Got7? More like Hot7

BTS? More like BTyes

Miss A? More like Miss Yay

SHINee? More like MINEee

Gugudan? More like I Gugustan

The Ark? More like The TookMyHeart

F(x)? More like F(best)

U-Kiss? More like U-Kiss me

I.O.I? More like My.Oh.My

BigBang? More like BigBang me

2PM? More like 2Pyum

Seventeen? More like Sevenking

After School? More like After Cool

Nu’est? More like Nu’blessed

SNSD? More like SNsexy

Wonder Girls? More like Stunner Girls

Super Junior? More like Super Cuter

Twice? More like Nice

Exo? More like You ExKnowThatIStanThemBecauseEverSinceApril19th2015WhenFineBrosCameOutWithTeensReactToExoThat45PercentOfTheKPopulationAreNewKpoppersWhoStartedOutByStanningExoSoYesImOneOfThem

- Operation: BLIND FAITH (Briefing) -

Halo 3

Commander Miranda Keyes, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, and Sgt Major Avery Johnson brief the Marines participating in Operation: BLIND FAITH’s surface engagements . Among them several hardened veterans of The Battle of Earth as well as the Battle of Installation 04 - all eager to see the war’s end.

Operation: BLIND FAITH marked the final engagement between the Covenant Empire and the United Nations Space Command. Its the only known UNSC operation conducted outside the known galaxy.

Daily Drawing Challenge 62: More Halo fanart! Yay! Hey all those who read this, be sure to inbox me Halo moments you’d like to see depicted! 

Undeniable Truths of KPOP

1. That one hairstyle SUCKED

2. No one is good at gwiomi

3. That one time, on that one show, they were SO embarrassing

4. No one normal can move that fast

5. They need sleep

6. These weirdos are expensive to love

7. Prettier than me

8. They’re gluttons, but it’s cute

9. Making ugly faces = extra love

10. SHINee’s pretty great

Northern Star: Clexa Fanfic - [AO3 Link]

what if the 13th station became part of The Ark?

Their hands met, separated by the glass wall, as Clarke’s wild eyes sought refuge in Lexa’s, her northern star, her true north.  They were so close.  Raven had been certain she’d be able to figure it out before Clarke’s birthday.  But they were too late.  Clarke hadn’t been pardoned and Raven hadn’t solved the problem. Lexa felt her heart being torn from her chest, confronted by the fact that she was about to watch the person she loved more than anything in the world, get pushed out into space, air sucked from her lungs.”

Clarke Griffin and Lexa Woods met on Unity Day, eight months before Clarke’s eighteenth birthday.  They had eight months of falling in love and growing happy.  Of finding out the truth behind the 13th station that made up the Ark, Lexa’s home station of Polaris.  A truth that led to Clarke finding herself in an airlock, about to be floated for crimes against the government.  Crimes of truth that she did not commit alone.