This is what profiting off anti-native racism looks like.

Congratulations Jamarkisswhite, you contributed to the hyper-sexualization of native women, inaccurate racial stereotypes, and the disrespect the warbonnet used in a select number of native cultures.

Guess what? Your work is not more important than the lives of native people that are affected by this anti-native racism.

Gotham fandom.

I don’t understand why there’s so much arguing in the Gotham fandom, like yes I ship Nygmobblepot but I also ship zsaszlepot, it’s not that big a deal.
Sure for a while I thought Nygmobblepot was end game but maybe it’s not and that’s okay.

And as to why I ship zsaszlepot I just like their interactions I think they work well together and I just enjoy the idea.

Honestly my OTP is Oswald/happiness but I doubt he’ll get that either 😂

more discourse bc i read some more responses: “ah isnt purposefully destructive”

someone find the fucking clip of jack looking around the BEAUTIFUL off topic set and saying something along the lines of “i just look around and say ‘what can i fuck up in here’”

also just take a lil gander at their room. a ceiling tile literally fell on top of jeremy. there are holes from weapons in basically everything. check yourself before you wreck yourself

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Hiii I love your blog!! I noticed the ask box is open and I'd like to request a scenario for tyki and his s/o having an argument but ends up in a heated make out session?? Fluff if possible!! Thanks you~

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“What? No!“ Tyki immediately stood up and trailed you to the door. “No way are you going out there.” He plants his palm against the door, ignoring your attempt to shove him away.

“And why not?” you shouted back him, much harsher than he had spoken.

“Because it’s not safe!” he retaliated, but you rolled your eyes and groaned in frustration. There were very few times Tyki forbid you to do something, but you wanted to get out of that building now. He’d kept you cramped up inside all the time and barely even got to leave to get groceries; Tyki had a new habit of coming home with whatever you had complained about not having every night now.

“I ‘suppose I can’t handle myself-”

“You know that’s not at all what I’m trying to say-”

“What are you trying to say then, Mikk?” Tyki scrunched his face up at how you said his name.

“The exorcists could-”

“I just want to breathe fresh air, Tyki,“ you sighed and let your face drop as you looked at the ground. Tyki froze. Uh-oh, he thought. Whenever you got sad, Tyki couldn’t dare say no. He was a gentleman, too, and not any classless Noah. He pulled you in tight to his chest, his arms wrapped around your shoulders. You knew you were getting to him and sniffled at fake tears to make him cave in. You reached up to rub your eyes, but Tyki grabbed your hand and kissed your lips. You blinked through the surprise before pushing back into it. One kiss turned into two and two into three… You gave up counting long before he finally pulled back enough to let you two breathe.

“You’re still not leaving,” Tyki murmured, but you were still too caught up in the kiss to keep up your saddened façade. Instead, you pulled him to you again, nestled in each other’s embrace.


Aries : Push you in the corner of the room , and pull out all your insecurities. They put so much energy into their arguments , always yelling.

Taurus : It’s actually really easy to provoke these individuals. When you do, they collapse. Totally. Probbably won’t talk to you again, or pull out the victim card, and turn everyone against you.

Gemini: BLA,BLA,BLA,Fuck you,BLA,BLA. Basically, don’t provoke them unless you want to listen a lot of bullshit about you.

Cancer: Always the victim. Probbably will cry in front of everyone, and make you look like a monster.

Leo: They will hold your actions against you. For example, if you did something bad and only they saw it, they won’t hold it. They would spit it all out in the worst possible time.

Virgo: They’ll become ultra cold and shady. Will ignore you. Like, forever.

Libra: They won’t fight you. They won’t try to. Usually. They’re chill. And if you say something awful, they will just forgive you.

Scorpio: Revenge.

Sagittarius: They’ll hate you for some time, but forget it later. They usually stay on good terms with everyone. They just know what to do and say to make things good.

Capricorn: If you provoke them, they will remember ,but forgive. If you do it again, they will fucking destroy you. Not even joking. They’ll become super competitive and beat you in everything. They will give their maximmum to do so.

Aquarius: Argue a lot, and win in that arguements because they have a plan. Always. Really smart people. And they usually know everything about everyone. They’re curious.

Pisces: Most of the times, pisces are friends with almost everyone. They’re super social, and always picking the right words for everyone. If you provoke them, they will explain to you why you shouldn’t do that or why you’re not right.

What She Says: I’m fine.

What She Means: Jason Todd was the “Robin Who Died" and when he came back as Red Hood (Under The Red Hood 2004-2006) he was after Bruce for not killing the Joker and revenging his death. Bruce, after Jason’s death just metaphorically shrugged and walked away as he moved on to Tim Drake (No hate towards Tim, love that boy). But when Damian Wayne (Also love that boy), as Robin, died (Issue #8 of Batman, Inc. 2013) Bruce went mental and did nothing but search for a way to bring him back and revenge. Bruce was unwilling to accept the death. The only thing that stopped him from killing Heretic (Damian Wayne’s killer) was his resemblance to Damian. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK. Jason begged his father to revenge him, just once, but Bruce is willing to lose his sanity and entire code of conduct for Damian. Jason, being apart of the batfamily probably watched in absolute horror, as his own father choose his biological son over his adopted son. By now he probably has realized the wrongs in his past concerning trying to force Bruce to kill. Not to deemphasize Jason’s violent story, as he was acting as a sort of villain in the Under The Red Hood arc and forcefully tried to get his father to kill, but in Damian’s case, he would have done it without a second thought. Not only is this a major blow to Jason, but it is a poor representation of families with both biological children and adopted children, or even families with just adopted children, I’m sure. In short, the writers say that Bruce loves his biological son more than his adopted which is UNACCEPTABLE. Despite all of this, the writers did not exhibit how Jason was feeling during said arc which just isn’t fair to the readers OR the actual characters and their dynamic.