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ive been having high hopes for a tour in Europe since the kcon paris ((they finally know what a europe is lmaoo) and since they talked a bit about france, about "la bise", and tae's dream to see the eiffel tower, they can't let us like this ;_;

Anonymous said: I’ve been an ARMY since Danger era but they never came for their own tour in Europe uhhhh I’m so jealous of all of those fans in the US who don’t have to stress at all when they announce a tour, it’s always Asia-America and that’s all ._.

Anonymous said: do u think there is still a chance for bighit to announce a wings tour 2017 in Europe too ? Like they said “other dates coming soon” so I thought it’d be Europe finally but they just announced other dates for the US and nothing after that uhh ;_;

I really hope they do a tour in Europe too. But like what I always mention… it doesn’t matter if bighit/bangtan wants to bring the tour in a country, if there are NO events company that’s reaching out to them to make it happen, it’s not gonna happen. So it’s really a decision of the local events company in your area. Someone should be willing to spend the money and bring the Wings Tour to Europe to make it happen.

So, I posted a list of my s2 townie names a couple months ago but I guess I accidentally deleted it during a text post purge because I can’t find it for the life of me. So here are some of my most used / favorite names! I encourage you to pull some from it. They are not in alphabetical order (sorry) @lagadejo​ put ‘em in alphabetical order, thank you ♥

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Have you ever been so tilted that you get un-tilted? 

This Jinx has.

one of my favourite things about Green Day’s music are the transitional songs (Brain Stew/Jaded, Jinx/Haushinka, Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams etc.) that they always do because honestly it just adds such a nice flow to the albums




AGHHH THANK YOU *happy dance*

Some lovely blogs that inspired me to write (I would not be here without you):

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WOY Villain Leaderboard 12/7

As of the time of this post there were 50 contenders on this rankings round of the Leaderboard. Remember that this is generated using totally real and legit science, and we’re all here for the fun, and to #SaveWOY.

  1. A Potted Plant
  2. The Knight Mare
  3. Ryba Alameda
  4. Emperor Awesome
  5. Swifty and Delilah Hare
  6. Sourdough the Evil Sandwich
  7. Styx Asterope
  8. Sketch
  9. The Night Mayor
  10. Those Two Guys From That Time
  11. General McGuffin
  12. Conqueror
  13. Kairos Khan
  14. Azolla the Plant Villain
  15. Jeffrey the Terrible Liar
  16. Gentleman Tooth
  17. Countess Slugula
  18. Rongruffle
  19. O'Yojimbo
  20. Greg
  21. Mempha
  22. Linda Whiskers
  23. Obsidian
  24. Mr. Slick
  25. The Twins
  26. Jinx the Star Nomad
  27. Jamie
  28. Mandrake the Malfeasant
  29. Not Pirate Nel
  30. Emperor Calamity
  31. King Vortex
  32. Mistress Myrna
  33. Bunny T Marchenhaft
  34. The Schmartians
  35. Captain Novo
  36. Lord Hater
  37. Miss Incendiary
  38. Kragthar of Kraaaaagtttthh
  39. Killbot 86
  40. Sir Bradly Starlight
  41. Ted From Accounting
  42. SuperNova
  43. Princess Cellophania
  44. Iggy Starbeam and the Maltars of Flarn
  45. The Scuzzbuckets
  46. Hexsiral Dreemuer
  47. Little Bits
  48. Dr. Screwball Jones
  49. Empress Plum
  50. Eliza Stipe

Your #1 Villain for December is:

A Potted Plant

A Potted Plant will hold this #1 spot for the month of November.

If you want to participate in the #1 Villain prompt, please draw/write/create anything with your Villain OC fighting A Potted Plant. Remember to schedule your post with this awesome creation for: 8pm EST, November 27th with the mentions @woyvillainleaderboard,@savewoy,@woyseason3, and@disneyxd… and the tags #savewoy, #wander over yonder, and #woy villain leaderboard.

Congratulations, you savage serpents. And most importantly… GOOD LUCK.

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Rosy, what do you think about the scene from 3x15 when Miller and Bryan were talking about a future together, without war and pain, and Bellamy hears and looks directly to Octavia? This scene always makes me wanna cry a little.

Honest truth. When Miller and Bryan started talking about chickens and homesteading my first reaction was, Well you’ve done it now, Bryan. You’re toast. No one gets a happy ending. Ask Octavia. They, like, jinxed themselves. 

It would be nice if my tv pessimism were to be proved wrong, but that’s what I worry about when someone starts getting happy. Or starts being hopeful. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they’re bringing hope back into the show and giving each other something to hope for. It could be. Maybe it’s a vision for a life that they want to work for.

Everyone is starting to post their yearly art summaries and im looking through my work and realizing for most months, I don’t have anything to show.

This has been a very hard year for me, since about april of the previous year. But I’ve learned a lot and come out stronger for it, I like to think. Things are finally settling. Finally working out. At least I hope I’m not jinxing that.

Thank you to everyone who has been patient and stuck with me throughout these years, I’m sorry for the mistakes I’ve made in the past, the bad decisions I’ve made, the asshole I’ve been to some people. I genuinely am, even if there’s no hope of me seeing or talking to some of those folks again, even if they don’t want to ever talk to me again. 

But anyway, I’m slowly finding my groove in art again. I bought a new sketchbook and some traditional media, im trying to do life drawings, im studying again, so hopefully 2017 will be better all around, art included.