So basically…if you are a female and you date a man/have dated a man, you are no longer worthy of being referred to by your own name or being your own person. You are now that person’s ex-girlfriend or rumored girlfriend. This is great, just fantastic. What’s even worse is that at first, when reading the article, I didn’t even catch it. BECAUSE IM DESENSITIZED AND BRAINWASHED UGH.

GOOD FOR YOU SWIFT. every now and then, we need that little spark of sass to remind us about how ridiculous the media (and society) is AND WHY WE NEED FEMINISM.
The Incredible Effect Jon Stewart Had on Society
There's something very interesting about the Daily Show's final episodes.

‘But really: besides a little laughter making us feel a little better, what difference does that make to our lives? With the end of his 17-year run in sight, that’s the doubt Stewart himself has been wrestling with…

But there are other ways to confront evil: Stewart spent the rest of the show interviewing Malala Yousafzi, the 17-year-old Pakistani shot in the head by the Taliban for promoting education for girls. She survived, won the Nobel Peace Prize and launched the Malala Fund. The power of ridicule, Stewart rightly says, has dispiriting limits. But Stewart also possesses the power of attention. In the clamorous info-marketplace, nothing is more scarce, or more valuable, than attention. By giving her his platform, Stewart cleared a quiet place for us to hear her story and learn hope from her.

I know Jon Stewart has always been adamant that he’s a fake journalist, not a real one, so I’m sure he’ll like even less what these final shows leave me wanting to call him.


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Someone is trying to delete the wikipedia pages of GMM, EB and TMS! Please people go to those wiki pages and you will see the sign that will lead you to the page created to discuss the deletion, write something opposing the deletion, there is no need to know wikipedia rules, the question on there is notability and they damn well deserve to have a wikipedia page for GMM. Please show support but try not to fangirl too much hehe we need to be civilized to show they deserve to be on wiki. Thanks :)

I’d argue that knowing the rules for notability and what Wikipedia is and isn’t for is important to effectively argue against the deletion, but I agree that it’s a bit ridiculous that an award winning and pioneering internet show doesn’t have its own article (which I think would help legitimize the episode listing).

If any of my followers have a better understanding of the history of internet media and/or Wikipedia rules, this might be an interesting little project.

Rhett and Link
List of Rhett and Link Morning Show episodes
List of Rhett and Link Song Biscuits episodes
List of Rhett and Link The Mythical Show episodes

I saw a news article talking about a “handsome” gorilla in Japan named Shabani who was attracting flocks of human admirers.  At first I thought the whole idea was ridiculous…Then I dug a little deeper.

I think I might understand what Shabani has going for him……

after spending the past week working from nine to six every day making Ariel, The Little Mermaid’s ballgown, every article of clothing in any editorial/runway photo on my tumblr dashboard looks incredibly stupid to me. having wrestled unthinkably vast swaths of the cruelest synthetic turquoise stretch taffeta conceivable, all objects fabricated of stitched cloth seem trifling, ridiculous, and completely indistinguishable from one another

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@DM= "William and Kate are keen on lawn tennis. While they try to avoid too many royal patronages "____ wow, i thought id never live to see the day DM comes to their senses about the DO'Littles. Also, we used to get ridiculously sweet comments about Kate on DM, most were defending her like Hell. Now almost every article written on Kate, whether if its her kids or her clothes.. Reading the recent top comments.. it seems less and less folks are impressed by her lazy spoiled life.

Now that I have an articling position for next year I can definitely go to Hawaii in august, so I’m trying to step up my eating and exercise and be a little more focused about it.

But I want like 2837276227 bikinis for it. It’s ridiculous I keep seeing suits I want haha. I just got a job cleaning houses so maybe some extra cash flow will allow me to pick a few.
Death in the Snow

A body is found in the frozen North Dakota woods. The cops say the dead Japanese woman was looking for the $1m she saw buried in the film Fargo. But the story didn’t end there.

It was just one of those crazy little stories buried in the morning paper. “News of the Weird,” as it’s sometimes known, true stories about real life events so unlikely and ridiculous that they attain a kind of absurd magnificence in the retelling. “Cult film sparked hunt for a fortune,” was the small headline that attracted my attention that morning back in December 2001. “A Japanese woman searched a remote area of America during a quest to find a briefcase containing almost $1m buried by a fictional character in the cult film Fargo.”

