ok,the complains about riots choice of design regarding females needs to stop. Im so sick of hearing it. Its such an old and irrelevant subject. It feels like people dont want to realize riots improvement an are just completely ignorant.Is it really that hard to see??The newest female champs in league (listed from newest to oldest) are:

Xayah, Camille, Taliyah, Illaoi, kindred (lamb), Reksai, kalista, jinx, Lissandra,Quinn

None of the girls above have clivages,big asses or melon sized breasts. Quinn,the oldest non-sexualized champ was released in early 2013. Thats 4 years ago,riot started improving 4 years ago and yall still complaining?

i wish riot would stop sexualizing women/make them more realisticarent we gonna talk about how riot is lowkey sexualizing men too?or are yall one sided????Also when the hell did riot games say they are going for a realistic game? Why do you want video games to be realistic in the first place?? The whole purpose of Video games is to amuse the player and let them escape the reality we live in temporarily,to just forget and have fun so WHY do you want the game to be realistic?

CONCLUSION: Get your shit together and stop being a whiny little twat.

thank you for taking your time reading this.


“Put it up on Twitter, Instagram and tag Rebecca Sugar, the creator of this show,and tell her to let me FUCKING BE ON THIS SHOW!”
Jinx Monsoon, 2 years ago.
and look at her now, she is on Steven Universe, voicing Emerald

and she did an AMAZING JOB voicing her! 

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Dating Ryan?

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Dating Ryan includes:

  • Ryan loves pushing your buttons but knows when to stop. He’ll argue with you until the point he can tell you’re actually getting upset.
  • He’s quiet about you getting hurt on camera but he’ll put the fear of god in anyone who upsets you
  • Lots of home cooked meals. You take turns cooking though he tends to sneak food whenever he thinks you’re not looking.
  • Him packing you lunch occasionally if he knows he’ll be busy and won’t get to see you at lunch. He packs little love notes on top every time.
  • Not knowing how many weapons were really in the AH office until one day you walked in unannounced. Ryan dropped his weapon and raised his hands like you were an officer of the law and demanded everyone else do the same. He was just trying to be protective
  • He doesn’t do tickle fights but he will whole heartedly rub his beard against your face to make you giggle

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jinx / jinxie 

but go ahead and request more imagines, I’m in a writing mood today

Middle of Nowhere - A Curse

to make the target feel lost and alone

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  • Make a poppet out of wheat and your target’s hair.
  • Speak into it, telling it, 

“You’re alone and lost
in the middle of nowhere.
No one gives a thought
towards you. No one gives a care.”

  • Repeat as much as you feel necessary.
  • Leave the poppet in an abandoned lot, a dead end, or somewhere remote.
Red Hands- A Curse for Thieves

This spell can go 1 of 2 ways: to return an item that has been stolen, or to curse the one who stole it if you know you won’t be getting it back.

  • Get a pair of roughly hand-shaped objects (gloves, ferns, maple leaves, etc.)
  • Mix some chili powder in with red paint.
  • Paint the hands red and say:

If wanting the item back

Thief, thief! You burn with guilt.

You are red with shame.

So you will suffer

until you return [item] to where it came.

If you just want a good ole curse:

Thief, thief! You burn with guilt.

You are red with shame.

So you will suffer

since you’ve taken [item] from where it came.

  • Let the paint dry as you think of what will happen to your target.
  • Dispose of the materials in the trash where they belong.
What is a Hex, really? A History Lesson

Most of the time looking on tumblr you find the answer to the above question being that it is a form of dark magick, with an intensity somewhere between a jinx and a curse. However history tells a different story.

All too often, a hex in magical workings is mistaken for curse. A curse is very specific. It refers to a type of magic that is intended to cause misfortune or harm to another person or situation. The definition of a hex is far broader than this.

The entomology of the word Hex is Germanic in origin, coming from Hexe which was most commonly in use between 1820-1830 and means Witch. To hex, at its most basic, is to perform witchcraft with the intent to bewitch a person or situation, and can be for either good or ill.

One of the earliest uses of the word hex was in relation to Dutch Hex Signs, which could be compared to a form of painted prayer. The Hex sign was often painted onto barns, and used for the purpose of warding the building and its occupants against black witchcraft and evil spirits.

It is clear then that in relation to cursing, with which it is so often compared, Hex is a much broader umbrella term regarding manipulation magic, under which the sub category of cursing may fall if it involves manipulation of a person rather than the usual sending of negative energies to influence a person’s life. But generally a curse is not a type of hex at all.

These negative connotations concerning the word hex would have come about due to the association of the Christian church with witchcraft and the labelling of all magic as evil and witches being aligned with the devil. If a Hexe referred to magic performed by a witch, then the natural progression of that time would have been to label all hexes as evil curses, and so the erroneous link between hexes and curses began.

However to solely concentrate on the mistaken link between curses and hexes would be to do the term a disservice. The oldest use of the word Hexe, comes from 1720 in relation to the word Haegse which referred to a Wise Woman, and in turn originated from the word Hygia which directly translates to the modern equivalent of Wisdom.

So we see this very interesting development of the word we see today which had its origin in the practice of wisdom and nothing to do with manipulation at all. The Haegse (which in a fascinating turn also developed into the English word Hag and also has modern negative connotations) was used for women who were Soothsayers and in both Germanic and Celtic traditions were considered the most revered women in society.

With the later development of Hexe, we see the emergence of the Hexenmeister which translates into Hex Worker or Hex Master. This was a solely healing role.

The Hexenmeister was a practitioner who utilised hands free healing, using earth wisdom to heal physical ailments and those of a more spiritual nature. This was the role of the traditional folk healer, a benevolent force in any Germanic village.

Seeing this rich history of the term Hexe only reinforces the subsequent tragedy of the demonization of people who were connected with the wisdom of the earth and the healing that came from such knowledge.

Hag, Crone, Witch, Hex and many other words carry heavy negative associations because of the spread of fear and ignorance through the Burning Times. As modern practitioners of witchcraft an onus is placed on us to embrace our robust history and shine new light on the misconceptions. Our history is beautiful and the more we learn, the more we can shed light on our variegated past.

“Dimwit” Curse

to make the target look, act, and feel like a fool

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  • Write the target’s name on a piece of paper.
  • Write “FOOL” over and over on the same paper, until it crosses out their name.

  • Put the paper in a jar.

  • Add dust, a broken lightbulb, broken pencils, alcohol, and anything else you want.

  • Seal the jar with wax.

  • Throw it out or keep it around in case you ever want to end or recharge the curse.

This is so cuuute 💜
(Unknown sauce, send help!)

ahri: if we’re going to win this hexakill,we’re gonna need to coordinate using codenames. you can address me as…“fox one”.

ahri: sona, “been there done that”.

ahri: leblanc, “currently doing that”.

ahri: jinx, “it happened once in a dream”.

ahri: nasus, “if i had to pick a guy”.

ahri: and yasuo? …“fox two”.

yasuo: oh, thank god