Metamorphosis (Part 2)

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Prompt: You were found by Shield at only two years old, at the sight of a building collapse in China. Over the course of your life you’ve has been hidden from the Avengers Initiative because of some emotional instability and a very dangerous secret. But now SHIELD and the rest of the world need help trying to stop an alien invasion. Will you be the one to save the world; or destroy it?

Words: 3080 - thats so long wtf

Warnings: Swearing, drugs and violence

“Are you sure?” Steve asked tentatively.

“Yeah, yeah I’ll be fine! Now crouch, it’ll give me more force when I rip the bastard’s head off!”

You ran towards Captain America, stepping up onto his knee and then bounding off his shield. In mid-air you were able to rip a dagger from your belt, and with a twist you slashed forwards and decapitated the 8-foot tall Chitauri monster.

Gently lowering yourself to the ground, you turned to Steve with a smile. “Nice doing business with you.”

He chuckled and nodded his head slowly, “Same to you Ma'am.”

It took nearly twenty minutes to clear the street from the hoard of Chituari that had you all surrounded, but it felt really fucking fantastic when you did. Just when the Avengers all fell to the ground, thinking you could take a breather, the God of Thunder called everyone’s attention.

“Leviathans!” Thor yelled gruffly to the ground team, pointing to the sky. Long, disgusting looking things started pouring out of the portal.

“Does it never end?” You groaned, pushing your sweat-plastered hair away from your face.

Natasha touched her ear, “Stark are you seeing this?”

“Seeing, still working on believing.”

These creatures looked like giant alien pill-bugs, but not the kind someone can step on to kill. These sons of bitches would need a lot more than that to take them down. But you found yourself feeling pretty up to the challenge.

The small revving of an engine pulled you away from the battle plan your mind was weaving. You’d been fighting on this bridge for almost an hour, what civilian would be stupid enough to drive across with aliens everywhere?

Steve had been sitting on the ground, catching his breath until he heard the sound too. He bolted up and stood beside you, his hand coming up to shield his eyes as he looked into the distance. A faded figure putted towards the group, his shaggy, dark hair ruffling in the wind.

“Is that Bruce Banner?” Your nose crinkled, “On a motorcycle? I want a motorcycle…“

Steve gave you a sharp look before waving over the Doctor. Banner got off his bike and walked towards the two of you.

"Well…This all looks…horrible.” He said anxiously, rubbing his forearm.

Natasha’s face hardened slightly, “I’ve seen worse.”

“Sorry.” He mumbled sheepishly in her direction.

“No, no.” She waved him off with a small and very tight smile, “We could use a little worse.”

“Stark, we’ve got Banner!” Steve wasted no time in turning back into military mode.

There was only a second of silence before a huge roar shook the ground.

“Banner? Tell him to suit up because I’m bringing the party to you.” Tony called.

Less than twenty blocks down, Tony flew around a corner with a Leviathan on his tail. It was way bigger that it looked in the sky which almost set off your game, almost.

“I don’t see how that’s a party…” Natasha mumbled.

You smiled, getting pumped for the next round of ass-kicking. “Hell yeah! I do!”

“Doctor Banner…” Steve ignored you and glanced at the nervous doctor who was looking rather afraid, “Now would be a good time to get angry.”

“That’s my secret Captain.” Bruce Banner smiled sadly taking a few steps forward, turning to the giant worm flying in your general direction. “I’m always angry.”

You watched in amazement as Banner hulks up, turning green in a matter of seconds. You found yourself wondering if that’s what your transformations look like. Bruce makes it look rather graceful, until he starts roaring everything.

The Hulk ran towards the Leviathan, slamming it directly in the center of it’s face. The tail curled forwards, the creature’s entire body about to flip over and slam into the team. You extinguished your plasma-covered hands, flew over and wrapped one arm around Steve’s waist, the other reaching out and grabbing Natasha around her hips. Then you soared up and to the right, putting yourself and your companions away from any danger.

“I’ve got Cap and Widow,” You called into the earpiece, “Where’s the Hawk? Thor?”

The dust cleared and The Hulk was standing beside the Leviathan’s dead body roaring and pounding his chest.

“Both accounted for, and thank you for asking about me Purple Nurple.” Tony called sarcastically, landing back on the bridge with Thor right beside him, twirling his hammer and Clint in his grip.

“Purple Nurple…” You snorted into the earpiece, “That one is my favorite so far.”

You floated down to the bridge, letting Natasha and Steve go once they were on solid ground.

“Thanks.” Natasha mumbled to you before stumbling over to Clint.

“Thank you Ma'am.” Steve smiled, picking his shield up off the ground and holding it in front of him again.

You felt the smirk on your lips, “Anytime.”

“Alright,” Tony’s face mask went down, “Call it Cap.”

“OK, Barton I want you up high calling out patterns, strays, anything. Stark, I need you on the perimeter. Anything goes past it and I want you to turn it back or turn it to ash. Remember that there’s a lot of civilians past that perimeter that we need to protect.”

Clint nodded, “Stark wanna give me a lift?”

“Right! Better clench up Legolas!” Tony grabbed him by the back of his jacket and they shot up into the air.

“Thor! I need you to blast the portal! You’ve got the lightning, so light the bastards up before they get too far.”

Thor smiles, “Yes Captain Man, it would be my pleasure.”

With a swing of a hammer he was gone, leaving just Natasha, Steve and you standing in the rubble. Banner had disappeared sometime during the Captain’s speech, at least, you couldn’t see him anywhere.

Steve turned to you now, “Natasha and I are sticking to the ground, Banner goes wherever he wants. I want you anywhere and everywhere. You’re fast, skilled and you can fly which means you’re going to blow down as many of these bastards as you possibly can. If someone needs help, air or ground I need you to be there for them. Can you do that?”

“Sounds good.” Your eyes flashed purple, smirk growing wider as he complemented your power. “Cap.”

You popped the p on his nickname and soared up into the sky.

Steve Rogers

He watched you fly away in absolute awe, your purple hair flying out behind you. He thought you were so small and fragile, it was hard to watch you go off and fight an alien race without him worrying for your safety. Though, five minutes ago you was tearing the enemy apart with your hands so maybe he didn’t have anything to be worried about.

“What just happened there…Cap?” Natasha asked, popping the p at the end of Steve’s nickname and raising an eyebrow. “Did you and Wonder-Grape just have a moment?”

He chuckled, “Wonder-grape…This job get’s weirder everyday.”

Steve ran past Natasha, shooting down three aliens swiftly. The next forty minutes went exactly like that, him pulling a trigger and occasionally using his shield to decapitate enemies. Natasha fought quietly along side him, her orange hair flickering like flames as she sped around killing target after target.

At some point Steve was facing away from Stark Tower, taking on a whole group of Chitauri when one grabbed him from behind. He turned and kicked it in the chest, sending it flying.

“Romanoff, Cap, how’s the ground look?”

He looked around, not seeing the orange flames anymore.

“Romanoff isn’t on the ground, she’s in the air somewhere.” He shoved a creature off him and then slammed his shield into the back of it’s head.“I’m managing. If you could send Banner my way, that would be helpful.”

