BTS Reaction to: Finding out their foreign girlfriend can speak Korean

Anon asked: ”Bts reaction. Their s/o is African American but can speak their language “

Author’s note: Just like with the other request I got yesterday I’ll make it neutral because I want everyone to relate to this and don’t want to write the same request 3 times but for different people. Hope you get what I mean. Gifs aren’t mine. x 

“Hey baby I’m home!” 

He frowned when he didn’t get an answer. That’s weird, you usually always respond immediately. He took his shoes off before going to the kitchen and grabbing himself something to drink. As he walked into the living room he saw you snuggled up underneath a blanket, cup of tea in your hand and an empty bowl of chips next to you. When he turned to the TV he saw that you were watching one of the newest dramas. However, there were no subtitles. The volume was pretty loud. It was almost as if you did that to actually hear what they’re saying. But you don’t understand Korean, right? 

“Jagiya, why are you watching it without subtitles?” 

You took a sip of your tea as you didn’t take your eyes off of the TV while saying, 

“They’re in the way of the screen. I want to be able to see everything that’s happening.” 

“But why would you do that when you don’t understand it?” 

“I do understand it.” 


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It took him a couldn’t of seconds to process what you just told him. Once he realized he grabbed the remote, paused the TV and started yelling. 

“Y/N! You mean we could’ve been speaking Korean this entire time! Why did you let me struggle in English?” 

You laughed at his words as he sat down next to you, still pouting. 

“I wanted to surprise you plus I like hearing you speak English.” 

He smiled at your words as he pulled the blankets over him and snuggled closer to you before continuing watching the series. 


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Yoongi have you this exact look as he sat down next to you. Staring at you with an amused expression as you giggled softly. 

“Well that’s great. You couldn’t have told me sooner?” You shook your head ‘no’ as you gave him a kiss on the lips. “It’s quite adorable when you speak English. You sound so soft when you do it.” 

“I’m not soft.” “Yes you are. You’re my softie.” 

He made a disgusted face as he turned away from you. You laughed as you shouted,  “I love you”

He didn’t turn around but you knew he was smiling as he made his way into the kitchen. 


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He shouted, making you laugh. He jumped up and down before he attacked you on the couch. He pinned you down underneath him as he started to tickle your sides. 

“H-Hobi stop!” 

“No! This is your payback for not telling me sooner!”  “I wanted to surprise you!” 

“But when were you going to?” “Soon.” 

He smiled brightly at you before pressing a kiss against your forehead and making himself comfortable on top of you. 

“Hobi, you’re heavy!” 

He laughed as he closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. 


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He’d be surprised but also a little upset that you didn’t tell him sooner. Sure he had no problem talking English with you since he’s fluent but he felt a bit more comfortable speaking in Korean since that’s his first language. If he would have known that you speak Korean too he wouldn’t have to translate a lot of things before saying it to you for example. 

“Joonie, are you mad I didn’t tell you sooner?” 

“No I’m not mad baby it would have just made things easier if you’d told me.” 

“I’m sorry.” 

He pressed a kiss against your lips as he sat down next to you. “Don’t be sorry baby. I like that you can speak Korean.” 


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“Aish Jagiya! Why did you do this to me?” 

You laughed at his behavior as you got up from the couch to give him a hug. Jimin buried his face in the crook of your neck as he wrapped his arms around you in return. 

“No I’m just kidding baby. I really appreciate that you learned Korean jagi.” 

“I learned it a couple of years ago and turns out it came out handy.” 

He chuckled as he slid his cold hands underneath your shirt, making you squeal. 

“Oh my god Jimin that’s so cold!” “Payback for not telling me.” 


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“You’ve been lying to me? Jagiya why would you do that to me?” 

You rolled your eyes as you looked up to him from your position on the couch.Your arms were crossed as you looked at him with an amused expression.  

“You done being dramatic?” 

He instantly flashed you his signature boxy smile as he embraced you tightly, smiling against the skin on your neck as he held you. 

“Yeah I’m done being dramatic. I like this a lot Y/N. We can have so much fun together now!” 


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Jungkook wouldn’t even question it. He’d just sit down next to you and pull the blankets over him before snuggled up to you. You’d frown when you saw him intensely watching the screen. Why didn’t he even bother asking why you spoke Korean? Maybe he didn’t even notice. 

“Jungkook, aren’t you gonna ask why I can understand Korean?” 

“Nah, I know you are full of surprises Y/N.” 

