Log 43: Workout routine

So since I’ve had a good amount of free time, I’ve started working out again. There’s a gym near the dorm, so it’s easily accessible.
Except the one thing that absolutely sucks is starting back up again after a wile and having your body hurt like hell after the first week.
I’m on the third floor, that’s two flights of stairs; and I’m dead by the time I reach the second.
This is what I get for trying to do something good for my body! Don’t be like me, kids! Eat your vegetables, fruit and shit like that! Don’t live on the third floor! Love yourself! And for god sakes, make it to the third floor only slightly winded; not the second!

How To Pick A Bias

Step 1: pick the member you find attractive

Step 2: realize they’re complete dorks

Step 3: fear the bias wrecker

Step 4: give in to the bias wrecker

Step 5: you’ve accidentally fallen in love with all of the members

Step 6: all of them are dumb

Step 7: how did this happen

Step 8: it’s too late to go back now

Step 9: accept your status as *insert group name here* trash

Spock: I need to leave and make little Vulcans

Jim: I need you Spock

Spock: Anyways so like I was saying where to next Captain