A couple alt Six looks for Christmas (okay, only one is Christmas-y and that’s because i just gave him a Santa hat and did his coat in various wrapping paper designs i vaguely remembered). Fun fact about what kind of person I am; I’ve had both the cat print dress shirt (very shiny) and the leopard print santa hat (very cozy).

Also one of our neighbors gave us some cookies and I got all the molasses cookies cause my grandma doesn’t like them (they were good, but also oatmeal+cranberry+white choc chip cookies are fantastic).


I love this show and our fandom. William Hartnell started a phenomenon all those years ago and I thank him for it.This show is truly something special.


Adventure Time and Space!

A master post of all my Doctors in Adventure Time style. These were fun, I’ll probably leave the series for a bit here but if I ever do any more, I’ll be doing things like the Peter Cushing Dr. Who, Jackson Lake & Rosita, the Curse of the Fatal Death Doctors, the Master etc… not any time soon though.

I also stuck the collection on my Redbubble because I know a few of you wanted prints!

Here are the individual posts!

1, Susan, Ian and Barbara

2 and Jamie

3 and Jo

4, Sarah and K9

5, Nyssa, Tegan and Adric

6 and Peri

7 and Ace

8 and Grace

War Doctor

9 and Rose

10, Martha and Donna 

11, Amy and Rory 

12 and Clara

Each Doctor in their early years (except for John Hurt, even though I still consider him a Doctor ;-;)

I don’t know about you guys but I’m gonna start telling the time with the Doctors’ actors names.

“What time is it?”
“Half past Capaldi.”


You: Let’s play hide and seek!

Second: Yes ma’am! *gif*

Sixth: We have worlds to save and you are suggesting hide and seek? I wonder. 

Ninth: Fantastic idea!

First: Nonsense.

Eleventh: Oi! Did you say hide and seek? That’s my favorite!

Third: I like being childish.

Fourth: Jelly Babies for the winner! *gif*

Twelfth: Have you gone bananas?

Fifth: *gif*

War: Oh god..Hide and seek? Have you a midlife crisis?

Seventh: Fine!

  • 6th Doctor: We know each other very well, don't we?
  • River: One day, yes. We will know each other, until death.
  • 6th Doctor: The grave’s a fine and private place. But none, I think, do there embrace.