flesh, blood & bone

James: *proudly* Our boy is about to become the youngest wizard to win the Triwizard Tournament

Lily: Thank heavens this stupid thing finally ends.

*Surprise! the cup is a portkey*

James: What the fuck?

Lily: Are they at a graveyard?

James: This is not good, oh this is so not good.

Lily: Someone’s coming.

James: *sneering* Is that Wormtail? What the hell is he holding?

Lily: Something bad, Harry’s holding his scar. He looks like he’s in so much pain.

*Kill the spare*

James: Wormtail NO

*Cedric hits the floor and he wakes up to Lily and James staring at him*

Cedric: You- But- Harry?

James: No Cedric I am Harry’s father, we are so-

Lily: We are sorry Cedric

Cedric: I- it’s- there’s nothing to do,*smiling slightly* it was my time I guess.

James: No, it wasn’t! That rat will come here and I will make him pay for all the things he did

Cedric: By the way it’s an honour sir, ma’am.

Lily: Please call us by our names this is my husband Jam-

Cedric: *smiling* I know who you are ma’am.

Lily: Okay, no, you beautiful boy. I’m gonna haunt Peter for doing this to you. *tears in her eyes* I am very genuinely sorry that you had to come here so early Cedric.

Cedric: You really don’t have to. Sir, I was wondering if you know what that man is carrying? Harry had a fit when he saw it.

James: I– I am guessing it’s what remains of Voldemort.

*Cedric shivers*

James: No need to be afraid of him in the afterlife buddy.

Lily: What is the rat going to do? Boil him?

James: I haven’t got the faintest idea

*Wormtail puts Voldemort in the cauldron*

Cedric: It looks disgusting but I think he’s gonna do a potion to make him better, I- ugh.

“Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will renew your son!” 

Lily: No! NO! Peter please!

Cedric: *shocked* You know him?!

James: He was my best friend, the one who betrayed us.

“Flesh — of the servant — w-willingly given — you will — revive — your master.” 

James: Fuck you and you bloody master, Wormtail!

Lily: Please let him bleed to death, please

“B-blood of the enemy … forcibly taken … you will … resurrect your foe.” 

James: Don’t you daRE TOUCH HIM

Cedric: *whispering* Voldemort is coming again, isn’t he?

Lily: *crying* Yes dear, he’s coming back to finish the job

*Lord Voldemort is back*

James: He’s even scarier than the last time I saw him

Lily: He’s gonna kill him, this can’t be happening.

James: I have a feeling about this Lils, let’s just wait for a while before we panic.

Lily: *shouting* He killed Cedric without a second’s thought!

James: *scolding* Evans!

Lily: *turns to Cedric* I- I’m sorry.

*Voldemort talks to the Death Eaters, tortures them for not returning. Finally he demands Wormtail to untie Harry and give him his wand back*

Lily: He wants to duel Harry?

James: Completely out of his mind, I tell you. Not that I’m complaining.

Cedric: Summon the cup Harry come on.

James: His leg is injured, he is barely standing he wouldn’t risk it.

Cedric: Oh, yeah you’re right sir

James: For the love of Merlin, stop calling me sir. Please?

Lily: He doesn’t know enough magic to duel a regular wizard let alone this asshat

*Voldemort tortures Harry both Lily and James look away*

Cedric: Si- er- James, it’s finished you can look.

James: Those cowards, laughing watching a boy the same age their son get tortured. Malfoy one day your son is gonna suffer and I won’t feel sad one bit.

Lily: *crying* We probably will Jamie, because we are not like them.

*Voldemort does the Imperio curse to get an answer from Harry, he resists*

James: That’s my boy

Lily: He’s going to torture Harry again

*Harry jumps to the side to avoid the curse*

Cedric: Nice!

*Avada Kedavra x Expelliarmus*

James: It’s not that wise to counter a killing curse with a disarming spell Harry!

Lily: He know nothing e- James? Do you feel what I’m feeling?

Cedric: I’m feeling it too. What’s going on?

James: Don’t break the connection Harry. 

*Cedric comes out of the wand*

Cedric: Hold on, Harry

*Frank Bryce comes out of the wand*

Frank Bryce: He was a real wizard, then? Killed me, that one did. You fight him, boy.

