I'm Different

You looked out the window and saw the straight haired girl, still pretending to be looking at birds with her binoculars and not-so-discretely throwing glances at where you were. You raised an eyebrow, amused, and closed the curtain again, going back to the bed where your best friend was sitting.

- She’s still there? - he asked, hopefully.

- Yep.

Bobby groaned in desperation.

- When are they going to stop?! - he whined.

You shrugged in response and laid in the bed by his side, taking his PSP from the nightstand and looking for your last save in Tekken.

Suddenly you felt a weight on your belly and Bobby was moving and groaning above you.

- YAH! KIM JIWON! - you screamed and pushed him away.

- I’m being serious here!

- Oh for Christ sake, Bobby! You have two cute girls fallen for you and following you around. It’s not like is the first time it happens. - you said, annoyed - Just pick one and destroy their friendship! Or pick none and tease them until they’re crazy.

- You’re mean… - he mumbled, pouting, and then added - And they’re scary!

- They did nothing the previous ones haven’t done it already.

Bobby always had girls fallen for him. It was something you grew used to after being his best friend for so many years.

When you still studied together, before he moved away, it was a hell to be his best friend. Everyone seemed to assume you were together, so every girl who had interest on him - that being, every girl on the school - ended up bullying you.

He never showed interest in anyone, and for a while you even wondered if he was gay, but after bringing this up in a conversation, he fiercely denied and then admitted that the reason why he never showed interest in none of those girls was because he was already in love with somebody.

He refused to tell you who was it, and even though you were curious, after a while you let go of it.

- I don’t understand why you’re still so reluctant about girls having a crush on you. - you said going back to your game - I mean, you can’t still be in love with that girl you told me. You changed schools without confessing to her, there’s no way you’re going to see her again.

- I love how positive you are about love. - he said sarcastically and laid by your side again.

You shrugged.

- I’ve had a crush for you since we met and you never noticed. Don’t go blaming me for being pessimistic.


You raised your eyes from the PSP and saw Bobby staring at you.

- You’re kidding me, right? - he blurted out after a while.

You laughed.

- It’s not my fault that you’re dumb, Jiwon! You were always so busy worrying about a girl who doesn’t know that you exist that you never noticed me! But it’s okay, really… We’re always going to be best friends anyway.

Before you could say anything else, Bobby was hugging you. His face was buried on your chest and his arms tightly wrapped around your waist.

- 바보… - he mumbled in korean against the cloth of your sweater.

- YAH! Kim Jiwon! Who is the fool?! Let me go!

He looked at you and suddenly his hands were on your cheeks and your faces were too close to each other.

- You. - he whispered - Me. We’re both fools.

And then he was kissing you.

And then you understood.

And, yes, you were both fools… two fools in love, who failed to notice sooner how much you love each other.

*hears someone talk about their upcoming vacations*

"man, I wish I could go on vacation too, I’m so exhausted"

then you remember you had your last vacations a month and a half ago

and THEN you remember you’re currently jobless so why the hell are you so tired anyway

I had a nightmare that I got belle from disney’s beauty and the beast tattooed on one side of my back and was planning on getting Ariel on the other side like a grown up scene grrl
n I woke up freaked out bc I thought it was true n I wouldn’t be able to erase it

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why would you major in business if you plan on going to med school?

I would major in business, because for med school it doesn’t matter if you majored in a science just that you took the pre med requirements! Also, business would allow me to have a back up plan if I don’t like medicine, don’t want to go through all of the years of med school, or don’t get into a med school! Business would also help me later if I ever want to own my own practice because I would know how to run my practice!

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LOL, yeah I find you in SNS tags :D. My point wasn't that since Saku and Hina loved Naru and Sasu the should be rewarded but rather that why would Kishi make Hina and Saku if he was going for NaruSasu. NH, SS, NS, SNS, and SK all have development and are possible, Saku also loved Sasu ever since she was introduced, and Kishi made it so that Sui would have interest in Karin as a back-up plan. Karin was just Before-Chunin Exams Sakura in Team Taka, Kishi loves to make fangirls for Sasu.

I’m sorry but I find this… a bit shallow to be completely honest…
Karin has a valid reason to love Sasuke, Sakura doesn’t. And no, Suigetsu isn’t a second option for Karin, he spent all that time trying to make her admit that she was in love with Sasuke (and looked very satisfied when she finally admitted it), but he never showed any interest in her. And we don’t even know if they’re still together as a team after the war.
But TBH, I don’t even care anymore. If Suigetsu x Karin and hell, even Juugo x birds are canon, so be it.

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Hello, Harumi. I just wanted to ask about Wuko, the ship. So, say if Prince Wu's song career falls apart because the auditions didn't go through and stuff like that. Do you think Mako would attempt to find Prince Wu some sort of a proper job, like caring for Badgermoles at the zoo, just so that at least he has a back-up plan that he could enjoy? I do know that Mako's a stickler for rules and is married to his job of being a detective and al.

omg this is exciting, my first ask about wuko hcs <3

okay so assuming his singing career isn’t a success, i think Mako will probably be proud of him for trying ((Mako seems to be proud and impressed of him whenever he does something on his own)) so he’ll cheer him up and maybe together they find something Wu is good at

the Badgermoles do love his singing, so its not like Wu will just completely stop, he’ll sing for them, and plus they might end up finding out that Wu isn’t just good with the Badgermoles but good all sorts of animals, he’s a lot like his great-grandpa Kuei in that respect so Wu could probably build and run animal sanctuaries and learn about caring for them ((be a vet??)) and he’ll sing to everyone <3

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What do you think about my squad 1 cancer (me) 1 virgo 2 sag 1 aquarius 1 leo and 1 gemini all females

cancer: Funny and loves movies

Virgo: the rude funny one, always eating

sag: never texts back unless its about plans or them

Aquarius: quiet at school but loud with you guys

leo: lots of gossip stories

Gemini: Funniest and always wants to hang

“I had an idea for Jeff, that when we do finally meet, and if we have a scene that’s very expositional — like if we come together and something’s going on we have to converge and discuss something — then we should kind of stop at the end of it and before we walk away, Stiles should just say, ‘I missed you.’ Just to acknowledge it for the fans in little, funny ways.” - DYLAN O’BRIEN.

I’ll see your expositional scene and raise a tackle, a kiss, and a Han Solo moment for Derek


Faking It - 1x06 - Rehearsal | Actual


I’ve rolled around in the mud for so long. Wash me clean and I don’t recognise myself. So, how about I just accept the mud and the tendency I have to find myself rolling in it.

once again trying to squeeze in a quick doodle right before the year ends

i know i don’t post as much as i used to but i really appreciate all the support and kind messages sent my way over the year. thanks for hangin’ around! ovo