• Kit: Guys, we’re out of candy.
  • Ty: What? Already? There’s only been like three kids.
  • Kit: Yeah, I know, but one little girl told me she loved me so I just gave her everything.
Emma And Diana
  • <p> <b>Diana :</b> Emma, where have you been ? Today is Clave Reporting and you're already late !<p/><b>Emma :</b> Yeah, only by (glances at the watch) 28 minutes.<p/><b>Diana (sighs) :</b> Were you on an assignment with Jules ?<p/><b>Emma :</b> No.<p/><b>Diana :</b> Were you out patrolling the city ?<p/><b>Emma :</b> umm... do we ever do that ?<p/><b>Diana :</b> Did you get stuck in the traffic ? You know, L.A. traffic takes you hours to travel.<p/><b>Emma :</b> Nah, the traffic was alright.<p/><b>Diana :</b> Do you want to fail the test and get shipped to Idris? I'M MAKING UP EXCUSES FOR YOU and the LEAST you could do is say YES to one of them !<p/><b>Emma(feigns horror) :</b>My my Diana, teaching small children to lie ! Won't lying taint my high virtues ?<p/><b>Diana :</b> Where were you anyway ?<p/><b>Emma(shrugs):</b> Just strolling about the Shadow Market .<p/><b>Diana:</b> <p/><b>Emma:</b> <p/><b>Diana(looks murderous ):</b> <p/><b>Emma :</b> ok, so patrolling the city it is.<p/></p>

this was just a really big excuse to draw that unicorn shirt


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“ and bronze to summon wicked powers.”

your mission - protect these babies at all costs

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“I do not love you as I love Cristina. I love you as I love you,” said Mark. He bent his head. “I wish that you could see my heart. Then you would understand.”

It seemed she could not think of Mark without thinking of Kieran, too. Could not see blue and gold eyes without seeing black and silver. 

 "Mark needs kindness,” Kieran said, after a long pause. “And so do I.”

“Hot faerie threesome,” said Emma cheerfully. “I can say I knew you when.”

Me: there’s no plot twist or death that can shake me to my core anymore

Me, reading a Cassandra Clare book:


blackstairs + ocean

They settled in farther up the beach, where the sand was warm from the sunlight. Emma kicked her shoes off to dig her toes in, exulting in the grainy feeling. Julian laughed.
She looked at him sideways. “What is it?”
“You and the beach,” he said. “You love the sand, but you hate the water.”
“I know,” she said, widening her eyes at him. “Isn’t it ironic?”
“It’s not ironic. Irony is the unexpected outcome of an expected situation. This is just one of your quirks.”
“You shock me,” Emma said, pulling out her phone. “I am shocked.”    
―Lady Midnight, Cassandra Clare