*Bertha Jorkins comes out of the wand*

Bertha Jorkins: Don’t let go, now! Don’t let him get you, Harry — don’t let go!

*Lily comes out of the wand, straightens herself up and stares at his boy, for the first time in 13 years she’s this close*

Lily: Your father’s coming. Hold on for your father… it will be all right, hold on.

*James comes out of the wand and the moment he sees Harry, his eyes widen. He wants to stay, talk to him forever but he knows there’s only one thing to do, to save his boy once more, to put his needs first once more*

James: When the connection is broken, we will linger for only moments but we will give you time. You must get to the Portkey, it will return you to Hogwarts.. do you understand, Harry?

Harry: *trembling* Yes

Cedric: Harry, take my body back, will you? Take my body back to my parents

Harry: I will

James: *whispering* Do it now, be ready to run. Do it now! 

Harry: NOW!

*They surround Voldemort as Harry starts running towards Cedric’s body, he grabs a hold of Cedric and summons the cup to return to Hogwarts*

Cedric: We did it!

Lily: James, did- did you see him? He’s even more beautiful up close

James: *hugging Lily* I did love I did, he’s safe.

*Harry returns to Hogwarts with Cedric and everyone starts noticing Cedric’s dead and his father is about to see him. Moody takes Harry away*

James: Cedric, um, are you sure you want to see this?

Cedric: I can handle it but can one of you stay with me while the other watches over Harry?

Lily: *placing a hand on Cedric’s shoulder* I- I will stay with you darling.

Cedric: *smiling slightly* Thanks Lily.

*Some conversations are taken from Goblet of Fire

After Life/Ghost (2) Masterlist

part one

Bury the Dead Beneath You (ao3) - pinkieprimpotter

Summary: It was a car accident. A car had rammed into Dan, as he was texting Phil that he was just down the street. He was trapped behind heat and metal, and he felt so much pain he thought he would be ripped apart.

Ghosts Like Riding Elevators, It Raises Their Spirits (ao3) - abriata

Summary: Phil has a ghost, a roommate agreement, and a deliberately willful blindness to the practicalities of Life.

Ghost, Or Spirit Satyr? (ao3) - cuddlepuss

Summary: Phil moves into a new flat, but is haunted by a young male poltergeist that he finds both amusing and attractive.

Ghost Train (ao3) - maetaurus

Summary: Stacy is at the train station in Manchester in the year 3012 when she spots two ghosts that she knows she’s seen somewhere before.

Here By The Settled Shadows - literaryphan

Summary: ghosts linger.

Never Trust A Ouija Board - phansomedevil

Summary: In which Dan and Phil have a ghost.

Push Away the Unimaginable (ao3) - ges_who

Summary: Phil has been haunting his childhood home ever since he committed suicide over a broken heart over 100 years ago. He had long since settled in to the monotonous routine of crowds flooding in and out and tour guides yammering on about his “tragic” life, when a young man walks in and breaks the chains binding him to his eternal resting place. This young man is Dan Howell, a youtuber with a wonderful life: loads of friends and millions of fans, but something is still missing. This something seems to like to clean his flat without his consent and steal his neighbors housplants…

The Haunted Nightmare - jilliancares

Summary: Dan doesn’t know what to do when a ghost by the name of Phil starts haunting him.

You Are Not Trivial - phanimist

Summary: Dan being a ghost doesn’t once hinder the friendship between him and phil. the two are constantly there for each other, despite their various differences in problems, and they never let the concepts of what’s ‘real’ and what isn’t define them and the relationship they have.

You’re Warm - phanqueray

Summary: Dan is a ghost that’s always alone. Phil can see ghosts and is worried about the boy that doesn’t wear a jacket during winter.

October 27

In 1913, Joe Medicine Crow roundhouse-kicked his way into the world.  

Medicine Crow was the last war chief of the Crow Tribe.  That’s not an honorary title.  To become a war chief, a warrior had to complete four tasks:

1.  Take an enemy’s weapon,

2.  Count coup on an enemy (i.e., touch an enemy without killing him),

3.  Lead a successful war party, and

4.  Steal an enemy’s horse.

Joseph Medicine Crow did all those things to German soldiers in Europe in 1945.  That’s right.  In a war filled with machine guns, tanks, airplanes, and massive artillery barrages, Joe Medicine Crow went old, old, OLD school on some Wehrmacht motherfuckers and became a war chief.  Absolutely bad-ass.

