Huh. I was just stopped on the way back home from work. 😶 I actually got off at the wrong bus stop and was walking with my headphones in, but this guy caught up to me and asked for my number. (He was sweating, haha. Was he nervous or as affected by Korea’s heat/humidity as I am?)

I don’t mind giving out my number or kakao id, to be honest. I think it’s a way to connect with people and am always impressed by anyone who is confident enough to come up to me. It takes a lot of guts to stop someone who is trying to consciously ignore the world and looks like they might eat you alive because they’re masking their anxiety with a cold stare. Not even kidding. I might have also been a head taller than this dude with my boots on.

I’m just apprehensive because I met my last boyfriend this same way and that didn’t turn out well. I could be barking up the wrong tree, as in maybe this person is only looking for friendship or is curious about foreigners or something. Who knows. I also shouldn’t apply past experiences as a template for the future, but that’s my nature and I seem to have bad luck with men, so there you go.

He said he was meeting a friend for dinner and kept asking what I was going to do now. Maybe I should have just tagged along? My problem is that I don’t like risks and new people and going with the flow. I really want to change that aspect of myself.

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The team teasing Shiro and his s/o after they find out about them making out please????? I love that scenario!!!! It was so much fun to read!!

Here’s part one for anyone who wants to read it!

To say that you and Shiro walked into the kitchen, where dinner was being served, sheepishly was an understatement. You walked in with embarrassment so great that no sheep could muster the right amount. Allura sat at the head of the table discussing something with Keith, while Coran argued with Hunk over a bowl of space goo. Lance and Pidge were both unaccounted fore, which was an immediate red flag. You whispered this to Shiro, and he managed a smile.

“It was bound to happen,” Shiro said weakly.

“Yeah, I know. But why to us? Why couldn’t have Lance brought home someone and got caught.” You asked, almost teasingly.

The two of you held each others gaze for a split second before erupting into giggles. Shiro pulled a chair out for you and you exaggeratedly sat down, throwing back your head and laughing.

“You’re ridiculous,” Shiro laughed.

You flashed him a dazzling smile and started to speak when a screech broke through the low din of the room. Keith looked up from his conversation, Allura looked up as well.

“I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!!” Lance ran into the room.

Pidge ran in after him and Shiro gripped your hand, flashing you a look of concern.

“Lance, calm down. I’m the one who’s scarred for life,” Pidge said, adjusting her glasses and walking in after Lance.

“What? What happened?” Hunk asked, turning away from Coran who had continued to gesture to the space goo, ignoring the current situation.

Pidge walked past you and Shiro and settling down on one of the chairs.

“Well…” Pidge started, over enounciating the ‘l’ and glancing at Shiro “I was going to check on Shiro and y/n…”

Keith gasped as Lance hissed a sharp, ‘Indeed’. Allura’s eyebrows shot up while Hunk muttered something about “Calling it,”.

“I can’t believe this!”

“In the lion, too,”

Shiro’s cheeks were tinted red, while yours had gone started to bear a striking resemblance to a beet.

“It’s not like we didn’t expect it, guys,” Coran said, voice bubbling over the others.

Title: You Came Back
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader
Trigger Warning: Cursing
Requested by anon:  fluffy/angsty isaac lahey imagine please? 

Sorry that this is late! I’ve had a pretty busy and hectic week, so I haven’t been able to follow up on requests. I love Isaac, so thank you for requesting, my love!

You were angry, hurt, and confused. “Isaac what?” you asked in disbelief, furrowing your eyebrows and biting your lip to stop yourself from letting out a stream of obscenities. 

Scott looked at you sympathetically. “Isaac left for France with Mr. Argent,” he mumbled, looking down at the floor timidly. He hated getting and seeing you angry, so he was extremely nervous about telling you this news.

“I can’t believe that asshole!” you hissed, slamming your hand in the locker near you and denting it. 

Scott grabbed your hand and cradled it in his. “Hey, be careful,” he whispered. He looked around the area to make sure no one had seen you.

“I’m gonna murder that guy!”

“I know, I know. It sucks, but you know how torn up he is about Allison.”

“And you know how I feel about him!” 

Scott sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “I know, Y/N and I’m sorry about that.”

You were so angry, but not at Scott. He was only the one stuck in the middle. 

You had been Isaac’s best friend for as long as you could remember and because he had always been there for you, you had grown feelings for him. Scott of course had found out and was the only one who knew anything about it. 

“It’s okay,” you muttered to Scott. “Thanks anyway.”

Scott nodded and watched as you sulked off down the hallway, stuffing your hands in your sweatshirt pocket to hide your claws from showing. 

A year had passed since you had talked to Scott about Isaac leaving. Since then, you had tried your best to stop thinking about him and see other guys. If he wasn’t going to tell you he was leaving, what was the point of waiting for him?

To celebrate your long awaited break and your birthday, you and the pack were heading toward a club to relax. 

You hitched a ride with Stiles, who was more than happy to be in a car ride with you. 

In the course of the year, everyone had found out that you liked Isaac, but at that point, you were well over it. Everyone had been nothing but supportive for you and in return, you gave them your love and respect. Having the latest birthday, everyone looked at you like a younger sister even though you were the same age as them. 

“I think you look really beautiful, Y/N,” Stiles said, looking at you from the corner of his eyes. “Isaac really missed out.”

You smiled at Stiles and pat his thigh gratefully. “Thanks, Stiles. I personally think Lydia is starting to get into you.”

Stiles smiled nervously and tapped his fingers on the steering wheel. “You think so? Thanks.”

“Of course I do. You guys are my best friends.”

The rest of the way, the two of you listened to music and jammed out so much that your voices were almost lost. 

