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Harry Potter is asexual and one day shows up at the Hogwarts Express wearing a shirt that says "MY ANACONDA DON'T WANT NONE BECAUSE I'M ASEXUAL HUN" (I just need this in my life ok) -H

Harry gets lots of high fives and fist bumps from muggleborns and half-blood wixen on the train. He gets some approving looks from some purebloods and half-blood wixen. But he also gets a looooooooot of questioning looks.

In fact, Harry gets so many questions, he ends up holding an impromptu Q&A session on different identities (and some muggle culture) in one of the carriages. He actually gets caught up in doing this before he even finds Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, or Neville. They end up finding him. Hermione is, unsurprisingly, helpful with a wealth of knowledge in helping Harry answer questions and define terms. Ginny and Luna are, surprisingly, well versed in identity lingo and also help out.

It also turns out to be good practice for Harry, taking the lead and speaking to Dumbledore’s Army.

He does have to fight off a Slytherin, who just realized the word for how they feel is asexual, who felt that a snake-related shirt is misplaced in a Gryffindor’s wardrobe.

And that’s how Harry Potter sparks identity awareness in the isolated wixen community: muggle culture play on words.

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Komaeda, a pureblood orphan with a vast inheritance, meets Hinata, a “newly-awakened” muggle born on the Hogwarts Express during their first year. They become fast friends, and are disappointed to be sorted into different houses (Hinata is a bit uneasy about being in Slytherin because of a few things he’d heard on the train, whereas Komaeda fits right in with the other Hufflepuffs). Despite this, they pledge to remain friends for the rest of their years at Hogwarts…
The King's Chronicles Chapters 55-60 Are Up!! Please Reblog, Read And Review!!

Ron’s POV Harry Potter rewrite. Join Ron Weasley as he embarks on a journey that changes his entire life starting at 11 years old when he sat beside a scarred boy with glasses on the Hogwarts Express. This is the Harry Potter series, told through Ron’s eyes. Rated T for now for language and violence. Shall go up as Ron gets older. READ AND REVIEW! :)

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The Battle of Hogwarts.. May 2nd 1998

19 years later is here. May 2nd 2017


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Chapter Eleven: Aboard the Hogwarts Express

The Hogwarts Express, a gleaming scarlet steam engine, was already there, clouds of steam billowing from it, through which the many Hogwarts students and parents on the platform appeared like dark ghosts. Pigwidgeon became noisier than ever in response to the hooting of many owls through the mist. Harry, Ron, and Hermione set off to find seats, and were soon stowing their luggage in a compartment halfway along the train. They then hopped back down onto the platform to say good-bye to Mrs. Weasley, Bill, and Charlie.