Cartoon Network’s 2017-18 Upfront recap

New series

  • Apple & Onion (from The Amazing World of Gumball’s George Gendi)
  • Craig of the Creek (from Steven Universe’s Matt Burnett and Ben Levin)
  • Summer Camp Island (from Julia Pott)
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes (from Steven Universe’s Ian James-Quartey)
  • Ben 10 (reboot)
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (series)

Shows that are comin’ back

  • We Bare Bears
  • Steven Universe
  • The Powerpuff Girls (reboot)
  • Mighty Magiswords
  • Teen Titans Go!
  • The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Adventure Time (and another miniseries!)

Shows that aren’t comin’ back

  • Clarence
  • Uncle Grandpa

Plus games!


One of the most requested team-ups is finally coming to animated film form, as Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are pairing everyone’s favorite Dark Knight Detective hero Batman together with one of his cutest enemies in Harley Quinn for a movie that is a genuine love letter to fans of both characters in “Batman and Harley Quinn” – the next installment in the long running “DC Universe Animated Original Movie” series that is based on characters and storylines published by DC Comics.

With the release of the new DC Animated film “Teen Titans: The Judas Contract” on digital media and coming to DVD and Blu-Ray this month as well, Warner Bros. Animation has released a nine minute sneak peek of “Batman and Harley Quinn,” with “Batman: The Animated Series” collaborators Bruce Timm and Paul Dini featured – both of whom have co-created the character of Harley Quinn and introduced her in the same show back in September of 1992.

The new movie also features the return of the voice of Batman himself in Kevin Conroy as well as Loren Lester – who originally voiced Dick Grayson as Robin in Batman the Animated Series and now reprises his role as Nightwing in the film.


Here’s the Cartoon Network schedule for Saturday, April 22 to Friday, April 28.

Ben 10 takes an hour on each day of the Cloudy with a Chance of Everything weekend event, making things much less Cloudy than expected. CN seems to be losing faith in Cloudy, too. Look at that weekday schedule. It only appears for 30 minutes in the day.

Speaking of that weekday schedule, it looks… decent! Two shows return to the weekday lineup, Steven Universe and Tom and Jerry Tales! SU will be rerunning themed blocks on weekdays. Adventure Time airs at 7:30 Mon-Thurs to debut their new miniseries, Elements. Better movie variety, too. This is a very encouraging change and I hope things get betterer.

Spoiler alert for Saturday and Sunday next week: Steven Universe gets weekend reruns, Justice League Action is back for new episodes, Transformers: Robots in Disguise gets an hour of reruns (though it might actually be new episodes, TBA), and new episodes of The Powerpuff Girls move to… 8am. On a Sunday.

New episodes this week:

  • Ben 10 - Mon-Thurs at 5:00p
  • We Bare Bears - Mon-Thurs at 7:00p
  • Adventure Time - SPECIAL MINISERIES Elements, Mon-Thurs at 7:30p
  • Teen Titans Go! - Friday at 6:00p

Top 3 shows this week:

  1. Teen Titans Go! - 84 - 30% (lowest it has been in a long time… maybe since early Summer last year?)
  2. Ben 10 - 54 - 19%
  3. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - 34 - 12%
Big Rumors

4chan has been causing some noise with big rumors of big changes coming to DC. I’ve decided to take a look at what they’re saying and share my opinion.

1)      Dark Days is the mysterious “Metal” event Scott Snyder has been teasing he’ll do with Greg Capulo. It will bring characters from alternate Universes to Prime DC Earth, some of which will try to take it over. Some of them will stick around after the event and be featured in books from September, when every title will get a one-shot setting up new status quo after one year time skip. – Pretty standard, I could buy this one.

2)      One of the characters that stick around will be Superboy Prime, whom Clark will try to redeem on the pages of Superman. – Risky move since it’s Prime but I could totally see Superman try to redeem him.