In April of 2016, Joseph Medicine Crow decided he’d had enough of the world’s bullshit and went on to conquer the afterlife.

Happy birthday, Joe.  We most probably will not see your like again in this world.

Meet Ka’Resh and Rescetti… a Beyond the Rim Romance :) 

So in my Babylon 5 afterlife AU (codename Beyond the Rim), there’s this great big city where all the races all mingle together, and in that city a squirelly little guy named Pariss Rescetti runs into a big burly soldier guy and falls instantly in love with him. Ka’Resh never thought about speaking to a centauri, let alone dating one, so it’s up to Rescetti (and the deceased members of the B5 clan) to try and get his crush’s attention. I was telling @ibenholt some plot ideas I have for these two cuties in a fic now sitting on the pile of other fics I want to write. I may draw some more pics of them in the future, but for now I really wanted to get my designs in a visible media. <3

some concept arts:

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the signs after they die

aries: rules hell
taurus: becomes a comet
gemini: starts a new life with no memories of the past one
cancer: goes to heaven
leo: starts a new life as a god
virgo: goes to hell
libra: stays in earth as a ghost
scorpio: marries aries
sagittarius: rules heaven
capricorn: becomes a planet
aquarius: starts a new life in another constellation
pisces: becomes a mermaid

There is a certain booth in a certain Denny’s haunted by the ghost of Andy Jones. His tortured soul remains barred from the afterlife lest he settle his unfinished business, an unfinished glass of Fanta. At certain times of night you can hear him. “sip”…”sip”…”sip”. But like Sisyphus and his boulder, every time Andy’s Fanta nears the bottom of the glass, a server comes by to top him off. Always tending to the refills. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Trapping him forever in this ether between the realms of the living and the dead.


I got a story to tell. One of my friends showed me this coin that he has. It’s probably one of his favorite pieces of memorabilia. My friend received this coin from one of his best friends 2 days before he killed himself. As you can see in the first picture, a man is walking on a path while the forest he is walking in is on fire. In the second picture, the man is gone, the forest is fine again, and at the bottom it says “SERENITY”, peace. This is so symbolic to me, that his friend that passed away is at peace now. When I saw this coin, I was absolutely astonished. There is more to life than we think @sixpenceee

Welcome to the Tidus Soundchamber
  • Welcome to the Tidus Soundchamber

Those entering the Tidus Soundchamber for the first time have various questions and concerns regarding their imminent experience inside. After consolation, subjects spend their first few minutes sealed in complete silence and isolation, before realizing the resonance of the chamber humming to life, immersing the subject in complete and utter tranquility. 

Subjects have emerged from the chamber describing themselves as “completely renewed” and “enlightened”, going into detail about the expanse of our known, and more often than not, unknown universe. Entering the Tidus Soundchamber has become a regular practice for travelers abroad, believing that their time spent surrounded by the warmth and comforting aural wavelengths will bring them good fortune, and more importantly, an abundance of laughter, for their oncoming journey.

“Where the Wild Ghosts Roam”

Existing alongside our world, in a parallel reality of their own
The ghosts wander the land without their worries, or their skin and bone.
Theorizing the wild ghost is trapped somewhere between Heaven and Hell,
Michelle searches far and wide to find where the poor lost souls dwell.

Entering their dimension, Michelle knew she might not make it back
The ghosts will vastly outnumber her, and could very well attack.
But they stare blankly ahead, barely giving her a second thought
Mindlessly focused on running away from what they hath wrought.

But one ghost stops for a moment, and looks into her eyes
And Michelle can see reflected back the way that she dies
It’s not particularly gruesome, but unsettling all the same
In the end, Michelle knows, she’ll not even remember her own name.

The ghosts seem so empty, she wishes she could take one of them home
But Michelle knows she must leave them alone, and let the wild ghosts roam.

(Starring the great Michelle from Tales from the City of Angels and Carpe Diem!)