Happy Birthday Orson Welles: 6th May 1915 - 10th October 1985

Orson Welles is a giant with the face of a child, a tree filled with birds and shadows, a dog who has broken loose from his chains and gone to sleep on the flower-bed. He is an active loafer, a wise madman, a solitude surrounded by humanity. - Jean Cocteau

Ah, but Orson…that huge, strong man, you know that he’s very easily loved, but it’s very easy to hurt him…he’s capable of such beautiful things, and it’s so hard for him now to make a film that you wouldn’t be the little stone that stops the machine from going, once he has the chance to make a film.  - Jeanne Moreau

‘The Ambersons’ and 'Chimes at Midnight’ represent more than anything else what I would now like to do in films…what I am trying to discover now in films is not the technical surprises or shocks, but a more complete unity of forms, of shapes. That’s what I’m reaching for, what I hope is true. If it is, then I’m reaching maturity as an artist. If it isn’t true, then I’m in decadence, you know? - Orson Welles, in 1965

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Within: raised beds, row beds, community gardens, container gardening, direct-seeding, starting indoors, transplanting, hardening off, weeds, bioremediation, fun and easy plants to start with, when to plant, watering, bugs, seed saving, composting, plant growth and nutrients, tomatoes, flowers, berries, and

With writings from Sarah Keliher, Sarah Tavis, Jeff Shannon, Hannah Horovitz, and Rylie Thayer. Based on gardening in the Pacific Northwest, but is kept pretty general throughout. Includes images from vintage gardening books and vintage children’s books, typed on a cursive typewriter.”


Happy Birthday Charles Laughton 1st July 1899 - 15th December 1962

Rembrandt is his great part, his matriculation; full of the intimate moments that test an actor’s integrity to the highest…probably the finest acting performance ever recorded on celluloid. - C A Lejeune

Charles was both inteligent and gifted, with an instinctive genius for acting. - Jean Renoir

Apart from ‘Ambersons’, the most exciting experience I have had in the cinema was with Charles Laughton on 'Night of the Hunter’…every day I considered something new about light, that incredible thing that can’t be described. Of the directors I’ve worked with, only two ever understood it, Orson Welles and Charles Laughton. - Stanley Cortez

I have become a teller of stories. I would like to become the man who knows all the stories…When I go into a good book-store or library, I often feel sad when I see the shelves of books that I will never be able to enjoy. I think of all the wonderful tales I will never know, and I wish I could live to be a thousand years old. - Charles Laughton


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Jacques Tourneur and Val Lewton’s legendary partnership began in the mid-thirties at MGM under the supervision of David O. Selznick, but it wasn’t until the 1942 RKO film Cat People that their chemistry produced an original and highly influential aesthetic. Based on a short story written by Lewton and published in 1930, this cult sensation stars Simone Simon as a Serbian émigré in Manhattan who fears that an ancient curse has doomed her to morph into a feline predator upon physical contact with her lover. Though made on a modest budget with sets left over from other RKO productions, including Orson Welles’s The Magnificent Ambersons, Cat People demonstrates the ingenuity and resourcefulness of two perfectly paired visionaries at the height of their creative powers.

Watch a rare interview with director Jacques Tourneur originally broadcast on French television in 1979