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Beautiful, angry Sammy  (¬‿¬ )


Assisted by his mother, Sarah, and a teenage nephew by the name of Stanford Clark, Gordon Northcott abducted children and kept them prisoner at his isolated ranch in Riverside County, California, where he, and his clients, molested them. Once he was done with the children, he would kill them and then bury their bodies in the surrounding desert. In February 1928, the decapitated body of a young boy was discovered in a ditch near Puent. Two months prior to this discovery, two brothers aged eight and ten went missing. They were last seen with Northcott at a boys’ club. Authorities went to Northcott’s home and discovered that he had fled to Canada. The home was searched and authorities found the missing head of the young boy who had been found earlier. Stanford Clark was taken in for questioning and confessed that Northcott had sexually assaulted the two brothers before brutally beating them to death. Sarah Northcott confessed that she had participated in one of the murders. Gordon was tracked down and extradited to California where he was charged with just three murders although it is believed that he may have killed as many as twenty children. Sarah Northcott was sentenced to life imprisonment. Stanford Clark agreed to turn state’s evidence against his uncle, Gordon Northcott, and Gordon was sentenced to hang. The sentence was carried out on 2 October, 1930, when Gordon was 23-years-old.

Strange Love

Prompt #1: “Why are we at a strip club?”

Author: Caitsy

Warnings: strip club, fluff, and knives.

Disclaimer: I do not own marvel or characters. I also do not own any gifs, images or songs.

Summary: It’s Bucky’s birthday and while you are dating you want to surprise him and Steve. You decided to officially welcome them to the twenty-first century with a nice trip to a strip club where your friend is a well known exotic dancer. How flustered with the 40s men be at this place?

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It was Bucky’s birthday where Tony wanted to throw themed party with a large ice sculpture resembling Bucky. You had put your foot down on that because it was an asshole move. Instead you had a plan to take both Steve and Bucky out. It was something you were excited for because you had a camera to capture their faces when you out to the place. You should be jealous since Bucky was your boyfriend but you wanted to do this and see his reaction and you have a strange love.

“Tony! We are not doing that!”

“What? I thought he would like a twin!” Tony smirked, “I still think it would be good!”

“No.” You glared. He groaned annoyed at you.

Tony didn’t think it mattered to celebrate a birthday for a guy that should be dead by now…well for a normal person. Besides Tony wasn’t fond of the super soldier as much as everyone else was. Hell even Sam had become good friends with the winter soldier.


“You just want to have a party to get drunk at without being called an alcoholic.”


You rolled your eyes as you walked off to find Nat and Wanda to talk about your plan. You were the only one that knew where you were talking the boys and you thought they would get a kick out of it. They were each in the sparring room with Wanda practicing her powers while Nat was sharpening a few of her knives.

The ones you got her for her birthday that was an intricate design that she had fallen in love with. She would deny that as much she could but her old knives had been unused since she got the new ones. Nat didn’t like flowers but if you got a bouquet knives she would be very happy.

“Nat and Wanda I have a plan.” You said, “It’s Bucky’s birthday and I’m surprising them by taking them to a strip club.”

The girls stopped what they were doing as the words were processed in their minds. They went wide eyes looking at you before they began to laugh.
“Are you sure that’s what you should do?” Nat snorted.

“Yeah.” You smirked, “A flustered pair of manly super soldiers? Hell yeah.”

“I want to watch that.” Nat chuckled shaking her head, “Please get a picture of them. Wanda and I have a mission in a could hours to go on.”

“That’s why I’m having my phone at the most charged amount.” You laughed before you all sobered up when Steve came into the room, “Hey Cap.”

“Ladies.” Steve nodded as he came closer up to you guys, “Y/N what are we going for Bucky’s birthday?”

“It’s a surprise for Bucky and you.” You winked. Steve sighed not comfortable with not knowing what you were dragging Bucky to.

The poor man was still getting used to a new arm and life without being tied to HYDRA now. Steve was almost like a father to Bucky with how protective he was and you could tell it was now getting annoying to everyone. Bucky had appreciated it at first but not it was getting out of hand but he didn’t want you to bring it up with Steve. Bucky wanted to stop being babied.

“Can you tell me please?” Steve asked crossing his arms, “I want to know so I can be prepared for anything that could happen.”

“No.” You coldly said, “You do not need to know every detail of the mans life. You better go check if took a shit at the time you like.”

“Excuse me?” Steve tensed up. He was agitated with how you talking to him. He would appreciate having respect from everyone on the team.

“You heard me.” You glared, “I will come get you and Bucky when it’s time to go but until then drop it.”

Without another word you stormed out of the sparring room to the elevator, the doors closed just as Steve was storming over to it. You knew that he would have words with you but you were going to avoid it. Slamming your bedroom door you ordered FRIDAY to lock the door and not let anyone into the room.

“Y/N open the door!” Steve exclaimed slamming his hand on your door.

You plugged earphones in and leaned back yawning as you decided to take a much needed nap. Your eyes fluttered a few hours later when your stomach let out a growl so you dressed up in better clothing and walking to the kitchen. Nat and Wanda were putting food on the table while everyone was lounging around the common room.

