. Bailey, you said you have booze at your house?
Bailey: Yep, lots of it.
Kurt: Cool, let’s go to your place, it sounds way better than this shitty party.
Bailey: [laughs] Alright, sounds good.

M’L Short

Hey there Inter World, here is a short story for you, I hope you like it :)

Between Night and Day

What if there was a time in a day that determined how the mind worked or rather how one mind could affect another. What if such a time truly existed; how then would it work to the advantage or disadvantage of ones will over another? Most of us have heard the expression ‘as different as night and day’. It is mainly used to describe people who are polar opposites from one another, but in most cases come from the same or a similar backgrounds or up bring. This saying can be applied to two girls I used to know in my younger years. Twin girls named Yara and Bailey. They shared the same heritage but their personalities were like night and day. I met them after the untimely death of their parents in a house fire that they miraculously survived. They were staying at the county foster home in Washington D.C. until they could be placed with a foster family. I was their case worker, my name is Rose Emory and I hate to say it but they made me cold.

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