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May I request 2P!Russia Fluff? Please? :3

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“What are you doing, _____?” Ion had almost frozen in place, though at this point in your relationship, he wasn’t all that surprised. “I’m working.”

“Can I watch you work?” Your face was buried into Ion’s chest, so your speech was muffled. He seemed to relax a little, and a hand was placed on your back.

Eventually, Ion sighed. “Alright, but don’t try to interrupt me too much. This paperwork is important.” And even though he rarely smiled, you could hear the faintest of one in his voice. You snuggled further into him, tucking your head into the crook of his neck. Though Ion initially said that you were being ridiculous, he didn’t seem to mind.

The remainder of the evening consisted of you asking Ion different questions, while you occasionally kneaded his free hand with your thumbs, or twirled a lock of his hair with your finger. And as the evening transitioned to night, and Ion’s work diminished, his legs grew numb from you sitting on them. In fact, you hadn’t spoken a word in quite a while.

“Actually,” He started. “I think I can leave the rest of this for tomorrow. For now, we should get to bed.” While he looked down to see your response, he then noticed that you had fallen asleep. 

Ion sighed and picked you up, and attempted to stand while his legs felt like static was running through his veins. “Especially you, _____.”


There’s a creek to the left. I only realize this because of the constant noise. It should be interrupting my calm, my serenity. Instead it provides a calming soundtrack to the task at hand.

My wings are stretched to their full length, slightly curled in towards my body and Andrael in front of me. Their wings are gorgeous, getting bigger and stronger each day and I tell them so. They smile as I pick bits of asteroid out from the inner section, working hard to ensure hat every feather is clean.

You stand behind me. You and your scoldings of proper cleaning, I ignore. Your rants have been falling on deaf ears for centuries. You’re still irate, shaking your head of how ridiculous this is. But you continue to help clean my own wings, despite all your grumbling.

I bite back a smile as I work on Andrael’s other wing. I couldn’t be happier, and you know it. You grumble again about stupid wings and this time I don’t contain my laughter.


Because why hide snacks in your pockets when you could hide them in your Garnet?

“I find it ridiculous that so many black women are telling our men to cut their hair off and go back to fades. How dare any of you condition our men to look a certain way that’s well kept or pleasing to you, when a lot of you can’t even go back to your natural selves. If he wants to wear freeform loc’s, a Afro, a bald fade, or a bald head, he should be able to express himself without you bashing him to fit YOUR standards of beauty. Sounds familiar? Free yourself from that slavery mentality and let our men love themselves.”

- Maria DaFree on Facebook

Sleepy Cuddles (BTS)

“Bts reaction to their sleepy gf cuddling on them”

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Rap Monster:
It would startle at him at first; he thought you were asleep. But, he would quickly adjust to the feeling. That big contented smile he always has would appear, embellishing the rare cuteness you were exhibiting at that moment. He would lay back, allowing for you to lazily strew yourself across his torso. His steady breaths and soothing voice mumbling sweet nothings to you would undoubtedly send you to sleep.

“My babygirl should get more sleep, hmm?”

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(by golly he is the purest. i couldn’t find one of that exact derpy smile he does, but y’all know what one it is.)

This cutie would snatch you up right away. His strong arms would pull your head into his chest and he’d have to stop himself from squeezing you half to death. Your sleepiness was one of the main things he found ridiculously cute about you. So, he wouldn’t be able to contain himself. He would eventually relax, his arm slung across your back protectively. He would peck your forehead affectionately before you fell asleep.

“Ahhhh you’re so precious, I wanna’ squish you!”

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(he’s so adorable, how?!)

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