about me

I was tagged by my wonderful birthday-babe torhin. I’m sorry darling from today on you’re old as hell ;)

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Nicknames: kasinka
Gender: female
Current time and date: 13.05.2015, 13:33
Birthday: Dec 10th
Average amount of sleep: 8 h
Lucky number: 9
Last thing I googled: ‘what does cum laude and summa cum laude mean?’ (i was watching daredevil ok)
First word that comes to mind: illicit
One place that makes you happy: somewhere high
Favourite characters: dean fucking winchester, john fucking constantine, bucky fucking barnes
Favourite food: my mom’s
Favourite drink: tea
Favourite book: the witcher, hobbit, hp
Favourite TV show(s): supernatural, xfiles, house
Last movie I saw in the theatre: furious 7
Last holiday: ugh… easter?
Dream holiday: new zealand
Dream wedding: with good music
Dream job(s): special effects person or some cool lab work, like, mythbusters style
Zodiac: sagittarius
Myers-Briggs: istj
Relationship status: forever alone
What are you wearing: black