I got tagged by r0sequarts

Name: Kitten or Sarah if you know me well enough
Time and date: July 28, 22:45
Average hours of sleep at night: hahahahahaha average
Last thing I googled: gravity falls episodes
Birthday: March 20th
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: somewhere between straight and bi but I don’t get sexually attracted too often?
Height: 5′2″
Favorite color: teal
One place that makes me happy: the Rocky Mountains
How many blankets I sleep under: one to three
Favorite movie: I have to choose ONE? It might be The Avengers, or maybe The Emperor’s New Groove look I don’t have just one okay
What I’m wearing right now: a mint and white striped dress
Last book I read: The Romanov Sisters by Helen Rappaport
Most used phrases/words: fuck, what even,does that makes sense? (used most often when TAing)
What I last said to a family member: “one of the cats brought her a rubber band”
Favorite beverage: sweet tea I guess? or hot earl grey lavender
Favorite food: uhhhh it varies.  Tim Tams?
Dream vacation: ICELAND
Dream wedding: cats. lots of cats. and a volcano. and a dragon.
Dream pet: my sweet kitty
Dream job: volcanoes. museum. museum about volcanoes and rocks. pay me to look at rocks.
Tag ten people that you want to know better: I don;t care do what you want Thor