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So.. are you trying to tell the world that you don't care about the victims of terrorist attacks? Le pen is extreme but considering the recent terrorist attack on Paris it would be rude to post political stuff like this. I understand everyone has a political opinion but not everyone wants to be exposed to sensitive content like this since Le Pen is so deeply connected to terrorist attacks through her constant commentary on it. You could potentially be triggering victims of terrorist attacks.

Yeah you’re right if the terrorists attack France it’s all my fault, they are all reading my tumblr, but thanks Marine Our Lord And Savior is here and she will kick their ass out and it’s gonna be the peace in the world and she’s going to have nazi babies with Trump and everything is gonna be perfect.

lets-jam replied to your post “would jason ever vent/or like talk in a mature way about what happened…”

Would he ever do something of the sort with his current team (artemis/bizarro)? or even with the old rhato team of roy and kori?

Bizarro, yes. The way those two bonded so quickly, and Jason’s interactions with him since, show him to be both very comfortable with him and open with him in a way he isn’t with others. I think the obstacle here is that Jason is very much protective of Bizarro and so wouldn’t want to burden him, but Bizarro is both a sweetheart and also fairly insightful, so I could see it happening eventually. 

Artemis? I think he’d default to the wit and the jokes with her if he talked about anything. I think her openness about Akila means he might reciprocate eventually. His attitude about his favorite gargoyle is either honest if self-depreciating or not quite willing to share his true feelings yet. 

With the old RHatO team I’m way more shaky on, having not followed the run, so. Maybe? I think of the two of them Roy is way more likely, but I’m way more familiar with Post-Crisis Roy. Kory potentially but I think he’d be more closed off. 

There are now four categories of employees at my work.

Jedi - good, can be a bit odd or dense at times, but generally good people, get the job done.
Sith - jerks or assholes who get the job done, shit personalities but damnit they do their jobs well.
Storm Troopers - can’t do shit without help, hardly get it right when they do get the help, generally useless but can be good people or just clueless.
Sand People - useless AND assholes, fuck these guys, how do you even still have a job here!?

tumblr: plays video games with graphic violence and murder

tumblr: this fic you wrote is going to make people do bad things

“We need a cure for autism!”

Well you will never get it, no matter your stance on the subject. Autism is likely genetic and studies show that by six months of age there are already detectable changes in the brain that predict an autism diagnosis later in life. So even though we don’t know what autism is, it’s definitely something you’re born with and it is impossible to change that after the baby is born. Nothing will ever turn an autistic person who is alive into an allistic person. You can’t rewrite their entire brain anatomy.

So why do Autism Speaks talk of “the cure”? What they mean by cure is prenatal screening that will allow parents to abort fetuses with certain traits or genes. It means stopping autistic people from being born. It means getting rid of us even before a fetus develops a brain. It means that from their point of view not ever being alive (so essentially death) is better than existence as an autistic person.

That’s what you are saying when you’re advocating for a cure. “I wish you were never born”. “I wish your parents would have aborted you before you developed into a person”. “I think your existence is worse than death”. “I think you would be better off dead”. That is your message. That is your opinion.

Think about that next time you talk about a cure for autism.

The question is not ‘if we argue’ but ‘how do we argue?’ In relationships, romantic and otherwise, we must not see the person as the opponent, but, rather, the problem as the opponent. We must fight together to resolve it - from the same side. We must not hold grudges. And we must stop seeing each other as easily expendable. For life is full of compatible people, but there will be disagreements with all of them. It is in forging the bonds stronger than these disagreements that we find a deeper connection.
—  How do you fight? / Just for thought
The Anti-Myth Masterpost

Out of sheer boredom and frustration, I’ve compiled a list of dumb things antis say and some facts to contradict them. Though I don’t think antis actually pay attention, they just vomit nonsense and never stick around for a rebuttal, here goes nothing anyway. Because I am tired of seeing good, pure people being harassed and sent death threats by these crazies. So here we go.

Anti-Myth: Otayuri is pedophilia.

Fact: Pedophilia is legally defined as attraction to or sex with a minor under the age of 13

Anti-Myth: Yurio is still a minor.

Fact: Yurio is now 16, the legal age of consent in Russia. He and whatever partner he chooses, as long as his partner is over the age of 16, is within their legal right. 

Anti-Myth: 16 year olds brains are not developed enough to comprehend sex.

Fact: A 16 year old can understand sex. Hell, even a 15 year old can. Teens at 15 or 16 hop into bed with older teens all the time–even I did. It’s actually normal. Plus, 16 is a far more common legal age of consent in the developed world anyway, this is not some perverted law by Russia and Kazakhstan, it’s actually very very normal. Even in Canada, 16 is the legal age of consent. If you’re American, respect your own laws, but we’re talking about A. fiction, and B. another country.

Anti-Myth: Otabek is too old for Yurio.