According to the article, a 28-year-old woman had left Tokyo a month earlier to travel to North Dakota, in America’s midwest. The police were called after she was spotted wandering around the outskirts of the state capital, Bismarck. When officers interviewed the woman, she showed them a “crude map” that was supposed to show the location where the money was hidden in the movie. A perplexed spokesman for the Bismarck police was quoted saying: “We tried to explain to her that it was a fictional movie, and there really wasn’t any treasure.”

But whatever the police said apparently didn’t deter Takako Konishi from her strange quest, which ended with her pointless death. “A hunter later found her body in woodland,” the story concluded, “near the village of Detroit Lakes, which lies on a road between Fargo and Brainerd.”

As any fan of the Coen brothers’ 1996 comic film noir knows, most of Fargo is actually set in and around a gentle American small town called Brainerd, Minnesota, proud home of the mythical mighty lumberjack Paul Bunyan. The movie tells the story of an uber-loser Minneapolis car salesman, Jerry Lundegaard (William H Macy), who comes up with a knuckleheaded plan to have his own wife pretend-kidnapped by hired thugs in order to swindle his wealthy father-in-law out of the ransom. Needless to say, the whole thing goes horribly wrong, one thing leads to another and before you know it bodies are dropping all over the place. Enter Brainerd police chief Marge Gunderson (Frances McDormand, who won a best actress Oscar), hot on the trail of the two spectacularly incompetent yet murderous kidnappers, Carl Showalter (Steve Buscemi) and his heroically sullen Swedish partner in crime Gaear Grimsrud (Peter Stormare).

Perhaps the most memorable scene in a memorable movie finds Buscemi’s character in a car parked by the side of a deserted road outside Brainerd. With one hand he’s pressing a piece of dirty cloth up to his jaw - oozing with blood from a bullet through the face - with the other he opens a briefcase overflowing with $100 bills. This is the ransom money, but it’s much more than he expected - about a million dollars more. “Jeshush Shrist,” he exclaims. “Jeshush fuchem Shrist!” It’s his lucky day and he decides to celebrate by double-crossing his colleague. Buscemi gets out of the car, briefcase in hand, and doggedly slogs through a snowy vastness towards a barbed-wire fence, the only thing in sight. It’s the middle of nowhere. He kneels down at one of the fence posts and frantically digs away at the snow with an ice-scraper from his car. When that’s done, he throws the suitcase into the hole and covers it up. The would-be criminal mastermind stands, satisfied for a moment until he happens to glance around him. A line of identical fence posts stretch in either direction as far as the eye can see. He ponders the situation for a moment, then has a brainstorm: he sticks the small red ice-scraper in the snow to mark the spot.

It’s yet another absolutely positively foolproof plan in the movie that’s just not going to work out. Soon enough the sullen Swede is captured by Chief Margie while in the act of feeding his mastermind accomplice into a mechanical woodchipper. The suitcase full of ransom money - the desperate pursuit of which started everything off - is lost somewhere out in the snowy vastness. And other than Carl Showalter - last seen with his leg sticking out of a woodchipper - no one knows where it is, or even that it still exists.

Unless you count those of us in the audience. And while we are allowed - encouraged - to believe that a fiction film is real while we’re watching it, the moment the lights go up it’s a different story. Fargo, the dream, is over. Sometimes it’s not easy. But there’s no choice; we know it’s time to go home. But it seemed that for some unknown reason, by the time she was first spotted in Bismarck in November 2001, a 28-year-old Japanese girl named Takako Konishi no longer could.

It was late February and I was in Bismarck on the trail of Takako Konishi’s last days. The Coens memorably describe this part of America - they grew up nearby - as “Siberia with family restaurants”. The story had stayed with me ever since I first read about her. What was it that made me want to know more? Like her, I loved the movies, and especially Fargo. And because I did I couldn’t quite laugh at her apparent desire - however irrational - to burst through the screen and make Fargo real. It’s a common fantasy among movie lovers. The difference is, she did it.

