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Do you think strade is a cuddler???

i dunno about cuddling (a fella can dream…), but i’d bet he probably likes to hold onto something while he sleeps? i’m the same way so the only way i can describe it is liking his arms to be full. the kinda guy who keeps an iron grip on his partner(pet) while they sleep.

here’s a doodle i did a while ago anyway. :3


But please, keep spouting bullshit in Akechi’s tag about how his actions were 100% his own and he’s an unsympathetic, unrepentant monster.

The Next Question

The minute the module landed in the Zephyr, Coulson breathed a huge sigh of relief. The four of them stumbled out to a weary-looking Jemma and Piper. 

It was Daisy who spotted the three unconscious bodies first. 

“So… that’s how Mack was… ?” Daisy let the question hang in the air, and Jemma simply nodded. 

Yo-Yo rushed to Mack’s side, calling out for help from the others. Piper was quick to respond, and Daisy wasn’t far behind her.

May excused herself to assist “whoever the hell decided to fly the damn plane”, leaving Coulson and Jemma alone. 


Not entirely alone.

Coulson stepped closer to Jemma, wishing – just this once – she didn’t have to be so damn resilient. “So… they’re… ?” Coulson gestured to the two sleeping figures still on the floor. 

“I shot them,” Jemma said quietly but firmly. “I shot them with an ICER.”

Coulson laid a hand on Jemma’s shoulder. “Well, let’s move them before they wake up.” 

He started walking towards Fitz and knew Jemma was in step behind him. They lifted him up with a small grunt and carried him inside the module, laying him down on the little cot. 

He watched Jemma move closer and smooth out Fitz’s hair a bit, her eyes clouded with emotion. 

But… there was one last thing to do.

“Jemma,” Coulson said gently. “We have to…” He pointed towards Aida, still passed out on the floor.

“I know,” Jemma tried to smile.

 It didn’t land.

They left Fitz to retrieve Aida, mutually in agreement of lifting her with less finesse and propping her in a sitting position against the wall.

They both stared at Aida in silence for a beat. 

Coulson broke it.

“She really saved Mack, huh?” 

“Yes,” Jemma said. “I suppose she did. Excuse me.” 

Before he could stop her, she walked out of the module. 

Once he ensured the doors were closed, and Fitz and Aida were contained, he headed towards her, calling her name.

She spun around, and the pain he saw in her eyes nearly silenced him.


“Look, we don’t have much time to process everything. And I can’t begin to imagine what’s going through your head right now.”

“Sir, I should check on Mack’s vitals. I need to ensure that–” 

“You can in a minute. Daisy and the others know what they’re doing,” Coulson cut her off. 

Jemma looked like she wanted to protest but merely said, “Okay.” 

“I just want you to know… the heart you showed while we were in the Framework…” Coulson swallowed thickly. “I couldn’t remember Fitz from this world. I just saw him as the Doctor. But your unwavering devotion to him… It helped me almost remember. To almost see the good in him. You didn’t give up on him.”

Jemma wiped her eyes. “I could never give up on him.” 

“Not just that, Jemma. You didn’t give up on any of us. And for that, we owe you and Daisy our lives.” 

Jemma shook her head. “You don’t have to… You didn’t even know me, and yet, you defended me, time and again.”

“I may not have remembered you, but that didn’t stop me from being drawn to the strong, capable, and selfless woman you’ve become.” 

Jemma stared at him for a moment and then wrapped her arms around him. He returned the hug, and then he let go. 

“Now go check on Mack, Agent Simmons.” 

Jemma chuckled humorlessly. “Yes, sir.” 

Coulson watched her leave and returned his attention back to the module’s current occupants. 

When Fitz had woken up, he was disoriented and reeling from his actions in the Framework. 

But that still didn’t change what he had done. It may not have been his fault, but until they sure Fitz was still Fitz and not the other guy, he couldn’t let his personal feelings guide him.

He knew the next couple of conversations would be hard. He wanted to give Jemma final say in the matter. They owed her that. 

But if Fitz wasn’t just Fitz, and the Doctor returned with him? 

He hoped Jemma understood what needed to be done. 

He couldn’t let his personal feelings guide him.

It was the cost of being the Director.


Look. Coulson’s “you’ve shown so much heart” line to Fitz just reverberates in my soul, and he witnesses Jemma’s heart firsthand in the Framework, and this poor girl just needed a break, and I really wanted him to give her one. 

If I think too hard about the camaraderie Mr. Coulson and Jemma shared in the Framework, I will start crying. He was just so paternal with her, even though he had no idea who she was, and she was steadfast and steady with him. 

I’m very grateful Clark and Elizabeth had those scenes together. 

Check out other glimpses. :) 


Saint Vitus - The Sadist

Glimpses Update

Hi, loves! 

When I started out with writing this collection, I was convinced it was only going to be 66 chapters long, thinking the chronological aspect of it would just fall into place.

Little did I know. Besides the original 66 (which will be updated with 22 new chapters, btw), everything else is a chronological mess! Seriously. 

So! @whatlighttasteslike had a FANTASTIC idea and basically created this page for my blog where all Glimpse fics (Glimpses, Unabridged, S.A.D.I.S.T., etc.) are easily stored, categorized by season and then by episode! 

So now, you can truly stop on by and read every single fic that corresponds to the episode currently givin’ ya the feels without putting in the work of tracking it down.

I hope you enjoy the new system. Thank Mel for the idea and creation! 

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