Punk Rock Will Never Diet: An Interview with Ally from The Atomic Tanlines

Allyssa Lowe is the lead singer of The Atomic Tanlines from Denton, Texas. We met about a month ago in New Orleans during Endless Gaycation Queer Music & Arts Festival.

Normally, The Atomic Tanlines are a five piece band, but due to unforeseen circumstances, only two could make it. The night before the show, Ally and her bandmate Pablo wrote an entire set from scratch and pulled it off live the very next day without a hitch.

Ally is a fearless front-woman whose performance recalls the original days of punk rock–confrontational, chaotic and charismatic all at once.

In this interview we talk about The Atomic Tanlines, band & scene politics, punk, feminism, DIY and how Bad Brains helped her get her start as a black teenage punk rocker. [Read More]


The Atomic Tanlines - Live In Texas (2013)