My mother, for whatever reason.. I’m not sure why she did this, but she made me watch the Tonys one year. She was like, ‘I think you would like this’, and she turned on the Tonys. It was the 1990 Tony Awards. They all did these huge numbers, and I thought ‘that is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. That’s exactly what I want to do with my life.’
Andrew Rannells

elder price’s repetition of the phrase “something incredible” plays with the double meaning of the word “incredible”, which is literally “unable to be proven, unbelievable”.

the motif reflects price’s desire to be the next joseph smith, whose tale describes him reporting facts that people are hesitant to believe, and the overall themes of belief in the show.

i have never understood people who think musicals are boring/lame. they get away with way more violence, sex, social commentary, and profanity than mainstream movies do, just because its all done onstage in song form

and thats amazing

things I learned from musicals

  • everyone in new york wants to go to santa fe
  • puppetry fuckin rocks
  • life sucks literally everywhere and the best solution is singing
  • disney movies about white people will go to broadway no matter what
  • you can sing and dance at the same time????
  • actors are in their teens until they are forty
  • that guy still has maggots in his scrotum

The ‘Wicked’ movie is on its way — but these 9 musicals should hit theaters first

Wicked, is making its slow march to theaters. In an interview with Film Divider, producer Marc Platt let slip that a movie version of the show could be in theaters by 2016. Winnie Holzman (My So-Called Life, the original Wicked musical’s book) is currently writing the script and Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot) may direct, but Platt warns that nothing is set in stone.

Wicked is a fine musical. But before Hollywood goes and pours its cash into Elphaba and Glinda, it might want to consider these nine shows, which would not only make way better movies, but way more important ones.

The worst question you can ask a theatre person:

You: Who are you?



Me: I am what I am


Me: I am a latter day saint, I help all those I can

Me: I am more than memory

Me: I’m not that girl

Me: Hello. My name is ELder Price.

Me: I’m flying high, defying gravity

Me: I am not a closeted homowhatever

Me: I’m the king of new york

Me: I am a Mormon, and DANG IT

Me: Mark has got his work





being alive | a broadway playlist to help with being alive

being alive | company  
hakuna matata | the lion king

climb ev'ry mountain | the sound of music
i got life | hair
good morning baltimore | hairspray
hair | hair
i’m alive | next to normal 
anything goes | anything goes
seasons of love | rent
december 1963 (oh, what a night) | jersey boys
sal tlay ka siti | the book of mormon
freak flag | shrek the musical  
dancing through life | wicked
dancing queen | mamma mia!
man up | the book of mormon
always look on the bright side of life | monty python’s spamalot
another day | rent
you can’t stop the beat
| hairspray
this is the moment | jekyll & hyde  
any dream will do | joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat
i’ll cover you | rent
raise you up / just be | kinky boots 
defying gravity
| wicked
seize the day | newsies
naughty | matilda the musical
light | next to normal
for good | wicked
tomorrow is a latter day | the book of mormon
no one is alone | into the woods
the flesh failures / let the sunshine in | hair

the book of mormon songs: a summary
  • Hello!:why yes, i am a mormon
  • Two By Two:so what im hearing is no orlando...?
  • You and Me (But Mostly Me):i can totally do this without you
  • Hasa Diga Eebowai:fuck you god
  • Turn It Off:mckinley is hella gay
  • I Am Here For You:eh i guess you're all right after all
  • All-American Prophet:story time. also i have maggots in my scrotum
  • Sal Tlay Ka Siti:im so innocent and adorable and have low standards
  • Man Up:this is it boys this is my time. also i have maggots in my scrotum
  • Making Things Up Again:you know you're obsessed with star wars and lotr when the characters appear in your conscience and tell you not to do something
  • Spooky Mormon Hell Dream:hell is scary and weird
  • I Believe:who's the awesomest mormon around? oh it's right still me
  • Baptize Me:religious pick-up lines
  • I Am Africa:white boys dancing around wearing all white while singing about Africa
  • Joseph Smith American Moses:im pretty sure the mission president has a seizure at this point
  • Tomorrow Is A Latter Day:we're all going to heaven no matter what some guy in a suit tells us. also i still have maggots in my scrotum