Sawa-San’s ‘Terminator’ AE86

You may have seen some shots of this AE86 on its roof being posted around the net recently. Unfortunately, the car known as the ‘Terminator 86′ and its owner Sawa-San had a pretty bad accident at Gunsai Touge, ending with the car upside down and a substantial amount of damage. Luckily Sawa-San is OK, despite a few hefty looking scuffs on his helmet! 

This car was pretty well-known on the drift circuits in Japan. Sawa-San is a very active drifter and gets to a lot of events. The Terminator style headlights also made it a very distinctive car. 

Here are some shots I took of it back in Spring at the Ebisu Drift Matsuri. 

R.I.P Terminator 86.

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Pau Grand Prix. 1939. Scob.

45 ¾ x 62 ¾ in./116.2 x 159.4 cm

Two weeks after the final race in the 1939 Grand Prix circuit, World War II broke out, leaving no official winner to that year’s events. This race at Pau, however, was the first of the season, setting the stage for what would be a sweeping series of victories by Nazi Germany. The date at the bottom of the poster is a tip-on, the image having also been used in the 1937 race.

Availaible at auction October 30.

the circuit of the americas twitter just referred to taylor swift as a ‘talented young musician’ and i legitimately got emotional reading those words because she really is young you guys but she’s done so much 


Some footage I took at the Ebisu Circuit Spring Drift Matsuri earlier this year; A bunch of AE86s doing some full throttle drifting down the Higashi Course main straight. 

Noriyaro fans might notice Rii-Chan’s famous ‘Sewer Rat’ Trueno which Alexi drifted in one of his videos. This was actually filmed on the same day.

You can also catch a glimpse of Sawa-San’s ‘Terminator’ 86 in all its glory. Unfortunately, that car was crashed at Gunsai Touge last weekend.

My Personal Yoi!!! Theory

Everyone has these dramatic Yuri on ice!!! theories, but I don’t think it’s any of that noise. I think Viktor is a big cuddly baby with a bad memory and good intentions, and Yurio is a fussy lil guy who could probably hold a grudge through a couple different lifetimes.

Plus when Yurio left, you gotta remember, he’s an angry teenage boy, I’m sure Viktor is just letting him brood. Another thing, Viktor could be being too easy on Yuuri because another loss, even a small one would mess him up, and criticizing Yurio “harshly” because Yurio is still in the circuit, so he should understand criticism and improve off of it. 

It’s not some insidious thing, I don’t think. I think it’s just playing on a characters strengths and weaknesses. You don’t need to make it poetic, it can just be fun.
BREAKING: Obama administration appeals temporary block on trans rights in Texas
A one-page filing asks the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to review a preliminary injunction issued in August by a Judge in Texas, made more on procedural than policy grounds.

The government is appealing a federal judge’s decision to temporarily block an Obama administration directive on bathroom rights for transgenderstudents in public schools nationwide.

A one-page filing Thursday asks the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to review apreliminary injunction issued in August by U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor in Fort Worth.

Texas and 12 other states asked O’Connor to halt the directive after the federal government told public schools in May that transgender students must be allowed to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with the gender they identify with.

O’Connor’s injunction froze the directive, but more on procedural than policy grounds.

Still, it’s since been cheered by top Republicans in Texas and elsewhere, who argue that the Obama administration was seeking to undermine school privacy safeguards.

Lostcasues Fic: Performance

Disclaimer: ok, I’m not entirely on board with the whole skating thing yet.  I watched the first episode of YOI and was a bit meh about the whole thing. But then @prosotankutu​ seduced me with this stunning performance by Evan Lysacek skating to Take Me To Church in the snow.  So this is a one off for dear sweet Taki who is always so generous with her gorgeous art <3

The rink is closed for the holidays, but Erwin has no difficulty calling in a few favours to have it opened for a special one off performance. It may be almost a decade since he retired at the pinnacle of his professional figure skating career but he is still greatly admired and respected despite, or perhaps because, he chose to turn down numerous lucrative offers from the media and the international coaching circuit, opting instead to live a quiet, private life with his former choreographer.  Despite his fame and celebrity Erwin shuns the limelight, instead teaching children’s classes at the inner city rink he supports with a generous endowment. Once in a blue moon he turns out for gala events but he has little patience for the media frenzy that inevitably ensues.

But tonight there is no media, no cameras or commentators, no critical judges or adoring audience, just the silver lights of the arena and a single sole spectator.  Levi stands at the side of the rink, bundled up in a thick down jacket, fur lined hood obscuring everything but the tip of his nose, which is scarlet with the cold.

Drifts of snow have piled up around the edge of the rink and a few flakes start to fall as Erwin takes to the ice.   He’s dressed simply in black; black boots and gloves, tailored pants and the high-necked cashmere sweater Levi bought him for his birthday earlier in the year.  Erwin had tutted at the expense but Levi had silenced him by pulling it over his head and burying his face in the taller man’s chest, assuring him that the purchase was as much for his own benefit as Erwin’s.