3)      We will see the return of JSA with Power Girl, Jay Garrick, Red Tornado, Alan Scott and Johnny Thunder, in a new book by Dan Abnett – Will those be Earth-2 characters back to the Prime Earth or Pre-Flashpoint versions?

4)      Another character from another Universe to stick around will be Mar’I Grayson, daughter of Dick and Kory. Nightwing will have to search for her in his own book. – I could see it. If this and 14 will be true, I want them to cross over.

5)      Another will be Bart Allen, who will be featured as Impulse alongside Jesse Quick, Max Mercury and older Wally West in Speed Force by Brett Booth and writing and art – Hell yes Bart is back. And since people wanted a team of speedsters – yeah, I can see this too.

6)      Red Robin will escape from Mr. Oz’ captivity and free several other inmates, leading them as the new Outsiders – They kept Tim quite a bit away, he really could return. Hope Conner and few other forgotten characters will be on this team.

7)      Cyborg will be canceled but replaced with a team-up book (mini?) between him and Shazam, by John Semper. Hal Jordan and Green Lantern Corps will be relaunched as Green Lantern Corps with Hal still leading, but Kyle dying in Dark Days and John and Soranik going to Cullen Bunn’s to Yellow Lanterns.  Don’t worry, Green Lanterns will still be going and keep its creative team, but will go monthly. – Don’t know about the others but I could see Green Lanterns turning monthly. I’ll be mad if they’ll kill Kyle.

8)      Other canceled titles are Superwoman and Blue Beetle with Jaime joining Teen Titans. Red Hood and the Outlaws as well, with Artemis and Bizarro returning to Wonder Woman and Action Comics and Jason getting a solo series by Lobdell. – Totally could see Blue Beetle canceled and Jaime joining Teen Titans and we already have rumors about Superwoman ending. But I thought people liked new Outlaws.

9)      Due to poor sales both Batgirl and Batgirl & the Birds of Prey will be canceled, Barbara will make heroic sacrifice putting her back into a wheelchair. The books will be relaunched as Birds of Prey, where Oracle, Huntress and Black Canary are joined by Lady Blackhawk and Batgirls by Genevieve Valentine, where Barbara trains Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown as her successors. – And this one I cannot buy. DC was so adamant to keep Barbara as Batgirl I find it now hard to believe they would give in and make her Oracle again. And Babs training Steph and Cass written by Genevieve Valentine sounds too good to be true.

10)   Which of course means Cass is leaving Detective Comics. So is Clayface and the post-Dark Days roster will keep Batman, Batwoman, Batwing, and Azrael and add Duke Thomas, Harper Row and Anarky. – Happy to see Luke and Duke in one team since I wanted that and Harper and Kate could result in them showing up on another ball in tuxedos to pick up ladies, so I both could see this happen and would welcome them as additions to the team.

11)   Other new books announced are Legion by James Tynion, Checkmate by Tom King and World’s Fines by Tim Seeley, where every issue features a team-up between different members of Batfamily and Superfamily. – Team up book? Please let it be real, I always liked those.

12)   Batman leading the JLA will be revealed to be Martian Manhunter in disguise. – For what purpose?

13)   More miniseries including 12-parts mini about Crime Syndicate of Earth 3, Justice Incarnate by Peter Thomasi and a completely new Batman Beyond starring Damian who grew up without knowing Bruce and a GCPD cop Sarah Grayson, Dick’s daughter, as his love interest. – Does that mean current Batman Beyond will be canceled?

14)   Slade Wilson will go missing with Rose taking the codename Deathstroke as she tries to find him. – Okay, on the one hand, Deathstroke editor recently teased a bold new direction (still by Priest) but on the other, it was something I once cooked up and proposed on this blog, even got in an argument whenever it would be a good decision with @rosewilsontheravager . It could be something they put for people like me to go nuts….