“Smells good.” You sighed walking over to the girls.

“It’s ready!” Nat exclaimed sitting at the table waiting for everyone to show up, “Happy birthday Bucky.”

With some small toasts you dug into the food extremely hungry from sleeping through lunch. Glares from Steve ended when Bucky had some sharps words with his best friend.


Steve and Bucky were following you as you walked down the street where it was getting more and more seedy. The building had a raunchy name that confused the boys but you smirked. You had respect for this place because of your friends worked here.

“What is this place?” Steve frowned confused.

“You’ll see.”

You all walked up to the door where a bouncer was there standing stoic with large muscles that almost were bigger than the super soldiers. He was beside the door that had a line waiting to get in.

“Y/N! It’s been a while.” The man smiled at you.

“Hey Tommy.” You grinned, “I have some visitors here that have never been in this place before. How much to get in quick?”

“For you?” Tommy chuckled, “A hug should be sufficient.”

You chuckled pulling the burly man into a hug before he opened the door for you guys. The strobe lights weren’t obscene but the girls on the stage were. They were stripping to a good song while you smiled looking around, your friend was main stage putting on a really good show.

“Is this a strip club?!” Bucky exclaimed flustered.

Your friend was walking off stage when you shoved Bucky and Steve into separate booths on the sides of the room. Your friend, Ruby, was the most sought out girl for a lap dance. She had jokingly given you once and you had been turned on to be honest.

“Y/N!” She grinned hugging you without getting the oil transferred to you, “Which one is the birthday boy?”

“Him.” You answered pointing a finger to a flustered Bucky Barnes. Steve was chocking not knowing what to do with his hands. You had known both of them had never been in a place like this, despite being a ladies man in the 40s, Bucky had never been in a club.

Ruby got to work and you could see how the boys were turned on majorly so you grinned at them both.

“Welcome to the twenty-first century officially boys.” You grinned as you looked at the picture of Bucky and Steve’s faces when you walked in, “So framing this.”

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Intimissimi von fiumeazzurro
Über Flickr:

How the Club blushes:

(totally headcanon)

  • PBG has a full face, drop of the hat kind of blush, usually accompanined by a little jump and stuttering, like he’s scared or confused. A little goes a long way with him, and if his SUPER flustered or embarrassed it might spread to his neck or ears. Bringing up the fact that he’s blushing will only make him blush more, even as he’s telling you very firmly that he’s not, in fact, blushing.
  • Jon’s strange complection make’s it difficult to tell he’s blushing most of the time. Well, that and his beard, but you can tell when he’s embarrassed because he becomes straight as a board and refuses to make eye contact. Thing is, he doesn’t get flustered easily. The perks of living with a semi-sentient, sarcastic robitic bird, amirite?
  • Jirard is usually calm, and his blushing reflects this. It happens all the time but it’s usually only a little bit around his cheeks or ears. Mostly when he looks at the object(s) of his affection. Or if it’s super hot out, it’s hard to tell with him. Most of it’s hidden by his beard, anyways.
  • Jared has extreme control over his facial expressions and his reactions to people/situations, so it can be pretty hard to make him blush. If he does, you’ve either caught him so off guard he can’t help it, or he’s giving you a piece of his vulnerable side. Don’t waste that. It starts around his nose and just sort of…works it’s way outwards depending on how flustered he is. When he’s shoving his blush back, his body temp. still rises.
  • Paul has a tannish skin tone, so with lighter blushes it can be hard to tell just off that. WORRY NOT, however, because Continue? is a super expressive group, and if they don’t just tell you they’re embarrassed, you can totally tell from their body language, especilly with Paul. His blush goes to his forehead, which Nick and Josh say are strange, but really that’s just him.
  • Nick is a puppy. A huge, shy puppy. He has that kind of gentle blush that only comes out when either he’s VERY embarrassed or… well, in love, I guess. It’s the kind of “drop you off after prom, I had a great time, oh god I wanna kiss you but that’s improper” kind of blush. It’s sweet.
  • Josh flushes over EVERYTHING. Irritation, affection, embarrassment, when he laughs too much, when he’s flustered–just everything. There is no end to A) when Josh blushes, and B) how long the blush stays. He has the least amount of control over it, so just trust me: if Josh is feeling any emotion ever, you can totally tell, despite the deadpan of his sarcasm.
  • Shane is hilarious to watch blush, because when he blushes in one spot, he blushes everywhere. Forehead to navel, bright red. It usually pops up when he’s flattered or trying to talk bout his feelings. He’s basically a huge tsundere about it, but it’s still sweet. The more he opens up to you, the more he tends to let his face express emotions; this includes his intense blushing. He will try to hide it. He will fail.
  • Satch has a quiet kind of blush. He’s just a quiet kind of guy, really, big and warm and defensive of people he cares about. He might flush on the rare occassion that he’s angry, or when he’s vulnerable (also a rare occassion). He doesn’t hide it, but only because he knows how hard it is to tell that it’s happening most of the time.

