School AU where the twins study in Gravity Falls so we don’t have to cry when summer ends TvT 
Just a bunch of sketches and the twins in uniform for now~ There will be some Billdip school fluff and other chars cuz sharkcuddle and I have been discussing!
Kinda similar to a-sparkling-dane middle school AU 
Drop me a message if you have suggestions? ; v ;


1st Sketch batch: Post Apocalyptic Future AU, Tyrone(Dipper) and Bill!Stan.

2nd Sketch batch: More Silent Falls AU. 

3rd Sketch batch: Ford and smol Stan. 

Ok, angst, horror and adorableness. I finally bought some black ink pens~ but they’re not as nice as the blue ones even though it’s the same brand… Now I go sleep.

IMAGINE after school, your dickhead boyfriend tries to lay a hand on you during an intense fight.. And the school nerds happen to be hanging outside to study so they see it all happen.

“Jack, do something.”
“No way, YOU do something.” They mumbled back and forth scared shitless.

“Hey! Leave her alone!” Johnson finally gets the courage to speak up.
“Yeah, or we’ll..fight you!” Gilinsky nodded vigorously