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Hello Ms. Sarah. This might seem like a petty question, but as someone who puts a lot of effort into the content she distributes online and talks candidly about her opinions religious, literary, and otherwise, how do you deal with anon hate or people spreading your posts around with nasty comments? Idk if this has happened to you inasmuch, but I assume it is part of internet discourse. You may very well be one of those who gives no fucks, but if you give any, how do you process them?

I used to have fucks, but a few years ago I made the mistake of poking the monster of the Hannibal fandom, was trashed by a lot of people, bloggers I followed and respected, made it all the way to Fail Fandom Anon…

It was an exciting nausea-inducing time! But as a consequence I have have armor like a goddamn tank when it comes to anonymous or unkind comments on the internet. 

In shedding that anxiety, I also lost my tolerance for the kind of emotional work necessary to respect everyone and where they’re coming from in their personal journey. I just don’t have the energy to care about 10,000+ strangers’ opinions, that’s exhausting and impossible, statistically someone is going to disagree or dislike me. Nasty comments on reblogs aren’t arguments or constructive criticism—I haven’t yet had comments like, “the way this character of color is written is thinly-veiled racism!” or “this discussion of Catholicism is great, but lacking nuance RE: abuse survivors!” which would obviously be cause for real concern and evaluation of my opinions and content. Nasty comments and anonymous hate are just that, and my time and energy is too valuable to waste on them.

So I delete messages freely. I block posts. I block notifications. Sometimes just I’ll go away and think about a comment for a while and decide that actually, that’s a good point and I have something to say on the topic. But my policy these days is that I will only respond to that sort of thing if I think my response will be interesting to my followers. Hopefully I’ve said everything I want to say articulating my position, if people disagree that’s why they have a blog.

I also think it’s important to remember that your blog isn’t you. Maybe it’s a beautiful facsimile and you’re very attached to it, but it’s not you. So instead of seeing comments or asks as reflections of you personally, these are people reacting to a single facet, barely a facet, just a shard or fragment of a self that resembles your reflection.

And at the end of the day, that’s not worth any response but boredom.

im not gonna reply to the reply to my post in question but uh.  if i say “people are allowed to have negative opinions and share them publicly and that is not inherently taboo” and you jump onto my post to say “uh excuse me!! i think youre wrong, people shouldnt share their negative opinions publicly!!!!!” you are… sharing…. your negative opinion…………  publicly……u played urself

I really wish people wouldn’t compare Sherlock’s actions to Marys. It’s not even in the same ball park 😷

This isn’t me pooh-poohing someone’s opinion, it’s just fact.

I think Mary as a character is fantastic, she’s cold, manipulative and very clever. A brilliant villain! I don’t like her for the same reasons.

I adore Amanda and she does a wonderful job of Mary.

Just because Mary is a bad egg, doesn’t mean we dislike Amanda or her acting. I repeat, Mary is a superbly written character but she is not a nice person. I do not have to like her. Nobody has to. Not liking her and discussing her in the light of being a villain is not ‘wank’. That’s just who and what she is.

It’s that simple.

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there were posts going around for so long asking for lgbt+ coffee shops and such that wouldnt be sexual, i dont even get why it's such an issue now for someone to mention being uncomfortable with PDA. and it seems so directed towards certain parts of the lgbta+, such as ace, bi, pan, etc. i'm not even ace, im bi and super uncomfortable with pda due to past sexual abuse and ive gotten the "youre homophobic!" thing due to being uncomfortable with it. its not just LGBT+ pda that bothers me, its all

ya its ridiculous to assume that non-acearos can’t be uncomfortable with pda as well

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I'm sorry, but AH deserves to be nominated. When you put together her stats with the mess of a backline she had, she definitely deserves it. Without her, Orlando would be getting blown out by 5 goals per game, let's be honest. I'd like to see her with a consistent backline.

L’Espirit D’Escalier In The Year 2016

“Yeah well fuck you too buddy” I type into the text box.
I hit enter.
That’ll teach ‘em,
Stupid son of a bitch who had the gall
To promote political arguments that I disagree with
On the wall of some friend of a friend that I haven’t spoken to in a good half-decade.
I decide not to care what he says back to me.
I look at the clock.  Work is in six hours.
I look at the ceiling.  My argument could have been better.  
I’d read an article just this morning about this.
I could have been nicer.
I could have been meaner–oh, here’s a line that really would have stuck them,
The stupid son of a bitch.  
I look at the ceiling.  My phone buzzes.
I hope it’s my stupid opponent, my friend of a friend
With the racist or sexist or homophobic or just plain ignorant streak.  
I hope it’s ANYTHING but him.  
It’s only an email advertising a sale at the guitar store and I heave a sigh of relief and my pulse slows.
Why am I fucking relieved? I could have taken that idiot to school, then church,
Then Sunday School, and shown him the catechism of how fucking wrong and stupid he is.
Work is in five hours.
Why do I do this to myself?
Why do I have to be an ass instead of leaving well enough alone?
Work is in four hours.  I have to sleep.
My heart is pounding.
I don’t know who I’m more pissed off at:
That ignorant twerp I’m arguing with,
Or me, the one who had to get into it with him.
Either way,
“Yeah, well fuck you too, buddy.”
Work is in three hours and I stare at the ceiling.

  • <p><b>neurotypicals:</b> the mind of an autistic is a scary and unpredictable place<p/><b>my internal monologue:</b> Don't take off your shoes Don't take off your shoes Don't take off your shoes. The ground looks so smooth and shiny but this a fancy place Don't take your shoes off. idc how nice it looks don't take them off<p/></p>