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Well... The Avarice Phantom that I know is rarely misunderstood. In fact most of the time if you are very clever at all you can catch his drift, at the same time, while understandable; he is nigh intractable and indomitable so that when you are with him it is easy to... get lost. Generally when he wants something a conversation happens then the parties involved shift into motion, as he leads the way. It might be difficult to get his attention.

look man if that avarice phantom is such a dick why would you even mention him in the first place? at the end of the day buddy ol pal I’m plain tired of the constant disappointment caused by human boys and have now changed my preference to that of the paranormal kind. simple as that man. I’m just a lonely gal out here in this crazy world lookin 4 love in the 5th dimension.

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so you are thinkin a friendly ghost... and NOT like an Avarice Phantom

you know man,I don’t judge. like maybe the avarice phantom is just feeling a little misunderstood. you never know man you never know. also why do you ask? do you have any ghost friends that are potential contenders here?

Good Morning World, let’s make it a masterpiece 🌟💜🌈🌸🔥✖🌎 | |
These things are said by the prophets, but as seers, to be about to happen.

When the last end shall begin to approach to the world, wickedness will increase ; all kinds of vices and frauds will become frequent ; justice will perish ; faith, peace, mercy, modesty, truth, will have no existence ; violence and daring will abound ; no one will have anything, unless it is acquired by the hand, and defended by the hand. If there shall be any good men, they will be esteemed as a prey and a laughing-stock.

No one will exhibit filial affection to parents, no one will pity an infant or an old man ; avarice and lust will corrupt all things.
There will be slaughter and blood shed.
There will be wars, and those not only between foreign and neighbouring states, but also intestine wars.
States will carry on wars among themselves, every sex and age will handle arms.

The dignity of government will not be preserved, nor military discipline ; but after the manner of robbery, there will be depredation and devastation.

Kingly power will be multiplied, and ten men will occupy, portion out, and devour the world.

There will arise another by far more powerful and wicked, who, having destroyed three, will obtain Asia, and having reduced and subdued the others under his own power, will harass all the earth.

He will appoint new laws, abrogate old ones ; he will make the state his own, and will change the name and seat of the government.

Then there will be a dreadful and detestable time, in which no one would choose to live. In fine, such will be the condition of things, that lamentation will follow the living, and congratulation the dead. Cities and towns will be destroyed, at one time by fire and the sword, at another by repeated earthquakes ; now by inundation of waters, now by pestilence and famine.
The earth will produce nothing, being barren either through excessive cold or heat.
All water will be partly changed into blood, partly vitiated by bitterness, so that none of it can be useful for food, or wholesome for drinking.
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