“Backfire” Curse-Repelling Enchantment

An enchantment that rebounds a curse thrown at you, throws it back twice as hard at the person who cursed you, and ensures that it doesn’t come back to you.

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What You’ll Need

  • Some accessory you always wear
  • A bowl
  • Rosemary
  • A black candle
  • Black salt
  • Full moon water

What To Do

  • Lay a circle of black salt around your bowl.
  • Put your candle behind the bowl in the circle and light it.
  • Place your accessory in the bowl.
  • Pour the moon water over it the accessory.
  • Stir the water clockwise with the rosemary and say/think “With this enchantment every curse thrown at me will be bounced back to the sender twice as hard as it was thrown and does not come back to me.” as many times as you wish.
  • Blow out your candle, dry off your accessory, and wear it.
  • To recharge hold and say/think “Curses on me backfire on to the sender.”

I just wanna keep this forever tbh :/

Me, literally freaking yesterday: I adore Aoyama. His flamboyant, sparkly, and pure nature is so great. He’s like BNHA’s Tamaki Suoh, so harmless and so innocent and I love him. People should appreciate this wonderful French king of sparkles. Never stop twinkling, baby ☄😭👏🏽

Me, reading Ch. 167:

Slow dance with you.
I just want to slow dance with you.
I know all the other boys are tough and smooth,
And I got the blues.

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To start off the year right, I’ll show you guys a peek of a small project that has been in the works for a long time (believe it or not, almost a year and a half!). Yep, it’s a game, about Jack.

I can’t share much info about the story since it’s a work in progress and many many things will probably change. But, by the pictures, you can see it revolves around our dear Jack and our lovely Anti.

The game is called “Beyond the Mind“, and while I can’t share much info or a demo at the moment, know that I’ll be working on it as much as I can. College life ended and adult life properly began, so 2018 will be a new busy year for me, but I’ll try my best to bring this project along!

Meanwhile, I wish you all a Happy New Year, full of great memories!