Originally constructed as a temporary residence for slaves and workers building St. Mary’s Church, the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire, England is said to be one of the world’s most haunted locations.

The numerous hauntings stem from the inn being built on top of a nearly 5000-year-old Pagan burial ground.

In 1968,John Humphries purchased the Ancient Ram Inn to save it from demolition and has lived in it ever since. Upon moving in, Humphries discovered gruesome signs of devil worship and sacrifice, including the skeletal remains of children with broken daggers within them.

The Bishop’s Room, the inn’s most notorious room, is known for it’s overwhelming paranormal activity. Eight people have reportedly had to undergo exorcisms after staying overnight. On another occasion, a psychic medium was thrown out of the doorway and across the room.

Ancient Ram Inn

The Ancient Ram Inn, located in Gloucestershire, England and open since 1145, is a paranormal hot spot. It’s been investigated by many paranormal groups and is said to have about 20 ghosts on the property. People have reportedly jumped out of windows because they where frightened by the ghosts: an incubus, a murdered girl called Rosie, and a child’s spirit who was supposedly killed by satanists. The current owner had found bones of the child, as well as satanic objects hidden within a loose brick in a fireplace. 

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The ghost hunt yesterday at the Ancient Ram Inn went okay. Nothing spectacular happened but the group we were with was great! One of the guides was really on edge all night, though, bless. I had to hold hands with him in a circle and a moth kept landing on him in the dark and he kept jumping and crushing my hand.