6162. Once the Titans played spin the bottle, but instead of kissing they had to ask each other questions. When it was Cyborg’s turn it landed on Beast Boy. He asked BB’s full name and when he answered, Cyborg was stunned for a second, visibly tearing up. BB asked what’s wrong, and it turns out Cyborg’s family was friends with the Logans, and little 4 year old Victor was playmates with little Garfield, who was 3 at the time (Beast Boy was too small to remember him). Sadly S.T.A.R. Labs sent the Logans to Africa to study the rare disease, Sakutia. Once Victor heard the Logans didn’t return from their work, he thought they all died including Garfield Mark Logan, his first friend.

Submitted by kehideni


First look of the original DC animated film ‘Teen Titans: Judas Contract,’ which will feature popular villain Deathstroke.

Christina Ricci and Miguel Ferrer are voice-starring in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, the long-awaited DC Universe animated original movie from Warner Bros. Animation, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

The movie, being directed by Sam Liu (Justice League vs. Teen Titans) from a screenplay by Ernie Altbacker, adapts the classic storyline from Tales of the Teen Titans, one of DC’s top comics in the 1980s. Ricci will play Teen Titans member Terra and Ferrer is voicing the mercenary villain Deathstroke.

Ricci and Ferrer are newcomers to the stable of the DC animated movies, a line that celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Titans will also see returning DC players Sean Maher, Kari Wahlgren, Jake T. Austin, Taissa Farmiga, Brandon Soo Hoo and Stuart Allan join the voice cast.

Teen Titans was DC’s comic that went head-to-head with Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men in the early 1980s in a time when both comics were outselling their companies’ more established stars such as Batman and Spider-Man, respectively. Titans, under writer Marv Wolfman and penciller George Perez, hit a zenith with The Judas Contract storyline. It was the culmination of years of stories that saw the Titans — young heroes Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Nightwing/Robin and Cyborg — face the betrayal of their teammate Terra.The woman had partnered with Deathstroke to take down the team.


Technically, he already did! just marco doesn’t know that…

All the other parts of Demon Boyfriends series here

Monday, June 05
“Rescue Team”
Marco gathers together a team of monsters and earthlings to try and find Star’s whereabouts.

“Family Bonding”
With Glossaryck missing and the threat of Toffee looming over the Butterfly Kingdom, Moon sets out to become Star’s new teacher.

Monday, June 12
“Sleep Is For The Weak”
Marco struggles to balance his daytime commitments with Jackie and his nighttime missions with the rescue team.

“Mind Blank”
When Star’s emotions get in the way of her training, Moon calls upon a dedicated mentor to help.  
*Linda Cardellini (“ER”) guest stars as Kanlor.

Monday, June 19
“Ratted Out”
The rescue team discover Ludo’s old hideout.

Star’s nightmares continue to haunt her at night, until she learns that what she sees may be more than just a dream.
*Tara Strong (“Teen Titans Go”) guest stars as Mysterious voice.

Monday, June 26
“Corn Treaty”
The rescue team return to the butterfly kingdom to find its citizens in disarray.

“Solar Eclipse”

Star battles with herself over the commitments to her training.

Monday, July 3
“Opposites Attract”
Marco becomes concerned as Jackie and Tom start to become closer.

“Our Family History”
Hoping to find out more about her ancestors, Star sneaks back into the Butterfly castle to visit a forbidden room.

Monday, July 10
When the rescue team receives word of dark magic activity within the forest of certain death, they discover more about the monster lineage.

“The Queen Of Darkness”
Star’s loyalties begin to waver as she questions the true nature of her families rule over the kingdom.

Monday, July 17
When the group are trapped with little chance of escape, Star and Marco struggle to find common ground on recent events.

Monday, July 24
“Unleash The Beast”
When evil begins to take hold of Mewni, Star and Marco call in every favour they can to attempt to bring down the revolution’s leaders.

