“Pardon me are you Aaron Hamilton, Sir?”
“That depends who’s asking?”
“Oh well sure Sir, I’m Alexander Burr. I’m at your service, Sir. I have been looking for you.”

In which Aaron is the young immigrant and Alexander the heir to the Burr legacy.

being both black canadian and black american i can say i think ive been treated pretty much the same in both countries like. i wish i was joking but the racism here and there is the exact same except that in canada people are more inclined to ask really invasive weird questions


Watch President Obama’s speech on Trump’s election victory: full video and transcript

“President Obama spoke about Donald Trump’s election victory at the White House on Wednesday. Here is a transcript of his remarks.” - Vox

shout out to all the non-americans:

thank you for reblogging and posting stuff about voting.

thank you for encouraging people to vote.

thank you for all the support you could give us, even from where you live.

thank you for showing that you cared about our future, our safety, and us.

thank you.

i knew that in reynolds pamphlet philip is there and burr/madison/jefferson taunts him as he reads the pamphlet and looks heartbroken etc but NO ONE TOLD ME HE COMES ONTO STAGE BY LITERALLY SLIDING THROUGH JEFFERSONS LEGS


some #looks from this season, y'all 🔮

Thank You President Obama!!!

Just over 8 years ago, while sitting in my apartment in Philadelphia, I watched as the race was called and Senator Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America. This was the first presidential election that I was eligible to vote in, and it was for an African American.

For the last 8 years it has been a pleasure to see how President Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama, have elevated the office of president, and first lady. He has operated with dignity and grace, without personal scandal or indiscretion. First Lady Obama has been a role model for all young women, not just black women. I will gladly teach my two-year-old daughter about Michelle Obama as she grows up!

Each time I watched President Obama speak I felt a sense of pride. To see an African American occupy the highest office in the country, the most powerful position in the world, was a consist reminder of what is possible!

Now, 8 years later, we sit on the eve of a presidential election in which Barack Obama is not on the ballot. For many millennials, this is our first time voting for president without Barack Obama being a candidate.

In this, President Obama’s last day as the reigning winner of the most recent presidential election, I have mixed emotions. On one hand, I am grateful for the opportunity to witness history, greatness, and class. I am proud of President Obama and proud of First Lady Michelle Obama and their family.

On the other hand, I am saddened that his eight-year term is coming to a close.

President Obama has set the bar high. The next President will have a tough road ahead of him or her.

Regardless of your political views, we can all celebrate the tenure of President Obama and cherish the time we had under his leadership!

Thank You President Obama for teaching us all that we can rise about the attacks and keep moving forward.

Yes We Can!

The Actual Signs of Hamilton Characters
  • Elizabeth Schuyler: August 9th, Leo
  • Angelica Schuyler: February 20th, Pisces
  • Peggy Schuyler: September 24th, Libra
  • Aaron Burr: February 6th, Aquarius
  • George Washington: February 22nd, Pisces
  • John Laurens: October 28th, Scorpio
  • Marquis de Lafayette: September 6th, Virgo
  • King George III: June 4th, Gemini
  • Thomas Jefferson: April 13th, Aries
  • James Madison: March 16th, Pisces
  • Theodosia Burr: June 21st, Gemini
  • Phillip Hamilton: January 22nd, Aquarius
  • Alexander Hamilton: January 11th, Capricorn