clarke and a dying lexa x cleopatra and the dying mark anthony by pompeo batoni, 1763

Commander of the Twelve Clans, Lexa, and Clarke, Commander of Death, ambassador to the sky people, rekindled their romantic relationship after the betrayal of Mount Weather. Eventually finding peace with each other. This didn’t last long as Clarke’s lover was tragically killed with a bullet meant for her.

Roman general and politician, Mark Antony, formed a romantic relationship with Cleopatra VII, last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. Both powerful figures partook in a war that ultimately lead to their tragic deaths. Mark Anthony, after being falsely informed of Cleopatra’s death, committed suicide. Cleopatra followed.

Things in Star Trek: Beyond that made me cry:
  • The picture of the original bridge crew when Spock is looking through Ambassador Spock’s affects
  • Pavel talking about the little old lady in Russia
  • Bones, Jim, and Spock actually being the triumvirate
  • The TOS score
  • The TOS opening monologue (bonus: “no one” instead of “no man”)
  • “In loving memory of Leonard Nimoy”
  • “For Anton”
  • Honestly just the entire last ten minutes or so of the movie because it hit all of my nostalgia feels that I have for the Original Series and it was another reminder that Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin are gone but it was everything I ever wanted in a Star Trek movie and I’m so glad that it proved me wrong

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Imagine Spock's internal emotional self at first is like his mom, her thinking processes and sayings until he meets Bones. Suddenly every time he thinks emotionally, it's basically Bones with all his crazy sayings until one day his internal emotional thought in his mind is actually being spoken out loud from Bones' mouth at the same time. (My first imagines!)

Imagine Spock meeting some JERK of an ambassador on the bridge, (think Donald Trump in space) and just counting on the fact that soon Bones will be there too, and he will SAY everything Spock is thinking. 

The Mother Of The Ambassador Killed In Benghazi Asks Trump To Stop Exploiting His Death.

Tell us if you think they will respect her wishes!

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Meet Ben Araya, Who Guides Farm Sanctuary Visitors to a More Farm-Animal-Friendly Way of Life!

We’re more than halfway through the visitor season at our New York Shelter, but there’s still plenty of time to meet some of the incredible animals who call Farm Sanctuary home! If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to get to know farm animals up close, a sanctuary tour is a wonderful way to meet some amazing ambassadors for their species and learn how you can make a difference for farm animals just like them. Every animal has an inspiring story of survival, resilience, and healing; here, they are given the respect they deserve and valued as the unique individuals we know them to be — and with help from our tour guides, their miraculous transformations and rich personalities come to life. Senior Tour Guide Ben Araya is one of our most dynamic farm-animal advocates, and as he enthusiastically introduces visitors to our rescued residents, he works to foster connections with farm animals and give guests the tools they need to live in accordance with their compassionate values.

Ben leads guests on a tour of the sanctuary.

This year marks Ben’s fourth season as a tour guide – his first as our Senior Tour Guide – and we greatly value his leadership as we conduct public tours, host events such as our upcoming Hoe Down, and keep our Visitor Program running smoothly. His expertise is invaluable in helping to train newer tour guides, and his affable, approachable personality helps him inspire so many people to make compassionate lifestyle choices they can feel good about.

Ben’s active lifestyle dispels the notion that eating animal products is necessary for maintaining physical health. On the contrary, Ben — an avid trail runner, biker, and rock climber — is a prime example of how easy and fun it can be to fuel our bodies with plants and without causing unnecessary harm to animals. During the course of a tour, Ben refutes some of the common misconceptions people have about plant-based diets – the idea that humans need cow’s milk to get enough calcium, for example, or that those who eat a vegan diet do not get enough protein. Instead, as Ben happily explains, certain brands of plant-based milks contain 50% more calcium than cow’s milk, and The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics fully endorses a plant-based diet as healthy for everyone from infants to adult athletes.

Ben helps visitors see pigs like Eric as friends, not food.

Ben’s own compassionate journey began with an intellectual decision, demonstrating how aligning our actions with our values is a logical course of action – a way to make an informed choice rather than simply following a traditions we’ve grown up to accept as the norm. 

