“I Would Sacrifice the World for You” Part Two~ Pietro Maximoff x Female!Reader

Word Count: 1440

Warnings: VISION, light swearing(?), angst, death

Request: Hi! Love your writing and just wanted to know if I could request a little somethin’. Could you do a Pietro x reader where the reader dies saving the little Russian sass-master in Sokovia and he gets all sad? (You don’t have to if you don’t wanna btw)
Hi! Can I have a request with Pietro where the reader has force field powers and they try to reenact that scene from the incredibles with Violet and Dash? 

Author’s Note: This might be sad. But I’m also really tired so it might not be that great. So, yeah. Enjoy! :)))

(I was gonna post this last night but I was in a good mood cause Spider-Man Homecoming and didn’t feel like posting something sad)

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“(Y/n)? What are you-”

“I could ask the same thing,” you smirked while crossing your arms. Clint watched as the two of you made googly eyes at each other, and decided to go back up to the main floor with the rest of the team; who seemed to be having some sort of an argument.

“Well, I’m glad you two know each other and all but it seems like there’s a fight going on up there so,” Clint said, quickly grabbing his bow and running up the stairs to the rest of the group. “Stay here!”

Pietro shrugged and went to speed upstairs to join in the fight but you stuck your foot in his path, making him trip and fall.

“What are you doing?” He growled as he hit the floor.

“Sorry, Pietro, but I’m not on your side this time-”

“Since when do you work with them?” Pietro asked, once again pushing himself off of the floor.

“Ever since I passed out in Sokovia and Tony and the rest of them kept me safe… and alive might I add. I kinda owe them for that,” you explained. Just as Pietro was about to make a comeback, the lights flickered before blowing out in one giant boom. The two of you looked at each other in confusion and in a split second, Thor brought all of the electricity in the tower onto the “package”, making it look like a thousand lightning bolts stormed inside the building.

It took a few hours to get used to having a floating robot in the vicinity, but it’s not like you could have a say in what happened. Vision was brought to life (thanks to Thor and his hammer) from all the electricity- or so you were told. It was all too confusing, considering you were given a basic education and didn’t really know or care that much about science.

You agreed to help the Avengers save your old home, and most of the team started to trust you. You offered to help in any way, the main goal was to save the city and everyone who lived there. Laying down your life was an option, one that you weren’t completely comfortable with. But, at the end of the day, it wouldn’t matter. Saving the world comes at a price, and it was one you were willing to pay.

Natasha let you borrow one of her old suits, and surprisingly, it fit. Tony and Bruce created a device that let you stabilize your energy after using your powers for too long. Basically, whenever you were drained, the device would use everything in its power to keep you awake and healthy. “If you were to use your powers without the device, you could die depending on the amount of energy you were using,” Bruce explained. Pietro and Wanda were off preparing for the fight, and you waited for the rest of the team in the helicarrier.

“How you doin’, kiddo?” Steve asked, sitting down next to you.

“Well, the world is sorta fallin’ apart, and we are the world’s last hope so… I’m doing grreeeaat!” You said in the tone of the Tiger from the Frosted Flakes commercial, bringing your thumb up and giving a cheesy smile. He laughed and you rested your head on the palm of your hands, rubbing the embarrassment off of your rosy cheeks. “I’m sorry that was really lame, but I’m fine.”

“It’s okay, sarcasm seems to lighten the mood.”

“I’m full of sarcasm so I think I’ll fit in here just nicely,” you smiled and got up from the chair, making your way to Pietro, who was at the front of the helicarrier. “Plus, I know how to watch my language.”

Steve sighed, his broad shoulders sinking to the ground, “Damn.”

“Steve,” you smirked, giving him finger guns before giggling and turning to where Pietro had sat.

Pietro was stretching and gearing  up for the fight, not grabbing any weapons because speed was his protection from this crazy world. You walked up to him and immediately wrapped your arms around him, hugging the man you cared for and taking in the fresh scent of  cologne.

“Hey, Draga,” Pietro hummed, softly caressing your back in a comforting manner.

“Pietro, I’m scared,” you confessed, pulling away and looking into his azure blue eyes that captured your soul. “What if we don’t make it out of this?”

His hand reached up to your worried face and wiped the tear that was crawling down your cheek. “Don’t think like that. We’ve made it through some horrible things. This is just a little bump, we can do it,” he encouraged, pressing a small kiss to your hand.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Printesa.”

You smiled, enjoying these last peaceful moments with Pietro, before Wanda ruined the moment and entered the area with a loud, “YUCK! Can’t you two get a room?”

You gave a confused look, “What’s a room?”

The three of you laughed, giving the atmosphere a more positive vibe… not knowing what lies on the road ahead.

After the fight started, Pietro carried you to the middle of the city, where Clint was protecting civilians and helping people get onto the “boats”. The three of you battled robots heroically, taking them out one by one and saving as many individuals as possible. One of the robots had sprained your wrists, which concerned Clint and Pietro. You assured them you were alright; after all, it seemed like no damage had affected the device that kept your powers stable. Mini Ultrons came flying left and right, but you bravely mustered up all your strength and defeated every single one that came your way. Just as you were helping a family get onto one of the boats, Clint had been running towards you with a small boy in his arms. He stopped in his path when the sound of a thousand gunshots fired from the sky, a robot controlling one of the air crafts and firing down below. The bullets came flying his way, and you and Pietro shared a look when the Ultron started firing in Clint’s direction. You knew Clint would sacrifice himself to save the boy, that was his job as an Avenger. Pietro mouthed “I love you” and looked back at Clint, speeding over and placing a car in front of the two of them. It was almost as if everything went in slow motion. In fear of losing the one you cared about most, you mustered up all your strength and created a huge force field, covering Pietro, Clint, and the little boy. The radiating purple shield had appeared almost spontaneously, and you didn’t think it would work… but it did. You saved them. Pietro looked towards you, bearing that beautiful smile. But that tremulous expression soon faded once your knees gave out, and you fell to the floor. Your vision started to blur, your body felt weak and tingly; everything was fading. Blood started to drip rapidly from your nose and you glanced towards the device on your arm, which had been severely damaged. It felt like your insides had collapsed and the energy from your body had just escaped into the world. Pietro sped over to you and placed your head in his lap, trying to give a soft smile again to cover up the tears that started to form in his eyes.

“Are they okay?” you asked, the words barely coming out of your mouth.


“Cli-Clint, and the little boy. Are they okay?” Your eyes were struggling to stay open, it was starting to get harder and harder to breathe.

“Yes, they are safe.” The tears dropped from his face and landed on your pale cheeks. Your lips curled, at least there was some good news. “Why couldn’t you have just let me save them? Always have to one-up me, don’t you?” He chuckled, and you forced out a giggle before coughing up blood.

“What? You didn’t see that coming?” He smirked at your sarcastic reference, softly rubbing your cheek with his thumb. You sighed, “I would sacrifice the world for you, Pietro.”

And then, your heart stopped. Your eyes stared blankly at the sky above, and Pietro rested his head into the nook between your shoulders. He silently sobbed into your lifeless body until he felt a hand gently rub his shoulder.

“Pietro… we have to go,” Clint spoke, his face filled with sorry for the man who had just lost the love of his life right before his eyes.

“I-I can’t leave her,” he lamented, shaking his head.

“I can’t.”

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