when someone comes for Liam’s vocals i just remember that he’s not only a singer but a vocalist who can go back and forth into falsetto without his voice cracking and whilst staying on pitch and who can ad lib his ass off, like ad libbing is literally creating new sounds in your head whilst singing like he’s ridiculously talented. he’s a performer.

Because why hide snacks in your pockets when you could hide them in your Garnet?

Prompt: Matt the Technician x Rey the Mechanic. In which Rey falls in love, Kylo Ren gets his nose spectacularly broken, and Captain Phasma debates an early retirement. 

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It starts out with a bet – well, more of a taunt really.

Okay, so it was a taunt in the form of a few offhand remarks by General Hux.

“You want to send how many divisions? And to obscure planets that you only have unsupported feelings may be the locations of Resistance bases?” An obnoxious bark of laughter. “Ridiculous.”

“Hardly a mere feeling, General.” Clasping his hands behind his back, Kylo Ren cants his head at a smug angle. “My intuition comes directly from the Force.”

The sneer that stretches along the General’s face varies along a spectrum that ranges from dismissive to utterly disbelieving.  “Regardless of where you obtain your insights from, the time frame alone in which you ask me to move the troops is impossible.”

“I fail to understand why.”

The insufferable man’s lips curl nastily upwards again. “No, you wouldn’t, would you?” he says. “After all, you don’t deign to involve yourself in the daily matters necessary in ensuring the continued efficiency of the Order.”

Not for the first time since their initial meeting, Kylo Ren reminds himself that he really must kill Hux at some point. “I’m gratified to know you think so lightly of my position, General,” he says wryly.

“On the contrary,” comes the smoothly condescending reply. “I’m merely stating that someone who was, shall we say, given his position on merit of invisible powers would, of course, know little other than how to give orders, and nothing of the menial processes involved in seeing them fulfilled.”

Kylo Ren stares ominously at him – or at least as ominously as the eye-slits in his mask will allow. “As you’ve said, General, I possess an inconceivable mastery of those invisible powers – I doubt that any task would be beyond me.”

“Oh?” Hux says. “A moving speech Ren…although mere boastful words give little proof to that claim.”

There’s a whisper and flourish of fabric as one very vexed Kylo Ren whirls about and stalks out of the room, hand lingering over his lightsaber and an interesting mixture of Huttese swear words being muttered under his breath. Hux thinks he possibly catches a furious mumble of “I’ll show you my proof, you pompous bastard”, but dismisses it from thought.

Days later, Phasma and Hux are on their way to an impromptu base inspection when a flurry of blonde hair, absurdly large glasses, and a familiarly tall, slim figure clad in a teal technician’s uniform stomps by. The absolute look of loathing he levels at Hux is what ruins the already-flimsy charade.

There’s a sharp intake of breath from the stormtrooper Captain beside him. “Was that – “

“It was,” Hux cuts her off disinterestedly.

“Why – “

“Do I really look like the type of person who invests valuable time in attempting to figure out Kylo Ren’s eccentrics?”


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okay but imagine Steve does some ridiculous reckless thing and before Bucky even thinks about it he reaches out and smacks him on the back of the head without even looking, and then of course he fucking freezes because he is a recently-deprogrammed assassin so unthinkingly hitting your allies is MORE THAN A LITTLE ALARMING but on the other hand he’s pretty sure he was programmed to be a little more effective than that, and meanwhile Steve is rubbing the back of his head and cracking the fuck up and he catches Bucky’s look and is like “no, no, hey, it’s okay, you did that to me all the Goddamn time, Buck, that’s something HYDRA missed, you always did that”

and Bucky slowly relaxes and grins faintly and says “yeah, I’m starting to remember why”