11th Doctor being hella dyspraxic.

Every one of the 11th Doctor’s movements was a challenge for him, however he figured out how to ‘drive’ his body pretty quickly once he got used to the lack of proprioception and poor coordination. One of his tricks for initiating movements was to put a lot of force behind it and then correcting himself once he got himself moving.

Sometimes a simple movement came off as flamboyant or exaggerated. This happened when he knew part or all of his body wasn’t going to obey his command and he had to over-correct to make it look like he intended to do it with flair. 

This is what his body did when he didn’t correct himself fast enough.

I was watching the Chatty Man interview (the most recent one) and I think I may have noticed a joke that hints at outing Harry and Louis??? Niall slipped down the couch, and Alan told him to stop it and then someone, I’m not sure who, asked if Alan had a pouffe. Alan was like “Do I have a pouffe hmm” and this is what the boys looked like;

Liam and Niall are laughing hysterically, Harry looks like he’s huffing (though he’s definitely amused) and Louis is looking away to cover his smile. I just kinda feel like this is a joke? Like Alan has two ‘pouffes’ on his couch and he knows it?? I dunno, just thought it was interesting, and I love the idea of the boys joking with Alan about it on TV.

yes mom, i may be 16 in American years but they use the metric system in England over there i’m like 40 so yes i do have a chance with that actor 


“Happy Valentine’s Day, (y/n)!” -11th

“Doctor, you came as you promised!”

“Of course I came. Trust me, I’m the Doctor.” -11th *smiling*

“Well, what would you like to do on this Valentine’s Day? through time and space like always?” -11th

“No, no this time. Doctor, stay with me for tonight.”

“As you wish, my love.” -11th *Gives kiss for your forehead*

“Oi! I almost forgot. Here you go, gift for you. It’s really cool one!” -11th

“For me?!”

“Yes absolutely for you. Now you have your own sonic screwdriver so you don’t have to steal mine. Have to confess that yours is much more cooler than mine.” -11th

“I love you Doctor, so much.Thank you!” *hugging tightly*

“I love you too (y/n). With all my hearts and don’t never doubt that.” -11th

“I won’t, never.”

There’s a woman I’m acquainted with who is dreading the date of February 11th. This is because one year ago on that date, she lost her beautiful daughter in a tragic accident. It was sudden. It was heartbreaking. It was unfair. 

Then there is me, excited and looking forward to February 14th, because that marks my two year anniversary with my boyfriend.

Two dates, only three days apart, vastly different meanings. 

A grieving family. A happy girlfriend. Grief. Joy. 

I find myself pondering that. It’s weird how life can deliver such harsh events, yet also such beautiful ones. It’s an intricate journey that has you crying one minute and laughing the next. An imperfect blend of tears, pain, joy. 

My heart goes out to that family. I’m counting my blessings today, and reminding myself to be thankful for the beautiful, wonderful people that bless my life - because too often I take them for granted. Life is a fragile thing. You never know when it will end. Appreciate your loved ones now, before it’s too late - and live each day as though it’s your last.

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1. Oh Ms Believer by Twenty One Pilots: “Please, take my hand, we’re in foreign land

2. Love Love Love by Of Monsters and Men: “You love, love, love, when you know I can’t love you”

3. Wake Up by The Vamps: “We will dream a dream for us that no one else can touch, my dear, I’m here”

4. Undeniable by tobyMac: “…Which is harder to believe that You don’t exist or that you orchestrated all of this

5. From Finner by Of Monsters and Men: “Keep your heads held high

6. Save Rock And Roll by Fall Out Boy and Elton John: “I cried tears you’ll never see” and also “ How’d it get to be only me? Like I’m the last kid still kicking that still believes”

7. Trapdoor by Twenty One Pilots: “Nothing kills a man faster than his own head” 

8. Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots: “I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink, but now I’m insecure and I care what people think.” and also “My name’s ‘Blurryface’ and I care what you think” aaaaand “Out of student loans and treehouse homes we all would take the latter” <<<sorry can you tell I love this song so much

9. Hunger by Of Monsters and Men: “For the longest time I knew there was nothing left for us to do”

10. When The Crazy Kicks In by Francesca Battistelli: “You show me that You’ll never let me go”

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One hopes so. Yeah. I mean, the “Doctor Who” fans, I owe a great debt to. They’re wonderfully loyal, incredibly supportive. I’m just very proud to have been part of that show. It’s a fantastic part. And again, a bit like Parson Collins or even Hamlet or something, it’s a part that has been played before, but allows you to reinvent, if you can be inventive with it. So I’m forever grateful to the world of “Doctor Who.