“Gotcha.” Tony confirmed. “Jarvis do a city-wide scan for Bruce Banner. Think ginormous and green, maybe a little angry looking. Barton, I’m leading a pack your way. I’m thinking twenty or so.”

“Bring it.” Clint replied.

Three Chitauri started walking towards Steve, so he ran at them. He easily somersault-vaulted over their heads and gripped the edge of his shield as he used it to decapitate the creatures from behind.

The sound of an explosion in the sky, less than two blocks away startled Steve. He watched a whole hoard of monsters fall in a burning heap to the ground.

“Stark you bastard, that was more than twenty!” Clint grunted over the earpiece.

“Well you took them all out anyway…Think of it as an early Christmas present, Barton. No need to thank me.”

A flash of purple and white flew across Steve’s field of vision, landing on top of a car only a few blocks down. He jogged over, smashing his shield and his fists into anything that got in his way.

You were laying on top of the crushed car, wrestling a Chitauri with your bare - though slightly glowing - hands. “Die you stupid bastard!” You screamed at it but it just roared back in your face unintelligibly. You kicked it in the chest, with no avail.

Steve hopped onto the hood of the car, grabbing the creature by the back of the neck and pulling its head off its body swiftly. You stared at him in awe, your eyes wide, “Thanks.” You breathed.

He smiled holding out his hand, which you took gratefully, “No, thank you for helping us.”

You frowned pulling out a dagger and throwing behind him and into a creature, before you hopped off the car and started jogging down the road. He followed you, watching as you blasted creatures out of you way magnificently.

“You know…” You said, jogging beside him, “This fight is getting a little old. These things are just going to keep coming at us if we don’t do something about that portal.”

Steve motioned for you to duck, throwing his shield at another creature running beside the two of you. He swept back and grabbed the shield from the ground before catching up with you once again. “I know, we need to do something about that.”

“I can close it!” Natasha said over the mic, “Can anyone copy? I can close the portal!”

You stopped running and so did Steve. The both of you locked eyes for less than a second and you knew he was thinking the same thing as you.


You and the Captain locked eyes.

“Do it!” You called out at the same time.

“Ok, I-”

“Wait!” Tony yelled, “I have a nuke coming this way and I have a much better use for it. Captain, I can end this…”

Steve turned away and spoke slowly, “You know that’s a one way trip Stark.”

In a flash of purple you were gone from the Super Solider’s side. He called after you, but you didn’t look back. If Y/N wanted to be a hero, today you would go down in history as the girl that saved the planet and Tony Stark. You could sense Y/N’s fear somewhere deep inside of you, but you flew on - choosing to ignore it.

“Sir, shall I try Ms. Potts?” A robotic voice called over the earpieces. That must be Jarvis, you’d read about him in Stark’s file. It was basically an extremely smart and completely over-qualified maid for Starks technological life.

“Yeah. Sure.”

You had Tony Stark in your line of vision and willed yourself to go faster. You were so close behind him that you could reach out and grab his ankle.

So you did. You melted the jets on his right ankle and then on his left with your plasma-covered fingers. With his hands wrapped around the nuke, the only thing keeping him in the air was you and the bomb.

“What the - ?”

You grunted, pulling yourself to the underside of the nuke. “Tony let go.”

“What?” He asked in disbelief, “You’re just a kid, you let go.”

Jarvis stepped into the conversation. “I’m sorry sir there was no answer with Ms. Potts.”

“I don’t have anyone Tony, but you do.” You smiled, placing your hand over his. You could feel Y/N’s subconscious returning but there was no way you could reach the third syringe now. “Tony…let go. Help them turn off the portal and go see Pepper again.”

There was a moment of silence before Steve spoke in your ear, “Neither of you have to do this. There’s got to be another way.”

Tony’s mask went down and he met your eyes, “There’s no time for anything else Cap. This is it. It’s now or never.”

And with that Tony Stark let go of the nuke.

You refused to watch him fall back to Earth, afraid that looking back might change your mind. The fear meant that you were back, and the battle-minded alter-ego, Meta, was gone. You felt a tear slip down your face.

“Y/N?” A voice whispered.

You knew she had been listening the whole time, everyone in SHIELD had a headset on.

“Maria…” You choked back a sob and smiled, “I’ll have to rain check getting our asses whopped by Fury. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok Y/N, he’s here and he’s not mad at you. No one is mad at you.”

You were approaching the giant hole in the sky where the portal began and you could see the over-sized ship where all the aliens were coming from.

The mothership.

“You do have people Y/N. You have me, Phil, Jemma; we all love you.” Maria sniffled softly, “You just shoot the nuke in there and come right back, ok?”

You shook your head, forgetting that she couldn’t see you. “I can see the mothership. Fury do you copy?”

“I copy Agent Wu, but I’m ordering you to stand down.” The director replied, authority ringing in every word.

You smiled, letting a little giggle escape your lips. “I’ve never been good at following orders have I? Sorry Nick but I’m going for it.”

You pushed through the portal, steering the nuke towards the big black ship. Your plasma was still working, but the oxygen was not. Your throat felt tight as you held in the last bit of air you had from planet Earth. You may be able to shoot plasma with your hands, but you needed oxygen as much as the next person.

The earpiece buzzed static in your ear, it was dead.

When you were close enough you let the nuke go, extinguishing your hands. You could just float in space, no need to try and fly. You watched the bomb approach the mother ship and shielded your eyes as it exploded. The force of the blast, sent your whole body flying backwards.

Your entire right side smacked off something, knocking you unconscious.

Steve Rogers

“I’ve never been good at following orders have I? Sorry Nick but I’m going for it.”

The team watched in silence as you flew into the portal, disappearing into the abyss.

Her name was Y/N…

He’d never even thought to ask her what her name is. Steve just treated her like military backup instead of a real person and now she may die saving the world.

“I need to close it.” Natasha urged from atop Stark Tower. “Before the nuke detonates.”

Steve was about to tell her to wait, maybe if she waits just one more minute…but Director Fury stepped in. “End it Romanoff. Now.” He demanded.

The blue beam that was shooting into the sky flickered and faded into nothing right as the explosion went off on the other side. The monsters that had been approaching on his left fell to the ground all at once.

“They all dropped! She must’ve done it!” Clint called, “She blew up the mothership!”

They watched as the portal started to shrink, like it was weaving itself closed. Just as the last stitch closed the portal completely, a little shape slipped through.

Steve’s eyes widened, and he took a few steps forward helplessly. “She fell through!” He called, “Stark! You need to catch her before she falls!”

There was a grunt, “I’ve already got Legolas and Kim Possible hitching a ride, and I only have half my thrusters working! I’m out of room Rogers…”

Steve pulled at his hair and bit his lip. “Damnit!”

You were falling faster and faster, until suddenly, you weren’t anymore. The Hulk jumped off of Stark Towers, catching you in his arms. He eased himself down the side of another building until he was less than a block away from where Steve was standing. He started running towards him.

As he got closer, Thor landed beside him, running alongside him.

“Is she breathing?” Steve called, running and kneeling beside you. He checked for a pulse, “Her heart is still beating!”

