"But you live in paradise."

Let me preface this by saying I love my life. I love being married and going to school and caring for my two animals. I enjoy school and I have friends. I have a roof over my head and food on the table and John and I have made a home here but sometimes living on an island sucks. You can only drive so far until you hit the water and once you’re here just surviving is expensive. Gas is more, food is more, just taking up space is more. If I’m going to be frank, and my idea on this blog is to be as frank as possible the good, the bad and the ugly, living in Hawaii can suck.

I know when people read that they are going to say “but you live in paradise”, well no. We live in a state that happens to be by a beach that people vacation to. Hawaii is beautiful don’t get me wrong but it’s also not like living anywhere else, and I don’t mean that by beauty standards. 

I could sit here and list all the things that are wrong with Hawaii, and like any where that you will live there are some, I just want to raise awareness to somethings. 

Myth 1: We go to the beach everyday/live there.

Actually we don’t. We don’t even really live by the beach. The nearest beach is about 20 minutes away and that is without traffic. 

Myth 2: You can go snorkeling all the time and scuba dive and hike! 

As much as I wish that were true it’s just not possible. Unfortunately, unlike most people who vacation here, we have jobs, school, grocery shopping, house cleaning etc. to do here. We must maintain our house and school and job all while living in “paradise” and a lot of times I go months without even seeing the beach or a hike. And trust me it’s not for lack of trying. 

Myth 3: But really how long can it take to get around, you’re on an island.

Trust me on this one. You have not seen traffic until you have tried driving 20 miles from downtown Honolulu to Schofield in 2 hours. It’s atrocious and although I wish I could say otherwise that’s such an ugly thing about Hawaii but with limited space comes limited transportation avenues.

Myth 4: Gosh you must have the best life. You are so lucky. 

This sentence and various statements like it make me cringe the most. It seems like people assume that we spend all day drinking mai tais on the beach and swim and hike and spend our days doing glamorous things that you see in movies. Well, we don’t. As sad of a reality as that is it’s the truth. We spend a lot of times hanging out together or with friends generally at the house and although we do get out and hike and snorkel and go to the beach it’s far FAR less than one would think.

I don’t wan’t to dispel these ideas for any other reason that to make one thing absolutely clear. My life is not perfect, not is the place we live. I don’t believe that anyone truly thinks that but just in case. We have a good life and we love each other, we have a great family back home and amazing friends here and although it’s not paradise in the way you would think it’s my paradise, with my little family, flaws and all