52 Facts about Jason and Bruce:

1) Jason was Bruce’s first adopted son and the only one for a long time. 
2) Bruce met Jason on the anniversary of his parents’ death and at the place where they died. 
3) Jason manged to make Bruce laugh.
4) Pre-crisis Bruce was extremely overprotective of Jason (which Jason wasn’t happy about). 
5) Bruce was pretty strict when it comes to Jason’s education and even forbidden Jason from going out with him in school nights. 
6) In their first meeting in Rebirth, Bruce bought a hamburger for Jason and had a talk with him about giving people a chance while the two were eating on the Batmobile. 
7) Bruce called Jason “Jay”, “lad” and “champ”, but mostly “Jay”. 
8) Pre-crisis Bruce didn’t want to Jason to become his partner because he wanted him to have a normal life. He also tried to find a suitable woman to be a mother to Jason (lol).
9) Jason saved Bruce’s life from the joker in their first meeting in Arkhamverse. 
10) Bruce took Jason to a baseball game once and played a game with him too. 
11) In RHATO Annual 2, young Jason called Bruce “dad’. 
12) Bruce once missed a date with Vickie to take Jason to the cinema. 
13) Pre-crisis Jason was jealous of Selina for spending a lot of time with Batman. While Selina was pretty amused by this, Bruce was upset that Jason was keeping his distance away from him and tried to make the two get along by setting them up in a mission (the GPD even helped out!). The two eventually get along and shared a hug at the end.
14) Bruce done two things for Jason he never done them for anyone before. He ignored a bat signal because getting Jason back after he was taken from him by the court was more important. And he missed a patrol to spend time with sick Jason. 
15) Jason slapped Bruce once to wake he up after he was brain washed in THE CULT. 
16) Bruce declared once to his lawyers that he is willing to give up all of his fortune to get Jason back. 
17) Jason most precious memory was the one where Bruce spent time and watched a movie with him when he was sick. Jason has given up this memory to Saru though and told him to keep it. 
18) Bruce thought to himself once while he was hugging Jason that “For the first time it seems true: A son is not always born of his father” (awww..). 
19) Jason once had a nightmare of Bruce being killed which got him up screaming and Bruce and Alfred running to his room. 
20) Bruce has a picture of Jason on his bed stand after Jason died and he carries another in his Batman’s belt. 
21) Jason last words and thoughts before he died was an apology and thank you to Bruce. 
22) Bruce always wondered if Jason waited for him to save him and whether Jason hated him when he realized he will not arrive at time (ouch).
23) Jason was calling and crying for Bruce despite the fact he didn’t remember anything when he was brought back to life in his grave (double ouch). 
24) Bruce was planning to kill the joker after he murdered Jason, but having supes there for him stopped him from doing that.
25) Jason was mad at Bruce for not avenging him and was absolutely sure that he was never loved by him while Bruce was sure that his love was quite obvious by declaring that “Jason knew how much I loved him” to clayface.
26) In Superman/Batman, Bruce admitted that he would have done ANYTHING to get Jason back. In Hush arc, he revealed that he was planning to put Jason in the pit to bring him back, but didn’t do it because he was worried that Jason wouldn’t return right due to his brain injury.
27) Bruce gives Jason a piggyback ride once.
28) Despite the fact that Jason was completely unresponsive when Talia found him, he still reacted by tearing up when Talia mentioned Bruce to him.
29) Bruce broke down in tears when an investigator asked him about what happened to Jason (those two seriously).
