late spring - summer outfits

Mayor Ambar / August 12 ♌️/ 5′6.5/ 

Wears: Aviator Shades, Lacy Black Crop Top, Acid-Washed Jeans, Black Boots, Fingerless Gloves.

Traits: Polite for the most part, formal (almost regal), clever, has a weakness for drama, gets jealous easy. Has warm brown eyes and short blond hair. Wears very sharp eyeliner. Has eyebrows that have to be plucked very often.

While Ambar looks like trouble, she’s actually more like a aristocrat than a delinquent. She’s a tad too good at hiding her true emotions, which is a bit concerning! Has a fondness for the Gorgeous set. Enjoys seafood. Dislikes the sun, clear skies, cold weather, bell peppers and wasting time.

Resident Ciro / October 10 ♎️/ 5′6/

Wears: Bandages, Leaf, Striped Tank Top, Sweatpants, Lace-up Boots.

Traits: Very physically active, hardworking, fairly oblivious, shy and humble. Has dull blue eyes and short bright orange hair. Has a fair amount of acne (not pictured; I forgot for some reason).

While careless, he still pays careful attention to his mannerisms around other people. He’s also quite the jock; but don’t get it twisted, he’s super shy! Has a fondness for the Gracie set. Enjoys mangoes and spicy candy. Dislikes windy days, sour foods, commotion, being completely ignored and laziness.

domestic demon hanzo wearing one of mcjesse’s old shirts in the morning i hope you agree

So @badacts and I came up with this ridiculous spy au and idk lads here’s a preview of the fic for it I’m working on, hopefully it’ll keep you warm whilst I’m crying over finals (cw: graphic depictions of violence - stay safe kids!) 


Agent #10-03-18: Josten, Neil Abram.

Aliases: Nathaniel Abram Wesninski, Michael Hatford, Stefan Bernard, Alex Vidakovic, Chris Rey (see attached notes for further)


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Seth Rollins - It’s Perfect.

Seth Rollins - Prompt #58: “You look cute with a baby bump.”

- Warnings - Fluff, Swearing

Word Count - 1,473 words

Requested by - Anon.

Originally posted by seth-rollins-gifs

There you stood in front of a dirtied full-length mirror, in a dingy hotel room - in a town you weren’t exactly too sure the name of. The perks of constantly having a wrestler as your other half I guess. Your soft hands caressed your newly forming 4-month baby bump whilst your fiancee of just over 1 year slept snuggly in the warm bed behind you. You glanced at him from the mirror; he was so cute when he slept. That was all you could think at that point, a small smile creeping its way onto your face. However, that smile soon disappeared as you diverted your attention back to your stomach - it was just so small you pondered. Brie was certainly bigger at 4 months. You seemed to ignore the creaking of the bed, a tell-tale sign your fiancee was now stirring from his slumber.

“Babe? Why are you awake this early- it’s like 6 am.” His legs shifted beneath the covers, shuffling the duvet to his waist his bare, muscular chest on full show.

Your head twisted away from your reflection, “Couldn’t sleep.” Not too sure whether it’s the lack of sleep or purely your little insecurity but it was evident from your bluntly put words, something was bothering you. Don’t make the mistake to think you weren’t happy with your pregnancy - I mean it wasn’t exactly planned but nothing can take away from the butterflies felt in the pit of your stomach when you saw those two positive lines.

“Crappy mattress or baby?” Seth cockily jeered, scraping his dark locks out of his face. “You never get up this early. You sleep like a sloth; a mattress wouldn’t keep you awake so what’s up?”

You snatched your focus back to your side profile in the mirror. Of course he noticed something was bothering you at this point however you were ultimately reluctant to show it. “Nothing Seth.” You sneered, fiddling with the pristine engagement ring on your finger.

“Y/N. Don’t try to fool me into thinking you’re okay, I’m not that stupid you know.” Seth’s facial expressions drained of its previous happiness seeing your clear aggravation over something. “You gonna tell me or am I going to have to make you?” He teased with the aim to lighten your spirits.

Pulling your fingers away from your ring, you carried them to be placed delicately on your bump, your eyes caught up in mentally measuring the size of your little one. The faint ‘tut’ sound coming from your boyfriend only meant he was eager to get this information out of you one way or another- which quite frankly, was the last thing you wanted right now. It was now or never though in hindsight.

