Ok so my fiancé had this theory about Bennet and he really wants me to share it with you all.
So we all know that Bennet has abandoned Daya right? He left the crib out on the street and drove away, never to return to his love.
So let’s recap on her / her family situation.
She just had the baby. A perfectly healthy little girl. She’s not giving it to Pornstache’s mother anymore so the baby is going to Cesar until Daya is released.
At the point that Bennet left, he was under the impression that this was the plan even though it had changed after he left. If this theory I’m about to share is true, then it worked out for Bennet’s benefit that the plan changed back to what he had thought.
Okay. So further down the road, Cesar gets busted and the kids are taken from him. Why did this happen so suddenly?
The last time we see Bennet, he cares more about the baby and Daya than anything, then he sees Cesar and his situation and is disgusted and terrified because that’s where his daughter is going to be brought into. It doesn’t make sense that he’d just leave at that point.
The theory is that Bennet sent in a tip to the authorities so that the kids would be taken and he would be given the opportunity to adopt his daughter.
So to everyone getting bent out of shape about Bennet being horrible and awful for leaving Daya and the baby - (even though he would be basically tearing apart another family to save his own) there is still hope that he’s not a total and complete loser. This theory is actually a serious possibility. And you can thank my fiancé for that 😏

Even though most fans seem to hate Kurata for being a complete monster, that’s actually one of the reason I am a fan of him.

I consider him to be the best villain Digimon ever had because he has all of the traits I enjoy in a bad guy. Kurata may be a cowardly frail human, but he is actually very smart and a very cunning tactician, to the point he does more damage to the heroes and is more of a threat than most superpowered villains in the anime.

He actually scores meaninful victories against the good guys before his defeat like getting the trust of a corrupt government, succesfully killing Merukimon, destroying the heroes headquartes, his minions accomplish the mission of winning the war for ElDoradimon despite getting defeated, blackmails one of the heroes to get his aid and despite the betrayal reveals a back-up plan and gets control of the doomsday monster he was trying to awaken for his own agenda regardless.

And the best part of it is that the damage he causes is permanent and can’t be undone with magic or a reset button like in most seasons, and that’s actually a good thing since it ramps up the stakes and makes you take him seriously. I am not saying I approve of what he does, I know he is a monster that needs to be stopped, but I can’t help but enjoy seeing a competent bad guy in action.

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I just wanted to agree on your post about how Cullen was probably the best option Cassandra had available. I mean I am 99% positive she would have made the warden leader of forces had she/he not disappeared; they led three different races into war against an archdemon and kicked it's ass, but they disappeared and tbh hawke would have made a terrible commander (at least humorous hawke but that's the only hawke I ever play lmao) I think the only person who could mayb match Cullen is Aveline

Thank you!

I see Aveline’s name come up as an alternative to Cullen quite often.  While she’s very competent, I can’t see why she would join the Inquisition.  Aveline is devoted to Kirkwall and doesn’t give a shit about the Andrastian religion.  Why on earth would she drag her husband halfway across the world in order to join up with a religious paramilitary? 

Maybe she’d do it if Hawke was Inquisitor.  Maybe that was even the plan, back when they thought Hawke might become the new Shepard.  Who knows!  Not me, that’s for sure. 

As for Hawke… haha, nope.  Not even a diplomat Hawke.  They might have made a decent Inquisitor, but their last military experience (if any) was over ten years ago at Ostagar.  

Making Back Up Plans

The Illinois State Budget Dick Measuring Contest is causing me to prepare for;

1. Working at Starbucks until I finish my Master’s Degree.


2. Moving to another state and working in a similar position.

Waiting to hear back if date plans for tonight are still on, and seriously just tell me already. It’s not like if he says he can’t make it I’m going to immediately go out and sleep with the first guy who buys me a drink. I just need to know if I can take off my pants and order a garbage pizza for dinner.

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"Oh my gods" what are you some kind of pjo trash lmao *hides the entire series behind my back* *shoves cosplay plans for percy, leo, and nico into my trenchcoat pockets* haha what

you’re almost as bad as my friend athena

Everyday Lives 21: Back Up Plan

Erza sat on the park bench near the playground, listening to Juvia gush over how her little boy was the cutest one there.

Erza enjoyed being with her friends, but every time she looked at Storm or saw Levy’s round belly, she got jealous.

She has baby fever. Plain and simple.

“Look at Mommy! Look over here, Storm!”