You chuckled at his words as you wrapped your arms around his waist. 

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As a canadian, is there anywhere where we can call or send letters to in regards to the whole Net Neutrality business?

I don’t think Canadians can do anything directly, but you can help your American followers and friends by sharing this post (It contains information on how Americans can quickly send letters to their elected representatives.)

Also this website will also help you call your elected representatives (USA only):

If anyone knows any way that Canadians can help, let me know.

  • Gryffindor: Alright everyone, I've got some...bad news.
  • Hufflepuff: What's wrong?
  • Gryffindor: We will not be allowed to skip school tomorrow to eat all of the food in the kitchens.
  • Ravenclaw: What? Why?
  • Gryffindor: Because, apparently, 'Thanksgiving is an American holiday' and 'You can't just skip school', according to Minnie McG.
  • Slytherin: I mean, if we tried hard enough, we could make it a UK holiday.
  • Ravenclaw: Celebrating what, exactly?
  • Gryffindor: Our stomach's full potential.
I have a serious question for Americans

If any of you is American, can you please - PLEASE - explain to me THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING ICE IN HOTEL ROOMS?







“I’m gonna get ice”


No joke here I’m really confused

I knew Neil was going to make Good Omens with an orgasmic visual experience after what we saw with American Gods; but I can’t even put words around how much I’m loving the flaming sword.

The flaming sword people! I’m sick of it being styled like Excalibur. It’s an angelic weapon and old af, and Neil’s flaming sword looks exactly like that! Primitive and not made by man.

Fucking YES! Good Omens!

25 And the Lord spake unto the Angel that guarded the eastern gate, saying ‘Where is the flaming sword that was given unto thee?’
26 And the Angel said, ‘I had it here only a moment ago, I must have put it down some where, forget my own head next.’
27 And the Lord did not ask him again.

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as an american army, i can't help but feel terribly sorry.... im sorry about my country's terrible media and entertainment industry :(

sigh i’m an american too and i was honestly expecting some ignorance but i cant believe it’s reached this degree. it’s sad bc this is a moment we should be proud of, that bts shiuld be proud of but rather than being treated like the introspective and talented artists they are and being publicized in that light , they’re being belittled to the status of some “heartthrob fad.” but hey? what can we do about it

i just remembered this story my dad told me one time, about abraham lincoln

a guy challenged abe to a duel once. lincoln very much did not want to duel this cat.

so lincoln agreed, on the condition he got to choose the weapon. maybe that was how it generally went in 19th century dueling culture, i have no idea.

the guy said “sure”

lincoln said, “ok. broadswords.”

so that poor would-be opponent shows up on the day of the would-be duel, and abe is outside, doing, like, some quick sword warmups.

now, back in lincoln’s day, he was, as any american schoolchild can tell you, the tallest fucking dude on the entire fucking planet, so please try to even imagine the majestic reach of this stovepiped giant’s condor-like wingspan.

(wingspan plus broadsword.)

abe’s enemy takes one look at this, does some quick mental calculations on his own arm length (mortal, human), turns around and goes home.

the best part is that, as i remember it, lincoln of course had no fucking idea how to swordfight. it was the 1800s. we had guns. he’d just been, like, waving this giant sword around haphazardly, whacking at tree limbs, making his arms look as big as possible because he knew this joker could see him, and he knew that guy didn’t know that lincoln didn’t know what the hell to do with a broadsword.

anyway, i don’t actually know if that story is true or not but i really really hope it is. i would love to know that the president who defeated the confederacy was also fucking hilarious.


I know probably no one will read this, but if you do, please, please keep my country in your thoughts and prayers. If you don’t know, there was a 7.1 earthquake here a few minutes ago. Puebla and Morelos are two of the most damaged states, and lots and lots of buildings just crashed to the ground in Mexico City. It’s the second one this month, the first one compeltely destroyed Oaxaca and Chiapas. There’s no transportation and barely any communication that comes and goes. People are so scared, there are news that elementary schools and high schools crashed down in the city. There are videos of huge buildings crashing down completely in just a single fucking second, so many people are injured or lost or dead. I was at school and the ceiling started to break down. My own brother is in Mexico City and I can’t communicate with him, we live in the State and we don’t even know if he will make it back here tonight. I know i have bad english but if you understood any of this, please, please pray for us.

Update: The earthquake happened yesterday at 1:14 pm. It’s 12:32pm, 225 people have been confirmed dead so far. A lot of this were children in a kindergarten that collapsed in the city.

