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you ship wolfstar?! omg but like remus and sirius cuddling in front of the fire in the gryffindor common room. sirius falling asleep on remus on the hogwarts express. remus leaning on sirius's shoulder when he feels like he's about to fall asleep in divination. just casual wolfstar cuddles/touches okay


Wolfstar is one of those ships I sort of accidentally fell into. I didn’t even know I shipped it, and then I saw some fan art, read a few headcanons, and it was over, I was doomed.

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Parker is glad they’re all in different houses so she has excuses for breaking into the other common rooms! Eliot likes the ghosts a little more every time they spook Hardison and he screams like a girl. Alec claims to have “hacked the sorting hat”

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg can you imagine the conversation hardison had with the hat because like 1.) it’s a hat and 2.) it’s not even a very nice looking hat and 3.) hardison had his eye on ravenclaw from the second he’d heard some third year describe the houses in the compartment one over from his on the hogwarts express. ain’t no way he was going to settle for anything less. (and of course the hat knew it, but it enjoyed letting hardison bicker with it needlessly for a few minutes before shouting RAVENCLAW and letting eleven year old hardison bound down from the stool, chest puffed out and and his already long, lanky limbs attempting what would become a fairly signature swagger as he made his way to the ravenclaw table)

Around  a hundred and fifty years ago, the gleaming Hogwarts Express sets off on its very first journey, ferrying hundreds of bright young witches and wizards to school

A hundred and twenty two years ago, Albus Dumbledore sits humming merrily, while little Elphias Doge knocks nervously on the compartment door

Seventy-seven years ago, Tom Riddle sits quietly at a window on the Hogwarts Express, wondering about what lay ahead

Fifty years ago, a beaming Arthur Weasley explains the workings of this amazing muggle invention called the television to a giggling Molly Weasley while the train chugs along

Forty-seven years ago, Lucius Malfoy rests his head on Narcissa Black’s lap in their private compartment as she strokes his golden hair, smiling

Forty-three years ago, Lily Evans decides that she doesn’t like that smirking bespectacled twit who just insulted her best friend and storms out of the compartment

Twenty-five years ago, Fred and George Weasley grin at each other as they plot their very first Welcome Feast prank

Twenty-three years ago, Harry Potter smiles at Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger tell her future husband that he’s got a smudge on his nose

Three years later, Albus Severus Potter will step onto the gleaming Hogwarts Express with his James Sirius and Rose as their parents and little Lily Luna wave them goodbye and the circle of life continues