The 2 and a half year old boy was the spitting image of his father, but had his mothers wavy hair and eyes.

He was standing on top of the slide when he looked up just long enough for her to take his picture, then he went back to playing.

“Oh look, Erza!” Juvia showed Erza the few pictures she had got, making her heart swell.

“He’s perfect, Juvia.”

“He is,” Juvia gushed at the pictures, sending a few to Gray.

“I want one.”

“Huh?” Juvia jumped a little when she saw the determined look on her friends face.

“A baby. I want one.”

“Wonderful!” Juvia cheered, “But, Erza..”

“Hm?” the intimidating red head turned to her, ready to counter everything.

“…you’re not married,” Juvia said softly, she held her skirt tightly, knowing she should be scared.

“I don’t need a husband,” Juvia waited to see if she would change her mind, “just a few of his best swimmers.”

Juvia flushed brightly, “Well, um..”

“Is that a problem?” Erza glared at the blunette with an icy stare that worked every time.

“No! No! Juvia doesn’t think that!” She held her arms out to defend herself, “Juvia just thinks of what it would be like for Juvia and Storm if my darling was not around. It makes Juvia sad.”

“The girls sat quietly for a moment, waiting for the other to speak first.

"Mama!” Storm ran up to his mother, patting her knees.

“Yes, baby?” Juvia was more than happy to ignore the awkward conversation with Erza to help her little man.


“Juice? OK, come here,” she picked him up and placed him in her lap as she dug around her bag.

Erza watched the exchange with wistful eyes.

She wanted a baby. And she would get one.

“I’m sorry… what?”

Three weeks after Erza told Juvia she wanted a baby, she was setting it in motion.

Instead of finding a random man at a sperm bank to father her child, she would ask her dear friend.

“I want you to be the father my children.”

Jellal Fernandes stared at the beautiful woman sitting across from him. She had been acting strangely as of late, a lot more generous. She had invited him over for dinner, telling him she needed to talk about something important, he just didn’t know it was this.

“But… we’re not… I mean you.. w-want us to.. ha-have s.. se.. sex..?

"Oh, NO!"Erza squealed, ignoring her own racing heart and missing the disappointed look on his face, "I mean through insemination! In a lab, with doctors!”

Jellal leaned back in his chair. They were sitting at Erza’s kitchen table in her cozy one bedroom apartment. By the looks of it, you would think she was already married with children. Pictures all over her refrigerator of kids and her friends, a cabinet full of snacks for when she kept Storm or Bella, Mira and Laxus’s little handful. Thinking about his own home and how dull it is, made hers truly warm and loving, an actual home.

“Why do you want to do this, Erza?”

She didn’t look at him, “I want to be a mother. Juvia has Storm, Mira has Bella. Levy’s close to her due date, Natsu and Lucy are trying. I’m almost 30 and the longest relationship I’ve ever had is with my car,” she played with her pasta as she spoke, “I want to have a family before it’s too late.”

He stared at her for a while. Her dejected expression was not helping. He knew it was wrong, he knew he shouldn’t do it. No matter how much she meant to him. But damn did she look cure.

“Before I… decide,” Erza perked up, “let’s just talk about it. I mean it would be my child as well.”

“I see,” the mature Erza returned for a second, “I completely understand. When would the best time be fore you?”

“Well, now is fine, since i’m already here,” he stood and began to clear the table. He filled the sink with dishes as he asked, “Do you have any wine?”

“Yes!” she jumped out of her chair and scurried about, “I hope Merlot is OK.”

“Perfect,” Jellal watched her get out glasses with glazed over eyes.

Getting comfortable in her living room, Erza’s mind was filled with tiny clothes and cribs while Jellal’s was filled with how to change the circumstances of the conception.

“…and I was thinking of moving to a new apartment once he/she is about half way between 3 and 4, closet to a school district. Magnolia Elementary most likely.”

Erza had been talking non stop for 3 hours. The had finished one bottle and half way through the next. Jellal was still on his second glass.

The more she talked, the more excited she got. But they had yet to talk about on the thing - conception.

“Erza,” he spoke up when she took a sip of her glass, “can I ask you something?”

“Yes, go ahead,” she pulled her feet underneath her to face him. He was leaned back into the couch with his arms crossed and head facing her. He was so sunk into the couch she thought he might fall asleep.

“Do you really want to use artificial insemination?”

The question took her by surprise and the booze had finally kicked in.

“What other way is there?” Even with all the wine she drank, she didn’t slur.