“Do I look fat?” You boldly vocalized turning back to your fiancee; his face read pure shock, his piercing brown eyes visibly widened.

“Are you actually being serious right now Y/N? Of course not.” Seth’s eyebrows furrowed as he snatched the covers off his legs reaching for a pair of dark acid washed jeans. Tugging them up to his waist and perching himself on the end of the bed, he hunched over; head rested in his hand in a state of pure bewilderment. “Is that what you’re fussing over?”

You shrugged knowing that potentially your had made a complete fool of yourself, but you couldn’t quite shake the feeling that something wasn’t right. I mean everything had gone so well with Seth so far; you didn’t want anything to change that. “For fuck sake Seth, I wanted you to say different. To be completely honest, I’m fucking scared to death. You’re always on the road and sooner or later I’ll have to stop traveling. Now I feel like I’m worrying about literally everything! Like I feel as though my bump’s too small compared to others at this stage. Ugh- I’m actually going mental!” Your words erupted around the room, signaling your growing insanity.

“Hey- No. Don’t get stressed now.” Seth’s voice soothed you. Within a split second, he had a firm grasp on you from behind, his brawny arms draped softly over your shoulders. “I will always be here- Jeez, I asked you to marry me Y/N. Even if I’m on the road alone, you know full well you can call me. Anytime; and I mean Anytime. Heck, if you ring me at 4 am I wouldn’t care. I just wish you’d tell me when you’re worried.”

His breath rolled off your neck as his fingers intertwined with your more dainty ones. You were never quite sure why you never tell him what’s on your mind; you technically speaking, promised him ‘no more secrets’ when you agreed to tie the knot 6 months ago. Half the time you weren’t completely sure what the problems were quite literally. “I guess I just want everything to be perfect you know; with our baby. I want it to hav-” You rambled would’ve continued on and on if they weren’t ultimately muted by Seth’s finger placed in front of your lips, beckoning you to stop talking.

“Shh. You seriously worry too much. Everything will be fine okay? It really doesn’t matter if your bump is too big or too small- our baby is healthy and that’s all that matters right now.” Seth’s hands began to trail towards your petite stomach. The mere sight of witnessing their already close bond melted your heart. “Seth, are you sure about that… what you said?” You mumbled, lowering your hand to cover his.

“All I know is our little one is 100% healthy, we are getting married and fuck, whatever the size, you look cute with a baby bump.” He spoke directly, twiddling a strand of your thick hair between his slightly moistened palms. He always seemed to have an ace up his sleeve, a way of words that always left you awestruck as to why you hadn’t married this guy sooner. He brought you to a happy place you never even dreamed of being in growing up - everything about him was faultless… the way he’d only sleep if he knew you already were, the way he’d always go out of his way to ensure you (and now your baby) were completely fine, the way he made you fall deeper in love with him every single day - even when he calls you by weird names.

“So… you gonna come to the show tonight then you dork?” Seth’s cheeky grin was ever-present at this moment in time, chuckling to himself as he reached for the closest band t-shirt he could find.

“Well, that depends on whether a) you win and b) If we can stop at Dunkin’ Donuts on the way. Please Seth?” A small pout laced its way onto your face whilst you turned, bandaging your arms around his neck pecking his lips.

“Well that depends on what you want from there as I can already predict you will fall asleep pulling out of the parking area.”

“Can we just get a 12 pack of donuts?” You pleaded, his eyes widened upon the impact of your wish. “12 Y/N!? I’ll be having 6 then.”

“Er- not so fast Rollins. Remember I’m eating for two so that is not fair… you can have 2, we can have the rest. Sorted.” You threw your hands in the air, dying to indulge in what you’ve craved the most so far. Have to say, Donuts are a billion times better than the common ‘pickles’.

“We’ll get you your donuts on one condition. Since you made this huge palaver, neither of us have enough time to shower and you take like 10 years singing to whatever you’re singing in there… so? How does the hot mama feel ‘bout that?” You instantaneously knew what he wanted yet that was truthfully the last thing on your mind right now, you could barely even drag your weight out of bed in the morning, let alone ‘that’.

