Heyyy so I hit 300 followers, thank you all so much, you’re the best:)) (ignore the shitty header I made lol)
So, I decided to do this Tumblr Awards to celebrate it!!

•Must be following me, because I want to thank my followers

•Reblog this post to enter and to spread the world (likes count as bookmarks)

•This has to get at least to 35 notes or I won’t be able to do it 

•Closes: 24 December (yep, I guess they’ll be my Christmas present for you!!)

•1 winner, ½ runner-ups 

• Blacklist #lydiablakes’ 300 followers celebration if you don’t want to see this


•Lydia Martin Award: Best blog overall 

•Bellamy Blake Award: Best icon 

•Daenerys Targaryen Award: Best URL 

•Damon Salvatore Award: Best theme 

•Veronica Lodge Award: Best mobile theme 

•Scott McCall Award: Nicest blogger 

•Raven Reyes Award: Best posts 

•Stiles Stilinski Award: Best original content* 

•Nancy Wheeler Award: Best rising blog** 

 *Tag/Submit your creations tag (also this may have sub-categories, like best gif maker, best icon maker, etc)

**Tag/Submit your number of followers, must be under 600(pls don’t lie lol) 



•Follow back from me if I’m not already following 


•Always in my Hall of Fame that I’ll create soon

 •4 promos, 1 per month 

•1 edit request (gifset, icon…) I’ll do my best lmao

 •My friendship and love❤ 


•Follow back from me if I’m not already following 


•A place in my Hall of Fame until the new one(probably very long until that btw) 

•2 promos, 1 per month 

•My friendship and love❤ 

 Please guys don’t let this flop I really want to do it:))


No, not half-naked, oiled-up Spartans. 


I have 300 followers and I’m amazed and humbled. Writeblr is a fantastic community and I am so incredibly happy that I found it. 

Thank you for being here, and thank you for caring to follow my humble little blog. 

I’ll post a little flash fiction story in celebration later on.