Even the essential postmodern twist, the confusion between fiction and reality fundamental to Takako’s story, turns out to have been anticipated by Joel and Ethan Coen in their film. Fargo opens with a title card proclaiming: “This is a true story. The events depicted in this film took place in Minnesota in 1987.” Earnest journalists who went in search of the “real” woodchipper murders were outraged when, after months of wild goose chases and increasingly deadpan obfuscation by the film-makers, they finally admitted that the title card was actually an elaborate hoax - their way of “poking a hole in the true story balloon”, according to William H Macy.

So Fargo was not, in fact, based on a true story. None of it really happened. There is no real “Jerry Lundegaard” out there. Yet from what I read on the internet, the police apparently believed that the ironic and essentially cautionary title card was at least partially responsible for Takako’s delusion and subsequent death.

There’s yet another meta-twist: I went to North Dakota to make a film about Takako’s “true story” for Channel 4. My idea was to reconstruct the last week of Takako’s life using still photographs, mixed with some digital video, in a kind of contemporary response to Chris Marker’s legendary 1964 film roman short, La Jetée. I was going to interview the people she encountered along the way, hoping to excavate the real story and the real person beneath the urban myth. The interesting thing - or what I hoped would be interesting - was that the eyewitnesses would then recreate those encounters on film, “playing” themselves across from an actress playing Takako.

The inhabitants of Bismarck are certainly among the nicest people in the world, but that doesn’t stop many of them from engaging with strangers as one would with an extraterrestrial - politely, but plainly astonished at its existence. My cameraman Mark and I were strange enough. But when Mimi walked into a busy truck-stop for breakfast, every single baseball-capped head in the place swivelled instantly in her direction. Perhaps that had something to do with the short black miniskirt and high black boots I had her wearing in the dead of winter. Mimi, my star, was a Japanese music promoter living in London. By the time we arrived in Bismarck, she had transformed herself unrecognisably into Takako. The miniskirt and boot outfit - topped off with a black leather backpack - was classic fashion-crazy Tokyo girl, circa 2001. That’s how Takako had dressed for her quest in America - one of the few things I actually knew about her for sure.

“Girls in North Dakota kinda don’t dress like that,” Officer Jesse Hellman told me. Adding politely: “Probably ‘cause of the weather.” Jesse was the police officer in the original article that had sent me on my own quest. He was the source for what we knew about Takako’s hand-drawn treasure map, the first person who tried to figure out what she was doing there alone in North Dakota.

That was a lot harder than it sounded, he said. She didn’t speak English and he didn’t speak Japanese. He looked for help - even calling all the Chinese restaurants in town, figuring that might be close enough - but there seemed to be no one in the entire capital city of Bismarck who was Japanese. So they communicated with each other the best they could, one word at a time with a little pocket translator she had brought with her from home. “That didn’t help at all. Confused me even more,” he recalled, shaking his head gravely.

We all loved Jesse. He was especially nice to Mimi, whom he treated with a gentle solicitude both on and off camera, exactly how he must have been with Takako. He spoke to Takako for four hours after she had been dropped off at the police station by a concerned citizen, a trucker, who had seen her wandering around. Jesse did his best to help her, but he felt guilty now. “I didn’t think I had helped her at all, but I didn’t know what else I could do. I felt really bad for her,” he said, stealing a sad glance at Mimi.

Jesse told me about Takako’s map, a white piece of paper, on which she had drawn a road and a tree. “That’s where she wanted to go, she kept pointing at it. She kept saying something over and over, like 'Fargo’ or some word like that. Like that’s where she wanted to go. I remember that real clearly. But in North Dakota, practically everywhere you look, there’s a road and a tree. So that didn’t really help much.”

“I had never seen the film Fargo, but another officer in the station had seen it and he told me that there was money buried in this movie. And then we started to think that she had this false impression that the money buried by a road by a tree was real in the movie. That’s where she wanted to go. We thought that was really odd, but suddenly it all began to make sense.”

Read more.

TBH trying to lump Her Story and Sunset into the same boat seems a little ridiculous.