Paypal: please, please donate if you can. An American dollar is worth approximately 20 Mexican pesos, so even just 5 dollars are extremely helpful and the whole country will be forever grateful for any help you can provide, no matter how small.

Thank you to everyone asking, thank God we could communicate with my brother yesterday and he’s fine. His school almost collapsed, but he miraculously he had went out for lunch somewhere else. The building he was in resulted terribly damaged too, but in didn’t collapse. He couldn’t come back home last night due to the transportation issues, but he stayed somewhere safe and he’s okay. All my family and friends are okay.

Mexicanos y latinos, por favor, por favor donen si está en sus manos. Si son de la Ciudad o de los estados afectados, la donación de víveres es muy importante y muy necesaria, hay muchísima centros de acopio y hasta el más pequeño granito de arena es de mucha ayuda. De cualquier otro estado de la República o de Latinoamérica se pueden hacer donaciones por Paypal.

Comic Pages Storyboard Tutorial

OKAY SO! @biazerod asked me a little help on storyboarding and i decided to make this tutorial…i’m not a professionist. so don’t take these as golden rules…just advices!  and as always sorry for the english 

FIRST THING FIRST! the storyboard part is the most important phase in a comic page ! 
you can spend an entire day storyboarding! because it’s the structure, the essence of the page! 
here’s some tips :
1- a page can start from 1 panel/frame (called splash page!) until how many f*cking panels you can fit ! (some pages , especially in french comics/bd  can reach 24 panels/frames!)
Exaple of splash pages: 

(these are from the green lantern,DC and the newest Thor ,marvel )
Splash pages are a priority of American comics, you rarely can find them in french Bd ! they represent a scene of impact! a fight! a revelation! be careful! use it only one if two times on a range of 50 pages! cuz it cut the narration! 
instead in french bd  you find this :

first one is from Blacksad 2# and second one is from Atar Gull 
see how high the number of the frames is?? 

the number of frames is very important in a page because it decide the narration time! :D also it all depends on the kind of ‘’direction’’ you want to use on your comic! so be really careful when you decide the number of the frame! 

1- when you have a page that contains more than 3 Frames ALWAYS. ALWAYS HAVE AN ESTABLISHING SHOT! 



in a comic page, is important to put the camera far away from the character most of the time! play with the different shots!  

(found this on google) 
lot of them can help you so much you have no idea!  a comic artist and a director do the same job when creating a story

2- Candy eye
this is a tricky trick that can help you with the audience! when a character is saying something important or you have to introduce them , USE THE CANDY EYE DUDE. 

the candy eye is , basically, a bust shot where you show the character,their features , usually with a cool or a funny expression ( or of course it depends from the situation) and believe me WORKS 10/10 with the audience ;) 


- when you’re doing dinamic poses try and try again! the first one isn’t always the best! 
THINK IN SEQUENCES! imagine what would happen after the page you are creating! connect the various pages NOT THE SINGLES FRAMES ! 
most important thing: 

if the page you’re creating it stresses you! STOP.
continue it when you are in a better mood ,dude.
our job requires lot of time and effort, but it should be the job we love. 
so don’t stress yourself and keep calm.

hope this is useful. don’t take this as golden rules, this is just the way i work :)

I am not American but rescinding DACA is all kinds of fucked up and effects young people. I couldn’t imagine being deported after living safely and legally for years and it shouldn’t be a reality for 800,000 of people protected by DACA. I can’t do anything but raise awareness so if you are American and able you can contact your local government and tell them to defend DACA, you can do this by texting RESIST to 50409 and all you need is your name, email and ZIP code. Or call them!

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Hi ashlee! Sorry to bother you but I've seen you and a couple people blogging about my immortal and I was hoping you could explain what's going on? From what I understand we just found out who the author is? But I'm not familiar with the actual story of my immortal. At least I don't remember ever coming across it. Thanks in advance!

It’s this 44 chapters long Harry Potter fanfic that was written back in 2006-2007 by ‘Tara Gilesbie’, published on, and it’s so atrocious it’s great. The main character is a vampire goth (or ‘goffik’) called Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way but sometimes her name is spelled Enoby, the spelling overall is terrible, the plot is nonsensical and weirdly sexual, the characters and world are completely bastardised and on top of that the author sprinkles notes about her preferences and life story throughout the actual chapters and in the author’s notes. It’s so ridiculous, you truly have to read at least the first chapter to get an idea of how weird it is. There’s references to Hot Topic, to self-harm, to characters constantly hooking up, Hogwarts is divided into Goths and Preps, Harry and Draco are exes and everyone’s names are constantly being misspelled… It’s truly a wild read. Buzzfeed did a pretty god job picking out some of the best bits for its ten year anniversary, if you can’t sit through the whole thing you definitely have to read this.

