Karaoke Bar

Here’s some more fanfic for my OTP and favorite babes ever! It’s got some floof, but that’s ok in my eyes- please reblog + like for more stuff

Ivy was not a people person. Besides Harley, she didn’t have any urge to interact with any other humans. Her obsession with plants and her criminal past both made it hard to make friends. Usually, this doesn’t pose a problem, but when Harley discovered karaoke, Ivy reverted to her traditional, introverted self.

                 “Come on Harley, this is ridiculous. You’re asking me to come and sing? An actual song. In front of people. With alcohol in my system. Absolutely not. You’ll have to kill me first,” said Ivy.

                 “Oh Red, pleeeeease? It’s not scary, I promise ya! And it’s fun an’ stuff to sing with someone you’re close with! You an’ I could sing a song together! Pleeeeeeease? With a cherry on top?” Harley gave her best puppy-dog eyes and quivered her lip.

                 Even though Ivy was a top-notch criminal and could take down the police force, Arkham employees and even Batman himself, she couldn’t resist her precious little clown girl. With a smirk, Ivy giggled, “Alright. One song. And it’s not going to be One Direction.”

                 Harley squeaked and kissed her girlfriend on the cheek. “Oh red! Ohmygosh! Ok! Let’s do it!” She gazed up at Ivy with her baby blue eyes and gave a big toothy grin. Ivy opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out. Red hues appeared on her leafy green cheeks. She ran her hands through Harley’s pigtails and said, “Let’s get ready, sweet pea. You were the one who wanted to go, if I remember correctly.”

                 When they arrived at the karaoke bar, Harley’s face lit up. A smile appeared on her face. She turned to Ivy and said, “I’m gonna sign us up, can you get me a drink? Strawberry Daiquiri, please.” She bounced to the stage and started talking to the manager.

                 Ivy turned away and made her way over to the bar. She sat down at a stool and flagged the bartender over. As he approached, his face formed a smirk.

                 “Hey sweetcakes, you come here alone?” the bartender said. “Awwww, that’s not a pretty face, you oughta smile more and some lucky guy…”

Ivy grabbed his collar. “You want a smile? Here’s a reason to smile. Drinks on me tonight, baby.” Ivy responded with a grin as she flung him into the wall. She swung her legs over the counter and started mixing her drink.

Later that night, after a few martinis, giggles and nachos, it was Harley and Ivy’s turn to sing. Harley let out a squeal.

“Come on, Red, you’re gonna love what I planned! I promise ya’ won’t be disappointed.”

Ivy made her way onstage and stood next to Harley, using all her strength not to pass out. It wasn’t like her to get up in front of strangers without her plants- let alone sing a song for them. She gave a nervous glance to Harley, who looked back and gave her an encouraging smile. With a deep breath, Ivy leaned in toward the microphone and said, “Tonight me and Harley will be singing-“

                 “Hold on a second! Red thinks she’s singin’? With me? Sit down, Pam-a-lamb, I’ve got a treat in store for you!” Harley hollered into the mic. Ivy took a deep breath and made her way back into the crowd. A few chuckles escaped from the onlookers.

                 “What are you laughing at? The next time I hear a giggle from any one of you morons I swear I’m gonna…”

                 Ivy’s voice trailed off as the music started. To her surprise, it wasn’t One Direction, or Drake, or Justin Beiber. Harley was onstage singing Adore You by Miley Cyrus. It took a minute to register, but she finally realized that this was Harley’s plan all along- to serenade her girlfriend with a cute love song. Tears welled in Ivy’s eyes. Usually Harley’s gestures were somewhat goofy and light-hearted, but this was plain adorable. She closed her eyes and listened to the lyrics:

                 “When you say you love me, know I love you more…”

                 “I love lying next to you, I could do it for eternity…”

                 As Harley finished her song, she motioned for Ivy to come up onstage. She grinned and said into the microphone,

                 “I told Red here that we were singing a song together tonight. I tricked her cause’ I knew she’d die of embarrassment if she knew what was going on, HA! I gotchya pretty good, I guess. Love ya Red, always have, always will!”

                 Ivy started to blush, and her blush slowly turned into a smile. She grabbed Harley in a bear hug and whispered in her ear, “I love you too, sweet pea. Never forget it.”

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Peter, it is going to be ok. You were never injured to the point were you couldn't come home, and it is kind of stupid to think that you wouldn't be a hero. I mean you grow up around the world's mightiest heroes.

But I could have. Dad’s gonna kill me for that. And Steve… 

Oh God Steve is gonna give me The Stare™ for the rest of my life.

Really tired of this shit.


Basically, the TWD fandom right now. I am not really sure that they watched the last six seasons if this is their reaction to a double kill. Oh, sorry, no one cares about Abraham ( except me ), they’re all talking about Glenn. 