Tony, Clint and Natasha landed a few feet away before running over. Clint dropped to his knees at your other side and started feeling your neck and the back of your head. “No broken neck or fractures to the skull.”

Nick Fury spoke over our earpieces, “I’m sending down a helicopter with medics. Someone subdue Banner.”

Natasha turned to Hulk with a smile, “Come on big guy, it’s time to come back. You did really good today, but now it’s over. Everything is ok now.”

She kept talking him down from his power-trip. Her voice fading into the background of Steve’s mind.

Steve stopped paying attention to everyone around him and looked closely at you. Just like before, your suit was purple but now your skin and hair were different. You had long black hair - not purple anymore, just Y/H/C; your skin covered in dirt and blood but it was a human-looking Y/S/C instead of purple. He noticed you hands and feet were no longer white and clouded with some sort of gas, instead your feet were bare and your hands only covered by torn finger-less gloves.

Now, without all the purple, you looked tiny, human and absolutely broken.

The Hulk let out a deep roar, shaking the ground beneath our feet with one effortless yell.

“Holy shit!” Your eyes snapped open and you sat up screaming before covering your face with your hands and laying back on the ground. Steve breathed a sigh of relief and sat back, letting the medics swarm him; pulling him away from the crumbled city.

The Avengers fought together and won, Steve thought to himself, And thankfully Y/N is still alive.

what’s even going on idk you guys have to tell me if you actually like it because I’m not sure if I wanna keep writing it…

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Hello! Can you ship me with one of the avengers? I'm an ISFJ Aries, very sensitive and easily emotional but with a mean temper and a canine sense of loyalty. I love watching movies and I love to sing. I have a few close friendships but I'm more comfortable snuggled up at home watching a movie than out socialising.

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I ship you with Clint!

Clint was the one who realized your skill, immediately persuading Nick Fury to let you join the Avengers team. He would train with you almost everyday. It didn’t take long for him to confess his feelings for you. Clint loved spending time with you at home, watching TV while snuggling on the couch. He always took care of you and comforted you when you were upset. Clint would be a great match for you!

Metamorphosis (Part 4)

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All parts

Other fics

Prompt: You were found by Shield at only two years old, at the sight of a building collapse in China. Over the course of your life you’ve has been hidden from the Avengers Initiative because of some emotional instability and a very dangerous secret. But now SHIELD and the rest of the world need help trying to stop an alien invasion. Will you be the one to save the world; or destroy it?

Words: 2269

Warnings: None?

You boarded the jet sometime in the evening, the sky fading from it’s bright blues to dark reds and purples that could take anyone’s breath away. As you walked up the stairs into the large private jet, you looked out to the vast fields and hills that surrounded the building that you’d grown up in. Other than the helicarrier you’d never been allowed to go off SHIELD property and now here you were; on your way to Switzerland. The thought felt bittersweet in your mind; there was a sick irony that your freedom from this life was hiding away again with more agents.

Walking down the aisle of the jet, you had to admit that Tony Stark had style. Since the flight was a good 12 hours from the SHIELD Air Base to Switzerland, Tony had obviously spared no expense to make everyone - including himself - comfortable. The seats looked like some sort of beige leather recliners, with couches and a mini-bar [stocked with tons of fancy liquor] over in the back.

You placed your black backpack down on one of the couches, grabbed the first bottle you saw and poured a tumbler glass half-full. You sat on the couch, closed your eyes and took a nice big swig letting the burn numb your heightening anxiety.

Surviving 12 hours in the air with nowhere to run was completely do-able…You hoped.

“Hey!” The glass was gone from your hands and you peaked open your left eye. Tony stood there with your glass, throwing it back and draining it. “No underaged drinking on my plane!”

You snatched the empty glass back with a smirk, “I’m 23.”

He raised an eyebrow before grabbing a new bottle and pouring you both a glass, “Cheers then.”

You clinked your glass against his and threw back the drink, ignoring the sting of Whiskey in your throat. It was good stuff - strong - you could admit that. Tony gave you a small smile before walking away.

You pulled your phone out of your backpack and stuck a pair of headphones in your ear before pressing play, Clair De Lune playing loudly in your ears. You closed your eyes and lay your head back against the couch, fingers tapping along to your favourite song by Debussy. Clair De Lune faded into Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and you felt yourself slowly fading in and out of consciousness.


The couch dipped on either side of you, pulling you out of your half-sleeping daze. You pulled the headphones out and opened one eye to see Natasha, Bruce and Thor sitting across from you on a couch. Steve was beside you and Clint was on your other side while Tony was sitting in a big white armchair to the left with a pretty blonde sitting on his lap - Pepper Potts.

Everyone was talking to one another, drinks in their hands and smiles on their faces. It was weird to see everyone in their casual clothes, Natasha wearing Roots sweats with flip flops and Thor in a flannel and joggers. You nearly sniggered at Clint’s basketball shorts. Everyone looked comfortable and relaxed which was so different from seeing them in battle. Natasha raised an eyebrow in your direction and you could tell you probably looked tense, but you couldn’t help it. You may know these people, but they aren’t your friends.

You felt a nudge and turned to see Steve looking down at you, he smiled. “Good to see you up. Did we wake you?”

You shook your head, your gaze drifting again to Pepper who hadn’t been there when the plane had taken off. “No, no. How long was I out?”

He picked up your phone and looked at the time, “Four hours? We stopped in New York to pick up Miss Potts.”


“Lady Y/L/N! You have awakened!” Thor boomed with a smile. You flinched at the volume of his voice echoing throughout the plane. He was always so burly and loud, but you honestly don’t think he realized.

“I have.” You gave him a small smile, “What’d I miss?”

Banner chuckled, “Well Clint said he could take anyone down with a single arrow and Tony disagrees. He says that the suit is arrow-proof.”

Steve leaned down, “Yeah and now I think everyone is trying to figure out how to beat up Tony.” He mumbled in your ear.

“Hm.” You hummed, standing up and stretching your legs, bringing your arms up to crack your shoulders.

“I’m telling you the suit has no flaws,” Tony continued, his voice fading into the back of your mind.

You walked slowly to the front of the plane, looking out an open window hoping to see the world in all it’s beauty - instead your gaze was met with darkness and a few scattered stars. The stars were nice to look at but the patterns in the sky looked different and unfamiliar to anything you’ve studied before; meaning you had no idea where you are.

Giving up on getting your own information on your location, you walked back to the couches, falling back in between Steve and Clint. “Where are we?”

“We are flying over the Northern Atlantic Ocean Miss Wu.” Jarvis called from above you.

You raised an eyebrow at Tony who shrugged, “Jarvis can’t get any more specific than that Purple Nurple, the ocean is the ocean.”

“Fair enough.” You nodded, laying deeper into the couch. “So, are you going to call me Purple Nurple now?”

“That depends, do you hate it?”

You smiled and shrugged, “Not really.”

“Then I’ll have to come up with something better.”

“Looking forward to it.”

Everyone was smiling faintly but Pepper was smiling at you, her fingers twitching in her lap. Your breath caught and you knew what was coming next - she wanted to know about you. Her smile was peppy and curious, her twitching fingers showed that she was nervous yet excited; all the signs were there. SHIELD didn’t train you for nothing, you could read people in a matter of seconds.

