Rowan rolled her eyes at Juliet but didn’t bother to reply. She turned back to her studying and tried to focus on the words written on her notebook. Juliet apparently didn’t feel like getting back to studying though..

Juliet: “Say, how are you and Neil doing?”

Rowan continued to ignore Juliet and kept staring at her textbook even though the information didn’t really transfer. Juliet grabbed Rowan’s pen from her hand and started poking Rowan with it. Rowan replied by sticking out her tongue at her friend.

Juliet: “Don’t ignore me, young lady. Respect your elders.”
Rowan: “Yes, m’lady. Of course, m’lady.”
Juliet: “… So tell me!”
Rowan: “I mean.. there isn’t anything to tell, really. Because nothing is going on at all.”

the reason that the democratic party always chases after conservative voters but ridicules and attacks the left is because too much of the democratic leadership has more in common with republicans than it does with actual progressives. hell, many establishment democrats used to be republicans or “reagan democrats”. think about all the prominent democrats who actively oppose teachers unions but support profitized charter schools, who support fracking and oil companies, who vote to allow pharmaceutical companies maintain artificially high drug prices, who are slow to support a $15 minimum wage, and who are right now afraid to push for a single payer healthcare system. i’m sorry, please remind me again: are they democrats or republicans?

it’s past time for some new blood and new leaders in the democratic party. leaders who are eager to fight conservatives and not so damn obsessed with “compromising” and appealing to republicans. what’s the worst that can happen? we might lose 1,000 legislative seats across america? we might lose two thirds of governors seats to republicans? we might lose the house and the senate? we might lose an election to someone like trump? lol. we already did all that.

let’s try something different.

the fact alison, rachel and helena all got detailed flashback episodes into their history just proves to me more and more how much of an outlier cosima’s episode was. what did we learn about her life other than the fact that she grew up on a boat and her parents “gene” and “sally” weren’t around much in her youth, but they definitely love her.

i know people are saying “just enjoy the last season” but it’s honestly such a disservice to cosima’s character that we should find out about her past this way. this character, by the way, who upfront told leekie “show, don’t tell” – and yet we, as an audience, are very clearly told about her backstory, as opposed to shown.

we were shown young helena. we were shown young rachel. we were shown alison with aynsley and chad again and we got to see her reaction to discovering she was a clone we got to see helena’s reaction to that too poor thing and yet all we get for cosima is an extended scene to something we saw in season 1. a scene that fic writers probably already had done justice to many times over. we didn’t need to be shown that. we needed to be shown cosima’s past. she grew up on boats? show us her mom teaching her how to tie knots. show us cosima having to resort to books (because wifi is spotty on a houseboat, i’d imagine) when her mom’s not around much. show us her other mom (because i love the “jean” not “gene” headcanon) teaching her how to change the oil or however boats work when they dock. show us the proof of their love that cosima says she believes in, show us why she believed in it. 

i mean, obviously this is all irrelevant now and there’s no point since the entire show is over this saturday D: but i will never get over how they tried to shoehorn cosima’s backstory in like that, when they gave actual backstories to alison, rachel and helena in the series.

HISTORICAL NOTE:  The term “trickle-down economics” was invented by satirist Will Rogers during the Hoover administration. 

A half-century later, Reagan’s budget director used the term seriously

IT WAS A JOKE — “trickle down“ was a derogatory term to describe the obvious supply-side disaster of Hoover, Reagan and the Bushes - it wasn’t supposed to become the Republican religion!   – Phil Davis, Trickle Down Mythology Exposed

ive been thinking about this for a while now but the whole concept of the “are space suits itchy?” Mini episode makes me wonder if that recording ever actually had any purpose. I don’t remember if they specified how far into the Hephaestus mission Goddard claims that the crew died but ive been wondering whether or not Goddard actually did let the recording be shown in schools, and if Anne ever watched it