“I went vegan in 2008. I was inspired by the punk bands I was listening to at the time and the literature I was reading,” Ben explains. “I was becoming more educated on different social issues and learned that the way animals are treated in our society is analogous to the other social injustices we experience in our culture.” As with other minority groups throughout the course of history, society generally objectifies farm animals, viewing them as property to be used rather than as living, feeling beings. But with people like Ben advocating on their behalf, farm animals are rapidly gaining recognition as the unique, sentient individuals they are. And as he introduces members of the public to our rescued residents each day, his knowledgeable yet easygoing nature helps more and more people see that farm animals have lives and personalities as rich as those of our companion animals at home.

Ben carries a lamb to safety during our recent rescue in Cattaraugus County, NY.

Looking to take his animal advocacy one step further and admiring Farm Sanctuary’s work to improve the lives of farm animals, Ben decided to apply to our internship program so he could make a difference firsthand. He came to our New York Shelter in 2011 and spent the next two months working alongside our caregivers, forging relationships with our rescued residents that would last for years to come. Working directly with our residents, and seeing how their lives have changed since their arrival at sanctuary, gave Ben a profound appreciation for their journeys, inspiring him to share their remarkable journeys with others. One such individual is Julia, a former gestation sow rescued from abuse on a factory farm, whose resilience continues to inspire Ben to this day.

Julia was hours away from giving birth at the time of her rescue in June 2012, which coincided with Ben’s first season as a tour guide. He feels fortunate to have been able to assist with her delivery, and even got to cut the umbilical cord of his namesake, Ben piglet! Witnessing Julia’s transformation from frightened cruelty survivor to joyful animal ambassador and loving mother has been especially heartwarming, and whenever Ben introduces guests to Maggie and Liza – two of Julia’s babies who now live with our main pig herd – he is delighted and proud to share how far this family has come.

Before her rescue, Julia had never been able to raise any of her babies, but that all changed at Farm Sanctuary.

The animals at our sanctuaries are no different from the billions of farm animals who pass through the meat, egg, and dairy industries each year; the only difference is that here, they are free to be themselves and protected from cruelty. As Ben leads guests into each barn, he shares our residents’ incredible rescue stories while explaining how countless individuals just like them continue to suffer on factory farms and smaller operations where animals are exploited for profit. But here, Ben gives a face and a name to the beings who are typically considered commodities – and in the process of doing so, he inspires thousands of visitors each year to consider how they can create a more compassionate world for all. “I basically get to rub pig bellies professionally,” Ben laughs. But those belly rubs not only delight residents like best friends Andy and Joan pigs (who roll over like dogs and grunt happily in response), they also help visitors to see just how similar farm animals are to the dogs and cats who more commonly enjoy human protection – inspiring countless people to change their conceptions of animals who are commonly viewed as food.

One of Ben’s favorite parts of his job is introducing guests to pigs like Andy, helping them connect with these animals on a personal level.

In his years at our New York Shelter, Ben has formed meaningful relationships with many of our rescued residents, but several of these friendships have been especially close, making his work all the more effective. By showing how powerful interspecies friendships can be, Ben inspires others to follow his example and open their hearts to the profound relationships we can form with farm animals when we view them with respect and compassion. “One of my favorites is Diane cow, because she loves it when I scratch her hip,” Ben says. “She’ll turn her head and start sticking out her tongue when I pet her, and she’ll follow me around to keep petting her.

Diane is one of Ben’s closest farm-animal friends.

“I also love Freckles sheep, because when he spots me in the barn he’ll come right up to me, even when I haven’t seen him in a few months. Sometimes it’ll be a little embarrassing because I’ll have guests in the barn and I’ll encourage them to pet Freckles, but he tends to walk away from my guests and just stand by me. He’ll tap me with his hoof until I pet him.

Gentle Freckles has formed an especially close bond with Ben.

“Elsa turkey is also great; she follows me around until I pet her.

Elsa turkey, who was left anonymously at our New York Shelter as a baby, is one of Ben’s closest Farm Sanctuary pals.

