The Battle of Hogwarts.. May 2nd 1998

19 years later is here. May 2nd 2017


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Chapter Eleven: Aboard the Hogwarts Express

The Hogwarts Express, a gleaming scarlet steam engine, was already there, clouds of steam billowing from it, through which the many Hogwarts students and parents on the platform appeared like dark ghosts. Pigwidgeon became noisier than ever in response to the hooting of many owls through the mist. Harry, Ron, and Hermione set off to find seats, and were soon stowing their luggage in a compartment halfway along the train. They then hopped back down onto the platform to say good-bye to Mrs. Weasley, Bill, and Charlie.


❝ They leaned casually against the barrier, chatting unconcernedly, and slid sideways through it. . . and as they did so, Platform Nine and Three-Quarters materialized in front of them. The Hogwarts Express stood belching sooty steam over a platform packed with departing students and their families.

              Harry inhaled the familiar smell and felt his spirits soar. . . .

                            He was really going back. . . .❞

BTS x Hogwarts [9/]

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OK but the marauders on HOGWARTS EXPRESS

In the first year, Remus was really sad and afraid until James and Sirius came into his carriage

And then, in the second year, Remus hoped that they will sit with him but wasn’t sure, and they came in the last minute, sweaty and breathless

In the third year, Remus saved for them a carriage and they all were sitting happily

In the fourth year he didn’t even need to save a carriage because everyone knew them and stayed away

In the fifth year Remus met them at the station they finally arrived in time

In the sixth year he came with them because he slept in James’ house on the end of the summer

And in the seventh year, he kept waiting, but no one showed up. He tried to read a book but he just sobbed, broken, his tears dropping on the book, when he heard “PRONGS, A POLE” and saw a very concentrated James Potter on a broom, trying to avoid poles, keeping up with the Hogwarts Express AND saving a screaming Peter who hangs from the broom only with his right hand.

drawing credits: Viria and unknown