thecotton-candy-queen  asked:

Okay so I saw your Genderbend Tintin au and I said to myself: "Oh fuck I'm Too Bi for ladyTintin. Fuck" she's beautiful. Don't stop now

it’s been way too long since i last drew any tintin art, oh my goodness!! my blog tag says four months and that’s just terrible

i had a couple of designs up for a genderbend/spectrum slide tintin cast (1, 2, 3) so i’m not sure which one you mean specifically, but my personal favourite is the slightly-older one based on tintin’s image update in picaros 

i know ‘tintin’ is generally a shortened version of ‘martin’; but i’ve belatedly realised that was the reference behind ‘miss martine’ in alph-art so i have no remorse pinning her as ‘augustine’ instead