Six incredible women in fashion, publishing, athletics, and politics were asked what advice they would give to college women at this year’s #HerConference. Here are some of what they had to say.

  • “Whenever you take your own path, you always win.” - Rebecca Minkoff, Fashion Designer
  • “Embrace change. Changes are the greatest gift.” - Andi Dorfman, Author and TV Personality
  • “When you fail… stay open, because your GPS is rerouting you.” - Joyce Chang, Editor in Chief-of-Self
  • “We all make mistakes. Don’t look back. Just do better.” - Vanessa De Luca, Editor in Chief-of-Essence
  • “You create the defining moments of your life and career.” - Nastia Liukin, Olympic Champion
  • “Know what you want to make a difference in right now, and the rest will figure itself out.” - Samantha Power, US Ambassador to the United Nations

It was expected that Beirut Hotel would raise a few eyebrows. Arbid’s films – at least the ones shot in Beirut – are courageous explorations of a dying city, sumptuous (and often cruel) frescoes of decadent inhabitants seeking to recover lost certainties and prejudices in an occasionally somber, yet consistently ironic form of desperation. There is an underlying refusal to succumb to the ‘neo-Orientalist’ gaze – as described by the Lebanese film scholar Wissam Mouawad in his critique of Labaki’s Where Do We Go Now? – which local filmmakers often do in depicting Lebanon. The country’s limitation on individual creativity and lack of engagement in critical discourse has systematically led to boxing local artists as either worthy ‘national ambassadors’ or blasphemous troublemakers out to tarnish the reputation of the Land of the Cedars. Today, Arbid somehow feels proud to belong to the latter category. ‘It’s not like I’m intentionally trying to piss on my country, even though reactionaries consistently accuse me of doing so’, she remarked.

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Karlie's Back! - The Edit x Express
Meet Express's newest brand ambassador, Karlie Kloss! Read on for info on who Karlie is, and why she's so great!

Karlie’s Back!


There are girl crushes, and then there’s Karlie Kloss.

We’re inspired every day by her style, confidence and passion, so we’re beyond excited to welcome Karlie back as Brand Ambassador and Creative Consultant. A few reasons why (as if you didn’t know):

Discovered in a mall when she was 13 years old, Karlie walked in her first New York Fashion Week at 15.

Last fall, Karlie joined the freshman ranks at NYU in a study program designed around her individual interests.

Through Klossies, her line of vegan and gluten-free treats, Karlie raises money to feed the hungry and support young fashion designers.

After learning to code on her own, Karlie started Kode With Klossy, a scholarship program to help young girls learn to build apps.

She’s got followers in the millions and she’s been singled out as one of the most influential people  in the world by Time magazine.

Stay tuned for more about Karlie and her world. We’ll share it all  in the Edit x Express.

Limited Edition Like A Kloss tees are available online July 27th & August 1st in select stores. Sales of this tee help support an Express donation to Kode With Klossy computer science scholarships and programs for women and girls across the country!


D no maou Chapter 3 text translation (The Devil of D-Agency)


chapter 1: part 1, part 2 | chapter 2

The suspect is this American man currently living in Japan, John Gordon. D-Agency then searched his residence under the disguise of military policemen.

Gordon: I haven’t done anything! Do you have any rights to search here? I’ll report this to the ambassador!

The real military police might come if we cause too much trouble…

Neighbour 1: It’s the military police.

Sakuma: !!

Neighbour 2: What happened?

Neighbour 3: Who knows…

Sakuma: When did all these people come…If this goes on, the mission will fail before they can search inside -

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As figures like Bernie Sanders fall by the wayside, surpassed by the radicalism of the movement they unleash, outmanoeuvred and unwilling to break the boundaries of the system that they criticise, I’m reminded of the phrase ‘kill your darlings’. All figureheads, all representatives, all ambassadors for our movement, are ultimately nothing more than means an end: that of forging the downtrodden into a class capable of governing ourselves democratically and running society for the benefit of the overwhelming majority.

“ Despite centuries in the dark, we held on hope that someday we would see the light. A prophecy foretold of an angel, the one who has seen the surface, will return and the underground will go empty. A tender hearted child full of mercy and determination, helped us be free.

The monsters of South Ebott dedicate this statue to the monster ambassador, Frisk.” 

* …

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