Jellal laughed, “The natural way, Erza.”

“But you won’t be able to..” Erza looked down and sniffed, sadness in her eyes.

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Laxus told me.. you couldn’t..”

A vein was very close to popping on his head as he remembered a converstaion with a 16-year-old Laxus:

“I’m going to tell Erza that you can’t get it up if you don’t man up and ask her out already.”

Needless to say, he never asked her out. But he didn’t think Laxus would actually do it. And for Erza to actually believe him.

“I assure you, I can do it just fine,” he told her, and then mumbled under his breath, “and now I need to kill Laxus..”

Erza couldn’t quite comprehend the meaning behind that. Jellal put her hand in his.

“Do you want me to give you a baby?”

She did understand that, “yes.”

“When do you want to try?”

“As soon as we can! Whenever we can go to the bank!”

He chuckled, he was not going anywhere near a sperm bank, “let’s start now,” he pulled her to her feet and tugged her to her room.

“It’s late, are you sure the bank is open?”

He laughed as his back came in contact with her bedroom door, “This one is always open, my dear.”

He pulled her into his chest and nuzzled his face into her neck, “And I promise you, this will be much more enjoyable.”

Erza giggled as his hands ran down her back and stopped on her slim waist. She was about to tell him to let go so she could find her purse when he put his lips on hers. It surprised her for a second, but then she felt his warm tounge trace her lips, and she melted. She opened her mouth to let him in, he was slow but so talented. She had never been kissed like that. She didn’t know they were moving until he fell on the bed and she went with him. He turned over so he was on top of her. He leaned down to kiss her again..

The first think Erza saw when she woke up was an elbow. She looked up and saw that Jellal was laying beside her, his head in his hand. He was smirking down at her, running his other hand through her hair.

“Hi,” she barely got out.

“Hi” he said back.

“What time is it?” She kept her eyes focused on his face, not wanting to find out if his lower half was as naked as his chest.

“About 3 in the morning. You’ve been sleeping for an hour, or close to it.”

Erza slowly analyzed her own body by moving around a bit. She was not wearing a thing. She tried remembering what happened. Then it all came back in a flash.

“We had sex.”

Jellal snickered, “Yes. A few times actually.”

She sat up and held the blanket to her chest, “Why?”

Jellal leaned back against the headboard, making her twist so he couldn’t see her naked back and bottom, which he thought was silly after all they did.

“You want a baby,” Erza nodded, knowing that already, “And I want you.”

She did not know that.

“Erza, I have been smitten by you since we were kids. I thought at some point you knew how I felt, but I was severely mistaken. Of course, I’ve never tried to tell you. I’m a coward,” he crossed his arms over his bare chest, it snapped Erza out of staring at it, “And to think, all these years you thought I couldn’t even have sex.”

“I’m sorry about that. I should not have believed him.”

“No, but that was my punishment for not asking you to the Homecoming dance, so I suppose it fits.”

Erza blushed, she remembered him asking her if she had a date that year, a few weeks before Laxus told her about his 'problem’. She should have known something was up when he wouldn’t talk to her for days after she told him she was going with Ichiya. Worst mistake of her life, by the way.

“Anyway, that’s in the past. Let’s start anew, shall we?”

Erza looked up at the smile he was wearing. His bangs were falling into his eyes, he never looked more attractive than when he smiled.

“And how should we start that?”

“Well, how about this weekend, I take you out for dinner. And whenever you want, we can try and get you that baby.”

Erza laughed, “Wait. You want to start dating and try to have a baby at the same time?”

“Why not? We’ve known each other our whole lives, it’s not like you’re starting this with a stranger,” he leaned forward an put his forehead on hers, “and i’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to have a child with you.”

She hesitated, “I’ve always wanted to be with you Jellal, but I can wait to have a baby for when we’re more settled-”

“Erza, you told me you wanted to have a family before it’s too late. I’m going to get you pregnant. But i’m also willing to fill the shoes of husband and father if you’ll let me. There’s nothing I want more.”

She looked into his eyes, she saw his resolve, with longing, and love. She leaned in closer, “Then I accept.”

“Good choice,” he gently put his hand on the back of the back of her neck to pull her in for a kiss. She was more than ready for it, they ended up falling onto the bed.

Six months later, Jellal and Erza were happy. She had moved into his apartment a month after they started dating, not wanting to miss a thing. His once dull and boring apartment became and warm and loving home. She had momentarily forgotten her desire for children with the transition of moving and dating Jellal, until this fateful day.

