Fall in love with a poet.

Because they will give
Their hearts to you.

Because they will compose
Sonnets in your name.

Because they will love
Your soul and spirit.

Fall in love with a poet.

Because there is nothing greater,
Than an artist falling in love with his muse.

Because there is nothing greater,
Than thinking in colors.

Because there is nothing greater,
Than growing old with another soul.

But most of all,
Fall in love with a poet.

Because when you die,
You will live forever.

—  E.M.P // “Reasons Why You Should Fall In Love With a Poet”

Padmé Amidala - as portrayed by a local Naboo artist (unidentified)

After an encounter with Senator Padmé Amidala, she became his muse. He was fixated by her and her as-of-yet unborn children, much to his confusion. His drive to uncover the meaning behind the visions pushed him into twenty-four weeks straight of painting. (x)

Van Gogh slices off his ear
to feel his body scream.
Your heart is always a missed beat
away from collapsing, from
giving up. How do I keep the words
capitalized but still whisper them
softly? How do I learn to fuck
but know when love is
being made?
The blinds are always closed.
I think that was you but
I can’t be sure. It was my hands
pulling on the string but your hands
leaving. Which one of us
is to blame for
Somewhere someone
is making to-do lists of things she has
already done. Check, check,
check, red pen bloody and new.
The dog doesn’t remember its owner
before the car hits it.
The artist calls her his muse
with his hands fingering lint in his pockets.
The artist forgets that the muse
has a heartbeat too.
—  Muse | Ramna Safeer

Interview: Watercolorist Conrad Roset Prepares for His US Debut

Conrad Roset is a watercolor and ink artist based out of his studio in Barcelona, Spain. Roset, who was profoundly influenced at a young age by the enigmatic Expressionist, Egon Scheile, explores the sensuality and fragility of the feminine form. Roset’s new paintings are a continuation of his “Muses” project, in which the artist searches for beauty in the effects of the watercolor and black India ink washes. Roset considers each of these works as explorations in the contrast between the black ink and the white paper; with the addition of soft watercolor accents. These new works, titled “Pale” make up Roset’s first solo exhibit in the United States. See Conrad Roset’s new works and meet the artist at the exhibition’s opening on August 29th at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, CA.




You know what I want? I want a Miraculous Ladybug au set in the 1920′s. A few ideas I have for this are:

  • Media is horrified that Ladybug is female
  • As such they always aim to make Chat Noir out to be the real hero
  • Leaving Ladybug viewed as the sidekick/love interest
  • Chat Noir constantly telling people who interview him that it’s all Ladybug, that she’s the one they should be focusing on
  • Alya runs a column under a pen-name where she both writes about Chat Noir/Ladybug and goes on feminist rants
  • Nathanael is an up an coming artist who mostly paints his muse, Marinette (in his more ‘official’ art)
  • When he’s not trying to sell those pieces, he’s on the street doing intricate and detailed works on walls (aka amazing graffiti)
  • Marinette is still the daughter of a baker, but makes a little bit of extra money for her family from the little profit that Nathaniel shares with her
  • Adrien is still the son of a wealthy fashion designer, and is used as a walking advertisement for the men’s line

Someone please talk to me about this. I need this…I want to write this.



Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra delivers his mural tributes in a kaleidoscope of colors. His muses have ranged from architects to classic historical moments — his rendition of The Kiss was the most liked and reblogged post ever in the history of HAHA — it clocked in at 9,900. The newest of which has popped up in São Paulo, Brazil. 

The new wall, entitled as “Genial is riding a bike”,  is 13 meters high by 7 meters large and the painting shows Albert Einstein riding a bicycle. On the front of the bicycle, Kobra has inserted his own version of the famous Einstein formula (E=MC2) which could be translated as, Love= Me + you2

*Thanks to Eduardo’s team for sending us these amazing pics.

Boredom is what happens when the truth about something can’t be told.
—  David Salle. Read more of the artist’s musings in his new book How to See: Looking, Talking, and Thinking About Art. We’ll be celebrating its launch with a book signing on Thursday night

ASTRAL MUSE (2016) by Michael Whelan, week 41 in his LEFTOVERS & PALETTE GREMLINS gallery project

This piece of mat board was used as a palette while working on the cover for Brandon Sanderson’s Words of Radiance. Half of the scrap was turquoise while the rest was reds and oranges. Random brushstrokes suggested the figure that I painted in.

I still had paints left over from the Sanderson cover session—everything except earth tones which had spoiled with mold—so I used the remaining pigments to render this little image.