But she never got the chance to ask what she wanted.

“Lady Anna!” Thor smiled and leaned back into the couch, “Tell me of the planet Volkan. Has the new millennium been kind to your people?”

The aircraft fell completely silent and you were quite sure that your mouth fell open in shock. You were aware of everyone staring at you but you couldn’t seem to find the words to even address his comment. He said your people and planet like you belonged to a complete separate place in the universe, which isn’t possible. 

“I…You…Volk - What?” You stumbled pathetically.

Thor tilted his head and smiled like he was amused, “You are not a shape-shifter of the planet Volkan? I have yet to meet a shifter of any other nature, Lady Sif will be curious to hear tale of you.”

“I-I don’t even speak Vulcan!” You blurted.

“Lady Anna, you are mistaken - ”

“Well feel free to explain then!”

Thor sat forward, his hands clasping together firmly. “There is a planet in the father realms of Asgard called Volkan, where it is said the creation of many lives began. The infinity stones brought forward the beginning of the universe, and there was a brief time after it’s creation that the planet Volkan possessed three of the six stones within it’s crust. Powered by the three stones, the very planet itself gave birth to beings with the ability to become anything they choose - the beings themselves holding the power of the stones. This ancient race fathered the Chitauri, the shape-shifters of the modern universe.”

You listened to his speech carefully, trying to follow everything he was saying. The mention of the Chitauri made your heart stop and your blood feel like ice in your veins. “Are you saying I’m a Chitauri?”

Thor’s laugh boomed, “No Lady Anna! The Chitauri have long since lost the power to change their faces. I thought you of the planet’s original race, the Volkanian as they are named. ”


“No.” You whispered, standing up and grabbing your backpack, “No, you’re wrong. I’m human.”

You walked to the front of the plane and found a recliner near a window, trying to get as far away from Thor’s story as possible. You sat down and looked out the window watching as the stars danced across the sky beautifully. You pulled your knees up against your chest and let your cheek fall against them.

You tried to look harder at the stars, attempting to decipher their facade, trying to see farther than just a scattered bunch of twinkling lights. Planets and galaxies seemed so unfeasible for your mind to grasp. You’d never really been anywhere outside New York or the country side of Seattle. You found it hard to believe that there is even a place like New Zealand or Korea, never mind planets and life forms beyond my wildest dreams.

Someone sat beside you and didn’t say a word, for which you were grateful. You let your breathing even out and worked on blinking away the water that worked it’s way into your eyes.

Steve Rogers - I literally did it from his POV

Y/N stood up hastily, grabbing her backpack off the floor and made her way to the front of the plane. As she walked away her fingers were glowing, but no one choose to say anything about it.

We all turned to Thor who looked rather uncomfortable, “I’ve upset The Lady of Purple and that was not my intention. Should I go express my apologies?”

Bruce frowned, “I don’t think that would be wise, she may be upset and we don’t want her to trigger anything.”

I shook my head and stood up anyway, “I’ll talk to her.”

Making my way over to the front of the plane, I grabbed a blanket off a shelf and sat down beside Y/N. I was close enough to see her, even though she was turned away from me. Her eyes were closed and her face was pressed up against her knees like she was shielding her body. I chose to stay silent as I watched her, deciding not to ruin her alone time.

After a few minutes of silence she turned her cheek to look at me, biting her lip. I gave her a small smile and raised the blanket in my hand, wordlessly asking her if she wanted it. Y/N nodded slowly, her arms untangling from her legs as I draped the blanket over the both of us.

She reached into her bag and pulled out what I recognized to be an iPod, hesitating to put the headphones in her ear before dropping it in her lap and looking at me.

“Do you remember what you said to me back in the base? About change…”

I furrowed my eyebrows and nodded slowly, not sure which part she was referring to.

“Right, well you said that change and feeling different is ok as long as my heart stays the same.” Y/N took a shaky breath and I nodded in encouragement. “What if I never knew what my heart was to begin with?”

Her voice faded and I could see in her eyes that this was bothering her so much more that I’d thought. I ran her words over twice in my mind before answering her question, picking my words as carefully as possible. “Your power changes what’s on the outside, not what’s on the inside Y/N.”

“But I don’t know what parts of me are real and what parts of me are just my powers.” She sighed, picking at the blanket. “I know Fury let you all read my file. Everything just says assumed beside it because they don’t know what I actually look like. What if this body is all a lie?”

I reached over and grabbed her hand, giving it a small squeeze, “This is real.”

Her eyebrows scrunched in confusion and I pulled my hand away before gently grabbing the ends of her long ebony hair, “And this is real.”

“Even…” I moved my hand to poke her cheek and she cracked a smile, “Your smile is real too.”

I pulled my hand back and watched her carefully. “Y/N when you fell from the sky, you were unconscious but you looked just like you do right now. You weren’t in control of your body but weren’t purple anymore, you were this. This is you, don’t ever doubt that.”

She grinned and lifted her headphones, offering me one. I took it and gently placed it in my ear. Nothing was playing, but Y/N was still smiling at me, “What?”

She shrugged, “Nothing, it’s just… that you’re really nice for someone who doesn’t even know me.”

Y/N placed her phone back on her lap and suddenly piano music flooded into my left ear. “You’re really nice for someone who doesn’t even know me.” I thought back to my childhood, a life filled with days and nights of constantly trying to accepting myself. Then 1941, transforming into a man I hardly recognized and changing everything I thought I knew about myself.

I looked over at her, her head back on the seat and her eyes closed. Her fingers were tapping along to the piece, like they were itching to play it instead of the composer. Looking at her, seeing the struggle she was facing, trying to find out who she truly was inside, I could see the similarities in the both of us.

She was fighting to find her true self and I would be damned if she tried to do it alone.

My family is coming over tonight so I probably can’t post again today. I’ll do my best to throw a one shot in before I go to bed, but we’ll see what happens! Thanks for reading, I hope you like it!

Metamorphosis (Part 1) StevexReader

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(GIFs aren’t mine)

All parts & Other fics

Prompt: You were found by Shield at only two years old, at the sight of a building collapse in China. Over the course of your life you’ve has been hidden from the Avengers Initiative because of some emotional instability and a very dangerous secret. But now SHIELD and the rest of the world need help trying to stop an alien invasion. Will you be the one to save the world; or destroy it?

Words: 2441

Warnings: Swearing, drugs and tons of Chitauri ass-kicking by the Avengers

*BTW; I’m kinda in love with Maria Hill and Natasha Romanoff so they’ll be in this story, like, as much as humanly possible because girl power is rad as fuck :):):):):)))*

“Are you crazy?” Maria smirked, tugging you down the hall. “Of course Fury doesn’t know.”

You bit you lip, running lazily down the corridor after Agent Hill, who had decided to stop at a corner to fix her hair. “Nick is going to kill us. Like, no funeral, nothing. We’ll just be dead and no one will care. Well…Except maybe Phil.” You started to nervously babble.

