sorry i know this is supposed to be a Makeup appreciation blog but REALLY i must insist if you're into Refused or International Noise Conspiracy you should be embarrassed

cause that shit is EMBARRASSING

the shape of punk to come ??? THE SHAPE OF PUNK THAT ALREADY HAPPENED ??

#117: THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY - “the subversive sound of the conspiracy” aka “the sin crusade”

the cover of this 7" is a little weird. actually i thought the 7" is called “the subversive sound of the conspiracy” and there are three songs on it (“a new identity for the bored”, “creative/noncreative stimulation for the urban terrorist”, “autodestruction in the name of liberation”). but when you are listening to the record you clearly figure out that there are only two songs on it. and because of being pedantic sometimes i needed to do some research. the 7" was released on transsolar records and their website says that the 7" is called “the sin crusade” and there are two songs (“the sin crusade”, “airports”) on it. so somehow the packaging is really confusing. but nevermind. 

there are quite a lot of THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY-7"s in my collection. because of being into SEPARATION and REFUSED a lot, i really was curious how the band of lars (strömberg) and dennis (lyxzén) will sound like. and i really liked their 60ies-punk/protopunk/garagerock a lot right from the beginning. i’ve seen them live a couple of times and it was great every time.

the two songs on the 7" are really good as well. i’m no expert on the 60ies original stuff, but somehow THE SONICS come to my mind, but the garagerock-influence is there already. if you see this record somewhere, it’s worth getting it.


The (International) Noise Cospiracy - Capitalism Stole My Verginity

Per il mercante anche l'onestà è una speculazione.

Charles Baudelaire

Up For Sale
  • Up For Sale
  • The (International) Noise Conspiracy
  • A New Morning, Changing Weather

The (International) Noise Conspiracy - “Up For Sale”

Forty days and forty nights since I last got in a fight
What have we done? Money’s on the lookout for number one
forty nights and forty days that’s how long I’m going to stay
What have become of the children that this culture spawned?

Another word for lack of precision
Another word that fits for me and you
We’re up for sale, everything that we know is up for sale.

Forty days and forty nights since I last saw some light
What have we done, sacrificed our kids and loved ones
forty nights and forty days is this the price we are going to pay?
What have we become, marked up and price-tagged everyone.

Another word for the lack of precision
Another word that fits for me and you
We’re up for sale, everything that we know is up for sale.


The (International) Noise Conspiracy - Capitalism Stole My Virginity

Sort of tired of being nothing
When, when we should be everything


I just uploaded this viddy of the (international) noise conspiracy.  dem accents!!!


After Refused broke up, singer Dennis Lyxzen formed The (International) Noise Conspiracy. They differed sonically from the progressive hardcore stylings of his previous band and embraced a garage rock/soul influenced sound. “Capitalism Stole My Virginity” is one of their catchier tunes from the album “A New Morning, Changing Weather”. Though the sounds may have changed, the political leanings that drove Refused, also drove The (International) Noise Conspiracy.