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Hey Hana! Jgf this big exam that's pretty crucial for work and I think I didn't do well? And am super anxious of what people at work will think if I fail 'cause I'm from like our country's SeoulU and oh god the expectations are killing me. Don't know why I wanted to share it with you love ya ❤❤❤❤❤

Hey sweetie <333 I’m happy you shared this with me <3 Cause’ I can relate to you on so many levels >.< I’m in university too and the expectations are somehow very overwhelming T_T I’ve had this horrible midterm last week and up to now and I still don’t want to think about it T_T You go to  SeoulU? OMG YOU MUST BE VERY SMART :O!!! Only a few ppl can get into Seoul U. Dayuuum Girl . SLAYYY~~~ <3333 I’m sure you did better than what you think ;)  <333 I’m sure it wasn’t that bad~~ life is full of good surprises sometimes and I’m sure you’ll get a higher grade than what you think ;) and  you can always try to negotiate with your teacher if you’re unsatisfied with your grade!! I always do it ^^ It can help you boost your average <333 WISH YOU LOTS OF LUCK AND I LOVE YOU TOO~~~ here’s campus boy jungkook for you ;)

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The fact that he'd have to lost his fringe is killing me tho...even thought he looks oh-so-hella-good, his bouncy fringe is what gets me through the angst in the series... #saveWangSosFringe


i dont think he looks too bad without it

but yeah, i love his lil messy fringe thats sometimes straight and black and other times wavy and brown lolol


Bueno Hice este mini Comic espero que les guste x3 

Revenge: Me

Elian: xD pues soy yo

Kurome: @sewyclub


Revenge: Kurome tengo que decirte algo importante

Kurome: Ooow! Que es? Dime!!!


Revenge: Um yo yo…

Kurome: Dilo no te averguences!


Revenge: Yo te quiero!

Kurome: Oooh! Yo tambien te quiero eres un Gran amigo 


Revenge: (Amigos por que!)

Kurome: Oh mira una mariposa

Revenge: Que Bien ( kill me)

Bonus #

Elian: Me das penita Te acaban de Friendzonear jeje 

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So I don't knkw if you remember, but you made an anime rec post ages ago, and one of the animes you recommended was Ore Monogatari. I went and watched it and. Oh my god. THE FLUFFY FEELS ARE KILLING ME. I just. I have no words. So. Cute. On that note, could you maybe write an Ore Monogatari fic? The restaurant fire from Suna's POV. Thanks for the rec :)

“Takeo saved me. But he stayed behind.”


Suna feels very removed from himself when he hears her say that. The fire is right in front of him, but it’s like he’s not there, like he’s watching the whole thing from a very distant perspective.

When Yamato starts screaming, it jolts him out of the experience.

Takeo. Takeo is in that fire.


From the time they were children, Takeo Gouda always helped other people, and he usually got into all kinds of scrapes when he did. It has always been a private fear of Suna’s that one day something like this would happen: Takeo would save someone at the cost of himself.

Yamato continues to cry and yell and she throws herself at the building. It takes almost all her friends to hold her back, even though she’s smaller than all of them, and all their collected power might not be enough to keep her back.


You picked a good one this time, Takeo, Suna thinks idly as he watches Yamato cry. Ever since he met the girl, it was clear she was absolutely head over hells in love with his best friend. Suna has always prided himself on his judge of character, and to him, it’s real simple: Takeo Gouda is the best person he knows, and anyone who realizes that must be a good person as well.

Suna likes anyone who likes his friend.


Even though it’s still early in their relationship, Suna was already counting on Takeo and Yamato getting married. He wants that future. He’s pretty sure he’s never going to want to get married, but he wants to be there when Takeo does. He doesn’t want his own kids, but he wants to be there to help raise Takeo’s. He wants to spend the rest of his life as Takeo Gouda’s best friend.

The flames are very hot. Standing this close, the heat is almost too much to bear.


If Yamato wasn’t crying so much, he might be. If she wasn’t trying to run into that burning building, he might have already run inside. Having her panic gives him a reason to remain calm.

Think, Makoto, he tells himself. You know your friend. You know Takeo Gouda better than anyone. You know Takeo better than even he knows himself.

That’s right. He does know Takeo. He knows Takeo is strong—inhumanly strong. He’s superhero strong. Things like burning buildings? That’s nothing to someone like Takeo.

And he knows Takeo loves his girlfriend. Takeo is strong, he loves his girlfriend, and he will do anything to make her happy.

Slowly, hand shaking slightly, Suna dials Takeo’s phon number. It’s a slim chance, but—

—the phone connects. He doesn’t hear Takeo, but he starts talking anyway.


“If you’re not here…I’ll be really bored, you know?,” he adds, swallowing. It’s the closest he’s ever come to saying, I love you, you’re important to me, you’re the most important person to me.


“I think you’re going to live a long life,” he says, as they walk home. Takeo is very nonchalant about his brush with death, and it allows Suna to feel calm about it too.

Takeo won’t die, not when Yamato is around, and finally, Suna can breathe, and put old fears to rest.

A/N: YES I CAN DO THAT FOR YOU ANON-FRIEND! I am very glad my recs list could prompt you to watch that anime =D I finally got to read some of the manga that takes place AFTER the anime left off and now my feels have returned in full force =D Thanks for the prompt!

Oh my god ya’ll gonna kill me I was supposed to finish Nerdy Virgin Michael for tonight but I can’t find the word document and I don’t recall what I named it crap