From Kubo-sensei himself! In a recent interview from the American Shonen Jump.

SJ: What does Rukia’s name mean, and why is it written in katakana?

Kubo-sensei: “When I’m working, I jot down names in the margins of my notebook as they come to me. Once on TV, I saw the original type of cosmos in South America…”

SJ: You mean, the flower?

Kubo-sensei: “Yes. The show mentioned the name of the flower in Latin or something-like “rukia.” It sounded like “Kuchiki Rukia” to me, and I wrote this down. When I created the character, I thought Kuchiki really fit as a Soul Reaper (Shinigami) name and called her Kuchiki Rukia. She had her full name from the very beginning. Later on, I learned that the word “rukia” means “light.” She’s like a ray of light for Ichigo, which makes the name really suit her.“

SJ: Do you have any plans to make Ichigo and Rukia a couple?
Kubo-sensei: “I’m not going to confirm nor deny that.“ [Laughs]

Where is your interviews about your precious ship?

Oh right! 

 RT @ tiger_haruko2: “I’ve also been planning to buy an i-phone all this week! :3 By the way, if we go with a black x orange Ichigo, what colour would Orihime be?” 

 @ tite_kubo: “Orihime, eh? I wonder. Would she not be something like light pink? As for Rukia, though, for her I’d go with violet and white.”
How Do You Say Pecan? Mapping Food Dialect Trends Across the U.S. | Farm Flavor
How do you say pecan? Do you say "caramel" or "carmel" – or both? Check out these dialect maps that show pronunciation trends across the country.
By Jessy Yancey

i got into a literal fight with my Canadian mother at Costco about this - I asked her if she wanted me to pick up any pick-KHANS, like a normal person might, and she stopped and stared at me and asked what I’d just said. 

Apparently, when one uses good CBC English (based out of Toronto), it’s PEE-can.

Today I went to the coffee shop and was confronted by a man who told me all about his beliefs of the world and while he talked for like an hour, I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly what he believed in because it went way over my head. From what I gathered, here are some of the facts he’s given me, most came with little to no additional information:

  • He thinks he is God 
  • He believes if he asks the universe for something, it will give it to him
  • He believes in the matrix 
  • He has replaced his father with Napoleon (???) 
  • The Roman Empire is an “empire without borders” and “is a mindset that only the elite can achieve”
  • He believes genocide “isn’t that bad” and it’s “given a negative connotation”
  • The illuminati exist 
  • 9/11 was an inside job
  • People who are “successful” (wealthy) have evolved beyond being human and are actually more evolutionally advanced than “humans”
  • He believes 2012 was a sign that someone got extraordinary supernatural abilities and will use that to change the world 
  • All religions are the same because apparently they are part of some hive mind (???) 
  • Napoleon will rise again and take over America 
  • He wants a random person with no qualifications to be chosen as pope 
  • The Roman Empire is secretly ruling everything (idk where that leaves the illuminati tho)
  • The United States should become part of the Dutch empire (???)
  • Other conspiracy theorists “just use the banner of Truth to spread their own racist, xenophobic, and anti-elitist ideals”
  • He is an elitist
  • He is a conspiracy theorist
  • He thinks killing people is sometimes necessary, and while he hasn’t killed anyone or plans on doing so, he doesn’t believe killing is bad
  • Quote: “It’s like I have this golden key of opportunity, but I’m not going to use it yet, I am going to sit by the gate like a clever fox and wait” (???)

wow, if you think that trans wlw are men who just want sleep w/ lesbians you are fucking stupid. why would someone change their pronouns, their life style, the way they look (depending on their transition), their name, possibly be disowned just to get into someone’s pants who thinks that transgirls trying to find love some how equals oppression. 

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Somethin 4 Silentcalibre? I haven't seen that ship in a long time.

I couldn’t think of anything else, so I’m borrowing that other prompt from @jaysketchin‘s ask

“That moment when your best friend handcuffs you to your boyfriend so you can settle an argument.”

