• Full Name: Kailan ‘Kai’ Atlas Odair
  • Gender: Male
  • General Appearance: Tall, with short brown curly hair and glistening green eyes. Medium build, yet still muscular. Tanned skin. He is said to look more lovely, with soft facial features similar to his mother.
  • Personality: He is kind and loving, especially protective of Annie. Yet he is also adventurous and rebellious, always wanting to explore, discover new things in District 4. He’s smart and often knows his parents more than they do, themselves. He’s humorous, sarcastic at times, but overall a friendly kid with a warm heart. He likes to stand up for the little guy and those who can’t stand up for themselves, but it’s also his biggest flaw. Sometimes it hinders them rather than help them.
  • Special Talents: Building small wooden structures,, playing guitar
  • Who they like better: He loves them equally.
  • Who they take after more: Annie
  • Personal Head canon: He knows both his parents live with PTSD, from a war he wasn’t old enough to understand. Because of this, sometimes he acts as a caretaker to them both. Finnick taught him ‘real or not real’ for Annie, so he’s also played the game with her. And when Finnick still wakes up from nightmares, he races to him and tries to calm him before Finnick frightens Annie too. He’d only heard stories from the war. While he’s happy they live in a safer place, he wishes the hunger games and the war hadn’t completely messed up his parents for the rest of their lives.
  • Face Claim: Ansel Elgort (yah know, with green eyes and tanned skin n stuff)

greentaleteller  asked:

Annie please reveal your secret: Where and how do you find the perfect photos for your aesthetic posts? 😍

XDDD I literally use Google Images. I supplement with Pinterest occasionally for *~generic~* aesthetics, but Google’s got my back for specifics like 

^this bab, who I found while searching through the Children’s Day festival results.

Pinterest is great for one to two word searches like ‘japan cityscape’ or something.

So I was sitting in the print lab today going about my tutor business when Joe The Lab Guy That Can Do Anything came in and told me to go to a lecture while acting very mysterious and I thought I was in trouble or something, but he said it was a good thing, just that people thought of me so I assumed something in the lecture would be relevant to my interests but??? I got there???? And they called me up on stage????? And I got a $500 scholarship???????????????????? For being Good At Art?????????????????????? so that happened