She stood at the bathroom sink holding a little stick in her hands. It was positive.

Jellal sat in his recliner with a cup of coffee as he turned on the morning news channel when he heard Erza scream.

He sputtered into the hot drink, not having time to move as she ran into the living room still wearing her cotton night shirt. She jumped into the chair with him and hugged him tightly.

He moved the best he could to set the coffee down before he wrapped his arms around her, “What is it? Are you OK? Why did you scream?”

She looked up at him, tears rolling down her face along with the biggest smile he had ever seen.

“I’m pregnant!”

He couldn’t even voice his reaction before she kissed him, hard and hot. She straddled him and pulled on his hair. He groaned into the kiss. Turned on by her aggressiveness. Though he had to stop her when she yanked on his pants.

“Erza, sweetie, wait,” he grabbed her wrist and held them tightly, her face was red and she was still smiling, “Are you really pregnant?”

“I’ve taken a test every morning the last week, all positive,” she pulled her arms free and wrapped them around his neck.

“I’m going to be a father,” he couldn’t keep the smile off his face, “You’re going to be a mother. I can’t believe it.”

He wrapped his arms around her middle and pulled her in for a tight embrace.

“Thank you,” Erza whispered into his hair.

Jellal nodded, but really, he was the one was thankful.

☠〖ᴇᴠɪʟ ʙᴏʏ ɢᴇɴɪᴜs〗☠
     better be right about him liking fireworks. Jack has
     some back up plans if he doesn’t, but regardless.
     He scheduled a shower for Saturday. He’d save his
     bubble bath for Sunday then.


Two Sides of the Same Coin Part 2

Part 1  

How to Fly Rockets Back to Earth

SpaceX plans to try again Sunday to land a Falcon 9 rocket after it dispatches a Dragon cargo ship toward the International Space Station.

The company, founded and run by technology entrepreneur Elon Musk, has come close during two previous attempts to vertically land the first stage of a Falcon booster on a platform floating in the Atlantic Ocean, northeast of its Cape Canaveral, Florida, launch site.

During the first try in January, the rocket ran out of hydraulic fluid needed to maneuver small, foldable steering fins. The rocket, which is as tall as a 14-story building, crashed into the landing platform and exploded.

SpaceX tried again to land a Falcon in April and nearly nailed it. The supersonic descent through the atmosphere was successful, but about 10 seconds before touchdown a valve that was controlling the rocket’s final braking burn had a glitch that caused it to throttle down a few seconds later than planned. The 67,000-pound stage, now traveling at nearly 200 mph, lost control for a moment. It recovered, but not in time to prevent the rocket from tipping over, causing another fireball.

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What books would you recommend to somebody who has always loved Greek Mythology/Ancient Greece but has never studied it? When I go back to college I plan to be a Classics major but I don't want to go back without any basic knowledge. Help? Thanks.

For basic history with a textbook that’s not too hard to get into, I’d recommend A Brief History of Ancient Greece.

For a fun (and informative!) skim through ancient Greek and Roman sexuality, food, and fun, I’d recommend Courtesans and Fishcakes (a personal favorite)

For a look into ancient Greek culture, containing bits and pieces of actual laws and literature that can teach you about their culture, there’s The Greek City-States: A Source Book

Just in case, it’s always best to have some background in the literature of the people you’re reading about, so definitely read (translations to start off) The Iliad, The Odyssey, and the Argonautica, as well as some plays of Aristophanes (Lysistrata is a must/ALWAYS go for a Henderson translation) or Sophocles (Oedipus and Antigone especially).

[Here I have linked to the specific versions of the books from Amazon, though I would ask you to check local bookstores, or sites such as Abebooks, to support booksellers rather than Amazon, if you can help it!]

I hope this list helps, and if there’s anything in particular you want to get a leg up in, feel free to ask more!

So BAD NEWS Summer Nights Weekend 4 goers we have to CANCEL the movie tonight! Because of the Heavens once more wants to send it’s dump-age to earth in the form of hail and strong winds. Now we always have a back up plan however we don’t want people driving around in a serve thunderstorm with dump-age in the form of hail. Last week it was clear sky until 9pm and then it let loose! Same thing could happen tonight and I have to think about the safety of all you lovely peeps! It’s sucks but fear not we will make the best out of this and have buckets of fun tomorrow night at the party and then our live show Sunday! So storm you can dump all you want but the fun will continue.