The average donation to Bernie Sanders’ campaign is $24.86. Still, he raised $26 million in the 3rd quarter, and just yesterday raised $1.3 million in the four hours after the #DemDebate. 

“In other words, we are running a people’s campaign. And the millionaires and billionaires may have more money than we do, but we have something they don’t have.” — Bernie Sanders


SIDESHOW: Sometimes there are other ideas that I think would be awesome. So think of these as guest blog entries from other sections of my brain.

This is from a Tumblr that doesn’t exist called Emma Goldman Sachs. All captions are quotes by famed anti-capitalist activist Emma Goldman

Bernie didn’t have to evolve on anything he spoke about at #DemDebate. He’s been on the side of justice since day 1


The Tea Party: Our mascot is an opportunistic scavenger that feasts on corpses, garbage and scraps left by stronger predators…. but looks regal as fuck.

Occupy Wall Street: Our mascot is an impoverished child who society chooses to mock rather than addressing the real issues responsible for his lot in life.

In all, I’d say pretty accurate.
- credit to Jerusalem


WE HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE! If everyone who marched for Occupy Wallstreet, everyone who marched for Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric garner and many more, everyone who marched for proper healthcare, proper education, global warming awareness, GAY RIGHTS, FEMINISM, and everything else tumblr stands for, if we all CAME IN SOLIDARITY, AND VOTED FOR BERNIE SANDERS THIS COULD BE OUR CHANCE! WE COULD ACTUALLY INFLUENCE THE POLITICAL PROCESS AND DIRECT IT TOWARDS REAL CHANGE! REKINDLE THAT ANGER AND PASSION, AND TAKE IT OUT IN THIS ELECTIONS! CAMPAIGN, DONATE, REGISTER, AND VOTE!!!

Aliens Were Landing 


Gods in the Mountain

Horrible Creatures Invaded Our House And Attacked Me And My Roommates

I’m 99 Percent Sure My Roommate Is Not Of This World. But He Pays Half The Rent. Should I Kick Him Out?

It Said “Hello”

Radio Silence



The Alien Pills

The Lake House in New Hampshire

The Sod Farm

The Watcher

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Another Clown Statue 

Clowns Are the Worst Roommates


Creepy Everglades Clown

Extra Ketchup

He Stood Against My Window

Laughing Jack

Midnight Dancer

The Clown

This Is Why I Hate Clowns

The Ronald McDonald House

Baby Doll

Chicken Bones

I Got Her For My Birthday

I Never Liked Emily

Little Jimmy

My Son’s Toy Is Alive

The Doll Cemetery

The Doll That Aged

The Dolls

The Weird Doll With Brown Eyes

To New Friends

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Aaron The Vampire Hunter

Another New Boyfriend

Crimson Fangs

Every Halloween, I Have A Story To Tell

Final Girl


The War

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Afraid Of The Water? I Wasn’t, Until It Happened

As A Child, I Wanted To Be A Mermaid

Dark Circles in the Ocean

Deep Sea

Every Single Night, I Dream Of The Ocean. Every Single Night It Gets Worse

Free Diving

I Don’t Swim Any More

Just Keep Counting


Lake Of Lost Things

Mermaid Lagoon


Mysterious Ocean Predator


Please Avoid Open Water

The Antiguan Giant

The Shark

The Thing On The Beach

There Are Cruel And Fearsome Things That Prowl In The Ocean

Under The Sea

When I Was A Deep-Sea Diver, I Heard Something Terrifying Beneath The Ocean Floor While Investigating An Oil Rig 

Anansi’s Goatman Story

Goatman While Camping? What Was This?

Maybe Next Time


Skinwalker at the Gas Station

The Pursuit Institute

The Rake

The Silence Of The North Woods

2251 Stahlheber Road

Don’t Look Up

Fear of Zombies

Infected Town

Kystlich Syndrome

Let Me Tell You About Zombies

My Southern Grandma’s Advice

Never Stop In An Apocolypse

Not Much Longer

Once Upon A Time In Gumdrop Village

Patient Zero

Records Of Events Unsolved

Shadows of Bedzin

Strange Appetite

The Enemy

The Groundskeeper

The Invitation

They’re Not All Bad

They Were Missing For Less Than 24 Hours

Thousands Do It Everyday

Tourist Trap

Zombies Are Bad

Zombie Contingency Plan

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A Walk In The Park

At First It Was A Blink

Blue Ridge

Invisible Giants

It Wasn’t Pepperjack



Mr Widemouth


The Adoption From Hell: Demon Child Of Russia

The Antler Man

The Big Bad Wolf

The Neighbor’s Pup

The Old Mill Of Playland

Wobble World

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Begging for money is an uphill fight