tony “being a superhero would be outlandish and… fantastic” stark, signing little kids’ iron man helmets and iron man drawings, keeping young fans’ iron man mail on random places in the house, stepping in to save a kid dressed as iron man from an angry drone and still taking care to compliment them for their good work so as not to crush their iron man dreams, calling the avengers “earth’s mightiest heroes” and nailing their catch-phrase while Monologuing Against The Villain, remodeling his entire tower and vacant stark industries warehouses to bear the logo of said superhero team and house its members – TONY STARK, THEN MEETING A KID WHO EMBODIES, IN THE PUREST SENSE, THE VERY SAME HEROIC IDEALS THAT HE LATCHES ON TO, AND THEN DOING EVERYTHING HE CAN TO KEEP THAT FLAME ALIVE IN THAT KID

tony “i’m not the hero type… clearly,” who was deemed not to have the right personality for the avengers, who was told he was just “pretending to be a hero,” who didn’t include himself in the avengers line-up when he was bragging about the team to loki, who was accused of tearing the avengers apart – TONY STARK, WHOSE HEROIC AMBITIONS WERE CONSTANTLY QUESTIONED AND SNEERED AT BY OTHERS, DOING THE EXACT OPPOSITE TO PETER PARKER, A KID WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY IDEALS MIRROR HIS OWN

I don’t understand why more marvel fans don’t tell new fans looking for background (because comics are scary and confusing with how MUCH content there is, and reading wikis can be boring and ALSO confusing) to watch Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

It’s a kids’ show, so it’s easy to follow, and it’s only 52 half-hour episodes, so it doesn’t take long, but it introduces SO MANY comics characters and story arcs. It wont get you all of the content or info that reading the comics will, but its a much better primer than fanfic (which, tbh, is where I got a lot of my background knowledge), or nothing at all, and it’s a hell of a lot less confusing than trying to wade through wiki articles. It’ll also give you a pretty good starting point for WHICH wiki pages and comics you want to read. 

Seriously. People say to watch EMH because it’s good (and it’s so good), but they never explain what a great intro to Marvel it can be.