Matt Smith

What’s it been like for you, largely from your “Doctor Who” experience, to have fans who want to follow you from project to project, probably for the rest of your career? There’s always going to be an interest from a certain fanbase. - Spinoff Online


Cliff Compton (w/ #Horrorshow) Vs. Anthony Toatele (w/ Kenzi Alexander)
WFW Step One [April 11th, 2015]

Indianapolis’ World’s Finest Wrestling only presented one show, unfortunately, but what a fun show it was. #Horrorshow, having already made three appearances throughout the night, were already celebrating with a pizza party before the main event had begun. The group, for one night only, consisted of Chase Matthews (who left before this match began), Nick Depp, the team of Shane Mercer and Chris Hall, and the main attraction, Cliff Compton. Compton steps into the ring with his Pizza Posse at ringside to take on “The Flowin’ Samoan” Anthony Toatele, with Kenzi Alexander. This began the feud between Jason Saint and Anthony Toatele that would last for several months, and would be the first time Kenzi and Saint met face to face.

Childhood fangirl life

Going through the SHINHWA disc collections of the entire teenage (since like 11-12 years old) had me realized that:
- I have all albums except for one (11th jib - The Classic)
- I have too many albums that I actually forgot that I own 10th jib official album (Somehow I always got myself wondering why I know all songs tho XD)
- I have two (or more) SHINHWA photo albums of paper cuts from journals and stuffs (all sort of sources, actually)
- I have like 10 copies of one concert (10th anniversary concert, thats why XD)
- I have a illegal will that basically says “please bury all these with me when I die” (Goddamn, pls dont. I wanna reincarnate, not stuck as some lonely ghost.)
- I have a picture of ARASHI cut from newspaper (I was a big enough fan of Matsumoto Jun XD)
- I was some remarkably huge of fangirl since like 11 years old :’D (Well, not that I get any less of a fangirl RN but damn, that effort I put when internet wasn’t some easy access.)

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Fandom: Doctor Who

Genre: Adventure, Humor, Romance

Characters: The Master, Eleventh Doctor, AU Tenth Doctor, DoctorDonna, Oswin, Original Character

Summary: (This is the third in a series called Starlight)  Fitz is taking a break from being an interstellar magnet of chaos. It’s going great, until some woman pops in from the future and kidnaps her. Into the wrong universe. Now they’re stuck together until they can find a way back, or until the end of the universe. Which might be coming up sooner rather than later. She did try to stay out of it. Sort of.

Current Chapter: Chapter 12


The popping noise should have been Fitzgerald Grant’s first clue that something was wrong. Unfortunately, she was too busy climbing up the metal shelves in the basement and trying to avoid burying herself in an avalanche of coffee beans, to pay it much attention.

“Gotcha,” she heaved one of the bags to the floor. She then carefully made her way back down the shelves, which hadn’t really been made for climbing, but Fitz was innovative. Also, she lacked a ladder.

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Name: Joy

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Favorite Color: Burgundy

Sleep: It depends… 

Type of Phone: Iphone 4s

Love or Lust: Love

Lemonade or Iced Tea: Iced Tea 

Cats or Dogs: Both, with a slight preference to cats 

A Few Best Friends or a Lot of Casual Friends: A few best friends

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Wild Night Out or Romantic Night In: Both

Day or night: Night 

Text or call: Text, I hate calling

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Ever Met a Celebrity: Just Belgian ones

Smile or Eyes: Eyes

Light or Dark Hair: Both  

Intelligence or Appearence: Why not both

Chapstick or Lipstick: Lipstick

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Last Song You Listened To:  Can’t Feel My Face - The Weeknd

Favorite Fictional Characters: Omg I have so many, Hanna Marin, Stiles Stilinksi, Christina Yang, Lydia Martin, Bellamy Blake, Octavia Blake, Clarke Griffin, Santana Lopez, Leslie Knope, Annalise Keating, Tony Stark, Jesse Pinkman, Phil Dunphy, Emma Swan…

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