There were worse people Nogla could have handcuffed him to, but Lui was still mad at him regardless. He didn’t even know where Nogla found a pair of handcuffs (and it wasn’t something he particularly wanted to think too deeply about), only that he had, and thought it was fitting to handcuff him to Arlan and then leave to walk his dogs with the key firmly hidden in his jacket pocket. His heart was in the right place even if his methods were a tad extreme, and Lui knew Nogla was right and that he should try to make up with Arlan, but it was hard to do that when he was still a little mad at him. 

Lui supposed he shouldn’t be too mad at him for knocking his phone into the sink full of soapy water when it was an accident, but he had a lot of pictures and videos on there that were important to him that he couldn’t afford to lose. Currently, it was in pieces and submerged in a ziplock bag of rice and hopefully it would be okay when he tried turning it back on in a few days. 

“I’m sorry,” Arlan mumbled apologetically for the umpteenth time as he leaned against him, and pressed a light kiss to his shoulder. The action was small and sweet, but it was all it took to remind him of how much he cared for and loved his boyfriend, and the remnants of his anger melted away. It was an accident, after all. 

“It’s okay,” Lui replied just as softly, and took advantage of their bound wrists to lace their fingers together. “You can make it up to me by helping me handcuff Nogla to a chair when he comes back,” he added with a sly smirk, and Arlan’s devious grin was the only response he needed. 

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even wasn't done right. i'm sorry, i don't want to attack but i thought i'd just point out that if something he was done wrong. he's a mentally ill person who was made to apologize for basically just being mentally ill. if someone was supposed to apologize, it was isak. not only did that happened but irl mentally ill people got really, really triggered by what happened on the show and many of my friend and me included are struggling right now and the stans won't acknowledge that.

Ok i’ve only seen the first couple of parts of the episode in question, but from what i’ve seen from gif sets, I just don’t agree with you. You are perfectly entitled to feel the way you do, and for that matter i’m sincerely sorry, but here are the reasons why I think you should consider a different perspective:

Even didn’t do anything he needed to apologise for necessarily, his manic episode is a part of his illness and he didn’t actually do anything to harm or put anyone else in danger, so in that regard all is (relatively) fine. If you’re referring to the apology he gave to Isak over not telling him about his illness, then I don’t necessarily think that’s something he either had to or didn’t have to apologise for. He did withhold information relevant to Isak, but for a reason that was protecting himself, and because he was worried about Isak ending things. Later, when he himself to end it, it’s because he, like many mentally ill people, don’t want to hurt the people we love in ways we can’t help. He wanted to prevent the pain he caused him from happening again- this is so profoundly selfless and an act of such love, however misguided, and I don’t see how anyone could perceive it as negative or bad. He wasn’t treated ‘badly’ as a character because he reacted the same way we all might do. He is shown to be human, and I can fucking relate to that. 

In the same vein, what does Isak have to apologise for? He was scared and confused and had nothing to compare what he was finding out to, except for his own clearly unstable mother, who he somewhat resents as a result of her breakdown and negligence. Obviously he was scared that Even might be the same, and that he would lose him. 

On that note, one of the things Skam shows is how others are affected by mentally ill persons- Isak has had a tough relationship with his mother, and Even’s episode clearly hit him hard. That’s reality- in these relationships, sometimes one or the other can get hurt or fucked over. 

So, really, Isak had the same reaction many do: confusion, fear, a profound lack of understanding- particularly because he was afraid that everything with Even was just a result of the mania. But Magnus cleared that up for him, by humanising the issue, which was a perspective Isak hadn’t seen before, comparing his own mother and showing Isak a healthy relationship with an ill person. He showed Isak that what he had understood of illness so far wasn’t the whole story.

