the miracle of the soleil twins

The idea of duality is not new to the homestuck universe. Think of how much of the religion of mirthful messiahs relies on it. There are a bunch of symbolism throughout the whole thing, from the masks of comedy and tragedy, to the way that the religion is interpreted by its followers. It seems that followers have a balance of pacifist and violent tendencies.

 Gamzee’s whole sober speech on the meteor was about how there were supposed to be two messiahs and how he was both of them because of his “terminally capricious” he could be. 

What if he’s wrong about that? What if the Soleil Twins were the messiahs from the prophecies all along?

Add on if you guys think of anything else

So I wonder if this is specific to these two or a thing that all twins can do?

How rare are twins? Is it common for them to get culled? And I would think it is. If so how did these two escape? How did they not wander away from each other at birth? Is it normal for lusii to take in both twins when it happens? Or does one usually get abandoned? If that’s the case why didn’t it happen this time?

Barzum and Baizli

My thoughts on the logistics of troll twins


I guess this is a theory anyways:

Ok so we know that trolls pupate similarly to insects and start in a grub phase. Insects are able to have two embryos in an egg and hatch but due to how many insect eggs are laid at once its very hard to witness/record. It is however able to be recorded in chickens:

So it is very safe to say that Barzum and Baizli were hatched from the same egg and have the same lusus because of it.

Another thing that supports this theory is the way that their horns were designed. If you look at their silhouette you see one troll with two large curved horns. But of course now we know that in reality they are two trolls, each with one large curved horn and one stunted runt horn. It could be that their horns are simply asymmetrical, or that could be a representation of the embryo splitting somewhere down the developmental period.

anyWAYS those are just my two cents. feel free to add stuff

Things we learned in Leia: Princess of Alderaan:

1) Leia actually dislikes the elaborate hairstyles but wears them to honor Alderaan, and would go around in a ponytail if she had the choice.

2) Alderaan braiding customs apply to the heir to the throne regardless of gender.

So in any given twin swap au where Leia goes to Tatooine and Luke to Alderaan, Leia would be in practical, probably short hair while Luke has the long elaborate space hair.