The skater pauses for a moment, centering himself, and Levi matches the breath Erwin takes before he starts to move, arcing and flowing across the ice, gathering momentum. He may not be as supple as he once was, but Erwin still moves with the effortless grace and elegance that captivated audiences and judges alike.  Erwin had always stood head and shoulders above most of the other competitors on the circuit and he used his height to his advantage.  A simple camel spin, rendered commonplace by lesser skaters was breathtaking when executed by Erwin.  Levi watches, entranced, as he stretches out into an arabesque, extension to die for, arms and legs going on forever.  

The snow is falling faster now, thick flakes blanketing the ice and catching in the fur of Levi’s hood where they glitter in the lights.   There’s no music, the rink is silent but for the rush of Erwin’s skates, dampened by the snow.  There’s no need, Levi knows every bar of the music playing in Erwin’s head, every loop and spin perfectly in synch with the beating of his heart.  He should know it after all, Levi choreographed this routine.

Levi holds his breath as Erwin picks up speed, he knows what’s coming next, and his heart leaps into his throat as Erwin jumps.  He seems to hang, suspended above the ice for a heartbeat, before spinning and landing.  And though it was a double spin where once it would have been a triple, the execution is faultless and the landing perfection.

Erwin had never been the most acrobatic of skaters; a rare combination of athleticism, grace and musicality had been his forte. Which was why, after several false starts, his career had really only taken off when he finally met a choreographer that matched his talents.  Levi Ackerman already had a reputation for being temperamental when he was hired by Erwin’s coach.  A former competitive skater himself, his promising career had been cut short by an injury to his left ankle.  Unable to compete, he channelled his energies into choreography but, despite his undoubted talent, his reputation for being difficult and short tempered scared off all but the most determined skaters, but Erwin Smith had been nothing if not determined.

That was a long time ago now, almost twenty years, but as Levi watches Erwin gliding effortlessly through the swiftly falling snow, he could be forgiven for thinking it was yesterday.  He follows every fluid, graceful motion, but as always, it’s Erwin’s eyes that captivate him.  Levi’s choreography shines in the blue of Erwin’s eyes, desire and devotion, desperation and pain flickering just below the surface.  

He ends with a final heart stopping spin and a dramatic flourish, Erwin always did like a grand finale, then he bows low, and skates over to the edge of the rink, coming to a halt with an amateurish thump against the barrier that has Levi rolling his eyes.

“Classy,” he drawls with feigned sarcasm.  

Erwin grins and laughs before leaning over the barrier to plant a kiss on Levi’s frozen nose.

“Happy birthday darling.”

Levi frowns, but he can’t help the way his lips curl up into a smile as he brushes the snow from Erwin’s hair.

“Yeah, I guess you’ve still got it old man.”

anonymous asked:

this is a really abstract concept that i came up with while listenin to music but like if you had like a "soul bound" "weapon" thing that you could summon and poof up from nowhere would you prefer it to be like a direct extension of your body like wings/eldritch tentacle shit/kinda wolverine-esque claws or like inorganic stuff like a cool sword/like a neat wrench i guess/floaty fuckin knives ??

Actually I’ve thought of making a spell or servitor version of this idea before. My references of thought were from Blue Exorcist and Fate (Unlimited Blade Works) where the (fate) character can produce swords as a bi-product of manna stored like circuits of energy in his body. From BE, the character has a tattoo on her upper chest that acts as a magical circle/sigil, where she can pull out a sword from her body, which is essentially a daemon.

It’s something I want to experiment with but the magical theory around it is obviously sparse. I would say it would be akin to summoning a familiar or servitor and “feeding” and housing it in your own body. It could be destructive, but very useful for banishing.

It’s an interesting concept that requires a bit of thought, planning and study.

anonymous asked:

How did you start with digital art? (And also thank you for introducing me to John William Godward ) XD

oh god.. Okay okay. 

So I started with digital art about… Seven years ago. I had a really old bamboo fun that I got from circuit city. I played around with that, attempting to art for about two yeas and everything was ridiculously hideous lol! So then, I got into photomanipulation. I played around witht hat, getting used to the tablet. Then when I saw that the cintiq c ame out, which was about… six years ago or so (the version I have), I thought that maybe that will help me be able to draw better. So, I got it for Christmas and for the longest time I thought I wasted money and that it wasnt worth it because I simply just wasnt making good art. I was actually going to sell it to classmates because I wanted my money back. Not because its a bad product, its amazing lol. But because i just wasnt making what i considered good art (it was shit), i gave up on it.

After five years, last year (not even, around 8 months ago), I picked the tablet up again and I began to try painting sinced I’m a painting major and I know how to paint now. Then, just after a few months everything has become easier and I’m constantly trying to actually do things… lol!

also John Willian Godward is AMAZING. His work is ridiculous and I love him so fucking much and ugh. bae <3


Glass Joe