sarcoptid  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you perhaps knew what the pretty round fans are called that the girls in a lot of these photos have? They're so pretty!

Hi, thanks for the question!

Those pretty round fans are called “tuanshan/团扇”. Please check out my “tuanshan” tag for information and photos. In particular, Mingsonjia has a really informative post on tuanshan here.

Also known as the “rigid fan” or “fixed fan”, the tuanshan is made of cloth (usually silk) stretched over a frame, or of woven bamboo threads. The cloth is often painted or embroidered with natural imagery: flowers, birds, butterflies, scenery, etc. The handle can be long or short.

Tuanshan are usually round (they were originally shaped to resemble the moon), but they come in many different shapes.

(Note: all tuanshan shown here are from 霜天晓角李晶.) Hope this helps!