gfdi zane another AU?

yee boi what did you expect

this time it is gunna be multiple ships instead of just Zene even though it’s in there and it’s going to include one of my favorite things, music! And Aphmau ;-;

-It follows the Mystreet timeline so you can tell this is gunna be fun

-Zane is the main singer of a band with Garroth and Vylad, which got together in Zane’s freshman year of college. The story takes place after Zane graduates college (roughly six months)

-Ivy owns a bar. That’s all I need to say.

-Zane also gets drunk a lot because he’s depressed. He had high hopes that the band would get noticed faster.

-On the tenth anniversary of Ivy’s bar, she holds a karaoke night. The bar is probably one of the most popular ones in the area, attracting many local bands and talents scouts. Most popular artists come from there.

-Travis, a talent scout, hears Zane’s singing and decides to take him under his wing, along with Garroth and Vylad.

Don’t wanna spoil too much because I might put it on my wattpad :3 but that is basically the main idea of this whole thing.

@mystreetheadcanons I thought you would like this because it also gunna have some Zene in it

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Oh Jeez the companion fic is going to kill me like... im rereading parts of umfb and i keep picking up on small instances in which yuuri Probably Most Definitely inadvertently hurt viktor and i can't believe i didn't pick up on it beforehand. for example, i'm rereading chapter 11 i think it is right now where yuuri and viktor share a bed that first night in moscow and yuuri like... scoots as far away from viktor as possible? to give him more room? but Jeez that probs hurt viktor's feelings omg.

There are so many of Yuuri’s actions that without the context of his thoughts come across very different to what he is intending!

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Whoever recced "the boyfriend experience" I both love you and hate you HOLY SHIT THAT LAST CHAPTER had one of the filthiest and beautiful sex scenes I've ever read and oh my god that cliffhanger??? Aaaaaahhhhhh

The cliffhanger KILLED ME

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holy crap. just read all of what you've got... making comics is super hard and takes forever yet you're already in chapter 4???? good job, to say the least. Wheatley and Chell's expressions kill me.

Oh wow! Thank you ^w^ Glad you are enjoying the comic.

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Umm hi I was wondering if you'd tease me under my toes? ...I'm terribly ticklish there and so super sensitive even the softest touch would tickle like crazy 🙊💕

Aw how cute. Someone has very ticklish feet! Your feet are all tied up and I can do whatever I want with them. You can’t even curl your little toes back. Those piggies are all vulnerable and oh so very ticklish!
Let’s start with a feather shall we? Does that make you blush? I’m not even touching you yet! It’s spinning the feather between my finger tips. You look too adorable when you blush. Now let’s get you giggling. I saw the feather between your toes, one toe at a time. Oh that giggle kills me! I’ll wiggle the feather on the back of your toes back and forth back and forth and back and forth.
My nails skitter on your right foot, under those delicate little toes. Does it tickle? Say it tickles for me. Come on. That’s right it does.
Your left foot is lonely! How about a toothbrush for that one, eh? Do you think you can handle both feet at once? On your left, a tooth brush; on your right, my fingers. Let’s put a feather between the toes and hold it there while I keep getting the backs.
What do you mean no? You asked for this little one. And you no I’m not stopping till you safeword.
Now, where were we?

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I think you should change your profile because it says "post everyday at 10pm" but it should actually be "post everyday at 10:30 pm" because I live in Texas and It says the pictures were posted at 10:30 and it confused me for a bit (sorry for long ask again!) ((Also I don't even know if your online or not ,so sorry bothering you))

Oh man. You sure? God damn it queue. Killing me like that. It’s too much effort to change the time on the queue, so imma change the time on the bio rn. Thanks bro.

Why Sangwoo Became Affectionate

As my best friend @officialperidork said, chapter 6 is basically an ecchi. We are presented with a soft, sensual, and sexually charged tone which is a dramatic shift from what the readers now understand to be the norm. But we don’t really get an explanation and I doubt a handjob would turn Sangwoo from knife-happy to cuddly.

After reading @killingandstalking ‘s theory that Sangwoo’s mother may have sexually abused him, everything becomes clear.

Recapping the interactions in chapter 5, we see that Sangwoo was initially carrying unconscious Yoonbum to the basement but stopped midway and instead brought him to his room. We are not given a motive for this. I doubt it was a sudden change of heart or pity. I think Sangwoo recalled an event from his past where he was sick as a child.

Sangwoo places Yoonbum on his bed, helps him drink down the salt water, and tells him to rest. Later he comes back to the room and asks if Yoonbum is okay, and here is when Yoonbum shares how he wants to eat at the same table as Sangwoo from now on.

This is a key shift in the roles of the characters. Sangwoo has not shared the big table with anyone else to our knowledge and made Yoonbum sit on the small table like he did as a child. Now child Sangwoo shared the small table with his mother and must have questioned why he and his mother couldn’t eat at the big table too. By expressing how he wants to eat at the big table, Yoonbum makes a connection to child Sangwoo. Child Sangwoo only ate with his mother.

If they both eat at the big table now. Sangwoo may be able to “change” his past.

His Father doesn’t exist.

Yoonbum now has the role of child Sangwoo.

Sangwoo now views Yoonbum the way his mother viewed him and so he begins to comfort him the same way. He introduces to Yoonbum to intimacy in the same room he was as a child, and thus the fear of his mother has passed and he is now in control of how the “child” is handled.

In chapter six, we see Yoonbum explaining how since that incident, Sangwoo hasn’t hurt him, ordered him around, or made him do chores. Yoonbum is no longer the housewife. Sangwoo has taken on the role that his mother had and takes care of the abused “child”.

Dealing with the aftermath when “father” is gone

normally Yoonbum would be sprawled on the floor getting beat by now because of “father”

Showing empathetic concern

definitely not something “father” would do to “mother”

Changing the subject/showing affection

Yoonbum is even drawn like a child getting his cheeks pinched

Overall gentleness in caretaker behavior

Yoonbum explains that it feels like he’s living with twins that have a completely different personality from one another and it took time for him to get used to this. He goes on to say Sangwoo bathes and dresses him daily, which is really not like him. He normally would not give a damn if Yoonbum was hungry, dirty, or hurt. 

We do not know how long this behavior continues. We later see them sleeping in Sangwoo’s room, under the same covers. I think we can assume with the abusive dad, Sangwoo’s mom often slept in Sangwoo’s rooom instead…and that’s when things get really fucked up. 

Sangwoo solidifies his role as the mom.

1) He teaches sexual acts in the room he was haunted in

he even thanks Yoonbum after the blowjob 

2) He caresses with damp hands

3) He provides food rather than having Yoonbum cook

4) He explains the situation the way an abused parent would

Again, time passes after this. And then Sangwoo tests his loyalty and Yoonbum tries to make his escape and royally fucks up. I’ll make a post about that too later.

BONUS *when you’re your own mom and you cuddle yourself??*

killing stalking is a wild ride that we’re all going to get thrown the fuck off of