So I kind of wanted to do a thing where we take pictures of our book shelves, not just the Selection series, so we can see what all each other likes and maybe get some book ideas from each other! Clearly I have more books than I know what to do with because several have ended up in piles on the floor. I zoomed in on some of the smaller ones that are hard to see from far away.

Before anyone freaks out on me, I actually have all of the Harry Potters but my mom is reading one and my best friend is reading another so it looks like I’m missing some.

Some of the harder to see books are:
•Doctor Who- Ten Little Aliens by Stephen Cole
•Wanderers by Kate Ormand
•Isle of Night by Veronica Wolf
•Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon
•Trickster’s Choice & Trickster’s Queen by Tamora Pierce
•Dark Visions by LJ Smith
•Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer
• Letters from a Nut by Jerry Seinfeld

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Thoughtfulness at the Drama Club

Title: Thoughtfulness at the Drama Club

Author: MattLightwood (TanyaHarries)

Pairing: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikifovor

Status: Completed

Rating: GA

Genre: College AU, Fluff, Romance

Summary: Viktor is in his last year of college and as a president of the drama club when his secretary resigns. With this place vacant, the club finds itself in big trouble until Phichit appears one day with someone that could save them… and steal Viktor’s heart.

read it here! ()

Peridot comes home from school:

“Mom, I did all the homework from my honors AP physics class and got an A+++++ in calculus and became president of the chemistry club and authored the school’s textbook I have the highest grades in the history of grades I’m perfect MOM, MOM, LOOK AT ME MOM”

“…but did you clean your room?”


I think about this a lot

Country Club × Calum Hood

Warnings: smut

Summary: Fun under the table at the Country Club

Author: Jess

× × ×

It was a Saturday morning and you were currently getting ready to go to the country club with your parents. You hated going and couldn’t play any of the sports there but you went for one reason and one reason only:

Calum hood

He was the son of the people that owned the club,he wasn’t your typical boy he was covered in tattoos and always wore black jeans with band shirts. You always had a thing for bad boys

You got dressed into a short white shirt and your polo top with tennis shoes.

“(Y/n) come on we’re gonna be late” your hear your mum shout as you rush downstairs. “We’re having a meal with the hood family today so be good” your dad says starring at you

Your dad and Mr hood have been friends for an extremely long time so you’ve known calum pretty much your whole life.

You and your parents make your way to the car and made your journey to the country club

The sun gleamed down as you got out of the car you could already feel the sweat dripping down your forehead it was that hot.

“It’s such a hot and lovely day isn’t it (y/n)?” Your mum asks getting out of the car with your dad and heading over to you.

“Speaking of hot” you mumble to yourself as calum walks around from the corner coming over to you and your family

“Calum it’s nice to see you again” your mum says pulling in him for a hug.

You could tell that Calums hair had been freshly cut although it was messy, the slight of sweat dripping from his forehead and the thought of a sweaty calum underneath you naked made you instantly wet.

“(Y/n) it’s good to see you again” calum says looking you up and down biting his lip, which made you fall out of your day dream.

The rest of the hood family head toward you and lead you into the country club

You slowly walk behind calum as the take you into the small restaurant they have there

Everyone takes a seat your mum and dad opposite each other at the end of the table, Calums mum and dad sitting next to each other and you and calum sitting opposite them.

You were half way through your meal and joy was asking you about school.
“So (y/n) tell us what are you thinking of studying?” She asks smiling at you

“I’m thinking about-” before you could Finnish you could feel a hand slowly moving up your thigh you look over at calum who just smirks at you then turns back to his food

“Are you okay?” She asks as you stare at her blankly

“Yes um sorry I’m thinking about taking english literature” you say smiling at her

“Excuse me I need to use the restroom” your mum says leaving the table

As she gets up and leaving Calums hand gets closer to your now dripping heat

He’s inches away from your core and your pretty sure he can feel the wetness soaking through you lace underwear

“We wanted calum to take english but he dropped out to start his silly band” his dad says

“Dad it’s not silly you even said yourself were good I like bass I’m good with my fingers”

That last part make you shiver and calum let out a deep chuckle.
His hand pushed aside your panties and he began moving his fingers in a figure of eight of your clit

You try to move his hand away but it stays put.
You try your best not to moan as calum picks up the pase and inserts a finger into you pulling in and out reaching your g-spot every time

You bite down onto your lip so hard you start to draw blood.

“I’m close” you scream out.
Everyone looks at you confused as Calum keeps going

“I’m uh I’m close to finishing my food” you say smiling at your dad who gives you a confused look

Your mum comes back and sits back down at the table.

Calum now going harder and faster Rubbing your clit.

You Close your eyes as your orgasm hit scrunching up your fist.

You open your eyes as calum pulls out his fingers and licks them dry.

“We’re all going to go play tennis now (y/n) you and Calum come join us when you’ve finished your food okay” you mum says standing up with everyone and walking out

You turn to calum who just smirks at you “I’ve wanted to do that for so fucking long” you lean closer to him and your lips press against his

“Me too” you whisper against him as he leans in to kiss you passionately.