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things to imagine with your otp:

  • one of them falls in love first before the other and has to try and be super chill and casual around them but oh fuck they just brushed hands
  • one of them by themselves but throughout the day they see little things that remind them of the other and they just randomly start smiling
  • trying to make a gift or do something special for the other but getting super embarrassed when giving it to them so they just leave it on a table and run away
  • getting into a heated shit talking session about a shit tv show whilst pulling an all nighter watching it together anyway
  • star-gazing, flower festivals and making out behind dingy diners on a road trip
  • trying fishing for the first time and one of them getting pulled into a lake by a fish and another getting attacked by a gaggle of wild geese


病院から携帯で記事を書いているため、個別返信が難しいので、まとめてのお返事になってしまい 申し訳ありません。

Starbit Festival
  • Starbit Festival
  • Mahito Yokota
  • Super Mario Galaxy Platinum Version- (OST) - Disc 1

I beat super mario galaxy (the first) 100% complete the other day

so I felt the need to blog about it

I picked it back up and played the luigi side, which I had just reached. after getting all the stars and unlocking the grand finale galaxy, I decided to go to the library because I had forgotten the little story and hadn’t looked at it at all with luigi. I cried like a baby! I forgot just how sad it was

after that trying emotional experience I went to the last galaxy. it was such a nice ending and the perfect final galaxy

if anyone wants to reblog this you have my permission to delete my stupid feelings



Moon Festival is celebrated by most of east asia countries.

In Taiwan, we often do BBQ to celebrate this festival.

So, the tasty smell of BBQ is filled with everywhere and every street.

The full moon symbolizes the reunion. As a result, all family members, friends and love ones will get together each year on this occasion to celebrated Moon Festival

Due to popular demand*, here is a rundown of The Star Festival.

Our story begins at 6am Japan Standard Time. My friend from Maryland, Deanna, and I are, probably still drunkenly, making our way to the first morning train after a very very weird and uncomfortable night with some Japanese “friends” - read: would-be rapists. Anyway, irrelevant. I get back to my house at 630 and collapse into bed, wake around 9 and start throwing various and sundry festival necessities into a satchel: bikini tops, baby wipes, vodka, poncho, beer, camera. I run downstairs, say a quick goodbye to my bewildered host mum who thought I was leaving in the afternoon, and jump on a train to meet my friends. I’m officially on my way to Sonobe, Kyoto.

After about 2 hours and 4 train transfers we arrive at Sonobe Eki thinking we are the coolest gaijin of all timeWe’re gonna bro with so many Japanese people and be the only goddamn white people for miles. WRONG. Although we didn’t see them on the train, we run into about 20 exchange students from Ritsumeikan. Ego deflated. So naturally I found the one New Zealander and after about 3 seconds of being nice started berating him. I’M SORRY! I CAN’T STOP THE MADNESS! 

We took a shuttle bus through winding mountain roads, past impossibly blue rivers, and halfway up a grassy hill. After tumbling out and playing our 500円 fee I noticed the unmistakable sound of distant bass and conversation. With my excitement steadily increasing I could barely stand to wait in the almost non-existent line to show tickets. There were only two girls on the gates, no security guards, no bag checks, nobody to shepherd us to a camping spot. Once we were wristbanded it was up to us to climb the rest of the slope, find the entrance, and choose our preferred camping spot. As we entered the festival grounds I recall saying, “I know I’ve not seen any Jager in Japan yet, but I’d kill for a Jagerbomb.” As we turned the corner the festival stalls and vendours came into view, and low and behold, the jewell in the crown was a Jager bar. I literally clicked my heels in the air like a leprechaun. We found a spot, dumped our bags, tore off our shirts (strategic bikinis in place) and went exploring in the mid-afternoon sun.

Off to the north of the main festival area was a hill they called Chill Mountain. At the top there was a large floating orb which later they would project images onto. As we ascended past children playing on the slope in tie-dyed shirts the festival spread out below us. There were artists building weird structures in front of the orange dome tent pumping out bizarre chill-electro. Behind that were vendors selling takoyaki, yakisoba, rice-bowls etc. Opposite those were stall-holders selling clothes and what-not. And at the very back on the western side there was the White Stage, and on the eastern side the Black Stage.

I spent most of my time at the Black Stage tearing up the moss (not grass) with my insane dubstep moves. I don’t even know. Jager-bombs guys. I was all like, if skrillex was here he’d put me in a video. fo sho. I probably just looked deranged. I discovered a lot of really great Japanese DJs and electronic artists, like 80kidz who I danced on stage with because there was zero security and no barriers. 

The headliner was some American called DJ Harvey who played at the white stage for three hours and was pure shit. Whatever. When I got exhausted and my lungs felt like stones, from the smoking, cold and impending hypothermia, I went and sat by a bonfre in the campground with some randoms who gave me some 100% alcohol. *shudder*

Around 1:30am we were very tired and sore and cold and decided to try and sleep for a few hours until CitiZen of Peace played at 4:20. MISTAKE. Corey, who had been in charge of bringing blankets, instead bought a single large towel. Yeah, real warm for the top of a mountain in spring. I ended up visiting one of the market stalls and purchasing this great, soft, mustard coloured blanket to add to the five-person sandwich in the tent. However, at this festival the music does not stop and we were very close to the action so the attempted tactical nap only made us colder, sadder and sorer. By this time I am positive I had some form of whiplash from my mindblowingly radical dancemoves. I was at the point of tears when I sat up, skulled some more vodka, yanked on my trackpants and braved the outside world once more. First stop - coffee. Second stop - Jagerbomb. Third stop - more dancing. About an hour later the others came and found me and we had breakfast.

I find myself frequently saying, “When the Japanese choose to do something, they do it right.” These awesome people went strong all night; dancing, chatting, and drinking like nobody I’ve ever seen. There were people walking around with beers at 5am and still the occasional over-enthusiastic hardstyle dancer. Normally I’d put it down to some kind of elicit help, but drugs are so totally illegal in Japan it’s not funny. I think we smelt weed a total of two times and I highly doubt these guys were on anything, they were just high on life. or whatever. 

We watched the sun rise and passed out on chill mountain for a while, schlooped around in haze for a few hours and when it was time to leave sadly packed up the tent and left that bohemian paradise.

There are only 2 things I would change: 1) drinking the night before and being too soft to last the whole night - OUTDRUNK BY THE JAPANESE! I have brought shame on my binge-drinking country. 2) some live music. Like actual bands, I fucking love dubstep so it was ok, but I do also fucking love live music. This was the first year of the festival so I hope it continues and I hope they can incorporate some actual musicians. 

I intend to return every year.

This has been a post.

*this one friend of mine