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Aizawa did you enjoy the trip to the hot springs? Did the kids behave? ((Im new to the fandom and just found out about that old (?) onsen event and it was really cute wow))

I don’t remember how long I was there (don’t do this, it’s dangerous for your health). Luckily, All Might happened to come by soon after I think. My memory’s a bit fuzzy.

@ask-allmight Care to clarify…?

event in reference to this!

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i don’t want to get into which scenes were obviously whedon touched and which ones had snyder’s magic touch all over them, so do not expect me to differentiate them. i’m going to review the film as an experience, a whole experience, because that’s the mindset i watched the movie with

  • we open with the best way they could’ve gone with to turn heads: superman’s still alive. not only is superman still alive, we see him from a bunch of kids’ eyes literally looking up to him. he stops to answer their questions because he cares, because he was a kid once, because he’s human above all else. remember, this is MoS and BvS-era superman, a superman that has all too many things on his mind, a superman who’s still trying to find his footing in this world, and yet he smiles. we’ve never seen him smile this genuinely in the DCEU before which immediately bridges gaps of information we didn’t have before: people love him. people have started bonding with him, with the sense of security he provides. people on their roofs drawing his symbol as a call for help, the way they reverently touched him every chance they got, the nation (if not world?) wide mourning after doomsday… we never got to see the start of it. the reason for it. of course it’s so obvious now that it’s silly to have even questioned it before: BvS was from the eyes of a batman who hated. in reality, in the… i don’t know, actuality of the universe, people had experienced superman mostly positively and we never saw that because we were supposed to go through BvS alongside bruce’s point of view. which honestly? worked like clockwork
  • the music, especially in the opening montage, was so heartbreaking to sit through simply because you have to admit this world is missing a savior. the guilt bruce holds throughout the entire movie isn’t obvious because you’re forced to experience it by watching the result of a could’ve been: this, all of it, is what batman being succesful barely a few movies ago would’ve ended up meaning
  • everyone is amazing. from barry and victor and their friendship being developed throughout the movie, to diana being established in the universe in a way not even bruce is: she’s here. she’s been here. arthur… he went above and beyond my expectations and i was already betting on him big time. people who’ve read aquaman comics can easily tell his characterization was pretty on point, from the loner stance to the subtle jokes. bruce… my god, the roasting he got in the movie… i almost started feeling sorry for him but i’m highkey taking revenge for all the years he’s been an onion in the comics
  • the cgi was breathtaking. i’ve seen people complain it wasn’t good enough, that it felt rushed, but i honest to god have never experienced this smooth and realistic inside the universe’s established rules special effects. the green lantern sequence was unbelievably in accordance to comics which means they can pull off the GL movie spectacularly, steppenwolf? wanted to slap him and his hyperrealistic skin texture then dance capoeira on his stupid face
  • clark after his resurrection is obviously different, he’s finally… superman. he doesn’t stop to think his moves the way he did before, he doesn’t question himself. he’s bonding with everyone, he’s making jokes, and above all else, he’s quick to let bruce know that it’s okay, that he understands. that bruce is still invited to his tea party which he’ll pay for because he’s the rich bitch of the group and also he tried to kill him a year ago so fuck you
  • i’m victor’s cybernetic arm cannon ready to blast off anyone who annoys him

i’ve mentioned superman a lot in this and that’s because, make no mistake, this is a superman movie. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Justice League, they’re a superman trilogy akin to a comic arc with three volumes, some of them featuring clark more prominently, some featuring the world without him but in relation to him, yet still remaining a superman title

did the film feel too short? it was. plenty of things were cut that would’ve made it into an even better experience and it was already borderline orgasmic for me, but what we got made me tear up. my childhood heroes that i love were succesfully portrayed and translated into the big screen. so many things that could happen from this point onwards, so much room for hal to barge in and make bruce rethink his new no-murdering-your-teammates stance


Part 1:

The last thing Lance remembered before the bomb went off was a deep searing pain where his exposed hand held onto the door frame for dear life.

Then nothing.

He woke up to a dull ache filling his body.

He tried to sit up but found himself half buried by the rubble of the Galra base they had been in.