“Also, Marge pig loves it when I’m in my garden. [Ben lives on site.] I throw her weeds over the fence and sometimes I’ll even pick the good stuff, like kale, and feed it to her. She really loves veggies; whenever I call her name she comes running to the garden fence – she knows she’ll get a treat!”

Marge pig knows that Ben has access to the best treats (such as kale!).

These close bonds are what Farm Sanctuary life is all about – living in harmony with all beings and planting seeds of compassion wherever we go. Ben shows us just how rich our lives can be when we are guided by love and kindness – and we deeply value all that Ben does to facilitate meaningful connections between farm animals and the humanimals who love them.

“Being at Farm Sanctuary is amazing,” Ben says. “I am so fortunate to be able to educate people every season on how animals are treated and to encourage them to eliminate their consumption of animal products. I feel like I am so lucky to be able to make a career out of something that aligns so well with my values.”

Cecelia turkey enjoys a special under-the-wings massage, courtesy of Ben.

We feel just as lucky to have Ben on our team as we work to create a kinder world for all. His positive example allows us to see the compassion that exists all around us – and he teaches us that the more we speak up for animals, the more the world will listen.

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Congratulations I love your blog could you please do some winter/jacin headcanons of them planning there wedding

  • Of the four main couples, I feel like Winter and Jacin would be the most likely to elope because neither one of them cares one bit about putting on one of those big fancy shindigs.
    • They’ve both been to enough fancy parties and galas and banquents to last them a lifetime. They don’t need to throw their own.
  • They’re the kind of couple that would just suddenly show up with wedding bands. No announcements. No press releases. Just simple rings and a “oh, yeah, we’re married now” to the stunned journalists who first spotted said jewelry.
    • And, given that Winter is an ambassador rather than a princess, no one can say a thing about it.
  • They probably had a courthouse wedding in whatever town they were in when the proposal went down, though they might have waited until a friend or two (probably Cress and Thorne, since they can get from place to place the easiest) could fly in to act as their witnesses.
  • The rest of the gang received the news through a D-Comm transmission, shortly after the ceremony.

All these books are absolute rubbish. How do they expect anyone to actually learn anything with these sitting around? I think their section on the proper care and handling of a mount is longer than their section on the collective history of Thedas!

Absolutely disgusting.

I’ll have to speak to the Ambassador about this.
Transgender People Open Up About The Impact Of HIV On The Trans Community
"I want other trans women to understand is that you can live a happy, healthy life with HIV."

An incredible new video series is bringing together people across the spectrum of transgender identity for a candid conversation about HIV and the impact it has on the trans community.

The series videos, called “Empowered Trans,” features different conversations about the experience of being HIV-positive and trans, ranging from moments of diagnosis to discrimination and stigma to the process of navigating healthcare providers.

“The reality is that trans women are highly affected by this issue – both in our personal lives, but also as a broader community,” Bre Campbell, a Greater Than AIDS Ambassador, told The Huffington Post. “While I’ve faced discrimination, the reality is that I’m living a good life. What I want other trans women to understand is that you can live a happy, healthy life with HIV.”

Check videos from the “Empowered Trans” series here

// Can’t Stop the Feeling- Justin Timberlake // Cecilia and the Satellite- Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness // Für Elise- Ludwig van Beethoven // Hallelujah- Panic! At the Disco // Townie- Mitski // Unsteady- X Ambassadors // Fantasie Impromptu- Frédéric Chopin // The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty- Panic! At the Disco // Comptine d’un Autre Été- Yann Tiersen // 

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terrified by among savages
renegades by x ambassadors
all to myself by marianas trench
no. 1 party anthem by arctic monkeys
saddest summer by the drums
down in the valley by the head and the heart
rebellion (lies) by the arcade fire
afraid by the neighbourhood
chelsea dagger by the fratellis
on the bus mall by the decemberists

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Taylor and Tom

1. Taylor is musically artistic, talented & into classics. Tom is classically educated, trained & experienced & you know, Shakespeare. Both of them are really smart/intelligent & regardless of who is more smarter or intelligent, they are both successful in their respective careers.