You two walked in and immediately, you linked your arms with his. He placed his hand reassuringly on yours hand stroked his tumb along the back of your hand. 

“You good?” he had to yell over the loud music.

“Yeah, thank you!” you yelled back, holding his arm tighter to make sure you two didn’t get separated.

He led you over to the far side of the club, where the rest of the pack was waiting for you two. Above all of the heads bobbing on the dance floor, you spotted Scott, Lydia, and Derek, who were standing to make sure you could see them. The rest were sitting in the large booth. 

“Happy birthday, Y/N!” everyone chirped as soon as you got there.

“Thanks, guys! I’m so glad…” your enthusiasm died down as your eyes zeroed in on those unforgettable curly locks. “I’m so glad you guys could come…”

Stiles nudged you encouragingly and leaned down to whisper, “I’m sorry. He just randomly came back and tagged along.”

You plastered a fake big smile on your face and released a deep breath through your teeth. “Don’t worry about it,” you said through gritted teeth. “You didn’t drag him here purposely to torture me.”

You then cracked your neck and proclaimed, “I’m going to go and get a drink.”

Lydia smiled at you and scurried over, wrapping her arms around yours. “Let me come with you!” 

You and Lydia walked over to the bar and ordered some non-alcoholic drinks, being that you were under aged. 

“Hey, I’m sorry he came along,” Lydia said, looking at you sympathetically. As you two waited for your drinks, you sat on the bar stools. She placed her hand on yours comfortingly and pat it a few times. “I tried to tell him not to, but he was really set on coming.”

You smiled softly at Lydia. She really had come a long way since the first time you had met her. She barely even spared a glance at you. Now, she was focused on always making sure you were happy. “It’s okay, Lyds. I know you wouldn’t have wanted me to be upset, especially on my birthday.”

You two turned when someone cleared his throat behind you. You sighed internally when you made eye contact with Isaac. “Hey, Y/N,” he said, scratching the back of his neck. “Happy birthday.”

You cleared your throat and veered your eyes to the dance floor as opposed to him. “Thanks,” you said. You then turned to Lydia, who was looking back and forth between you two fervently.

When she looked at you, she raised her eyebrow in question and you just jutted your chin back to the table. 

“You can go back to the table. Your drink is here anyway.”

Lydia grabbed her drink and squeezed your shoulder with her other hand. “I’ll see you back there, sweetie.”

You smiled and nodded at her before turning your eyes to Isaac. 

“So after about a year of fucking me over, you decide to talk to me, huh?” you started, cracking your neck and trying really hard not to let your fangs and claws show.

Isaac sighed. “Guess it was too hopeful of me to think you wouldn’t react like this,” he said. 

“Damn right you are.” Your drink soon arrived and you downed it quickly. You wished so badly that it was alcohol so that you could forget about Isaac’s stupid face.

“Look, Y/N,” he started, reaching his hand out to touch you, but pulling it back when he saw your glare, “I didn’t want to hurt you. I didn’t want my last memory to be of you looking upset in case I didn’t come back.”

You scoffed and shook your head. “You’re ridiculous, you know that? Well, here you go. You’re back a year later and I’m a lot more than fucking upset. I’m angry. No, no I’m pissed.” With that, you hopped off your chair and headed to the middle of the dance floor. 

You made it a point to dance with random strangers and grind along any guy that came your way.

It wasn’t too long after that Isaac came and grabbed you gently by your wrist, but by the look on his face, he was beyond angry. 

“Can we talk please?” he asked, furrowing his eyebrows at you. You planted your feet and quirked your eyebrow, expecting him to speak right then and there. “Outside.” 

Rolling your eyes, you allowed him to lead you outside, where the crisp air made you shiver. On instinct, Isaac draped his leather jacket over your shoulder.

You were about to take it off, but the look Isaac gave you made you stop.

As you leaned against the brick wall, he was standing across from you, his hands stuffed in his pockets and his eyes holding sadness. He looked like such a sad puppy. 

“I know I hurt you,” Isaac mumbled. He looked into your eyes and searched through them. “I would be pissed if this happened to me too, but please I’m asking for you to look deep down and forgive me.” He grabbed your hand and squeezed it tightly. “You’re my best friend. You have been there every step of the way with me. I know I haven’t been there for you every time, but I want to make it up to you. Losing Allison made me realize how much I needed to cherish everyone who came into my life, so I came back just for you.”

You felt tears well up in your eyes as you looked down at your connected hands. But you didn’t know if you could forgive him just yet. He had broken your heart and taken it away, but he wasn’t willing to give you his heart. “I don’t know, Isaac. I’ve been hurt way too much by you leaving.”

Isaac looked like he was about to cry, but he blinked away the tears and released a deep breath. “I love you,” he whispered. “And I’m not just saying it. I’ve loved you ever since I first saw you. Why didn’t I do anything? Because I was scared I would hurt you the way I did just now. I just want to make it up to you. Would you let me do that?”

You bit your lip and chewed thoughtfully on it. “Okay,” you finally whispered.

Isaac smiled and pulled you close to him in a hug. He placed his chin on the top of your head and rubbed your back with his hands. “Thank you,” he whispered, kissing your hairline. “Thank you so much.”

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Hi~ Just wanted to let you know that Notoriety is the best thing ever, and I can't wait for the next chapter! Also, since requests are open, I shall take advantage of it - Can I have Jongin as your best friend, being frustrated because you can never understand his moves on you? Thank you so much, and do take care! (:

“Why do you always want to come over to my apartment? I miss your parents.” You whine, nudging the laughing boy’s arm with your elbow as you walk home from work. It’s the weekend now, and neither of you have any plans, so you figured you’d hang out together instead. It’s what the two of you usually end up doing most weekends, anyway. It’s pretty much worked into your schedule. 

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