When I went to check out each game what I found was:

  • Sunset had been reviewed by about 40 people at the first time I’d heard of it (up to 61 at time of writing this post), which was immediately after reading an article about the company going bankrupt or whatever very bad no good thing is happening to them for making a game nobody asked for and trying to sell it to people who don’t exist. The overwhelming majority of these reviews were negative and marked “Do Not Recommend.” The game sold for about 20 bucks, offering what the general consensus described as ‘roughly two hours of content stretched out over six hours’ and the most positive review said ‘I recommend this only if you enjoy Walking Simulators.’ It was also described as a poorly optimized stuttery mess.
  • Her Story meanwhile at time of checking, just now, sells for about 6 bucks and is on sale for closer to 5 (good move, puts it in impulse buy territory). It’s been reviewed by 300+ people, reviews seem mostly positive (Steam says “Very Positive” but I have no idea how they measure it and Sunset’s claims the same thing so clearly THAT little blurb is meaningless (they must weight reviewers metacritic style or some crap) - I’m just going by the impression I get scanning whatever rises to the top). Most of the people seem to think it’s a unique breath of fresh air and recommend giving it a try, while a few ‘don’t recommends’ seem mostly to just not like the format or whatever else. Which is fine, there’s room for that. Not everyone is going to like everything.

I mean. These are the comments that matter, not the ones left on a ‘game reviewer’s blog. And IDK about you guys but I have yet to hear anything about Her Story’s dev failing, so I’m assuming they must have done something right here.

I just saw Jurassic World.

I’m not really an Internet person, I go on like 4 sites and sometimes read articles that friends post if I feel like opening a new window, so…


I mean, I love horror movies, and I still was stunned by such gratuitous violence that didn’t exist anywhere else in the film. 

Like, yeah, the main woman (her name, idk, everyone was as flat as a sheet of paper) was this ridiculous infantalized somehow ignorant CEO or something who at the same time held little to no power over anyone and whose main plotline was whether or not she could be a sensitive and empathetic women and exist in the business like her male counterparts, but don’t her senseless all-terrain heels reflect just that? The weird, ridiculous way she treads the line (with Chris Pratt at her side of course to balance her out, did you see that final scene what was that) of a powerful lady-exec existing in a world she doesn’t seem to understand or have any effect on at all????

Just stumbling about.

Also, were they trying to map her character to the Rageosaur? 

My favorite scene was when the older kid says “…wanna see something that’s really cool?” and they cut to a nice shiny new Mercedes.

Gimme more of that, that was subtle and clever, the rest of this was a hulking pile of crap, like did you write this or did someone just toss a bunch of old dusty tropes in the air and piece them together withing 30 minutes?

Sooooo much money, oh my god. This should have been better. :c
Anger and Protests as Government Blindsides Public With New Pension Restriction - The Jakarta Globe
Thousands of Indonesians have taken to the Internet and the streets in protest at a new government regulation requiring employees and former employees to wait until retirement age to withdraw their pension funds.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t have a strong opinion about all of this. I just would like to direct your attention to this passage in the article:

BPJS Ketenagakerjaan president director Elvyn Masassya said the new regulation was more in line with the scheme’s intended purpose to provide a pension fund than the previous setup under Jamsostek.

“A pension fund is meant for people who have retired. A 10-year wait is more ideal,” he said on Thursday as quoted by CNN Indonesia. (Yes, Elvyn is a man.) “The funds are still there and can be claimed in full when a worker is 56 years old.”

Jakarta Globe, in what world is it necessary in a news article to add a little aside that assures the reader that the person in question is a man, just because his name might sound feminine? Ridiculous.

Hey Guys c:

I’m Void, or just Jake. Sorry if I ramble with my little bio here, heh. I’m a transguy living in ohio, and while I was raised by Christians to be a Christian, I’ve always been a curious, researchy type kid, and a few years ago found some articles about modern magic (thinking back to them they sound ridiculous now, and weren’t at all accurate, but we all have to start somewhere, right?). A couple friends of mine and I started a little “coven” shortly thereafter, because while none of us knew much or had any experience, we all had a thirst to know more. We really never got off the ground, mostly because we all went to college this past year, which means separation. 

I stumbled across a few new friends this past year who are also pretty interested in witchcraft, which kicked off me learning a great deal through research, and more recently officially taking steps down this path. I have found that for a beginner, I seem to be quite handy with my tarot decks, I have a crazy strong connection to both the element of air and to thunderstorms,and have some amount of extrasensory knowledge, though I haven’t nailed down what to call that yet. I’m still in the stage where I am accidentally using too much of my own energy at a time and getting dizzy or what have you afterwords, but it’s a learning process. 