Maria rolled her eyes, peaking her head around and then continued to pull you down the hall once again. “Everything is going to be fine Y/N! You’re going to do great!”

Together you slowed down after reaching the archway to the outdoor landing pad, hiding behind a set of crates to keep from being seen. There were SHIELD Agents littered across the landing pad, searching the sky for any Chitauri-type threats. The guns in their hands made it clear that they were ready to shoot anything down in a matter of seconds.

Maria took a step forward but you anxiously pulled her back.

“Maria, we can’t just go behind Fury’s back and let me loose on the town!” You cried, biting your lip. “I could hurt someone if I turn into her. You heard her this morning in HQ…”

Maria scanned the perimeter before locking eyes with you. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course but - ”

“ - Good then listen to me,” Maria smiled, cutting you off easily. “You are strong, brave and you are a hero. I’ve watched you train and grow since you were a little kid and I was just some stupid intern here. I know that you’re going to be ok out there. You’re going to go down there and kick ass Y/N, Meta, whoever chooses to fight today. She doesn’t control you Y/N.”

Of course she does, you thought, but there’s no point in arguing with Maria once she has her mind set.

You took a deep breath and nodded, “Yeah, ok. Let’s do this.”

This could be extremely dangerous. You’ve spent your entire life trying to control the war-crazed bitch inside of you and now you’re about to embrace her so that you could be the hero you’ve always wanted to be. There has to be some sort of fucked up irony there…

“Alright, you need to run.” Maria gave you hand a tight squeeze before placing three small plastic syringes and a small earpiece in you palm. “Try not to use them all, please, try. You can’t leave me alone with Fury’s patronizing speeches tomorrow when it’s time to get into shit for this.”

You turned, placing two syringes into the backpack and shoving the earpiece into your ear. “I’ll be careful. I’ll only use what I need, promise.”

“Good, are you ready?”

The third needle was in your right hand, thumb pressed against the plunger. You raised your left arm and slowly injected the pearly white substance into your forearm. Your nose scrunched up, forehead in pain, it always hurts. When the container was drained you tossed the empty needle carcass to the side.

In a matter of seconds your entire head was spinning, body buzzing with excitement. It wouldn’t be long before Meta took over now, but she would be ok. She was good at the whole ass-kicking thing.

You hesitated, “This is going to be interesting…”

Maria’s eyes were dancing with excitement and mischief. “Yes, it will. Ready?” She asked. You nodded, “Good! Go!”

Mind whirring from the drug that was coursing through your veins, you felt stronger than you had in months, ready to take on an entire army; which was good considering that’s what you were about to do.

You bolted through the archway, slightly zigzagging your running pattern so hopefully if anyone decided to shoot at you, they would miss. You sent an incoming agent flying with a well-placed roundhouse kick to the face, the crunch under your sneakers signifying that you broke his nose.

“Oops, too hard.” You giggled to yourself, the high starting to set in.

But you pushed forward, running towards the edge of the aircraft. Out of the corner of your eye you could see Agent Hill wrap her legs around a man’s neck, flipping backwards and using the man’s body to knock down another guard.

She was so badass.

You continued to run, only slowing down to shove an elbow in another agent’s face when he got too close. You really hoped you hadn’t done that too hard and just knocked him unconscious. If he was dead there would be paperwork and Nick Fury really hates paperwork.

You laughed pathetically at your own joke and found that it felt weird in your throat. The sound of your shaky laughter dying in the wind behind you. You know you don’t laugh enough when the sound of your own laughter is unfamiliar to you, you thought to yourself.

You kept running, the edge of the hellicarrier coming closer with every leap forward. When you finally reached the edge, you didn’t hesitate in jumping off. The air was whipping at your face and seeping into every open crevice of your sweater, but you didn’t give a single shit. You let yourself free fall, enjoying the adrenaline mixed with the drug high. This was one of the only times you’d been outside and you were going to make every single second of it count.

As Earth came closer, you closed your eyes and willed yourself to change, concentrating with all your might. Suddenly, you stopped feeling like you were falling and opened your eyes. Shock rippled through you as you noticed that your hands and feet were glowing white, surrounded in some sort of plasma that was keeping you afloat over Manhattan.

The plasma burned off your shoes in a matter of seconds, but the leggings and sweatshirt were still intact, backpack strapped to your back. The outfit felt a little lame to be riding into a battle…no matter how cool the plasma may be.

Maybe you could change your clothes too, if you concentrated hard enough - made them an extension of your molecular structure. You’d tried once in the lab with Jenna, but all you’d managed to do was set a table on fire by accident. You never tried again after that.

You concentrated and willed yourself a skin-tight purple catsuit, something easy to fight in that would still match the whole purple look going on. Looking down, there was also a black belt around your waist, some sort of guns and a few different daggers tucked away for your use.

You examined your hands, little white sparks flying off of the plasma clouds. Your skin was purple again, just like this morning.

“I’m starting to like purple…” You smirked to yourself.

Originally you were going to jump and turn into an eagle or something that could fly. But this isn’t Lord of the Rings, a giant eagle would be of no use to the Avengers. Plasma is much more helpful then eagles. You smiled and felt power coursing through your body, purple was a good choice apparently.

You felt so good, it was like the power was starting to consume you; like it had earlier this morning. It felt like you’d been purple a thousand times over, your mind knowing exactly what to do with this body. Everything was clear now.

Your eyes flew open and you felt yourself completely fade into your alter ego - Meta.

Y/N wouldn’t be the one fighting this battle, not today. Metamorphosis was fully transitioned and ready for battle.

Meta’s POV - kinda… I’m working on the kinks here bc it’s still you, but it’s your alter ago if u feel me

You did a few flips in the air, enjoying the feeling of infinite power coursing through your veins. You heard explosions and looked to Earth, only to see hoards of Chitauri attacking New York. You sighed, “I guess it’s time to go save everyone’s asses.” You turned on the ear piece and smirked, “Alerting all Avengers, your backup has arrived.”

You flew to the ground and landed swiftly next to Natasha Romanoff. The ginger-haired women turned in surprise, continuing to shoot Chitauri down even though she wasn’t looking at them.

Captain America flung over the hood of a car and landed near you with a roll. He stood up tall and you couldn’t help the smirk on your face. Well, wasn’t he gorgeous. His blonde hair was a complete mess and there was blood trickling down from forehead, but it was like he was in an ad for Abercrombie. He was faced away from you, his shield slung over his shoulders. “Alright - ”

“Who’s the purple chick?” Tony Stark cut him off, landing mask-up behind him. Well this one wasn’t bad either, if not a little old. Was there a hotness requirement to be a superhero? Tony’s eyes lit up in excitement, “Grape crayon? Glowing blueberry? Oh wait, I’ve got more!”

You couldn’t help the chuckle from escaping your lips, “How charming, I love nicknames.”

With a clash of thunder, a beautiful blonde beach god with a glowing meat tenderizer landed beside Tony Stark, regarding you with a look of surprise. Well this party keeps getting better and better, this must be the hunky Demigod, Thor.

I mean really their pictures don’t do them complete justice, You thought to yourself, These people are gorgeous.

