Catherine Tate Review - The Guardian (Nov 14 2016)

Tonight’s crowd is at its most delighted when, midway through a dialogue between excitable Essex couple Paul and Sam, Tate forgets her lines and dissolves into giggles. But plenty of the laughs are intended. Tate has an anthropological instinct for the eccentricities of everyday human behaviour, and a front-foot, emphatically silly way of bringing them to life.

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What is your favorite David Tennant role?

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David Tennant on the Graham Norton Show 2011 Gifset- When I say David Tennant is great to his fans, I really mean he is great to his fans. Because even in this highly inappropriate situation he still went ahead and signed an autograph for that other naked man in that gym. Most other famous people would probably have yelled for security or tell them to leave them alone, but not David here. He grabs the paper the other man was holding and carves something in it and hands it back to him. Gotta love him.


Much Ado About Nothing - Dance of the Tennant Edition


“I’ve got a new business…”

David Tennant and Catherine Tate playing the “I’ve got a new business…” game on the set of Nan’s Christmas Carol.


Behind the Scenes of The Poison Sky / The Sontaran Stratagem (Part Three)

Excerpts from the DVD Commentary with David Tennant, Russell T. Davies, and producer Susie Liggat:

DT: It’s funny how the weirdest things can be very difficult.  That bit where I chuck that gun away, which has to look terribly carefree, careless, and yet throwing a gun away is so difficult because it’s an expensive prop

RTD: Yeah, yeah

DT: …that you can’t afford to break or scratch.  So to toss it away with such elan, you have to have fourteen people holding up duvets and cushions, desperately trying to catch this gun before it scratches itself or something else.

SL: I think Phil is an ex-rugby player or something because he’s got pretty safe hands, hasn’t he?

DT: Phil Shellard the grand-master of props

SL: He’s a legend

DT: I broke that [the device the Doctor makes in Rattigan’s lab].  There’s a Phil Shellard story!  The first time I did that, hitting that thing with a hammer, the prop broke in two.

RTD: [ laughs loudly ]

DT: And Phil Shellard mended it in about 30 seconds to go for another take.

SL: He was amazing.

DT: And you can’t tell.  Maybe if you freeze-frame you can just see a hairline crack, but I bet you can’t.  Oh you can!  Just at the bottom, see?

RTD: Oh yeah, look there!

DT: Below the red switch.

RTD: You vandal.

DT: Sorry 

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