30) In Final Crisis, Bruce had a break down where he wished that he could change the biggest two events in his life. His parents’ death and Jason’s death.
31) Jason planned to kill Bruce after he returned, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it when he got the chance.
32) Alfred once revealed that Jason’s death affected Bruce more than his parents did because he had the power to stop it.
33) Jason thought that Bruce was died after the event of Endgame and he was really upset about that, but he pretended that he didn’t care. Later on, he discovered that Bruce wasn’t died (he just lost his memories) and he hugged him and thanked him for everything he done for him.
34) When Bruce lost contact with Jason (who was in dangerous mission with the Outlaws), Bruce pretty much freaked out and started yelling at someone to call Superman to save Jason (awww).
35) Jason punched a guy for insulting Batman.
36) When Jason’s face was burned down by the joker, Bruce spent his whole time sitting by his bedside.
37) Jason revealed once that he isn’t much of a sleeper because when he was a kid, he spent his nights worrying that his mother will choke in her own vomit and his father will snap and kill him and his mother. When he became Robin, Jason couldn’t sleep because he preferred to spend his nights patrolling and when he wasn’t, he spent them waiting for Bruce and making sure he return home alive and well (triple ouch).
38) Bruce once asked Jason to come home.
39) Superman told Jason once that Bruce vouched for him which was the reason why the justice league never went after Jason and his team.
40) In alt-universe, Bruce snapped and killed the joker after he murdered Jason.
41) Miller'Bruce retired the Batman mantle after Jason was killed.
42) Despite how crazy Jason acted sometimes, Bruce still didn’t have the heart to hunt him down and it was Dick who captured Jason and put him in Arkham Asylum.
43) Bruce hold back against Jason whenever the two of them fight (and Jason know that). In Arkham knight (where Batman is extremely brutal in the game), it was noted that Bruce didn’t go all out against Jason and couldn’t even bring himself to punch him in the end.
44) When Jason was Robin, Bruce told him that he will always protect him and be there for him till the end.
45) In a world where Bruce died when he was a kid, Jason become a priest and had a good life. Which means he would have been better off if he never meet Bruce (ok, this one really hurts).
46) When he was hit by Scarecrow gas in Pre-crisis, it was revealed that Bruce’s biggest fear was Jason getting hurt and him being unable to protect him. In PC, the worst fear Batman can imagine was Jason’s death. After Jason died, Bruce’s biggest fear was witnessing Jason’s death at the Joker’s hands which made him go crazy and beat the joker brutally while screaming Jason’s name like a maniac. After the event of Hush, Bruce biggest fear was Jason coming back angry at him and telling him that he can’t stop because he loves him too much. In arkham knight, his worst fear was witnessing Jason’s torture and him being helpless to do anything.
47) Bruce smiled a lot around Jason before he died and hardly after he did which showed that Jason’s death changed and affected him deeply (even the cold hearted Owlman was saddened over Jason’s death).
48) Bruce once described Dick as the laugh that grow up and move on while he described Jason as the love and caring that was stolen from him (yup, I’m totally fine).
49) Bruce forbid Jason from joining the teen titans.
50) Jason was supposed to be the next Batman after Bruce retires in The Dark Knight Returns, but he died before he could take the mantle.
51) Bruce lost Jason in every universe (seriously, what the heck batsy?).
52) Bruce said once that he could never forget Jason.