Clint Barton walked over; a man with short hair and a war-worn face, pulling out his bow and standing behind Natasha. He glanced at you with guarded eyes, his gaze flickering to your hands that were clouded with plasma. “Stark raises a good question. Who'r you?”

“Oh look the gangs all here!” You smirked sassily, “I think considering the army from hell flying through the sky, we can save introductions for later.” You turned to Captain America, the obvious unspoken leader of the group, “If that’s ok Cap?”

No one moved, waiting for the super solider’s approval. He had this one small vein in his neck that looked like it was going to pop just from thinking so hard, it was hot. Something swiftly caught your eye and you watched as a Chitauri poised itself to attack Agent Barton silently from behind. You smirked and narrowed my eyes at the disgusting creature, as if daring it to try and pull something.

“We need all the help we can get right now.” Steve said slowly.

“Good choice…Cap.” You smiled, popping the p in his name.

You flung yourself at Clint, moving him out of the way from his attacker and punched your hand through the creature’s chest and out the other side of it’s body. When you pulled your arm back, the caracas fell dead to the ground. The action sent your head spinning, breath becoming heavy and excited.

You turned back around, meeting everyone’s stunned faces then glanced at Clint, “For a hawk, your senses are a little off. Best to be careful Agent Barton, with all the aliens around you might get hurt.”

“I like her!” Tony beamed and walked forward to clap you on the shoulder, “I like you, you can stay.” He turned to the rest suddenly serious, tapping his earpiece. “I’m going to scout the sky, keep in touch.”

He bolted into the air, leaving the gang standing in his dust.

“Well…” Thor said, glancing at you curiously. “This shall be interesting, Lady of Purple.”

A swarm of Chitauri flew through the streets, coming towards the group. There were two sets, one coming from the east the other from the south. They would easily have everyone surrounded in a matter of minutes.

Natasha’s eyes flashed, “How are we doing this Cap?”

Steve held up his shield and smiled, “As a team.”

They all nodded and broke apart. You turned to shoot down the enemies, back-flipping over a car to get closer to the fight. Your hands shot plasma quickly and efficiently, gunning down multiple Chituri at a time. Sometimes you would shoot and the beam would go right through one creature and then hit another behind it. The purple was turning out to be super badass, and somewhere deep inside inside, Y/N was loving it.

“You know…” Natasha called out, slamming into a bulky creature with her knife. “This is kinda like Budapest all over again!”

Clint scoffed as he speared three Chitauri through the skull with an arrow, “Then you and I remember Budapest very differently!”

Natasha and Clint were back to back, shooting whatever was in their way. Every few minutes one of them would duck and the other would swing above the other to knock an enemy down. You were impressed, they were quite a team. It was almost like a dance, where they both knew all the moves the other would make before they even made them.

“Stark!” Steve yelled, sounding like he was out of breath. “What’s the story upstairs?”

Tony sounded irritated, “There’s no touching that cube…We’re going to have deal with these guys for now.”

Steve threw his shield towards a group of Chitauri and you blasted plasma off it’s side. The effect of the plasma against the metal was like shrapnel in an explosion. The smaller rays of plasma pierced the bodies of a whole row of creatures, sending their caracas’ to the ground.

You sent the Captain a small smile before a sharp pain in your chest had you staggering slightly and pressing your palms against the ground as you fell behind an overturned car. Your eyes widened in disbelief, this couldn’t be it! The force of actually battling with your powers seemed to be using them far too quickly.

“Ma'am!” The Captain ran over, and crouched beside you, his shield blocking the two of you from incoming bullets. “Are you ok?”

You nodded, your hand reaching to find the backpack but it wasn’t there. You pressed your lips into a firm line; when you gave yourself the purple suit, you didn’t remember to keep the backpack. “Shit…”

Your hands automatically flew to the belt around your waist, reaching into one of the pouches. Your eyes lit up as you pulled out the second needle and injected it into your thigh without a second thought. Once again you threw the empty shell to the side.

“What was that?” The Captain asked, pulling you to your feet.

You smirked, “Pretend I have low blood sugar or something, OR just forget you saw anything and keep fighting Mr. America. Let’s go, I don’t wanna miss the fight.”

Without letting him get in another word, you grabbed his hand and pulled Captain America back into the battle.


Funny story, I had to google ‘meat hammer’ because I forgot what it was called and I wanted to reference Thor’s hammer to a meat tenderizer! I feel like that is really sad…

Blaaah, I loved writing this so much! So the gist of your character is that she can turn into anything she wants; animals, alien animals or just change what she looks like genetically. But the purple kicks ass tbh so Meta and I agree that you keep it.

Hope you enjoyed it! Comment your thoughts or questions! Thanks for your kind words so far! AND THE FOLLOWERS YOU GUYS ARE SO GREAT WOW!

Metamorphosis (Part 3) StevexReader

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(GIFs aren’t mine…again)

All parts & Other fics

Prompt: You were found by Shield at only two years old, at the sight of a building collapse in China. Over the course of your life you’ve has been hidden from the Avengers Initiative because of some emotional instability and a very dangerous secret. But now SHIELD and the rest of the world need help trying to stop an alien invasion. Will you be the one to save the world; or destroy it?

Words: 3230 - ok but you guys like it so I’m trying to make longer chapters!

Warnings: Swearing, but did you expect any less from me?

Authors Note: So the plot of the first Avengers movie may be over, but I’m working my way into Winter Solider with a VERY different personal twist! ALSO I may or may not have said before but I’m totally incorporating Agents of Shield, hopefully that’s cool guys!

The next week passed slowly.

You passed all your medical tests and were out of the infirmary in less than two days. The second you left the medical wing you were out in New York, helping clean the mess that Loki’s army had left. Though the battle was over, there was still a lot for the Avengers and SHIELD to do to help the city.

The joke was that Loki was actually helping rebuild the city on demand of Thor and the royal court of Asguard. It wasn’t Nick’s favorite thing, but Thor had assured him that his brother showed some form of remorse for his actions. That and you figured that King Odin’s orders were probably never ignored.

As everyone cleaned the city, Thor found out that you’d lived in a steel building your entire life. So he began to tell you wonderful stories about his home - Asgard. While he told you of the rolling hills and the beautiful gardens, you could swear that there was magic in his words because you could picture it so vividly, it was like standing right in the middle of the royal courtyard.

He promised that one day he would bring you and the others to Asgard, to be honoured as hero’s by his father - Odin.

Four days after the Chitauri war you and the Avengers were almost done fixing most of the civilian architecture. Stark Towers however, was still a complete disaster. Tony’s baby was almost completely ruined, aside from the buildings infrastructure and some of the building’s insides. It seems like the Chitauri were drawn to the building that the portal was placed on, because Stark Tower took most of the damage that day.

You’d heard Maria ask Tony about it earlier in the week when you were walking around SHIELD HQ, trying to find Nick.

“There’s so much damage,” Maria pouted, a frown on her face.

“Oh, I’m not too worried.” Tony waved off her concern about his ‘baby’. Actually if you’d seen it correctly, he had a smirk on his face. “I’ve got plans for Stark Tower.”

