Astronomers have discovered a massive 'ghost galaxy' that’s 99.99% dark matter
It’s been hiding from us for decades.
By Bec Crew

Astronomers have found a nearby galaxy that’s roughly the same mass as the Milky Way, but somehow contains less than 1 percent of its stars.

The galaxy is so dim, it’s evaded detention for decades, and now the team behind its discovery has figured out how its lack of stars hasn’t ripped it apart - it’s made from 99.99 percent dark matter.

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As 99.9% percent of all my photos and selfies include my toddler and I won’t public post any images of the kiddo on here, here is a recent-ish picture of me mommy-ing it up in the back of our mini-van after a long day of work and chasing the kiddo through the mall.  Thanks to @fitzsimmonsinthetardis for the cute fandom idea.

onioning replied to your post “borrowing this screencap from someone’s hatepost in the tag, but. this…”

like ok but why t h are people even hating on him, I haven’t seen any hate myself but I imagine the tag is full WHAT IS THEIR ISSUE

i mean yes he does kill a lot of elves and that’s … fair enough. the academie initiation is pretty bad, but most people seem to want to interpret the line “ ser michel had never looked back “ as “ michel enjoyed it ” rather than “ this experience is too traumatic for him to think about “ 

but 99% percent of it seems to be a really bad reading of the way he completely accidentally lets imshael go free. yes, he’s stupid. wrong choice, right reasons. if that ain’t the summary of dragon age as a franchise, well, i don’t know what to say, but

also no one ever talks about THIS so i am going to: 

MICHEL WANTS TO FOLLOW HIM.  he wants to go back and kill him before he can even get to the dalish clan, to make up for the mistake of setting him free, and briala tells him not to. celene & michel are way more concerned than briala and felassan are, michel thinks he deserves to have his own skin ripped off, and ?? somehow this translates to him wanting to murder every dalish elf in thedas ….. 


The average donation to Bernie Sanders’ campaign is $24.86. Still, he raised $26 million in the 3rd quarter, and just yesterday raised $1.3 million in the four hours after the #DemDebate. 

“In other words, we are running a people’s campaign. And the millionaires and billionaires may have more money than we do, but we have something they don’t have.” — Bernie Sanders


SIDESHOW: Sometimes there are other ideas that I think would be awesome. So think of these as guest blog entries from other sections of my brain.

This is from a Tumblr that doesn’t exist called Emma Goldman Sachs. All captions are quotes by famed anti-capitalist activist Emma Goldman

Bernie didn’t have to evolve on anything he spoke about at #DemDebate. He’s been on the side of justice since day 1


The Tea Party: Our mascot is an opportunistic scavenger that feasts on corpses, garbage and scraps left by stronger predators…. but looks regal as fuck.

Occupy Wall Street: Our mascot is an impoverished child who society chooses to mock rather than addressing the real issues responsible for his lot in life.

In all, I’d say pretty accurate.
- credit to Jerusalem


WE HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE! If everyone who marched for Occupy Wallstreet, everyone who marched for Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric garner and many more, everyone who marched for proper healthcare, proper education, global warming awareness, GAY RIGHTS, FEMINISM, and everything else tumblr stands for, if we all CAME IN SOLIDARITY, AND VOTED FOR BERNIE SANDERS THIS COULD BE OUR CHANCE! WE COULD ACTUALLY INFLUENCE THE POLITICAL PROCESS AND DIRECT IT TOWARDS REAL CHANGE! REKINDLE THAT ANGER AND PASSION, AND TAKE IT OUT IN THIS ELECTIONS! CAMPAIGN, DONATE, REGISTER, AND VOTE!!!