It so completely disregarded Harry Potter canon and was so hated at the time that it got thousands of negative reviews, which made it infamous, and the author’s notes got more aggressive in response to the feedback. It was hacked twice, and then the author ‘got bored’ of it, and then she got locked out of her account.

It got really famous because no one could decide if it was genuine or a parody. It was so terrible a lot of people thought it must have been satire, but it was so long and so bad that a lot of people also thought it couldn’t have been made up because of the effort that went into it. It was like an over exaggerated example of all the worst bits of emo internet culture in the early 2000s, and some people saw it as a brilliant commentary on the state of fandom while others saw it as a blight on people who were trying to get fanfiction to be taken seriously. The debate raged and My Immortal even became required reading for a course at Princeton, but the author managed to stay anonymous and one of the greatest mysteries of the internet.

Recently, an unrelated scandal occurred in the YA publishing world where an ‘author’ named Lani Sarem attempted to buy her way onto the top of the NYT Bestsellers List with a book so terrible it garnered comparisons to My Immortal. People started speculating (half joking, half serious?) that maybe she was the author, My Immortal had been completely serious, and she had never grown up or changed her writing style at all and was now trying to scam her way to a profit with it. 

This is obviously terrible, and it actually coincided with the real author of My Immortal making her first public statement on the internet in years, after she rediscovered and updated the bio of her account, which had a similar account name, creation date (and apparently the same email and password) as the account that had hosted My Immortal. After that first update she came back to say, no, she was not Lani Sarem. And then she came back again to reiterate that she was the real author of My Immortal, and, in the process, dropped hints that she had an agent, an editor, worked with amazing women in the publishing industry, and that she couldn’t say anything else about My Immortal ‘for now’.

Linking directly back to the Lani Sarem scandal, an editorial assistant at Wednesday Books made a (now deleted) tweet saying, “we have a book with the girl who wrote My Immortal. Definitely not the same person as this nut.” 

Someone took this information and began hunting for clues as to who this author could be. They came across mention of a book called Under the Same Stars by Rose Christo, being published by the pretty damn impressive publishing house Macmillan. Now, I’ve heard two different stories at this point: Both might be true, maybe they happened at the same time or maybe one after the other, I’m not sure. But I’ve heard that they then found Rose Christo on Twitter, and discovered a screenshot she’d posted of something else that had another tab with what appeared to be the fictionpress account open. The other thing I’ve heard is that someone found Rose on tumblr and searched through her blog for mentions of My Immortal, and found a post where she admitted (in a round about way) to being the author (because she didn’t want Ebony being called a TERF, as if this story wasn’t wild enough to begin with!!).

Either way, people were now undeniably linking Rose Christo with My Immortal. And it turns out they were right, and Rose was the author, and Under the Same Stars is actually a story that details the time of her life when she was in the New York foster system, searching for her younger brother and writing My Immortal (which was a troll fic, she has confirmed) with her foster sister, referred to throughout the fic as Raven. 

Here’s the official description of the book:

In the early 2000s, Rose Christo was separated from her five-year-old brother and shuttled between foster homes in Brooklyn to the Bronx and back again. Desperate to be reunited with her sibling, she traveled the five boroughs, unable to find any trace of him, as New York State’s child care agencies failed to help her time and again.

Then, with the help of one beloved foster sister, Rose created an infamous piece of Harry Potter fanfiction titled My Immortal, posting it online under the pseudonym XXXbloodyrists666XXX. The “44 chapters and 22,000 words of hysterical, typo-laden hyperbole” went viral as the most notoriously terrible fanfic ever read by the community. For years, fans, writers, and editors researched, debated, and contested the story’s origin and its mysterious author: Was this grammatically challenged rant actually written by a suicidal goth teenager named Tara Gilesbe living in Dubai, or was this a hoax perpetrated by a group of professional authors making fun of fanfiction?

The truth is a gripping, compelling, and surprisingly funny story of how a young girl infiltrated and used the fanfiction community to search for her brother by baiting their attention with a deliberately badly written tale, creating a 10-year mystery that garnered pop culture media attention and remained unsolved — until now.