You were sure that the big-boy billionaire would find a way, not only to fix his baby, but to improve it from the previous design. Stark wasn’t one to back down from a challenge.

And now it’s day 7.

A whole week since Loki destroyed most of central New York.

Exactly one week later and you’re in the same place as you started your adventure; sitting on the floor. The only difference is that now you were in the actual Triskelion - the SHIELD HQ building in Washington, instead of the helicarrier. Your room here was so much more familiar to you than the cold, empty one from the helicarrier. You had things that belonged to you in this room; a small keyboard, old textbooks from your online schooling and Polaroid pictures of yourself with friends and some of the crew.

Your knees were pressed against your chest, your hands clenching at your ankles tightly. You were wearing a pair of plain acid wash jeans, a new pair of white sneakers (since your last ones were toast) and a black Aerosmith t-shirt. The comfort of normal clothes was so much better than the purple catsuit had been, no matter how cool it looked when you’d been fighting monsters.

Over an hour ago Nick called an Avengers meeting down in one of the conference rooms and you hadn’t been invited. Which is why you felt extremely edgy and borderline freaked out. You’d went behind Nick’s back and put yourself and everyone else in danger by involving yourself in that fight, so that you could make a point. 

Just because it went well and the good guys won, doesn’t mean that Nick Fury no longer thinks you’re a danger to the people. They’re probably down there discussing how to most effectively dispose of you - idiot!’, You thought to yourself.

There was a light knock on the door. “Ma'am, Director Fury is requesting you join us.”

You raised an eyebrow, bringing yourself to your feet and opening the door. Steve Rogers stood there, his hands clasped behind his back and his eyes meeting yours. He was wearing a white t-shirt, covered by a plaid flannel and a light brown leather jacket, followed by dark jeans.

Your mind flashed back to the battle, his skin-tight uniform was so different compared to his regular clothes that it was almost laughable.

“Lead the way Cap.” You followed him as he walked through the tunnels of SHIELD’s underground, the silence felt awkward and deafening.

“How are you?” He asked quietly, “You fell so far, it was a miracle you survived. But we’re all very happy you did.”

The question threw you off. How are you? You don’t even know how to answer that.

“I feel like I’ve been on auto-pilot for the past few days. I’m not really sure how I feel.” You mumbled, playing with your fingers and looking forwards as the two of you continued to walk. “I definitely don’t feel the same as before, I feel different but I’m not sure how just yet.”

He sighed, running his fingers through his hair and smiling at you softly. “Battle changes people, I know more than most what that feels like. Change is ok, it lets us grow and move on. As long as your heart stays the same as it did before, you will be ok.”

You smiled, “Wise words old man.”

He stopped walking and turned to you, his eyes looked big and blue and full of something you couldn’t place. He honestly looked like an overgrown puppy with far too much muscle.

He managed a small smile, “I try Agent Y/L/N.”

Steve pushed open a big black door and you walked in after him. The room was large and filled with many people you knew. Nick stood at the front of the round table, his hands folded neatly behind his back and his single eye watching you carefully. Agent Hill stood behind him, sneaking you a small smile before her face turned back into it’s perfect poker-face. Agent Simmons was behind her, allowing herself a small finger wag in your direction and you smiled in return.

Thor, Tony, Natasha, Clint and Bruce were all sitting around the table along with Agent Coulson. Phil’s presence surprised me as you were told he was undercover…playing dead. [A/N: This mildly contradicts the Tahiti thing from AoS, but I’m pretending that 'Tahiti’ already happened and Coulson is getting ready to lead his Agents of Shield team on request of Nick Fury]

“Agent Y/L/N, Rogers, take a seat.” Nick said. “We have a lot to discuss.”

You followed Steve, taking the seat beside him and bringing you knees up to your chest.

Nick looked at you, his face completely devoid of emotion. “Today we will be discussing you.”

You raised an eyebrow, “Excuse me?”

He didn’t answer, just turned to the rest of the room slowly. “Agent Y/L/N has been with SHIELD since she was barely two years old when she was found in China at the sight of an explosion. There were 114 causalities in the collapsed building but Y/N, just a two year old baby, was completely unharmed - ”

“Nick, stop.” You hissed, glaring at him, looking around to the people at the table. Of course Phil, Maria and Jemma knew your story but the others didn’t, and they didn’t need to. “This isn’t story time!”

He narrowed his eyes and everything clicked. This was it, this was your punishment. He’s not going to yell at you for disobeying him, he’s just going to make you as uncomfortable as possible. Fucking fantastic. “Oh I think it is. You wanted to be a hero Y/N, and now you are. You have teammates now. That means you swap life stories and tell each other your deepest darkest secrets.”

You huffed, not bothering to speak. The sooner he gets out his story, the easier this will be for everyone.

“Now where was I?” He trailed off before catching himself. “Oh, explosion, right.”

This man was so goddamned sassy sometimes.

“After the explosion, SHIELD was called in to investigate. We found Agent Y/L/N and brought her here to our base in Washington. We uncovered…differences between Y/N and normal children. As she grew up, each temper-tantrum showed us new abilities she possessed. She was a bit of a handful.”

You rolled your eyes, “You were all a handful. None of you should have been licensed to raise a child. My play toys were unloaded guns and dull throwing knives.”

Phil laughed playfully, “Yeah but they were dull and unloaded. You were completely safe! Plus you turned into a giant panther and tried to eat some of the interns when you turned five, scared us out of our minds.”

You snorted, the playfulness on his tongue baiting you as you turned to face him. “I’m sorry, aren’t you supposed to be dead?” You scoffed.

Tony started laughing from across the table, “She’s got you there Phil.”

Nick cleared his throat, gathering the attention back to the front of the room. What an attention whore this one-eyed-man is. “Agent Phil Coulson’s death was an important placebo that helped kick-start the Avengers Initiative.”

‘If this man tries to make a joke I swear…’ You thought to yourself.

Phil smirked, “Just call me Agent Placebo Coulson.”

You pretended to wince, your hand flying to your chest. “Oh no! Phil - dad joke - I…Can’t….” You faded off, pretending to suffocate to death.

“Y/N!” Nick Fury’s angry voice boomed across the room, making you sit up straight in the chair, the emotion wiped off your face completely. Natasha was sniggering from across the table. “Are you capable of being serious for longer than thirty seconds?”

“Yes Sir.” You replied, dropping your eyes to the suddenly fascinating table. “Sorry Sir.”

You traced the swirls in the mahogany wood, refusing to bring your eyes off the table. Nick is going to draw this conversation out as much as possible; he’s going to tell them everything SHIELD knows about you and there’s nothing you can do to sway him from that.

“Agent Y/L/N is a trained level 6 SHIELD agent, she has a PhD in Informative Technology and Technical Engineering, she can speak 8 fluent languages and she’s got a knack for mainframe hacking.” Nick pressed on quickly. Without even looking up you could tell his gaze was on you, so you kept yours on the table. “From a young age, her powers were uncontrollable, but around the time she turned 13 we started her assessment for the Avengers Initiative. She never passed but we kept her name on the list just in case. Her abilities were classified as unsafe because of an easily provoked alter-ago, much like Dr. Banner’s.”

