I became friends with Sam Smith out of a mutual admiration. I play a broken housewife in his video for ‘I’m Not the Only One’. I wore a beautiful light blue lacy vintage dress and spent the day crying with mascara running down my face, smoking, drinking and driving a car that belonged to Frank Sinatra.

After my first audition for Glee the producers asked whether I could ‘sex up my look’. It was like hearing nails on a chalkboard. ‘Sexy’ is a word I never equate with myself.

When I was at high school in San Francisco I looked completely different from my cheerleader character in Glee. I went through a rebellious punk stage in fishnets, acid-washed jeans and huge Skechers boots. I also dyed my hair red twice and both times it went orange.

I’ve seen a lot of leopard-print coats since I arrived in London. I bought one from Miu Miu with a huge hood, which I’ll wear to brunch on the weekend with a Wolford body and a Marc Jacobs plaid skirt. Then I’ll play ‘spot the leopard coat’ on my way home.

Walking through the Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A took my breath away. I sat in the Cabinet of Curiosities room surrounded by McQueen’s designs as they spun around and felt like I was stuck in his brain.

I’ve had to research a lot for my part in the upcoming play about McQueen. There was so much criticism that dominated his existence as an artist. People saw his work as so masochistic and dark. I’ve never seen it that way. I look at his designs and see such supreme beauty.

I trained as a ballerina in pink pointe shoes, white tights, white crinoline under my tutu and a perfect bun — everything classic and pretty. But the perfection of the ballet world seemed unattainable and I found myself drawn to the macabre.

My mum was an amazing seamstress; she used to dress me in beautiful doll-style dresses with English smocking. After that I looked like a typical 1980s child in neon leggings, tie-dye shirts and pigtails.

I have too many boxes of clothes in my attic that I’m keeping just in case I have a daughter one day. There’s a green Carolina Herrera dress that I wore to my first Met Ball, a black leather lace-up Gucci top and another Herrera dress with mushrooms on it that looks like it’s straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

When I was eight I watched the film Sabrina and felt like the gangly, awkward girl that Audrey Hepburn plays at the beginning. Then, when she comes back from Paris and wears a beautiful black and white Givenchy dress, I thought that one day I might be able to wear something similar. Every time I dress up for a big event there’s a little girl in me screaming, ‘You did it!’

Dianna Agron stars in McQueen at St James Theatre from 12 May (0844 264 2140;

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sekai please? for the saved by the bell drabble

“What’s the latest money-making scheme today Preppy?” Jongin asks.

“Well,” smirks Sehun, shoving his hands into the pockets of his acid washed jeans. “We’re going to make a hotline right? And we’re going to give people advice. Two bucks a call and BAM, Jongin, we’re living the lavish lifestyle.

“But Sehun we don’t know how to give advice.”

Sehun rolls his eyes, “Uh yeah we do. Remember when Chanyeol asked if he should go for the frosted tips look with his hair and I said well duh Justin Timberlake has it and Justin Timberlake is cool? A+ advice. Sehun is right yet again.”

“Dang you are right Sehun. That idea is all that and a bag of chips. Let’s do it!”

That night Sehun and Jongin are sitting in Jongin’s room watching the landline sit silently on the wall. Sehun has grown bored, adjusting his slap bands over and over and turning Jongin’s Furby away from him because its eyes are cold and unfeeling.

“What gives Jongin?” he complains. “Why isn’t our hotline getting any calls? You said you made flyers.”

“I did!” Jongin argues. “I took a big armful and threw them everywhere like confetti! Take a look at my cool design.”

Jongin hands Sehun the hot pink flyer. It reads, “Need advice? Take a chill pill and call Sehun and Jongin! $2!” He even added a neat clip art of a phone. They should be getting so many calls that they can’t keep up.

Sehun takes one look at it and crumples it up, putting his head down on Jongin’s desk. “You forgot to put a phone number, Jongin!”


Yes I am wearing jeans under a dress again.  And yes they are the jeans I wore in the last outfit post.  I promise I washed them.

[Two images.  The first is of a young woman (me) with medium purple hair that is pulled back into a bun.  I am wearing an empire-waist dress made of light beige fabric with flowers printed on it.  Over it, I am wearing a black-and-dark-grey plaid shirt with silver threads running through it.  Over both of those, I am wearing a massive scarf that is mostly made of leopard print fabric, with stripy fabric on the ends.  Under the dress, I am wearing acid wash skinny jeans and black snow boots.  I also have on bright red lipstick.  As always, I’m wearing my rectangular black glasses.  The second photo is of the back of my head; again, my hair is in a bun.  Tucked into the bun is a comb that has a little clockwork gear, a turtle, and a key on the top part of it.]

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s two friendship bracelets on my ankle, keeping the WATCH I PUT THERE ON PURPOSE company, SIX total watches, and a Depeche Mode t-shirt tucked into my acid-washed jeans. WHATS UP 1987?! 

High-water acid-washed jeans were really popular with the ladies back then, kids. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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