ananbeth  asked:

so, soph. you should share with the world the missed potential for amazing sons and daughters of aphrodite that riordan short changed us on

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 

  • sons of Aphrodite with “mom” tattoos who are scared of their sisters and practice magic in the form of sonnets 
  • sons of Aphrodite being trained as soldiers, means to defend the realm of their mother at all costs
  • aggressive sons of Aphrodite whose eyes burn with anger and rage whenever someone mentions playing with peoples’s hearts for sport 
  • sons of Aphrodite who fall hard and fast; who preserve the art of writing love letters and poems; who study romantic languages, wanting to know every possible emotion they can evoke with the use of words; who rest their heads in their sisters’ laps as they gush about how in love they are 
  • sons of Aphrodite who take their cues from the smoothest men in history, taking suave to another level; men who remind the world what it means to be a master of love 
  • sons of Aphrodite who are just so impossibly passionate about everything they do and are willing to  fight for what they love 
  • sons of Aphrodite who pray to their mother and thank her for all of the ways love can manifest itself in life 
  • and then there are her daughters- 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who worship their mother’s raw power and dream of harnessing it
  • girls who paint their nails with poisonous varnish as they talk about how their mother could make Zeus looks like a minor god if she really wanted 
  • daughters of Aphrodite whose weapons and bodies are decorated with images of Medusa and Sirens and passages from Medea and Antigone; daughters who who use their voices to amplify the drowned out voices of women who came before them 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who use their bodies as weapons, completely unafraid to use their Goddess-given looks to achieve their goals 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who love the Hunters of Artemis as sisters, respecting them endlessly for choosing to abstain from something that has swallowed innocent girls whole for as long as anyone can remember 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who use doves as messenger birds during battles and who say a prayer for every soul lost, because when the world loses someone, it also loses the love they gave off 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who study ancient texts about their mother and wonder what she might have been depicted like had women been writing the stories 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who who plan their wardrobes around what weapons they want to carry with them on any given day 
  • girls whose nails are as sharp as their knives and who kiss their celestial bronze the same way they might kiss a lover 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who unabashedly love cheesy rom-coms just as much as they love the feel of slicing through a monster 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who only buy high end jewelry because the cheap shit breaks when you punch stuff 
  • children of Aphrodite who worship their mother as the impossibly powerful, priomordial goddess that she is and work to embody that power in everything that they do. 

Let us be of good heart about the success of our venture, and please keep thinking of this as your home, for I feel very sure that all this will last for a very long time.” 

- Vincent van Gogh’s letter to his brother Theo


I been asked to make a handwriting tutorial ,so here it is.

This kind of front is actually very easy to write,different litters are the same idea.

First, use a pencil to write a draft.Point is to make the litters look slim,write the vertical lines longer while write the side lines very short.Leave a little more space between each litters than ordinary writing.

Second,use a liner(?sorry I don’t know how to call this kind of pen in English,it’s used in drawing lines,)to write the draft again.I like slim line so my liner is 0.05,you can choice a liner which can write bolder lines.Which kinds of pens you use is really don’t matter.

Third,make some lines bold.I don’t know how to explain it,if you are not sure about this part,you can always use a pencil to draw a draft first to test the results.During this part I used a bolder liner,0.1.You can use the same liner in this part.I changed it simply because I have two liners……

Finally,choice a color pen to color it.Write the color line randomly.Don’t write long lines,make sure the color lines are all different.

Then you get pretty letters.If you have any questions,feel free to ask me.