Well, that was tiring and there still many more facts! But I felt that ending this post with number 52 was fitting :-)


Favorite characters (5/?): Raven

“No. My only weakness was loving you. Hoping I would be loved in return, but all you were capable of giving was pain. So I ran away and found friends, friends I would give my life for, friends who give me love and the strength to do this

The Lazarus Contract

Slade Wilson targets the returned Wally West as part of an effort to resurrect his son Grant the original Ravage. The event is written jointly by Dan Abnett, Benjamin Percy, and Christopher Priest, and features art by Brett Booth, Khoi Pham, Carlo Pagulayan and Paul Pelletier. And It’ll only last the month of May! Ah DC events never lasting too long.

“THE LAZARUS CONTRACT” part one! When Deathstroke discovers that Wally West’s return holds the key to bringing his son back from the dead, he’ll stop at nothing to do just that! Don’t miss the debut chapter of the epic crossover event that you’ve been waiting for!
On sale MAY 10 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

“THE LAZARUS CONTRACT” part two! The Teen Titans collide with the Titans after both groups are targeted by the World’s Deadliest Assassin—Deathstroke! But when Robin interrogates Nightwing about his history with Deathstroke, dark secrets are revealed and alliances are broken!
On sale MAY 17 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

“THE LAZARUS CONTRACT” part three! Will Slade succeed in reuniting with his son even at the risk of cataclysmic disaster? Or will the Titans and the Teen Titans be fast enough to stop him from changing the world as we know it? Find out what happens when the World’s Deadliest Assassin becomes the Fastest Man Alive!
On sale MAY 24 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+

“THE LAZARUS CONTRACT” finale! The conclusion to our epic crossover is here, the consequences of which will be felt for years to come! What does the future hold for the Titans teams after this game-changing run-in with their greatest enemy? Find out here as we set the stage for the next era of Titans, Teen Titans and Deathstroke!
On sale MAY 31 • 48 pg, FC, $4.99 US • RATED T

Based off of

Raven’s room was silent. It was as it should be, as she was just getting settled in meditation, having been levitating in the center for several minutes. The silence was broken by beeping from her communicator. Automatically, she brought it to her lap and flipped it open to peer with one eye at the caller. The face of Beast Boy appeared, the image shaking and changing angles often.

“Hey Rae?” he said while looking at and shuffling through out of frame items, “You busy? Great. Ya, uh, what color should I wear to the charity ball? I figured we should match, so what color is your dress?”

Raven, having already sighed and attempting to return to her meditative state, responded, “I didn’t say I wasn’t b-wait-“ her eyes flew open and she turned her full attention to the screen, “Since when are you and I going to the charity ball?”

“What?” Beast Boy off-handedly replied, “What do you…” he trailed off and froze. The camera sat still, focused on his increasingly panicked expression that purposefully faced anything but the recipient. “Shit. Shit. I forgot to ask you.”

anonymous asked:

Hippolyta once said Kory rivalled Wonder Woman in terms of combat skill. WW is currently considered the best melee fighter in the DC universe, but I think that was stated quite a while after that NTT issue. What sort of skill level do you think she was intended as being? Do you think she’d beat Dick in terms of pure skill (i.e if she got depowered to human levels)? If so, are we talking her being Nightwing/Batman/WW level still? Tbh it’s sad people seem to forget how much a ninja she actually is

For reference: 

[New Teen Titans v1 #13]

I believe that she was intended to be a highly skilled and adaptive warrior that could easily adapt to all forms of combat. As you can see above, Hippolyta tells Raven they’ll see how well Kory handles a battle staff and Kory proves that she’s incredibly skilled because she was instructed in the use of something similar on Okaara:

I absolutely think she could take Dick in a fight if she was de-powered and even though she tends to rely on her starbolts a lot, she’s still a highly skilled fighter. Here’s something that Vic said about her in New Titans:

[New Titans #63]

He says she, Kory, and Raven are the three most powerful Titans and I think this applies to everything about them, not just their power sets. And we can’t forget about the time she beat Donna in Tales:

[Tales of the Teen Titans #42]

Suffice to say, I believe that Kory could definitely be on par with the bigger names of DC Comics but that writers forget/ignore how powerful and skilled she actually is. Hopefully one day, Kory will be able to return to that same skill level with her background as a warrior more fully explored and implemented in her story. 

Teen Titans Movie Idea

I sent this idea to a friend of mine recently and, I wanted to share this to the world. Maybe we can start from the end and go all the way to the beginning for a movie.

In this version, my friend proposed to have The Outlaws Line-Up as Roy Harper, Starfire, and Red Hood. This version of Starfire would have her slowly transition from the Titans to The Outlaws. 

Originally posted by diamondbender

After the climax, the Titans return to the tower when Starfire says her goodbye and officially joins The Outlaws. She was already training Damian to be the leader throughout the movie. 

Originally posted by itsalejarv

Jason and Roy return to the Tower and they brought waffles, or pizza depending on who you ask. Heck, have them bring both!

Originally posted by juliabe

Originally posted by ttg-gifs

As everyone is eating, Beast Boy is late to the party because he overslept his nap. Star officially transfers leadership to Damian and Jason makes a joke about villains and food. Maybe a Condiment King joke.

