Tesla Predicted Drone Warfare Nearly 120 Years Ago

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With his namesake electric car company hitting the roads and the widespread use of wireless technology, it often seems like the work of Nikola Tesla has really come into its own in the 21st century. But if you needed further evidence that his controversial mind was ahead of its time, look no further than this 118-year-old patent.

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Kanji for 23 August 2016 / 平成28年8月23日

  • ON: ラク
  • Kun: から・む、から・まる
  • Nan: none

entwine, coil around; get caught

脈絡 (みゃくらく) “chain of reasoning, logical connection, coherence, context”

短絡 (たんらく) “electrical short-circuit; drawing a hasty inference between two events, jumping to a quick conclusion, dealing with matters quickly and carelessly”

Refresher! Yesterday’s kanji: 寛 (カン; くつろ・ぐ、ひろ・い、ゆる・やか; とも、のぶ、のり、ひろし、ゆた)

KAD Classic

  • ON: カン
  • Kun: あま・い、あま・える、あま・やあす、うま・い
  • Nan: かも

sweet, sugary; coax, pamper; be content

Big Tuesday done 👏💪 taught grit and ABT 5:30-6:30am then went back to the gym to do a boxing class later. Spent the day washing, had lunch and hung with a friend at @cardamompodbroadbeach (pictured here, had 2 salads and brown rice). Then did a cardio circuit class this afternoon before teaching my grit+ABT class! Now I am SO ready for bed! Up again bright and early tomorrow 🌃🌃🌃 hope you all had a lovely day! X

Residency where marijuana is legal no reason for police search -U.S. court
A federal appeals court on Tuesday saidpolice officers cannot stop and search vehicles belonging toout-of-state motorists simply because of where they areregistered, including states where marijuana use is legal.

Aug 23 A federal appeals court on Tuesday said police officers cannot stop and search vehicles belonging to out-of-state motorists simply because of where they are registered, including states where marijuana use is legal.

By a 2-1 vote, the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver said two Kansas Highway Patrol officers violated the constitutional rights of Colorado motorist Peter Vasquez in December 2011 by pulling him over and searching his car after he had been driving alone at night on Interstate 70.

The officers relied heavily on Vasquez’s residency to justify the search, which uncovered nothing illegal, saying Colorado was a known “drug source” where marijuana is legal.

But the court said that would justify searching motorists from the 25 U.S. states that permit marijuana use for medical purposes, and the four states, including Colorado, plus Washington, D.C., where recreational use is allowed.

“It is time to abandon the pretense that state citizenship is a permissible basis upon which to justify the detention and search of out-of-state motorists, and time to stop the practice of detention of motorists for nothing more than an out-of-state license plate,” Circuit Judge Carlos Lucero wrote.

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anonymous asked:

what is ur ab routine?

Planks, weighted sit ups, v ups, knee tucks, spider planks, hip dips, oblique pull downs, cable crunches, toe taps, side raises, Russian twists, hanging raises, bicycle tucks, leg raises, scissor kicks, toe touches, pulse crunches, cross jacks……. pick some and burn yourself out for 4 rounds 🔥🔥 or make a circuit and kill it

Circuit party Barcelona

If anyone knows what’s the point with these parties, please let me know.

My friend, my initial companion to these parties, is extatic about the event. Partly, I understand why; he is not that much into club music, but he has a major interest in gym (he was rather chubby as a teenager) and he enjoys showing off especially when high. And it seems that he’ s not the only one attending the Circuit Festival.

For me, though I also train regularly, this got boring already from the beach meeting (Mar Bella). I couldn’t stop thinking ‘meat’ and ‘drugs’. Everything started to follow the same pattern: hunky, trained guys packing in small groups, having endless talks about other parties, DJs, drugs, fucks. Everything is maintained with lots of alcohol (guilty!) and drugs (not really my thing). Everybody has some dance-like moves, but nothing seems to be like at a real music festival. Towards the end, many start to find partners to fuck with.

To fuck someone is quite easy. Many are already high or drunk so you end up sticking your cock in some hole quite easily. Ten days in Barcelona meant record-high numbers in everything; I peaked surely over 100 guys with whom I fucked (the day at the water-park and the party after, I had my cock in exactly 28 guys, came three times, double penetrated one).

The only fun thing at these parties happened at the WE party (the first one) where I met a German guy, who already from the beginning, proved to be exactly on my wave length. He was also topping, so we joined forces. We had a common goal: to try fucking together those who weren’t so obvious on the slut side. Like me, he had a thing for tops or big-dicked guys.

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Which Eeveelution would you recommend a trainer beginning their journey in Sinnoh should aim for? I'm sure some are easier for beginners than others.

All of them. Just get a full team of eeveelutions. Rotate out a couple as needed, but just put together a full assortment of eeveelutions. You will regret nothing.

Edit: I have just been informed by my editor that this is “an inadequate response” and that I should “take legitimate questions seriously, Bill,” so allow me to revise the above statement.

Let’s assume that you’re either starting with an eeveelution of your choice or that you’re starting with an eevee that you have the option of evolving using any means possible soon after you receive it. (We can also assume that “any means possible” includes the method needed to obtain a sylveon, which evolves via a technique most easily performed in Kalos.) Let’s also assume that you intend on tackling the traditional order of the Sinnoh League circuit, which begins in Oreburgh and ends in Sunyshore.

That all said, which you choose depends entirely on your battling style and what the rest of your team will be by the time you reach Eterna. If you’re the sort who battles according to type advantages, the very first gym in the circuit is run by Roark, who is a rock-type specialist. Therefore, the easiest eeveelutions to have with you would be vaporeon, leafeon, or possibly glaceon, whereas the most challenging eeveelutions to have would be flareon and jolteon. However, the second gym is run by grass-type specialist Gardenia, which means glaceon will have the overall best advantage for the first two gyms, followed by leafeon (which has a defensive advantage against its own type).

