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Mpreg Hux with each KOR member having their own pregnancy tradition? One believes Hux shouldn't say the babies name it's bad luck. Other believes Hux should avoid hot foods. Sleep with knives under his pillow to avoid bad spirits, stay at 'home' and don't leave for the entire pregnancy, etc.

hahahaha how adorable!!!! They want the very best for their master’s spouse and the unborn youngling so they all offer their advice and warnings for a successful pregnancy.

One brings a worn, old piece of cloth and tells Hux to drape it over his belly to ensure his baby will always be warm. One tries to get Hux back to his chambers before ‘sundown’ to avoid darkness clouding the baby’s growth. One tells Hux that he should let Kylo bathe him to show their baby that its father is here too, and that’s the only tradition that Hux accepts.

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But Peter being a dad just melts my heart???? Like, him waking up in the middle of the night to take care of his screaming child, and him playing with the baby while his spouse makes dinner, him coming home after a battle and his child being sO HAPPY!! (But let’s be real , he would show the baby to the avengers and he would be like “LOOK WHAT MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE MADE”)

👏H👏O👏N👏E👏S👏T👏L👏Y👏THIS HC👏GIVES👏ME👏LIFE👏 peter being a da i-I- just need a moment :’),this headcanon added 20 years to my life


Happy Birthday, Steven Universe!

Thank you @stevencrewniverse for all your hard work on the show! Especially @rebeccasugar who probably never gets a day off. lol Thank you to @pearl-likes-pi for running the podcast, too! It’s a lot of fun, and it helped make the hiatus a little more bearable.

Now, in honor of SU’s B-Day, here is a list of all my favorite fandom moments from over the years.

1) Back in the day, people thought Onion was Yellow Diamond/secretly a Homeworld Gem. Hilarity ensued.

2) When “Stronger Than You”/Garnet being a fusion was revealed, everyone lost their collective minds.

3) All the “So this is what Homeworld thinks of fusion!” memes

4) People replacing scenes of the Crystal Gems with Jamie wearing bad Crystal Gem cosplay. Also, people going to cons dressed as Jamie, dressed as a Crystal Gem (cosplay-ception?)

5) Baby Sour Cream is literally the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face, and this did not go unnoticed.

6)  “If you defuse Garnet, the Crystal Gems are just Pearl standing over a bunch of child-sized munchkins.”

7) 5 million “cotton candy Garnet” fanarts 20 minutes after “The Answer” aired.

8) When the gems bought Andy a wedding cake, and the fandom declared “every ship is canon now”.

9)  “ Padparadscha is Internet Explorer”

10) That one time Cartoon Network photoshopped Rose holding baby Steven in a promotional image, and the crewniverse was like: “???” when asked about it, so everyone started photoshopping baby Steven into the show, in increasingly ridiculous locations.

11)  “…Is that a weapon?” memes

12) “TERRIFYING RENEGADE PEARL” followed by a picture of Pearl being eccentric, or crying.

13) People photoshopping Amethyst swallowing things after she swallowed the giant burrito in “Bismuth”.

14) “Steven Universe episode 1. Steven sings about icecream. Steven Universe episode x. Steven *insert traumatizing experience here*”

Thank you to all my fandom friends, you guys are amazing <3

iconic min yoongi lyrics
  • “i wanna big house, big cars & big rings
    but actually, I don’t have any big dreams”
  • “all you who are called rappers because you can’t sing,
    the rapper title is an extravagance for you”
  • “SUGA a.k.a Agust D is my second name”
  • “as you know, my voice will turn you on
    whether it’s a guy or girl,
    my tongue will make you come”
  • “converse converse, i really hate converse”
  • “anyway, when you meet me, don’t wear converses
    it’s too hard to take them off of you”
  • “energy energy energy”
  • “my flexible tongue movements will send them to Hong Kong with my raps”
  • “i’m killa, Jack the Ripper,
    i’ll pierce you with my sharp tongue” 
  • “once you have a taste of my sensual
    rap banquet, you’ll run out of breath” 
  • “i have an eating disorder, whatever I eat, I’m still hungry
    for you”
  • “in between our couple shoes
    are a pair of baby sneakers”
  • “chop, chop, chop” 
  • “i don’t give a shit,
    i don’t give a fuck”

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Harry wears a ruby ring for her, the background of a phone is a picture of his goddaughter, aka Ruby, he’s holding her and tickling her tummy in the BTAm he’s using his baby voice to show her to Adam, he loves her so much and she’s so chubby and cute and sweet and he’s the best godfather in the world and I’m having some kind of meltdown over this tbh I’m not great lads! Lmao


Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Pink lingerie does things to Captain Rogers

Word Count: 2565

Warnings: nsfw af! nsfw gif undercut, unprotected sex (wrap you wang before you bang!)

Author’s Note: old fic; another repost! AND for the nonnie who wanted me to repost “A New Throne” (Lance Tucker x Reader), i’m sorry but my dumbass forgot to take a backup :’(

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Porg Panic  - Forces of Destiny style Kylo Ren & General Hux

Hurry Home (Smut)

 A/N: This is kinda procrastination because I’m having a hard time finishing Redemption, but it’s coming along. I found this is my drafts so this is my “please don’t kill me Redemption is coming” phone sex. Also, I’d like to dedicate this to my lovely friend @sippingchai . Thank you for being as thirsty as I am lol. Enjoy ;)

You stretch your legs out as you sprawl across the bed making the most obnoxious noise. Opening your eyes, you look over and see an empty place in the bed where Shawn should be. The studio maybe? Who knows. You stand up and make your way downstairs to the living room to sit on the couch. You turn on Netflix to watch the next season of Dexter. You and Shawn usually watch it together, but you just can’t help yourself.

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