In the end, Isak won’t let Even push him away. He refuses to give up on them. That shows he’s clearly capable of learning and adjusting his perspective, and that he understands Even is more than his illness and it doesn’t change the way he feels about him. Mentally ill people, like Even, have hard periods that are difficult for everyone to deal with and can scare people around them who aren’t prepared for it, but even though these periods exist, even though sometimes it will be hard and scary and difficult to deal with, that doesn’t mean we have to give up or lose the person who we love who has an illness. Even still deserves to be happy and loved. Isak can, and will, still love him.

This, i think, was a perfect way to deal with it. Even’s fear and uncertainty and regret is something everyone who has ever suffered an episode feels, but Isak’s way of dealing with it- understanding and accepting and loving and reassuring, was the most profoundly heartfelt and kind reaction I’ve ever seen. It was certainly better than any reaction i’ve ever experienced.

Skam showed the issue as it is: messy and raw and fucking hard, and mentally ill people bear the burden of the worst it, especially guilt and regret. But it shows that that’s not everything. There is life outside of illness. There is learning and understanding and humanity even in the darkest throes of it. There is room for love. It is a struggle and a battle, but not one we have to fight alone. 

And that’s why I think Even was treated right.

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damn fucking chill its just a game


I know it’s just a fucking game and I’m supposed to play it only for fun, but a lot of the time (not all of the time) it’s really hard to have fun when I’m constantly being targeted and dying, and my team hardly ever knows how to help, even if I switch heroes. I guess I’m not allowed to have emotions or want to win while playing something lol

And please don’t just reply to this saying, “lol just uninstall the game,” because it’s cringe-worthy as fuck and makes you look like an pretentious pile of shit.

Me Reading An Online Debate/Discussion/Argument

Me (reading the first comment): They make a good point!
Me (reading the second comment): Oh wait, THEY make a better point! Now I feel bad for agreeing with the first comment….
Me (reading the first person’s response): Actually, yeah, their response makes complete response….
Me (reading the second person’s response): Then again, so do they

I seriously don’t get all of this intuitive bias. How are we “smarter” just because we have an N? I’m an INTP, and my ISTP friend has a higher IQ than me and is definitely smarter. She’s better than me with puzzles and riddles.

So tell me again how sensors are supposedly not as good as intuitives?

I don’t know. Before I discovered that ‘hockey fandom’ was a thing alive and thriving here on tumblr I just watched the games on TV and supported my fav team, watched the occasional league highlight reel online, followed Olympics obsessively when it happened, and went to my local AHL team games. I had a one-track mind for one team, really. As it is for most sports fans, I’d wager. It first seemed sooo fucking weird that people on this website cared about all these random players on all these various teams. Sure, I recognized the big names and some random standouts in the NHL but I only had minor opinions about them. Or knew of some newsworthy things that had happened. Why would I care about them past basic stats and appearances as opponents?
It was always Flyers only and an 'ehhh if not Philly then Caps’ tolerance for success because of loving the Hershey affiliate team by association.
Now I can name and actually know a lot (way too much) about players on nearly every team and I suppose I genuinely care about a few more teams now. It still seems kinda silly to me but I’m having fun.

I have a longer sort of “origin story” for my mainverse AU in the works. Would anyone be interested in reading that? Yes, no, maybe, meh?

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Value Me.

Leave a “Value Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about one character telling another how they feel about them.

Ok so this ended up taking an interesting turn, in short have some teenaged Axi being dumb. And Pierce wondering if having to keep an eye on wayward teens is part of the parcel of being involved with @daraasum‘s Elessabeth

She hardly weighed anything and he was able to haul her up with one hand, and he knew from many years of personal experience that leatheris jackets were a convenient handle, however the fact she was currently yelling her head off calling him every insult under the sun she could manage and seemingly doing her best to kick him in the head, reminding him once in a while that apparently she really liked heavy boots complicated matters.

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A set of twins born during Daylight Savings in 2016 had everyone confused about which of them is older. Samuel was born first at 1:39am, but even though his brother, Ronan, was born 31 minutes later, it was then technically 1:10am. Thanks to the time change, each of them is older than the other. Source Source 2