Not Wanting Kids Is Entirely Normal

“American culture can’t accept the reality of a woman who does not want to be a mother. It goes against everything we’ve been taught to think about women and how desperately they want babies. If we’re to believe the media and pop culture, women – even teen girls – are forever desperate for a baby. It’s our greatest desire.”

Brief summary of what’s going on with the Dakota Pipeline for anyone not up to speed on it. 

Big bad government wants to put a pipeline in. They put the plans out for public eye and they also consult every tribe in the area even though the pipeline does not go through any tribal land. After hundreds of meetings and years of approvals they decide to start. However someone in the Media tells the poor helpless Native Americans that they can get more attention if they protest. So they do. And then you get pussy veterans that cry and bemoan everything that they personally ever did to the Natives so they have to apologize for it. 

Even though the project was completely legal and OK’d by the Native Americans to begin with. 

i already gifted 3 ppl thru amazon so far, but i cant gift anyone on steam since i live in south america and the games are region locked, which by the way is fucking bullshit since my american friends CAN buy me shit (anyo and liz have gifted me so many games already) but i cant buy them anything!!! thanks steam!!!!

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I just saw the first page of a presentation about American Imperalism in the Middle East on tumblr and under the title it said "How white people fucked up my country" and that's where they lost me. If you are going to talk about American imperalism you can't just talk about white people when you have had a black president for 8 years and I somehow doubt that US army only send white people to the Middle East. If he had written how the US fucked up his country I would have been fine with it. 1/2

But why do people always pretend like it’s only white people in the US when they’re talking about American Imperalism or when they talk about imperalism from other Western countries. I just annoys me so much, escpecially because it’s not about white people vs people of colour (if you can really use that word when it comes to other countries), it’s about western countries vs non-western countries and pretending it’s just white people in the West helps no one. 2/2



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Anonymous Assumption time! You like to eat all the icing off a cupcake before getting to the cake part.

Nah, man, why would you do that? The icing’s the best part! You don’t want to eat it all up and then have to deal with a sad icing-less cake being the last thing you taste!

I take the cupcake out of its wrapper and bite off the bottom so that I have something approaching a 1:1 cake:frosting ratio that I can then take bites out of. If it’s a filled cupcake I need to modify this a little, but it’s a good base cupcake-eating method that has served me well.

(this assumes that both the cake and the frosting are Good which is not always the case because i am a snob. the only time i’d eat the icing first is if the cupcake itself tasted like preservatives and sadness and i was planning to surreptitiously throw it away. Likewise, American-style buttercream can overpower even a well-made cupcake so in that case i don’t eat the bottom of the cupcake first to maintain a better sweetness ratio.)


How many Asian-American actors can we name in a minute?

(And then again, with white actors playing Asian characters)

@people who refuse to tag their 4th of July posts

Hello! My name’s Laura and i’m Lakota Sioux!

My family and I abstain from celebrating 4th of July every year because we’ve literally had our lands taken from us, our people brutally slaughtered and our traditions erased by the white people who brought ‘independence’ to this country, and we see it as a big middle finger to Native American people. Naturally, as such, I don’t enjoy seeing posts about this holiday. They physically make me upset, and more often than not i’ll see my mother cry because of people’s blatant disregard for our struggles. 

People tell me to shut up and not ruin their fun every year. People tell me to not be so preachy. People tell me relax. No matter how many times I try and explain that their ‘FREEDOM FUCK YEAH’ posts only apply to those of light skin, people still ignore us. 

I understand that you guys want to just have a good time, and don’t let me stop you, but please have some regard for us today. Please keep the people who’s entire existence was tarnished to make this day a thing in your minds and hearts when you’re eating apple pie and setting off fireworks.

Please just listen to us for once.

Reblog this for me, please. I want this to be heard.

Edit: If you’re coming here to harass me over this, consider going through my ‘native stuff’ tag and fact checking before you start flaunting how much you hate mixed race kids.

i need you all to understand that it is vital for each and every person on this planet to get involved in politics. I dont care if you find it stressful or youre too busy or lazy or whatever excuse you have, this world will fucking end because racist xenophobic fascists will go out and vote and get their way. UNLESS WE STOP THEM AND VOTE IN LARGER NUMBERS. you need to research your local government, and this isnt just for americans this is to EVERYONE, read up on their votes, keep track of the decisions and how they affect you and the community and the world. 

The results of the brexit vote has proven that donald trump can win. He can because nationalism works, and fear is a better motivator than anything else. You matter, your vote matters, your voice matters, never be silent and never ever let someone make you feel like its over. VOTE. 


Muslim women are firing back at Trump with #CanYouHearUsNow.

In his ongoing feud with Khizr Khan, Donald Trump has suggested that his wife, Ghazala, was not allowed to speak on stage at the DNC because of her faith. (For the record, Ghazala has said she chose not to because she gets too emotional thinking about her dead son.) 

In response Muslim women are showing Trump they are anything but silent and asking #CanYouHearUsNow. As one Twitter user wrote, a Muslim women has “done more good for the world before turning 21 than [Trump will] do in 3 lifetimes.”

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