Ever since Dreamscapers, Alex Hirsch has  given us everything the fans wanted…


“What’s going on with the thing in Stan’s basement?”

“I wanna see Stan have a twin! It would make so much sense!!”

“I wanna see the Author complain about how Stan turned the house into the Mystery Shack! It’d be so funny!”

“I wanna what’s going on with the Author and Bill!”

“I wanna see Mentor!Author for Dipper! It’d be so cute!”

(didn’t have a better gif.)

“I wanna see more of Bill Cipher!”

Now guys think about it. Think about it CAREFULLY….



“I wanna see Ford appreciate Stanley.”

“I wanna see Ford and Stan hug it out.”

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Things Hux would never admit.


  1. He’s tired. He’s been up for hours, painstakingly going through reports, overseeing new missions. But there’s still more to be done. There’s always more to be done. Why would Hux go to bed, knowing he’ll have nightmares, when he can continue to work instead? 
  2. He doesn’t want to work today. At all. Because, sometimes, the thought of another long day of reports + dealing with Ren’s tantrums just doesn’t seem appealing.
  3. When the light catches it in just the right way, he finds himself admiring Kylo’s hair. And he wants to touch it - to  see if it feels as soft as it looks. 
  4. His boots are uncomfortable. Spiffy but SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE.
  5. His name. It’s stupid and pretentious and he HATES it.
  6. That one time he got super drunk at the academy. And then he got all affectionate. Any data on the subject has been purged with GREAT PREJUDICE

Check out the way some careful camerawork sets things up so Ben, Jerry, and Leland mimic the Dwarf/Man/Giant positions from the Black Lodge, during this scene where Leland makes his “return,” foreshadowing his connection to the Black Lodge.

The official team picture for the Foxes is a mess. Dan and Matt are leaning on each other and grinning(they probably have their faces pressed together what nerds). Allison is back to back with Renee and they’re making finger guns. Nicky has his arm flung across Aaron’s shoulders, who looks irritated (probably because Nicky has to bend down slightly to get his arm around him). Kevin is in the process of yelling at Neil. Andrew is off to the side throwing up a peace sign with an emotionless facial expression.

Meanwhile, the Ravens are all lined up and they’ve previously practiced their exact expressions and the precise angle that their heads are tilted.

I only just got into Critical Role but damn did I get excited when Percy killed the abyssal abomination. 

probably my favorite moment thus far.
I used to hate drawing guns, yet here I am, with my favorite character being the gunslinger.

The Fierce Awakens / December 2015 / FLARE

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(Photo: Norman Wong. Hair and Makeup: Susan Hong, NARS, Model: Brianna, Next Models. Art Direction: Jed Tallo. Fashion & Beauty Director: Carlene Higgins. Fashion Editor: Jillian Viera)

(Jacket, Carven. Earrings, Alynne Lavigne)


In Honor of the best cartoon I’ve seen in years. I can’t believe it is coming to an end on Monday. So here is my tribute. It was so fun to make this video an look back on everything that has happened in gravity falls. This show is beautiful, with so many different lessons to be learned from it.