As for the religious aspects, I have begun considering myself a Heathen, though I have a lot to learn yet before any official dedication will be made. I was contacted in a dream by either Tyr or a messenger of his (unless of course I’m mistaken and it really was JUST a dream, which is possible of course, but highly unlikely tbh).

As a student at CCAD, an art school, I wasn’t surprised to find I love to create my own magical items, like my BoS, candles, bath bombs as little spells to store and use later, etc. I am here to learn, and I’m super in love with the thoughts behind making a group like this. Whew, that was long! Lookin forward to workin with you all!  


Go Golfing And Use These Tips To Win

Go Golfing And Use These Tips To Win

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there’s apparently a professor here who did a performance art piece where he sits on this thing he built and uses his brainwaves to manipulate the platform he’s sitting on and “levitate” and the video of this is fucking hilarious cause it makes noise every time it moves even a little bit but no one in the audience so much as chuckles like seriously this is ridiculous why does everyone take everything so seriously all the time
Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera Before She Was Famous Before this darling little daisy bloomed into a singing sensation and a big time television personality she was just another cute kid collecting wild flowers. Can you guess who she is?! 

This Might Be The Best Junk Food Hack Ever Ever think you’re really smart? You probably are. But guess what? You’re not as smart as the person who invented the SNACK GRINDER. What’s that? It’s the insanely, ridiculously simple way to spice…

Robert Downey Jr. Helped Pick the New Spider-Man Tom Holland, the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is set to make his debut as Spider-Man in next year’s Captain America: Civil War and then lead his own Spider-Man-centric…

5 E3 Gems That Owe Their Success To Kickstarter It’s impossible to not think about crowdfunding at E3 this year, between Sony’s very public grandstanding for the Shenmue III Kickstarter, and the abundance of small games that had succeeded on…

Bristol Palin Is Pregnant Again Bristol Palin just threw cold water on what’s supposed to be a joyous occasion … being pregnant.

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#TBT - College Satire!

Once upon a time, many a year ago, I attended Hamilton College in Upstate New York. In addition to learning how to put on condoms and how to manipulate people using my Theater degree, I also ran a fun little publication called The Duel Observer. It was essentially The Onion, except nowhere near as intelligent and also, you know, relegated to our campus.

Still, I had a lot of fun running the paper and writing ridiculous articles, so what better way to celebrate this weekly-Internet-holiday than by reprinting something I wrote a few years ago? I get to be both productive AND lazy at the same time! It’s genius!

Op Ed From a Grumpy Alumnus: No Frat Houses is Homophobic!

Dear Hamilton College,

Listen here, I know a lot has changed since I went to Hamilton. For starters, there are women now, which is more than what one alumnus with diabetes, four nagging ex-wives, and a spastic colon can deal with. But during my trip to the Hill to commemorate Hamilton’s 200th year, I discovered the most shocking news of all — you spoiled brats have done away with fraternity housing! For a school that calls themselves “liberal,” how could you do something so homophobic? After all, where are fraternity brothers supposed to experiment with each other sexually now?

I’ve been told that fraternity housing has been abolished since the ’90s. If it’s any consolation, I’ve spent the last 20 years trimming my ear hair and playing solitaire on my Windows 95, so excuse me if I’m a bit out of the loop. But the biggest joys I had at that school were being able to enter a room with my wang hanging out and get complimented on the altitude of my boner, or spending my drunkest nights snuggling with Bobby Wayans and letting him toe my junk with his freakishly tiny feet.

The point is, where are drunken frat boys going to discover the hidden joys of perineal stimulation or learn how to properly trim their pubic hair? Hell, half the reason I’m such a great lover with the ladies is because I learned from my frat brothers, and I must say, going down on a woman’s lady parts isn’t so bad when you’ve had about a tablespoon of Bobby Wayan’s ejaculate sitting in the back of your throat.

I hate to preach to the choir, especially since you people are clearly not to be reasoned with. I mean, the names you chose for the “new” houses are pathetic. “Wertimer” sounds like a disease, “Woolcott Co-Op” has too many o’s in it, and “Skenandoa” doesn’t sound very “white boy from Connecticut” to me.


James Hurst-Lyons Wellington ’58

Golf Tips That Can Enhance Your Game

Golf Tips That Can Enhance Your Game

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