By the time you clear these gyms, you should gather together enough pokémon that the rest of the circuit will depend less on what type your eevee has become, although it certainly doesn’t hurt to take these into consideration. Which is to say after the second gym, glaceon may struggle with Maylene unless you’ve obtained support in the form of a psychic- or flying-type (of which there are numerous options in Sinnoh), as well as Byron (who should really be approached with fighting-types anyway). Vaporeon will face far more struggles thanks to Pastoria’s water-type gym and Sunyshore’s electric-type gym, and leafeon should be brought nowhere near Snowpoint’s ice-type gym. Again, though, all of these have counters in the form of Sinnoh’s native pokémon.

On the other hand, if we consider average battling capabilities, espeon has an excellent distribution of speed, offensive, and defensive abilities, making it one of the easier eeveelutions to train. Taking into consideration the fact that its type is neutral to the first two gyms and effective against the third, espeon may be your best choice, but you’ll encounter difficulties against ghost-type specialist Fantina, as well as against Elite Four members Lucian and Aaron. Alternatively, there’s jolteon, which is slightly faster than espeon, but it’s slightly weaker, it lacks physical defenses, and it will run into trouble with not only Roark’s partial-ground-types but also Byron’s, as well as Volkner’s electric-types.

In my personal opinion, however, it’s much better to go with a more defensive pokémon if you’re starting out than one that can hit quicker and faster, which means either flareon or umbreon would be ideal choices. It should be noted, though, that although flareon excels in defending against special attacks, it does not do so well in defending against physical ones, which is a problem when going up against Roark’s gym. However, if trained well, it would be an effective team member, especially in light of the fact that fire-types are rare in the Sinnoh region, whereas many of the obstacles you may face might require the assistance of one. Meanwhile, while umbreon has the best overall defenses of any of the eeveelutions (never mind type advantages against both Fantina and Lucian), it’s also the slowest and weakest offensively. However, umbreon’s defenses are so impressive that the trick with training it is simply to chip away at an opponent while they struggle to defeat you.

As for sylveon, it’s not exactly a terrible choice at all, but it should be noted that a fairy-type would struggle against Byron, Flint, and part of Aaron’s team. On the other hand, it would excel against Maylene, and it boasts decent—but not necessarily excellent—offensive and defensive capabilities (but rather unimpressive speed).

In short, for a beginner, it depends. If you focus on type advantages, leafeon may be the best choice, all things considered. Espeon and flareon are the best for those interested in offensive pokémon, and umbreon is the best in terms of defensive trainers. Get a jolteon if you wish for something speedy.

But really, all of them are excellent choices.

La tristesse me force à éteindre des circuits en moi comme on éteint les différentes pièces d'une maison avant d'en sortir, sauf que là je vais rester à l'intérieur.

Dans le noir, je vais rester assis là quelque temps si ça ne vous fait rien.
BREAKING: Federal Court Slashes ‘Golden Week’ Of Early Voting In Ohio — ThinkProgress
The ruling could have a major impact on the presidential election in the key swing state.
By Alice Ollstein

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a crushing ruling on Tuesday for Ohio’s Democratic Party, which has been fighting to restore early voting days in the crucial swing state ahead of this November’s election.

A federal district court ordered the state in May to restore the early voting days eliminated over the last few years by the Republican-controlled legislature, calling the cuts “unconstitutional” and “unenforceable.” Tuesday’s 2–1 appellate court ruling overturns that decision, and will allow Ohio to cut what is known as “Golden Week” — the time when residents can register and vote on the same day.

The two judges on the panel who ruled for Ohio’s early voting cuts — both George W. Bush appointees — said they did so because courts should give deference to states in deciding how to run their elections instead of being “micromanagers.” They argued that even without Golden Week, Ohio’s early voting policy is “really quite generous,” and said the cuts pose “no such infringement” on the “fundamental right to vote.”

Judge Jane Branstetter Stranch dissented, calling her colleagues’ fears of micromanaging “unfounded and antiquated.” Stranch, who was appointed by President Obama, said that voting is such a basic right that it deserves extra attention from the courts. The early voting cut, she argued, “imposes a disproportionate burden on African Americans” and is “linked to social and historical conditions of discrimination that diminish the ability of African Americans to participate in the political process.”

Stranch referenced the ample evidence presented to the lower court that Golden Week is disproportionately used by the state’s African American voters, and its elimination “results in less opportunity for African Americans to participate in the political process than other voters.” Tens of thousands of people voted during “Golden Week” in 2012 alone, more than enough to sway an election in the tightly contested swing state.

The District Court judge said Ohio’s cuts “will likely result in longer lines at the polls, thereby increasing the burdens for those who must wait in those lines and deterring voting.” Voting lines multiple hours long has been a particular problem in recent Ohio elections, and the cuts to early voting could worsen the situation.

The Ohio Democratic Party can ask the full 6th Circuit court to hear the case, or appeal it to the U.S. Supreme Court, but time is running out for the state to create an early voting plan before the general election.

Metallica Will Start Touring in January 2017

Metallica Will Start Touring in January 2017

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That Metallica will tour extensively to support their forthcoming album Hardwired… to Self-Destruct is a given; even when they haven’t had a new album out they’ve toured pretty consistently of late. The band played the festival circuit in Europe several times over the past few years, and they even took time off from the recording studio to play some gigs here and there over the past year. Still,…

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