Originally posted by kane52630

*Insert evil beware we have waffles by Raven callback joke here.* 

Originally posted by sapphirerose818

Beast Boy is about to take a bite when the electricity shuts down,. Backup Power keeps the Tower on and they discover that Dr. Light just shut down half of San Francisco. 

Originally posted by titans-tower

Starfire asks Damian if they’ll stay for more waffles. Garfield begs to stay for waffles,  Damian says the waffles can wait…we then have a shot of the new Titans from left to right: Jaime, Raven, Damian, Donna & Gar. 

Originally posted by primal-slayer

Camera switches to the outlaws when Roy asks Kory if they’re ready, Kory responds, “more than we ever were.” Camera switches to Damian as he shouts, Titans Go! Cue 2003 teen Titans theme that only plays at the end of the movie.

Originally posted by chunli

EDIT: I can’t believe I forgot to add this part.

anonymous asked:

can you make a master list for Jason? like all his appearances and such? (: i seriously love your blog, thank you for making it!

Good idea, anon :D

*Jason Todd Master list*

Detective Comics 524-566
Batman 357-403
Superman Annual 11 
New Teen Titans 18-31

Batman: Second Chances
DC Retroactive Batman The 80s
Detective Comics 569-582 (skip 575-578)
Nightwing Year One: 101-106
The Cult
Gotham Knight 43
The diplomat Son
Death in the family

Ghost Jason:
Gotham Knights 34
Nightwing: Secret Files and Origin

His Return:
Batman Hush
Under The Red Hood
Red Hood: Lost Days
Countdown to the Final Crisis
Countdown Presents: The search for Ray Palmer
Battle for the Cowl*
Batman and Robin: Revenge of the Red Hood*
Batman and Robin: The Streets Run Red
Batman and Robin Convergence: Father and Sons

The world of Flashpoint 2

New 52:
Secret Origins 5
Batman Zero issue
Red Hood and the Outlaw
Red Hood/Arsenal

Batfamily events:
Night of the Owls
Death of the family
Batman Eternal
Robin Raises
Batman and Robin Eternal
Robin War

Guest appearance:
Batman and Robin 10-12
Action Comics 34
Supergirl 35
Batman/Superman Annual 1
Justice League 19
Grayson 12
Batman/Superman 25-27
Deathstroke 15-17

Red Hood and the Outlaws

Arkham Knight
Arkham Knight: Genesis
Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade
Li’l Gotham 2/10/12/17/20/21/24
Tiny Titans 23/29/33/39/45/47

*Warning: these two comics don’t have a good characterization of Jason.
I agree with Mon-El

The reason why I agree with Mon-El isn’t because I love him and Kara together. The reason I believe him it’s because from what I’ve learned from every book, TV show, and fanfiction out there is anyone that comes back after being with the enemy most times they end up working for the enemy. For example the 100 when the Grounders returned Murphy they returned him so that he could kill off the 100. Another example is when district 13 got Peeta back so easily and it turned out he was hijacked, oh another example Terra from Teen Titans so people should listen to him.

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This oneshot idea has been written in the notes of my phone for literally forever, so last night I started writing it up.

Fluff ahoy. Post-Tokyo.

Exhaustion didn’t even begin to cover what he was feeling as he trudged towards the main room, doing so as quietly as he possibly could. Such a skill wasn’t usually difficult for him considering his level of stealth.

But when fatigue was thrown into the mix, his footsteps were a little louder and stealth kind of went out the window.

Robin yawned as he moved. His legs felt sluggish and his signature red backpack was weighing heavy on his shoulders, even though there wasn’t that much stuff inside. He had a feeling his mask was slightly askew too but he wasn’t too bothered considering he’d be taking it off soon enough.

As the doors opened with a whoosh, Robin couldn’t help but smile as the familiar scent of home filled his senses. The faint aroma of pancakes with the smallest hint of tofu in the air, the slight burn smell from the game station running throughout the day, whiffs of the girls’ respective perfumes.

It always hit him harder when he’d been away for a while.

“Rob!” Came a surprised but upbeat voice.

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