Lance groaned as he pushed the rubble away only to scream in agony.

When Lance was ten he had fallen off his bike and broke his arm, until now he didn’t think anything could be worse then looking down and seeing his bone sticking out just under the skin.

Then he looked at his hands.

All the skin on the back of his hands were gone leaving nothing but exposed muscle and bones visible between the large puss filled blisters that had swollen up from his palms and we almost wrapping round the back.

Lance just about managed to turn his head to the side to avoid throwing up over his own chest.

It hurt so much he could barley think. Only the realisation that his team could also be hurt and need him managed to get through.

Lance isn’t sure how he managed to get the rubble off himself.

His body seemed to be working on auto pilot dragging himself down the halls.

“Lance! Keith yelled as he saw the blue paladin wall past. He breathed a sigh of relief.

If he was walking then he must be fine.

Lance slowly turned to see Keith struggling to support Hunks weight between himself and Pidge.

Other then the odd cut and bruise they both seemed fine.

Hunk on the other hand had a large gash just above his right eyebrow and seemed unconscious.

“Cover us while we get him to the lions, your out sharpshooter after all.” Keith smiled.

He assumed that the reason why Lance was so pale and shaking was because of the state his best friend was in. He needed him to focus.

Lance nodded only half understanding what Keith was asking. He just knew he had to protect them… even if that meant holding his bayard.

Keith clearly satisfied by the answer turned and started the agonisingly slow treck to the hangars.

Lance swallowed the lump in his throat as he activated his bayard. Tears prickling his eyes and a scream desperate to escape his throat.

Oh God it hurt just to hold it, let alone shoot.

Lance knew he should tell Keith. That he should admit he needed help.

But just as h opened his mouth to say something the hallway was swarmed with sentries.

With his friends in danger Lance did what he did best.

He began to shoot.

Head shot after head shot he took care of any that got too close.

He even kept going when the blisters on his hands burst and he saw white spots dancing in front of his eyes.

But he got them through. He got them to the lions.

For the mission they had only taken Black and Green so Lance was thankful he didn’t have to pilot Red back to the castle.

He was able to just sit on the floor next to Hunk as Keith flew them out of there.

“How’s he looking?” Keith asked once they were in open space.

When Lance didn’t answer Keith was stabbed with panic in his gut.

Was Hunk that bad?

He put Black on auto pilot and hurried to the back of the cockpit only to find Lance slumped against the wall breathing heavily and staring unseeingly ahead.

“Lance?” Keith asked crouching down and placing a hand on his shoulder.

When he got no answer he tried again, giving his shoulder a little shake. “Lance? Come on answer me!”

Keith was starting to get scared now. Lance was just sitting there like he didn’t even hear him.

It was then that Keith looked down at Lance’s hands.

Allura and Shiro were waiting for Blacks door to open and were greeted by Keith’s terror filled scream.

They exchanged a glance to each other before running in nearly colliding with Keith who was carrying Lance.

“He didn’t say anything! Why didn’t he tell me!” Keith had tears running down his cheeks.

For one terrible moment Shiro thought Lance had died. Then he saw the slow rise and fall of his chest.

Unfortunately he also saw his hand laying across it.

Shiro didn’t ask what happened. Instead he took Lance from Keith and ran to the pods.


Hunk got out of the pods an hour after being put in.

He joined the others sitting in the infirmary watching Lance.

They watched as the Pods dissolved his hands into quintessence, too badly damaged to do anything but amputate in order to save him.

By time Lance fell out two days later he was missing his arm up to his elbow on the right and up to his shoulder on the left.

Soon as Lance saw the damaged he broke.

He began screaming and sobbing, the others wrapping him up in a hug .

“I’m sorry I’m sorry!” Lance cried over and over again.

“This isn’t your fault.” Shiro said firmly, his own stump aching in sympathy.

“I can’t be your sharp shooter anymore. I can’t cover you.”

Keith had to leave.

He had asked Lance to cover them… maybe if he hadn’t then Lance would still be whole.

Maybe Lance’s hands would of had a chance.

Some leader he was… he broke his team mate… his friend.


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