Understandably, everyone lost their minds, because all the backstories people had hypothesised for the author of My Immortal were so far from Rose’s real life story (or the glimpses we’ve gotten of it so far). 

She had been hoping to remain anonymous until the publication of the book was properly announced, when it’s subtitle The search for my brother and the true story of My Immortal, would have whipped up this same internet frenzy. But the whole thing with Lani just caused people to go snooping and the news came out earlier than she had planned, which is actually quite frustrating and upsetting for her, I’d imagine. But she seems to be taking it in stride.

You can read her FAQ, where she answers a few questions about all this in her own words, and you can read about the other books she has published here. I also recommend checking out her blog in general for some great insight into issues effecting Native Americans. You can buy her books on Amazon, too, if you want to read any others before Under the Same Stars comes out.

Even though we all know who the author is now, My Immortal remains one of the greatest things to ever come out of the hell-time that was the early 2000s, and is like a time capsule of all the worst bits of internet culture back then. After following this mystery for a decade, I’m really, really glad to know that the author has done so well for herself.

Can you guess how long cigarette cartons have had to carry warning labels? In the United States, since 1965. It has been over fifty years! And the fight is still going to keep people from literally killing themselves.

The latest idea? Australia was the first to mandate that cigarette packages can have nothing on them at all – except health warnings. No name-brands, no advertisements, just the fact that cigarettes will kill you.

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Hi Laura! I'm so shocked and sorry to hear about what's happening in Venezuela. Is there anything you can think of that Americans can do to help anyone's situations? Are there charities that can supply aid that you know of? You're all in my thoughts and prayers!

Hi! Uhm, actually, yeah, there are a few organizations that are collecting funds for Venezuela:

  • Feed the Protest, gives food and water to the people protesting in the street. You can donate here.
  • Medical students of the Central University of Venezuela have a list of things that are needed by the UCV First Aid.
  • Blue Helmet, group of health professionals who also provide inmediate help to those injured in the protests. Donate here.
  • Sharing a Life helps children in critical health condition due to the shortage and high cost of food and medicine. You can donate here.
  • Sunrisas, is raising funds for food, medicine and basic hygiene for the children in Venezuela affected by the humanitarian crisis. They also have a list of things you can help buying.
  • Masks vs Bombs helps distributing anti-gas protection for the protestors. You can donate here.
  • Humanitarian Help Venezuela helps those affected by the social and economic situation You can donate here.
  • Donamed, is a web that works collecting funds and medicines. You can donate here.
  • Together for Venezuela, a group from San Francisco collecting medicines to send them to those in need. You can donate here.

Those are the ones i could find, maybe there are more. If you donate, even the smallest amount, you’re helping this country survive and fight our opressors! If can’t donate it’s okay just please spread this information, help save my country in anyway you can!

reasons why you should try the "ace attorney" series

- its a fucking classic

- “objection” “objection” “objection” “objec

- you can even play the games on your phone like some millennial

- the main trilogy + apollo’s game have sick ass pixel art as well as sick ass pixel sprites with sick ass animations????????

- the 3d models look like memes??? the ones in soj and dd atleast

- music??? good music???? we got some intense af chiptunes here?? its even got chiptune jazz

- so much puns and pop culture references that you’ll turn into the upside down smiley face emoji

- choosing the wrong piece of evidence or objecting on the wrong statement will give you anxiety but youll still have fun dont worry

- you will love every single character and they will all personally love you back (except for maybe kristoph)

- germans

- “oOoO AaaAaCchHhtuuNnGgg BABByy”

- “fooLlshhLY FOOl iSH H FO oLS”

- “join us on the american kotatsu.” “eat your hamburgers apollo”

- you can talk to dead people

- your favorites dont die (sometimes– my fav died 8( )

- if the present time games arent ur thing……… dai gyakuten saiban exists

- ^^^^ japan history book??? the meiji period??? bro u can educate yourself with this

- ^^^^ smooth boy sherlock holmes is in it??

- ^^^^ steampunk


- diverse ”“"american”“” cast

- you can use some weird black magic shit to be a lawyer

- everyone looks ridiculous

- the characters??? actually like grow up when a new game comes out?? theyre not eternally 21 or smthn

- each case is a good story that makes you go “oOoOoOo shHIIiT”

- professor layton crossover ????????

- the adorable promo art that the artists come up w/

feel free to add more im tired