Fact: Otabek is literally 2.5 years older than Yurio. They’d literally be a junior and senior in high school, which happens all the time. It did with me, it did with countless others, and none of us were being abused. Plus, Otabek is not technically an adult, he’s still a teen himself. Same with JJ, if that is your ship. 

Anti-Myth: Shippers are disgusting because they are forcing Yurio into a sexual relationship and don’t respect their friendship.

Fact: Dude, if you want to see them as platonic friends, go ahead, no one is stopping you. Secondly, I’ve never met a shipper who doesn’t enjoy their friendship as being the stable building block of their relationship. For you, the relationship stops there. For us, we go on to see them as starting a romance after they’re ready. It’s all about the friendship, we just add to it.

Anti-Myth: Shippers like to sexualize 15 year olds. 

Fact: Well, maybe a few do. I mean, that’s what happens in big fandoms, you get some bad apples, especially if they come from countries themselves where the consenting age is 14 or something. But many, many shippers do not. They usually ‘sexualize’ Yurio when he’s a little older, or like to imagine him a little older when he starts becoming intimate. Plus it’s not just us, the creators and animators of the show have been sexing up Yurio for months now in official art, and with WTTM flashing his nipples and abs–I mean, don’t blame us.

Anti-Myth: Otayuri conditions children to think pedophilia is normal.

Fact: First of all, no it doesn’t. Yet again, pedophilia is any relationship where one is over the consenting age, and the other is under the age of 13. Which is not happening here. It may give them the impression that 16/18 is normal, and yeah it is, especially in many developed countries. If you have a problem with that, take it up with them, not us. This really should not be a hard concept. Also it’s FICTION. Do people jump into bed with their siblings after watching Game Of Thrones? No, because they’re not idiots. Not everything is based on American laws. This is an anime, written by a Japanese woman, made in Japan, and a lot of anime sexualizes young teens. No otaku I know of are hoping into bed with kids because of anime, unless they were already pedophiles. It doesn’t develop with a goddamn cartoon.

Anti-Myth: I’m uncomfortable with this ship because when I was younger I was abused by–

Fact: Okay, stop right there. I will try and explain this the best way I can. Whatever happened to you in your past is tragic and I do sympathize (one of my cousins was abused when she was younger so I know the horrors of dealing with that), but I’m sorry, it has nothing to do with shipping two teenagers. You’re imagining abuse, despite nothing canonically abusive happening. Otabek would never hurt Yurio. He’s no pervert. See, Americans who prey on 15 and 16 year olds do so because they KNOW it’s illegal. That’s why they do it. But if you’re from a country where, once again, the legal age of consent is 16, there is no abusive mindset. It’s normal behavior. There is no perversion or predatory behavior, because it’s not illegal. I do understand you being uncomfortable and it bringing up memories for you, but the reality of the situation is there is no actual abuse, and you really must try and understand that. This is literally like saying I can’t post pics of dogs because you were bit once, and that I’m condoning you being bit or something. It’s not true, nor is it fair to me, I just like dogs. But I do hope you find peace in your life.

All this being said, I will admit I use to be an anti myself. For about ten minutes, until I realized all this stuff and I knew I was being silly. And hey, there is a good chance Otayuri could become canon after everything we’ve seen, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for that by trying to understand these points I’ve made. It’s not too late to see things differently and to be a decent human being.

So Scanlan’s ego is an intrinsic part of his character. His first introduction to us was in the character background, where he is described as “dashingly handsome in his own mind.” And I’d have to check, but if I’m calculating the time correctly, it was within the last week (in game time) that Scanlan was crying over how amazing he was for killing the Pit Fiend. He didn’t have an audience for that. That was his private reaction to the event.

I think that’s part of why episode 85 came as such a shock. If this were, say, a TV show, it would make sense to reveal that he actually thinks he’s useless and uses ego as a shield. But this is a D&D game. A lot of the stuff we know about Scanlan is from SCANLAN’S point of view! The only thing he’s ever shown self-doubt over is his ability to be a father to Kaylie. He’s never thought himself to be less than anyone in Vox Machina, unless Sam’s been lying to us (and Matt) regularly for a while now. It doesn’t make sense for this to be a long term issue.

But what if the key to Scanlan’s breakdown is actually very new? Theoretically people keep saying that the dying thing is the cause for what happened, but then they treat everything Scanlan said as issues that have been a problem for a long time. But what if they haven’t been?

Scanlan thought he was doing pretty well. Then he found out about Kaylie, and then began worrying about being a good father to her. That doubt became more and more pressing, especially in the strain they were under, and then he died twice within 24 hours. What if this is what actually broke Scanlan’s narcissism? What if without that narcissism he was left with no idea of who he was, what was true, or how to relate to the world? I think it could explain a lot. This wasn’t Scanlan letting loose bottled emotions. It was him suddenly having these emotions and not knowing how to handle them.

Just a theory.