“Hmm, as much as I’d love to Seth, I heard at this stage in our pregnancy our kid can start to hear things and the last thing I want is them the hear that. And your metal music… So I hate to break it to you but you’ll either have to stink or wait.” Your smirk grew from ear to ear as you witnessed Seth both shake his head and grin simultaneously. “But seriously I still want the donuts… you don’t want me being grumpy.”

Seth’s face lit up as he playfully pushed you in the direction of the bathroom. “Yeah no, I definitely do not want that. 12 donuts; got it. Shit, I love you to much.”

“Ay, no cussing, our baby can hear.” You teased him, slowly closing the bathroom door. “But I love you too- Well, we love you, Seth Rollins.

A/N - So many feels for this one, oml. So because of the fact that this was so good to write and I love it so much (hopefully you do too), I would absolutely Love to make this a little series, maybe? If so please feel free to send me any request regarding it! Thank you so much for reading! ~ Nikkii.

date a boy who got called “maybe a little too gay” on the way to the pride parade cos he was wearing acid wash jeans with an acid wash jean vest and a shirt he cut the sleeves off of

The Bodyguard ch. 6

Newest installment of The Bodyguard written by @alittlemissfit and yours truly!! 

If you haven’t read the others here they are:
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Chapter 2
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Chapter 5


“What’s the password?” The disembodied voice asks over a speaker as Mulder rolls his eyes.

“I’m not saying it, Frohike. Just let me in,” he sighs, rubbing a hand down his face.

“I can’t let you in til you say the password.”

“I know you’ve got video surveillance. You know it’s me! Just let me in!”

“Video cameras can be tricked and shapeshifters are a documented phenomena. So I’ll say it again. Password?!”

Rolling his eyes, Mulder groans. Looks straight up into the camera.

“Riding the 5-legged pony,” he says flatly. Shakes his head at the laughter he hears over the intercom as he’s buzzed in.

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anonymous asked:

What would you say that are the essentials for a style like bella?

x. This is a very broad and kind of in-detail at the same time link.

So if I had to say top 5 rules to have a style like Bella:

  1. Lots of accessories/jewelry. Especially chokers, sunglasses, and baseball/conductor hats. One, if not two, of these things should be in every look. Earnings are usually hoops, if she’s wearing rings, she’s wearing ten, and very rarely wears bracelets.
  2. Shirts are always cropped or sheer or a bodysuit. A lot of times she’s not even wearing a crop top, too, she has it tied behind her back to expose her midriff. But really this isn’t even general, she never wears a top that hangs over her jeans.
  3. Jackets or long sleeves. I dare you to find a look where Bella doesn’t have long sleeves and a jacket on/with her. I dare you. She usually wears leather or jean jackets, sometimes fur, and the occasionally hoodies or bombers. Matching denim jackets with denim bottoms and leather jackets with leather bottoms is very Bella.
  4. Boots or sneakers only. For boots, she typically mid-calf (fitted or leather- not cowboy styled) or combat styled. For sneakers, she’ll typically wear Nike, and sometimes Puma or Adidas. No flats or flip flops, very rarely wears heels outside of events, though boots can have a heel.
  5. Minimal color and print. Her outfits are typically black based, denim based, or white based (though usually black or denim) and she’ll occasionally wear red. The only print I ever see her wear is animal print; not a lot of graphic designs or patterns, usually her clothes have texture though.

Top 5 items for a style like Bella:

  1. Black boots: combat and leather mid-calf (with a little heel)
  2. Leather and or jean jacket: jean jacket would be slightly oversized, leather fitted well. Wear boots the most, and sometimes sneakers, no flats or flip-flops.
  3. Funky jeans: uneven hemming, torn up, splattered, acid wash, patches, stripped, two-toned/patchwork denim, leather, ect. Plain jeans are a god staple in general, but make sure you have some odd ones. 
  4. Caps: usually baseball and sometimes conductor, almost always in black and baseball caps don’t have to be plain, they can have words/a design on them but no patterns.
  5. Crop tops and body suits: don’t ever let your shirt hang over your jeans, tuck it in or tie it back, own a few crop tops and body suits (usually in black and/or sheer).