Asami's cooking fiasco:
  • Mako, looking at the food: What the hell is that supposed to be?
  • Asami: Noodles. Kinda burned.
  • Bolin: They were instant noodles. How did you burn instant noodles?
  • Asami: With no fucks given.
  • Korra: Why am I not surprised. She made us fried rice once and gave us all food poisoning. I threw up twice.
  • Asami: But did you die? I don't think so.

Race: Merry Christmas boys!

Race: I hope you all got something great for me ;))

Jack: didn’t… you just celebrate Hanukkah with Davey?

Race: Why are you so against me getting the gifts I fucking deserve?

Jack: what-

Race: fuck. you.

(This has also been a reminder that Davey and Les Jacobs are Jewish!!)