There was a moment of silence before Natasha sat forward, her elbows folded neatly onto the table. “I assume she’s been under your supervision the entire time we’ve been battling against Loki?”

“Correct Agent Romanoff.”

Natasha looked confused, “If she’s easily provoked, how did the explosions on the helicarrier not set her off? Even Dr. Banner was…indisposed.” Natasha glanced over to Bruce, giving him a small apologetic smile that he returned with a nod.

Your eyes snapped up to meet Nick’s, wondering how he was going to answer this one.

“She was asleep for most - ”

You cut him off quickly, “They shot me with a horse tranquilizer Agent Romanoff, that is how they kept me subdued.”

“Oh.” Natasha looked down.

“It’s part of my deal with SHIELD, if I am ever out of control or if I’m bordering between myself and Meta, I am to be made comatose.” You finished, turning to Nick, “Don’t lie to them. You want them to know everything? Fine tell them everything little detail about my life. It’s not like I’ve ever had a shred of privacy here anyway.” As your voice got louder, the room became overwhelmingly silent.

Nick’s mouth was pressed into a firm line and Maria was frowning behind him, her hands fidgeting beside her. You turned to the team of superheroes in front of you.

“I killed my parents, brother and 111 other people when I was barely two years old by making an entire building fall to pieces. I have a psycho alter-ago that wants to murder people whenever she gets the chance to control my entire fucking body because she thinks it’s fun. Oh and let’s top it off with the fact that my mother ran a drug infested tea-house and now I have a life dependency to opium!” You shouted to the room, getting out of the chair and breathing heavily. “Is that everything Director or did I miss anything?”

Nick frowned, “I think you covered it all. Now take a seat before you overexert yourself.”

You shrieked, pulling your hair. “Stop talking to me like I am 5 years old Nick! You’ve kept me locked up my entire life and then you have the nerve to talk down to me all the time.”

You turned away, feeling your hands heating up and your mind whirring. If you aren’t careful, the Avengers would be getting a front row seat to the crazy show. You took a deep breath and clenched your fingers into tight fists, trying to keep your heart from beating out of my chest.

“Deep breaths Anna, you’re ok.” Bruce spoke from behind you.

At least someone understood, someone knew what it was like to have no control over their own body.

“You’re right.”.

You turned back around slowly, eyeing Nick carefully. “I know I am, what’s your point?”

Nick rolled his eye, “You have been locked away, but that changes now. Last week you proved that though your control is lacking, you are still capable of being a hero.”

You walked slowly back to your seat, avoiding the eye contact of everyone else in the room. “What do you mean it changes now?” You asked, lowering yourself back into the chair.

“Stark and I agree that it’s best if the Avengers lay low for the next few weeks.” Nick directed the comment at everyone sitting at the table. “Agent Coulson and Agent Simmons are going under cover in a mission that is crucial to SHIELD. The rest of you will be laying low in the Swiss Alps, Mr. Stark has a facility there for all of you to stay away for a little while, Anna you’ll be going too.”

The part about the Switzerland was definitely odd, but Nick telling you that Jemma Simmons wouldn’t be coming with you was what struck a chord.

Your eyes widened, “Wait no! I need Jemma!”

Nick looked over to the far end of the table. “Dr. Banner will be administering your treatments from now on. He’s highly capable and there will be no more discussions on the topic. Now I have to go, I have a meeting with a very angry group of councilmen who want the Avengers in handcuffs.”

He stormed out of the room, Maria walking slowly behind him. She patted your shoulder before running out behind him, leaving you with your two friends and the Avengers.

Phil stood up, giving you a small smile. “I almost wish I was going with you. But, you know, duty calls.”

He hugged you lightly and as he shook hands with the others, Jemma ran to your side.

“You’re going to be fine.” She soothed as she hugged you tightly. You couldn’t tell that you were shaking until she started running her fingers through your hair. “You’re going to have fun and I’ll see you when you’re back!” She pulled back, “Don’t stress, promise me?”

You could only nod.

“Doctor Banner has been debriefed several times and he knows exactly how to take care of you ok?”

You nodded again.

It took you several minutes to unclench your fingers from her jacket and when you did Jemma pulled back and gave you a watery smile. You’d never even thought that this would be just as hard for her as it was for you. No one has touched any of your medical documents or treatments since you were 12 years old and almost died of an asthma attack, when the intern bio-chem student saved your life.

You gave her a small smile in return, “Have fun on your mission. Kick some ass for me.” You spoke quietly.

“I’ll try,” She winked.

And then along with Phil, she was gone. The room was quiet for about thirty seconds before Tony popped out of his chair and walked to the front of the room, where Nick had just been standing.

“All right Avengers, listen up.” He smiled, speaking quickly and clearly. “We leave for the land of the frozen in about - ” He checked his arm that had no watch on it, “ - Oh, I would say an hour so be ready to go. I’ve had Jarvis and Mrs. Potts prepare you all rooms and if you have any special requests, let me know before we leave because I hate making in-flight calls. Gives me headaches and then - ”

“Stark, you’re giving me a headache, get to it.” Clint barked with a smirk on his face.

Tony made a face at him and pressed his hands together, “Right well…Avengers, dissemble!”

Natasha raised an eyebrow, not impressed with Tony’s attempt at making at joke.

The room was silent until Thor’s booming voice cut into the emptiness, “Was that a command, Man of Iron? Are we to dissemble one another?”

You couldn’t help it, you started laughing. “No big guy, that’s not what he meant.” You wiped away a tear but couldn’t stop the laughter, “S-Someone else explain it to him - HAHA, I can’t do it.”

You looked over and the smile on Steve’s face was huge. “I think Stark wants us to go and get out things Thor. Instead of assemble, we dissemble, to go and do our own thing before the flight.”

Thor laughed and stood from his seat, sending his chair flying back into the wall behind him, making you laugh even harder than before. “AH, YES! Good joke, I understand now.” He boomed, patting the closest person to him on the back (Bruce) a little too hard.

If you had been anywhere close to calming your laughter, the uncomfortable look on Bruce’s face sent you spiralling back into fits of it. Thor was laughing, Steve was chuckling at the both of you and even Natasha was smiling brilliantly.

You coughed slightly and your laughter faded as you coughed a little more. You covered your mouth and smiled at the others who now looked concerned. You coughed a few more times before quickly wiping my hand on your Aerosmith shirt.

You didn’t even have to look down to know that there was blood on your hand, it was a withdrawal symptom from the opium and it just meant that you needed to take some soon or you’d get sicker.

You smiled meekly, “Well, I’m going to go pack. I’ll meet you at the airbase in an hour.”

And with that you bolted up and walked quickly back to you room so that you could pack for the Swiss Alps.

In like 24 hours, I’ve written over 10,000 words of fan fiction holy hell…

I liked writing this chapter, mostly because I love writing dialogue for Nick Fury, but the other stuff was fun too! I’ve had a really rough couple of days, but you guys have been so supportive and kind about this story and my other writing and I don’t know, I just really love you guys. 

Your comments make me so fucking happy, it’s crazy!

Let me know what you think, I love hearing what you guys have to say!!