Photos from March show

Lovely portraits by Allan Amato from our March 2015, 10th anniversary show!

                                   Busy Philipps and Mark Gagliardi

                                                  Autumn Reeser

                                                         Hal Lublin

                                               Annie Savage

                                      Ginny West and Janet Varney

                          Ben Blacker, Ben Acker, and Aaron Ginsburg


AX pics, aka the first time I’ve cosplayed AND the first time I’ve gone to a con EVER. Can’t wait for day 2!
Linecon to the Skullgirls panel was a blast for my feet though…
Molly: thiinka (me!), Annie: pasteldot; no one else pictured has a tumblr. So Facebook pages now for the two who have them; just search ‘em up!
Leduc: Ceiroth Cosplay, Stanley: Glory Cosplay

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Grelliam/Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries pretty please??? (I'm pushing my luck in the name of Grelliam ;; )

England had certainly become far more interesting after she’d left. War had ravaged the city, yes, but the English were a stubborn lot. France had been a fanciful rite of passage, a frolic to forget her troubles and the fact every male heir in their lineage had been fed to the cannons.

The Honorable Miss Grell Sutcliff had a nice ring to it, she had to admit- the ring of the sizable fortune, though, sounded far sweeter than any tolling church bells.

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The Rise Of Young Women In Comics - Need To Consume
We're seeing more and more young women in comics... But why? And how does it affect readers?

We’re seeing more and more young women in comics… But why? And how does it affect readers?

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42. “I swear it was an accident.” Gadge, please!

Madge hated this ride. Tower of Terror was something she did her best to avoid but when Johanna dares Madge to go on it and Madge retaliates with Star Tours, it became difficult to back out of. Especially when Katniss has the video of them stating and shaking hands on the deal on her phone.

So here they were. The two girls, along with Darius and Gale, waited in the boiler room in front of the service elevator door while the others opted for Ariel’s Undersea Adventure at Annie’s suggestion.

“It won’t be that bad,” Darius said with a smile. “We’re just going up and down.”

“Yeah.” Johanna threw an arm around her. “A few times and we get a nice view of the park before plunging—”

Madge pulled away, her heart racing even faster if that was possible. “Got it. Now please stop talking.”

At that moment the door slide open and the cast member let them through one line at a time. Seeing as they stood in the center, they were the first to be seated.

“I’ll get you a churro after,” Johanna quipped from her left, putting the seatbelt in place.

Madge nodded as she fumbled with her own. She barely paid any attention to the safety spiel and almost cried when the cast member gravely bid them goodbye before shutting the door.

“How ‘bout you hold my hand?” Gale whispered, his hand above her lap. She grabbed it almost immediately for the lights turned off and the elevator is being pulled back from the door.

“You are the passengers…”

Gasping for air, Madge remained absolutely still as the elevator returned to the loading area. Once the door opened and it was okay for them to unbuckle, she wouldn’t let go of the death grip she had on Gale’s hand. He didn’t say anything so she assumed it was okay. He did offer.

“See! It wasn’t that bad!” Johanna exclaimed, practically lifting Madge out of her seat. Her legs were shaking as they exited through the gift shop into the hot summer weather where the others waited while Darius took a picture of the ride photo as proof of Madge’s bravery.

It wasn’t until Peeta pointed it out that Gale and Madge were still holding hands. Madge let go as though she was burned and began apologizing and thanking him at the same time.

“No worries,” he replied, shaking his hand to get the blood circulating again. They began following the others, making their way through a bug’s land.

“I’m sorry. I swear it was an accident. I didn’t mean to grip your hand that hard.”

Gale rolled his eyes playfully. “Stop worrying, Madge. My hand is fine.” He wiggled his fingers as if to prove his point.


He interrupted her by holding out his arm for her to put hers through. “C'mon, Johanna owes you a churro.”

I’m a sucker for anything Disney and gave Madge my hatred for Tower of Terror. Besides, who wouldn’t want to spend the day there with Gale Hawthorne amirite? ;)

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A Guide To Fallout New Vegas - Part One - Quarry Junction

Do you ever find yourself having trouble trying to get to Melissa, the deathclaw eggs, or just killing the Mother/Alpha Male Deathclaw? Well, I’ve created a guide to help you do this most efficiently and carefully!

Before doing this, I would recommend (bolded are most important)

- A powerful long range weapon, like a Gauss Rifle*

- Stimpaks

- A high sneak 

- A sprinting mod

- Stealthboys

*Mostly for killingl the mother/alpha

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

So, first thing’s first, you have to kill the young deathclaws. You can do this with ease with a powerful weapon. To the left is a pile of rocks - climb this until you find a cliff like path.

Time to sneak! While deathclaws have a hard time reaching you here, you don’t want them to see you for when you have to hop off later. So trek the side of the cliff, hugging the wall until you see the ramp. 

Here’s where you have to jump down. Next you have to climb the ramp. Be careful of deathclaws running after you. Jump onto the higher part of the incline, and into the truck below. 

Here any deathclaws that saw you will run away, but be warned, they may come back with friends. Sometimes the Alpha will run around the truck, but none will be able to hurt you, so you are perfectly safe.

Hide until hidden or safe enough to run. When ready, hope off where the weird metal ramp thing is and dash to the wall. Hug it until you are behind the crane. 

Here is where it gets extremely dangerous. If you are not hidden, they will find you and rip you to shreds. When safe and ready, hug the wall behind you and head towards the back of the quarry.  KEEP SNEAKING. I cannot express this enough. Keep going up the wall. Little to no deathclaws roam this area, so you should be safe. When you see the ramp touching the wall, you want to carefully climb down off the left side of the wall.

Soon, the deathclaw mother will be in sights. She will be followed by little babies, so be warned. 

Do not fight her unless you are SURE you are safe and have a strong enough weapon. If you want to do this, then climb onto a rock onto the cliff side where you won’t fall off, and snipe her to death. Once this is done, you can climb down into a little cave where a light machine gun, ammo, a mini nuke, and deathclaw eggs are scattered. If you haven’t killed the mother, you MUST wait until she has gone, then stealthboy in. 

Once done here, climb up the hills carefully. Little to no deathclaws roam up here besides the mother (at least in my experiences). Soon enough, you’ll make it to the top, where you’ll find Melissa, thus discovering the Great Khan Encampment! 

A great veiw! :3

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Pod #212

Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars, “Space Ships Passing in the Night”

Recorded March 7, 2015, at Largo at the Coronet in Hollywood

Sparks Nevada: Marc Evan Jackson

Croach the Tracker: Mark Gagliardi

Red Plains Rider: Busy Philipps

Felton: Craig Cackowski

Virginia West: Janet Varney

Tintissi: Autumn Reeser

Bloydon: Annie Savage

Lerb: Hal Lublin

Photos by Elisabeth Sisson and Allan Amato