2. Tom is an actor but can also sing, love music and write poetry. Just think of Hank Williams and all those love letters and numerous plays he has been a part of. Taylor is a singer-songwriter, writes about love, heartaches and acts/interprets/sings them on music videos. Both of them believes in romance and I’m certain they will write love poems/ballads to each other.

3. Taylor is passionate with her charity works specially with “Childhood Cancer”. Forget that she was named the most charitable celebrity in consecutive years, she loves to visit the children with cancer and spend time with them! Tom is also passionate with his charity projects, specially being the ambassador for UK UNICEF. Both, they can bring a great deal of impact for being a part of “changing the world”.

4. Based on their interviews and whatever videos circulating around the web, these two have a great deal of sense of humor, thoughtful way of answering questions without intentionally or maliciously degrading someone. (I know what you are thinking but i will tell you, i don’t consider that intentional or malicious, it is a way to empower someone regardless of what you do!)

5. Taylor loves to dance publicly without regards of what people thinks of it. Tom loves to dance publicly and damn, he looks sexy doing it ;). Both of them are dance partners & they both ignite a fire in the middle of a snowstorm, if you know what I mean.

6. Both of them are thinkers and really smart, they probably intimidate other people with their passion to achieve their goals by working hard & dedication to succeed but I think they are also goofy and silly at times. Taylor makes people laugh hard and Tom loves to laugh so there it goes!

7. I think that both of them are family oriented. They seemed to have a family that really support and loves them. Very important as well!

8. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Tom studied his Craft from University & has a degree on it which was very useful to the talent that he already has as an actor, and with experiences he became one of the most talented and respected from his world. Taylor didn’t go to College or University but she was self-taught. She used her own intelligence to experience a degree of education that could or cannot be attained in college and won countless of awards to prove it. If she was home schooled in her last two years of high school (completed in a year), I can pretty much expect that with successful & educated parents like Scott and Andrea, Taylor has continued learning the ways of handling money and business because look at how accomplished she is now at a young age.

9. Together they can really tackle anything that comes their way if they focus on what is truly important in their relationship and their love for each other. 


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Narnia Headcanon- If YOU went to Narnia, what would you do? I'm curious :-)

This is cute!

Hmmm, and hard to answer. I would LIKE to say I would be some sort of spy for something. I get info pretty easily from people and I’m good at facades, if need be.

But realistically, I’d probably end up in the library or writing down copies of books and things. Maybe politics? Or being a diplomatic ambassador or something? ^_^


TASK0001: The Playlist                   

 01. Gorgeous - X Ambassadors ; 02. Dark Necessities -Red Hot Chili Peppers ; 03. Beat Of My Drum - Powers ; 04. I’m So Sorry - Imagine Dragons , 05. Heading Home - Gryffin ft. Josef Salvat ; 06. Young Blood - The Naked and Famous ; 07. Come And Get It - John Newman ; 08. Sweet Ophelia - Zella Day ; 09. Talk Too Much - Coin ; 10. Be Still - The Killers                  FIN

Character Profile: Vandeis

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FACE CLAIM: Ryan Reynolds
NAME: Vandeis Aschblade
AGE: 226
HEIGHT: 6′5″
SPECIES: Definitely of the elven variety

BIRTHDAY: May 23rd

SUN SIGN: Gemini
RESIDENCE: Only the treehouse in Eversong but it hardly sees use (unless he brings company)
MARITAL STATUS: Married to adventure and fun
ALIGNMENT:  True Neutral
DRINK: Technically he prefers different flavored fruit juice, but he’s not picky, even with alcohol.
FOOD: He likes his meat, but does like some mead basted caribou
SNACKS: Fruits and nuts
SONGS:  “Ends of the Earth” -  Lord Huron “Renegades” - X Ambassadors
PET : None but his trusted animal companion is Alexei
COLOR: Forest green
FLOWER:  Wildflowers: He’s not picky, he loves them all
SEXUALITY: Pansexual
ROMANTIC ORIENTATION: He’d go for anyone 
BODY TYPE: Lean and muscled to be able to run great distances and agile enough to climb trees.
HAIR COLOR: Platinum blonde.

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